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RME DIGI96/8 series :original, PST, PAD, PRO (introduced Oct 1998)


RME Digi96.rar contains drivers for win9x,XP &  OS9, OSX Panther

October 1998: RME introduces and ships the DIGI96 series, the world's first 24-Bit/96kHz capable digital audio card series.
PAD  /  english
asio driver can handle up to FOUR cards - under which os? probably win98SE?

windows 98/se/me 2000/XP + mac os 8.6 > 9.22

Stereo Analog i/o + SPDif i/o + ADAT i/o = 12 inputs/outputs



Features 2 channels digital SPDIF in/out, 8 channel digital ADAT in/out, 2 channel Analog in/out
total inputs: 12
total outputs: 12

rme download center (2006)

does anyone know if this cards driver will work under osx Tiger?
from what i can see it most likely was last officially supported under Panther

digging deeper into the driver file i find:

--- Quote ---This driver was tested under Jaguar 10.2.8 and Panther only. Older versions of OS X are not and will not be supported.
--- End quote ---

if anyone has any info about it working or not working under osx tiger 10.4 that would be helpful info

here is the macosx Driver (10.2.8+)
found from here:

apparently the driver is not INTEL compatible;
but there is a chance it may work on OSX TIGER on a PPC G4
(many PST cards are not electrically compatible with the G5)

does anyone know if the RME 96/8 PST works on windows 7?  8)

apparently it is rumoured to work fine under windows 7 32bit with the XP driver
but not under 64bit


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