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Author Topic: FirmTek SeriTek/1VE2+2 (for mac os 9/X ppc users)  (Read 1978 times)

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FirmTek SeriTek/1VE2+2 (for mac os 9/X ppc users)
« on: October 23, 2014, 09:25:10 PM »
introduced june 2005


FirmTek SeriTek/1VE2+2
General System Hardware Requirements    

    PCI based Power Macintosh with available PCI expansion slot
    PCI-X 1.0a compliant 64-bit at 133/100/66MHz bus speeds. Backward compatible with standard 32/64-bit PCI at 33MHz and 66MHz bus speeds

Operating Systems Supported    

    Mac OS 9.xx
    Mac OS X version 10.1.5 or later (works best with 10.2 or later)

Bus Types    

    32/64 bit, 33/66MHz PCI
    133/100/66MHz PCI-X
    Compliant 32-bit PCI bus version 2.2
    Compliant with PCI-X bus version 1.0a

Data Connectors    

    " 2 shielded external, 2 internal Serial ATA (SATA) interface connectors support up to 2 external hard drives and 2 internal hard drives

Drive Types Supported    

    Serial ATA hard drive
    Backward compatible with Ultra DMA 133/100/66 hard drives*

Data Transfer Rates    

    Up to 150 MBytes/second or 1.5Gbits/second burst data transfer rate

Drive Modes Supported    

    Serial ATA
    UltraDMA modes 6/5/4/3/2/1/0

Advanced Data Features    

    Fully compliant with Serial ATA 1.0a specification
    Bus Mastering off-loads data I/O handling from CPU
    Complete 32-bit CRC error checking, for all bits transmitted (command, data, and status), offers enhanced data protection for high-speed Serial ATA drives
    Four independent data channels allows for separate device timings
    Automatically identifies and configures drive types*
    Automatically detects and supports devices utilizing many transfer modes including UltraDMA 6/5/4/3/2/1/0

Onboard Flash ROM    

    Allows easy upgrades to the latest firmware

Cables Supported    

    7-pin external and internal SATA cables


    Two year limited parts & labor

Physical Dimensions    

    163mm(L) x 1.6mm(W) x 64.4mm(H) (not including bracket)

Power Requirements    

    5V ± 5%


    Operating:    +5°C to +55°C
    Non-Operating:    -25°C to +70°C
    Relative humidity:
    Operating:    20% to 80%
    Non-Operating:    15% to 90%

EMC Compliance    

    EN55022/1998, EN55024/1998 (European Community)
    FCC Part 15 Class B (US)
    RoHS Compliant
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