Author Topic: Blu-ray BD-R (Recordable) vs BD-RE (Erasable) Discs  (Read 2561 times)

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Blu-ray BD-R (Recordable) vs BD-RE (Erasable) Discs
« on: October 08, 2014, 01:22:50 AM »

according to the chart on wikipedia, backing up 25gb @ 2X speed to a 25gb BD-R or RE disc, will take 47 minutes
checking to find faster media that is also erasable + reusable, i can find no 4x RE erasable media.. so im guessing
that 2x is the normal speed for using re-usable blu-ray discs to back up your important data.

checking some specs on some drives for sale reveals claims of "12X BD-R 2X BD-RE"
so im assuming 2x is the limit for now if using rewritable media.. the industry obviously clearly wants you to use
'write once' BD-R media. to burn the same 25gb of data to a 12x BD-R according to the chart tkaes only 8min.
thats quite the difference.. 40min difference.. in the same time it would take you to burn 1 erasable disc, backing up 25gb,
you could back up 150gb of Data on BD-Rs. what is that, 500% faster? life clearly is alot easier just buying BD-Rs and avoiding the time it takes to both burn + erase BD-RE discs.. because it probably takes an additional 47min to erase the BD-RE disc aswell.

this seems cool but then i check newegg site and they only have 6x speed BD-r Media available, so back to the math,
1 BD-R disc burned in 16minutes backing up 25gb...  this compared to BD-RE's u can do 3 x25gb discs in the same 48min it takes
to burn 1 erasable disc..  am i more worried about being able to re-use my discs? or the time it takes to back them up? well thats a decision we have to make i guess.. the other factor is price...are BD-R's + BD-RE's  that much different in price?

for 10 pack of BD-RE of verbatim 2x discs.. $26.99 not bad..
for 10 pack of BD-R of vertabim 6x discs.. $17.99.. hmmm they really want you to use BD-R:)
for 25 pack of BD-R of Rosewill 6x discs.. $19.99 thats less then $1 per 25gb disc and 16min burn time each disc

1 25gb Bluray disc will obviously hold the contents of 3 x DVD DL and 6 x DVD R/RW/RAM
so it would appear if cost effective storage is of interest to you, Bluray BD-R may be the only way to go!

depending on the amount of data you have to back up.. and how long u have to mess around with backing it up,
you may wish to try out a few BD-RE discs.. 1 BD-RE 25gb can hold a decent amount of data + software!
if only they were Random access like DVD-RAM;)

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Blu ray BD R Recordable vs BD RE Erasable Discs
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2018, 03:36:43 PM »
Really struggling for glossy Blu-ray DVD discs, falcon media smart guard and plexdisc and tyo yuden all seem to be out everywhere. any links anyone.