Author Topic: Quadra700>IIcx & the Quadra900>IIfx - are the designs related?  (Read 1237 times)

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is there a relationship between the quadra 700 + IIcx?
is the quadra 900 the evolution of the IIfx?

The first two computers in the Quadra lineage were the Quadra 700 derived from the Macintosh IIcx and
the Quadra 900 derived from the Macintosh IIfx
. Later the Centris 650 and the Quadra 800 platform along with the Centris 610 platform.

The Quadra 605 and Quadra 630 are a part of the Entry Level architectures and is documented there.

The Quadra 660av and Quadra 840av are covered in the AV (Audio/Visual) architecture.

interesting i didnt know these machines were part of an explicit evolutionary chain

also there seems to be a link between the IIci And the IIsi