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Author Topic: Tim Conrardy (Tim's atari world)  (Read 1655 times)

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Tim Conrardy (Tim's atari world)
« on: August 06, 2017, 10:28:50 AM »
This is what I have, mostly comprising of Budget synths and stuff collected over the years. A lot of the Atari systems were given to me, and I also gave some away to fellow friends and musicians.


Atari 1040Ste 4M RAM with Toad 800M HD. Twin Atari Monitors with switcher
Falcon 030 16M RAM 80M HD 19" VGA Monitor: Rack Mounted
TT030 with 8M RAM 780M HD 19" Atari Monitor (1280x960)
520ST 1M RAM , no HD : Atari Color Monitor :Back up(and used for games)
1040STf 2M RAM, no HD : Backup

2.3 GMhz with 256M Ram 40G HD,17" Monitor.Soundblaster Live.

MIDI Equipment and Synths

Yamaha DX7s (mark II Mono version) Main Controller
Yamaha DX7 (mark I: and burned from a fire)
Yamaha Tx7, TQ5, FB01,TX1P (Piano Module) TX81Z,
RX11 (Drum machine), DD5 and DD50 (drum controllers)
Yamaha CS5 Analog synth (slightly burned from the fire)
Yamaha PSR 510 (GM keyboard)Used as controller for PC.
Roland MT32
Kawia K1M
EMU Sound Engine
Ensoniq Mirage DSK
Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000 Sampling keyboard
Roland U20
Suzuki SX-500 (Analog-digital hybrid)
Casi0 SK1/ SK5
Casio SA=20
EML 200 Analog synth (The old style; you use patch cords!)
Casio DG-20 MIDI Guitar Controller

On the PC,(2 GHz, 256M Ram) I run various softsynths which include Synth1, Crystal, Moog modular, Gigastudio, Phadiz, and hundreds of other freely available softsynths.All of this controlled thru Cubase on the Atari. I also run various algorithmic apps such as Tim Thompsons KeyKit.

All of this going into a Korg KMX122 Line submixer, a Tascam M-512 Master mixer
Digitec 128Plus effects, Boss RRV10 Effects, Sony SEH-V5 10 band Graphic Equalizer(found on the Street!)and Fender M-80 pre-amp for guitar.
Tascam Porta 02 4 track cassette.
I record everything to the 4 track and mix down to PC using Sound Forge, then burn to CD or create MP3's with Music Match.