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Configuration for synchronizing Pro Tools 4.1 and Studio Vision Pro 3.5.1, using OMS 2.3.2 and MIDI Machine Control (MMC).
Article #21990 Updated on Apr 27, 2007 at 12:00 AM

In OMS Setup:
1) Create 2 IAC busses, one for Time Code and the other for MIDI Machine Control. (Note: the name of the bus used for MIDI Machine Control must start with “MMC” and this is case sensitive.)
2) Enable “Run MIDI In Background”in the OMS MIDI Setup window.In Vision:
3) Open the Enable Input Devices window (Setups menu) and enable the IAC bus named “Time Code.
4) Open the Sync Option window (Windows menu), set Receive Sync to “MTC/Machine Control, select the “Time Code”IAC Bus, enable “Remote Start, set Send Sync to “None, and select the appropriate SMPTE Frame Rate (this should match the Frame Rate in Pro Tools).
5) The Offset of your sequence (click the little “i”in the upper left if you don’t see this) should match, or be later than, the Session Start Time in Pro Tools.In Pro Tools:
6) Open Peripherals, select MMC as a Controller, set the Receive From pop-up to the IAC bus named “MMC”(Send To will be “none”and # Ch’s will be “0).
7) In the Session Setup window, select the appropriate Frame Rate (this should match the Frame Rate in Vision), set the Session Start time to be the same or earlier than the sequence’s Offset, enable MTC To Port and select the IAC bus named “Time Code.

ALWAYS Disable the “Use Apple SerialDMA driver when available”option in OMS.