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Author Topic: electronic musician back issues (1985-2002)  (Read 6018 times)

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electronic musician back issues (1985-2002)
« on: August 24, 2017, 09:52:40 PM »

December 1990

40 Great Gift Ideas / The Computer Musician: Alternate Input Devices / Learning by Note: The Pedagogical Sequencer / Signal Processing Today (Part 6): Frontiers of Digital Signal Processing / Put a MIDI Service Technician in Your Computer / From the Top: Inventors and Iconoclasts / REVIEWS: E-mu Proteus / 2 Synth Module; Passport Trax 2.0 Sequencing Software (IBM); ART DR-X Multi-effects Processor; Toucan Software Live Control Performance Software (IBM); ZimmerWorks Zeebar Fingerstrip; Cakewalk Professional 3.0 Sequencer (IBM); Cheetah Master Series 7P MIDI Controller; Theme Music Printing Software (IBM)

November 1990

Going Online: A Guide to Electronic Bulletin Board Systems / EM Guide to Keyboard Synthesizers / Nightmare on MIDI Street: Insuring Your Gear / Signal Processing Today (Part 5): Understanding Amplitude Modulation / The Computer Musician: Optical Disks / DIY: Merging With the Integrated MIDI Processor (IMP) / REVIEWS: E-mu Proformance / 1+; JLCooper Synapse; Musonix Cuecube; Shure VP88 Microphone; Korg Wavestation Vector Synthesizer; Digidesign Deck 4-Track Recording Software (Mac); Yamaha SY22 Vector Synthesizer

October 1990

Going Tapeless: Hard-Disk Recording and Editing / The Legend of Digital Audio / Signal Processing Today (Part 4): Fun With Filters / Keeping It Digital: Digital Audio Interfacing / Tales From the Trenches: Using Hard-Disk Recording in the Studio / The Computer Musician: Conversing With Your Printer / REVIEWS: Zoom 9002 Multi-effects Processor; PG Music Band-in-a-Box; RAM Cartridges for the Kawai K4; Ensoniq SQ-1 Personal Music Studio; Dr. T's Beyond Sequencing Software (Mac); Ensoniq VFXSD Version II

September 1990

The Computer Musician: MIDI Interfaces for the IBM PC / Studio, Sweet Studio / Signal Processing Today (Part 3): The Dimensions of Delay / EM's Guide to Music Education Software / DIY: E-mu Emax Channel Output Modification / REVIEWS: Mark of the Unicorn MIDI Time Piece; Sound Quest MIDI Quest Universal Editor / Librarian; Opcode Systems EZ Vision; Roland D-70 Super L/A Synthesizer; Spectral Synthesis Synth Engine; MiBAC V.1.2 Jazz Improvisation Software

August 1990

DIY: The Retro-Regenerator / Making the Groove / Drum Machine Buyer's Guide / The Search for the Perfect Beat / Signal Processing Today (Part 2): The Magic of Real-Time MIDI Control / REVIEWS: Drum KAT MIDI Percussion Controller V. 2.0; Niche Audio Control Module (ACM); Valhala Sampling CDs; Kawai EQ-8 Parametric Equalizer; Anatek Uninterruptible Power Supply; Buchla Thunder; Vestax MR66 6-Track Cassette Recorder

July 1990

Introduction: Fantasy Becomes Reality-New Frontiers in Music Making / Into New Worlds: Virtual Reality and the Electronic Musician / Programming for the Rest of Us / New Media for Music / DIY: How to Make Your Projects Look Great / Signal Processing Today (Part 1): An Ear for Processing / REVIEWS: Cool Shoes Drummer V.1.0 (IBM); Akai XR-10 Drum Machine; Johnsware MIDIBoss V.1.3 (Atari ST); ROM Cartridges for the Ensoniq VFX; Hughes & Kettner Cream Machine; Alesis 1622 Mixer; Roland Computer Music System for IBM Compatibles; Tascam MIDiizer MTS-1000 Multi-Synchronizer / Controller

June 1990

Insider Info: Tips From EM Readers / Basic Studio Series (Part 8): Tape Recorders / Tale of the Tape / Complete Control: Universal Editor / Librarians / Beyond Randomness / My MIDI Doesn't Work / REVIEWS: Acoustic Research Studio Partners Speakers; Furman AR-117 AC Line Regulator; Prosonus Sound Library; Musonix MIDI Beacon and Tech 21 MIDI Checker; Voice Crystal RAM Cards for the Roland D-10 / 20 / 110; Yamaha SY77 Synthesizer; thoughtprocessors The Note Processor (IBM)

May 1990

Live Performance Issue: Introduction / Venturing Onto Center Stage With MIDI / The Essential Stage Monitor / The Onstage Sound Tip Sheet / Performance Power / Sequence Transfers: From Studio to Stage / Basic Studio Series (Part 7): Studio Ergonomics / DIY: The MIDIverb II "Echo Unit" / REVIEWS: Roland GP-16 Guitar Multi-effects Processor; Intelligent Music Upbeat 2.0 Rhythm Sequencer (Mac); McGill University Master Samples Library; Coda Finale 2.0 Notation Software (Mac); Ars Nova Practica Musica Ear-Training Software (Atari ST); Passport Designs Encore 1.2 Music Composing / Notation Software (Mac); Cannon Research Frontal Lobe and PCM Channel for the Korg M1; Big Noise Cadenza Sequencing Software (IBM)

April 1990

The New Computers: Platforms for the '90s / Musical Multitasking / Basic Studio Series (Part 6): Getting Wired-A Power Primer / The Decibel Demystified / More SPUDS: Simple Projects / Useful Devices / REVIEWS: Dr. T's Tiger Cub (Atari ST); Crown SASS Microphone; Eventide H3000 Ultraharmonizer; Symetrix SX205 Digital Meter; Chapman Stick; Korg T3 Music Workstation; Bars&Pipes (Amiga); Waldorf Microwave Synthesizer

March 1990

Basic Studio Series (Part 5): Microphone Primer / The MIDI Connection: Automated Studio Sessions for Acoustic Musicians / Microphone Technique / The Art and Craft of Using E-mu's Proteus / DIY: The MIDI Volume Fader / REVIEWS: Beyer TG-X Microphones; Passport Notewriter II (Mac); Alesis MIDIverb III; Anatek Pocket Record and Pocket Thru; The Peavey DPM-3 Composition Center, Mark of the Unicorn Performer 3.3 and Passport Designs Pro4 (Mac); Kawai K4 Wavetable Synthesizer; The Musicator (IBM)

February 1990

On Sound / Synthesis Techniques for the 1990s and Beyond / Harmonics: The Basics of Sound / Hard-Won Lessons About Hard Disks / Basic Studio Series (Part 4): Mixers / Build a Tube Preamp / Line Mixer Duo / REVIEWS: Electronic Arts Deluxe Music Recorder (Mac); Brother MDI-30 Sequencer; MIDImouse Music Wave (Amiga); Celestion SR Speakers; Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook; Rane MPE 14 MIDI Graphic Equalizer; Coda MusicProse (Mac); dissidents MIDI Sample Wrench (Amiga)

January 1990

Looking Ahead: Visions for the 1990s / Into the 21st Century: New Ways of Making Music / Beyond MIDI: The Return of Computer Music / Basic Studio Series (Part 3): Hunting for Headphones / SPUDS: Simple Projects / Useful Devices / REVIEWS: Aphex Studio Clock; TEACH Services Laser Music Processor (IBM); Voyetra Sequencer Plus Mark III V.3.0 (IBM); ROM Cards for the Korg M1; Steinberg / Jones Cubase (Atari ST); Temporal Acuity MusicPrinter Plus (IBM); Gateway Rhapsody (Mac)

December 1989

100 Great Products for Under $100 / The Industrial Video: Job Opportunities for Electronic Musicians / Basic Studio Series (Part 2): Power Amplifiers / Look, Ma! No Cables: Wireless Systems Applications / The Korg M1: Drum Machine of the Gods? / Better Samples Through Digital Limiting / Build the Studio Amplifier for Guitar / REVIEWS: Cheetah MS6; Scorpion Systems sYbil; MusicSoft MIDIMAN; Sony TCD-D10PRO DAT; Korg M3R, Lake Butler Sound CFC-4; Lauria CZ Orchestra and CZ Rainbow; Tascam 688 MIDIStudio; Dr. T's Tiger; LTA Productions Forte II; Steinberg / Jones Avalon (Atari ST)

November 1989

Cutting the Cord: Choosing a Wireless System / Basic Studio Series (Part 1): Choosing and Using Near-Field Monitors / The Local Area Network: MIDI's Next Step? / MIDI Programming in C (Part 3): Patch Librarian Basics / FM Synthesis: 6-Op to 4-Op Translation / Two-Chip Project: The "Noisebuster" for Sequencer Metronomes / REVIEWS: Tascam MM-1 Mixer; JLCooper Fadermaster Remote Controller; Lexicon LXP-5 Effects Processor; Ensoniq EPS Signature Series Samples; Alesis HR-16B Drum Machine; Casio DA-2 DAT Deck; Yamaha G-10 ROM Update; Digidesign Sound Tools (Mac); Microillusions Music-X (Amiga); Dynacord ADS Sampler; Internal Music Systems GenWave; Texture 3.5 (IBM)

October 1989

Programmable Crunch: A Survey of Guitar Multi-effects Processors / Automated FX Systems for Guitarists / How Copyright Changes Affect You / In the Public Eye: Free Atari Software / MIDI Programming in C (Part 2): MIDI Data Debugger / Tips From EM Readers / The JLCooper PPS-1 Hot Rod Mod / REVIEWS: Ensoniq / Bose Acoustic Wave Piano; Intelligent Music Ovaltune (Mac); Meico MIDI Commander and Patch Commander Programmable Footswitches; Peavey Automation System; E-mu Proteus; Roland GR-50 Guitar Synth; Hip Software Harmony Grid (Mac)

September 1989

New Life for Old Gear: the MIDI Retrofit Story / Resurrecting the Dinosaur / MIDI Mods for Your Minimoog / Recreating Classic Drum Machine Sounds / Using the Dinosaur With a MIDI-to-CV Converter / MIDI Programming in C (Part 1): MIDI Input and Output / Three-Chip Project: Universal Active Crossover / REVIEWS: KIII Wavetable Synthesizer; Synthetic Productions MASTERAM-64 Card; Primera Software Different Drummer 1.1; Take Note Ear-Training Software; Shaping Your Sound Instructional Videos; Book: Zwaan's Animal Magnetism for Musicians; Ensoniq VFX Synthesizer; Roland W-30 Workstation; Scholz R&D MIDI Octopus

August 1989

Pro Studio Comes Home / CD Packaging: State of the Arts / Turbosynth Tips / Using Dr. T's Programmable Variation Generator / RandoM1: A Patch Generator Librarian for the Korg M1 / Live Film Sync Without SMPTE / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Dr. T's Keys; Yamaha ARM1 Sliding Rackmount Adapter; Opcode Vision (Mac); Sansui WS-X1 6-Track Cassette Deck / Mixer / Mixdown Deck; RealTime 1.1 (Atari ST)

July 1989

Mixing in the MIDI Age: Introduction; Essentials of the Craft; The MIDI Perspective / Amplification & Transduction: New Tricks for Old Licks / Reader Tips / Ghost in the Machine (Part 2) / Slick MIDI Slider (Atari) / The Connection: A 4-voice, MIDI-to-Analog Synthesizer Interface / REVIEWS: Technics PR200; 360 Systems MIDI Patcher; BBE 411; Synthware DX / TX Voice Packs; Yamaha V50 Digital Workstation; Coda Finale (Mac); Lexicon MRC MIDI Remote Controller

June 1989

Dream Machines: Exploring High-End Audio Workstations / Sample Your House and Other Fun Emax Tips / Secrets of the Steinberg Jones Pro-24 III Sequencer (Atari ST) / The MIDI-to-Trigger Converter / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: 360 Systems Professional MIDI Bass; Gambattel MIDI Wireless Transmitter and Receiver; Megatouch Atari ST Keyboard Modification; Wendel jr.: The Sample Playback Machine; Hybrid Arts EZ-Score Plus V.1.1; Lexicon CP-1 Stereo Processor; Cambridge SoundWorks Ensemble Loud Speakers

May 1989

Making Music With Nature: Bernie Krause Samples Life / Power Sequencing: Secrets of Dynamic Sequence; Humanize Your Sequenced Music / A Buyer's Guide to DAT Recorders / Ghost in the Machine (Part 1): Using Test Routines to Troubleshoot Problems / Handling MPU-401 Interrupts With Turbo Pascal / EM MIDI Channelizer DIY for DX7 / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Anatek MIDI Pocket Products; Dr. T's Fingers (Atari ST); Prosonus Studio Reference Disc; Book: Powell / Fowler / Strunz Scale-Chord Synopticon; Passport Designs ClickTracks 2.0 (Mac); Miller / Blake Kurzweil Sample Disks; Roland R-8 Human Rhythm Composer

April 1989

DAT: What You Need to Know (Part 1) / Introducing Standard MIDI Files / Surviving a MIDI Studio Session / Interactivity in Action: "M" Meets the Amiga / One-Chip MIDI Computer: Meet the 68705 (Part 1) / EM DX / TX Patch Librarian (C-64) / Service Clinic / NAMM Show Report / REVIEWS: Digisound Synth Modules; Antelope Engineering Tune Up; JLCooper MixMate; Turtle Beach Sample Vision; Books: The Audio Dictionary; Electronic Music Dictionary; The Electronic Musician's Dictionary

March 1989

AES Report / Sonic Tonic: 49 Hot Signal Processing Tips / Exploring East Indian Microtonality / Processing Your Way to Great Vocals / The MIDI Music Box: More Cheap Thrills for the Atari ST / Two-Chip Project: Not Just Another Headphone Amp / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Korg P3 Piano and Symphony Modules; Boss ME-5 Guitar Multiple Effects; LTA Productions FWAP and TrackGenie (IBM); Forte Mentor MIDI Master Controller

February 1989

A Field Guide to Sampling: The World is Your Waveform; Sample Recording Demystified; Ten Hot Sampling Tips; The Ultimate Sample Organizer / Real World Stereo in Your MIDI Mixes / Studios of the (not yet) Rich and (almost) Famous / Additive Programming: The Secret Life of the Kawai K5 / Taming the Wild Algorithim / Build a Fiber-Optic Guitar Cord / The Simplest Atari Notation Program You'll Ever See / REVIEWS: Casio PG-380 MIDI Guitar Synth; Toshiba DX900 VHS Hi-fi VCR With PCM Audio; Cesium Sound D-50 ROM Cards; Blank Software's Alchemy (Mac); Peavey Ultraverb; Roland Super-MRC

January 1989

Tips for High-Quality Recording in Budget Studios / Creating Music (Part 2): Structuring Your Song / Tips for Live Performance in the Sequencer Age / Secrets of the Yamaha FB-01 / Experimenting With Brick Wall Filters / One Chip Project: A Breath-Controlled "Expressor" / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Roland EASE / Casio DH-100; Zero One Research; D-50 Librarian; Korg 707; Korg DS-8 / 707 ROM Cards; Eventide Ultra Harmonizer; Marion Systems MS-9C 16-bit Retrofit for the Akai S900; C-Lab Notator and Creator: New Levels in Atari Sequencing

December 1988

Transcontinental MIDI Songwriting Collaboration / Yamaha's G10 MIDI Guitar: Does It Really Work? / Program Your Amiga for Music With CZ-101 Editing program / The ST Power User (Part 2): The Software / Using Your Sequencer as a MIDI System Analyzer / Reader Tips / Modifying the ESQ-1 and SQ-80: "Dewitt's Click" / Service Clinic / Beat It: A Drum Sensor Interface for the Atari ST / REVIEWS: Command Development D-50 Command (Atari ST); Solid Sounds Xpander Patches; Snap GP-8 Companion (IBM); Synthophone: The MIDI Sax From Softwind Instruments; Lyre FDSoft: Harmonic Analysis and Resynthesis for the IBM; Synthia: A Digital Synthesis Program for the Amiga; Book Reviews: The MIDI Reference Series; Digital Electronic Music Synthesizers

November 1988

Creativity, Recording, and the Conscious Mind / Music Workstations: EM Investigates the Korg M1, Roland D-20 and Ensoniq SQ-80 / Using MIDI Time Code in Video Production / The ST Power User (Part 1) / MIDI-to-CV Conversion With the Vesta Fire MDI-1 / Using the Alesis HR-16 as an Expander Module / Service Clinic / One-Chip Project: Build a Test Tone Generator / REVIEWS: Robert Keller's 48-Track PC Sequencer (IBM); Groove Tube's Studio Series Tube Preamp; Rocktron GAP1 Guitar Preamp; Dr. T's 4-op Deluxe Editor / Librarian (Amiga); Tascam 238 Syncaset 8-Track Cassette; ADA MQ-1 and ART IEQ Programmable Equalizers; Digidesign Turbosynth (Mac); Oberheim Matrix-1000 / AKG ADR 68K Digital Reverb; Books: The Compact Guide to MIDI Software Series; C Programming for MIDI

October 1988

NAMM Show Report (Part 2) / Create Your Own Music (Part 1): Soul of a Drum Machine / EM MIDI Channel Filter / Custom Modifications for the Akai EWI and EVI / TX81Z Tips for the MIDI Guitarist / Fairlight MIDI Slave / Tips / Service Clinic / Algorithmic Composition Program for C-64 / REVIEWS: HB Imaging's HB Engraver (Mac); Shark Electronic Drum Pedal; Lexicon LXP-1 Multi-effects Processing Module; Beetle Quantar MIDI Guitar; E-mu Systems Emax SE HD; Opcode Cue Software (Mac)

September 1988

CD+MIDI+GRAPHICS: Will It Change the Industry? / NAMM Show Report (Part 1) / Peak Performance Tips for Onstage Sounds / KCS made Easy / Build the Pocket MIDI Controller / Service Clinic / Building High Performance Power Supplies / RE VIEWS: Altech MIDI Interfaces (Mac); Magnetic Music Pyramid TX / DX Editor / Librarian (IBM); Valhalla Studio Series D-50 ROM Cards; Passport Score Software (IBM); Dr. T's KCS Level II Software With MPE (Atari ST); Jim Miller's Personal Composer Software (IBM)

August 1988

What's in a Sequencer? / Year of Living Dangerously (Part 3) / Beyond Notes: Using Single-Note Events to Trigger Live Performance / Synchronization in the Home Studio: A Time Code Primer / Service Clinic / Keyfrets: Keyboard-to-Guitar Voicing Translator / REVIEWS: Technics SL-P1200 Professional CD Player; Bacchus TX802 Graphic Editing System (IBM PC); Books: Casio FZ-1 and FZ-10; The MIDI Home Studio; DigiTech DSP-128 Digital Effects Signal Processor; Alesis MMT-8 Sequencer; Triton Soundprocess Software for the Mirage

July 1988

Year of Living Dangerously (Part 2) / 20 Great Achievements in 20 Years of Musical Electronics 1968-1988 / Just Intonation on the New Yamaha Synths / Roland TR-707-Using It as a Sequencer / Reference Sheet for the DX7 E! Expansion Board / Stretching the Samples on an Akai S612 / Portable Power: Computers for the Road / 64-Patch CZ RAM Cartridge for $15 / REVIEWS: Music Quest MIDI Starter System (IBM); Lake Butler Sound RFC-1 MIDI Mitigator; Books: The Sampling Book; The Source; Successful Sound System Operation / Beaverton Digital TX81Z Editor / Librarian; Blacet Research Instantmod for Casio CZ-101/1000 Modulation Retrofit

June 1988

Plan for Developing a MIDI Studio / Using a Patch Bay / Tips for Using the Roland MC-500 and Yamaha QX5 Sequencers / Year of Living Dangerously (Part 1): Kofi Busia Pursues Full-Time Music Career / Mac Power User = Power Muser (Part 3) / SPX90 Librarian (IBM) / Build an Eight-in, Eight-out MIDI Patch Bay / DIY Brief Case Studio / Mystery Word Matrix / The Smooth Phaser / Service Clinic / RE VIEWS: McGill Sample Library; Roland M-240 Line Mixer; PKI Gun Drums; Dominant Functions Tiff Sequencing Software (IBM); Snap GM-70 Companion Editor (IBM, Mac); Palmtree Instruments Airdrums; Sampled Grands From Korg, Roland, and Yamaha

May 1988

Powerful Percussion With FM Synthesis / Tips: Getting the Most From Your Drum Machine / Meet Zelda: an Altered Octopad / Inside L/A Synthesis / MIDI Spec Reaches Adolescence / Mac Power User = Power Muser (Part 2) / Service Clinic / Opto-Isolator Options for MIDI Projects / REVIEWS: Tandy CCR-81C Computer Cassette Recorder; Ad Lib Music Synthesizer; Prosonus CD Sound Library and Earworks CD Percussion Sound Library; Engineered Percussion E-Pedal; Alesis HR-16 Drum Machine; Mark of the Unicorn Performer 2.2 (Mac); Digidesign Q-Sheet; Yamaha WX7 Wind MIDI Controller

April 1988

The Musical Computer: Music on the Amiga, Big Blues Does MIDI, The State of the Macintosh, The Atari Arrives / NAMM and CES Show Reports / Mac Power User = Power Muser (Part 1) / Reader Tips / CHORD: Algorithmic Composing Program (Atari ST) / Build the LED Bar Graph Peak Detector / REVIEWS: Digital Music Corp. MX-8 MIDI Patch Bay; Stick Enterprises Patch of Shades; Book: The Complete DX7; Akai MPX-8 MIDI-Controlled Mixer High-Tech Fuzz Boxes; Bartolini Tube It; Chandler Tube Driver; Nady Tube Distortion; Kurzweil K1000 Keyboard

March 1988

Sequencing for Live Performance / Def Leppard's MIDI Drum System / Tips for Using Mark of the Unicorn's Performer 2.1 (Mac) / The Feel Formula: Correlate Sequence Clock Pulses to Time / Eliminate Noise From Your System / Interview: John Cage / Juno 106 / DX21 Patch Generator Program(C-64) / Light-Touch Aftertouch Mod for the Roland JX-8P / REVIEWS: Savant Audio Edit-8000, Synergy Resources Synthview, MIDIMouse Fast Tracks (Atari ST); Sound Quest DXII Master Editor / Librarian (Amiga); Voyetra Sequencer Plus I, II & III (IBM); Ensoniq EPS and SQ-80

February 1988

CD Production Guide / Three-Dimensional Textures in Electronic Music / Tape Recorder Alignment / Synchronized Recording; Virtual MIDI Tracks / MIDI by the Numbers: MIDI Note, Command, Message, Staus Control Tables / Making Musical Instruments Magical / Breaking Into Commercial Music / Atari ST Drumbox CZ-101 Program / Build an Amiga MIDI Interface / Service Clinic: Information and Part Sources / Make a Budget Floppy Disk Case / REVIEWS: Akai EWI; JLCooper PPS-1; Harmony Synhance MTS-1; Roland GP-8; Coda MacDrums; PD Patch Editors (Atari ST); Korg DSM-1; Digital Music Services TX81Z Pro Editor / Librarian; Book: FM Theory & Applications

January 1988

25 Hot MIDI Products for Under $500 / Special Report: 83rd AES Convention / Update Your Dinosaur Synth / Tips for Getting the Most From Older Gear / Better Music Through Chemistry / Free Expander Patch Sheet / Solving Power Problems / Mastering the Yamaha TX81Z / REVIEWS: Casio MG-500 / 510 MIDI Guitar; Valhala ESQ-1Patches; Korg DRV-2000 Reverb; Triangle DX / TX and CZ Patch Librarians (C-64); Fellows Jiffy DOS / 64 (C-64 / SX-64); Realistic Minimus-7 Speakers; Yamaha REV5 Reverb; Sound Ideas CD Sampler Library; Suzuki XG1m MIDI Guitar; E-mu SP-1200 Drum Machine; Korg DS-8 Synthesizer

December 1987

Box of Magic: Touring China With a Kurzweil and a Mac / Audio for Arcade Games / Musical Toys / Wanna Rock? Build this Hot Keyboard Stand / Random MIDI Program for the C-64 / Plucked String Sounds for Mirage From Your C-64 or Apple II / Interview: Bill Bruford / Cabling With Velcro / Modify Your Boss DD-2 / RE VIEWS: Atari ST Programs-Dr. T's The Copyist, Hybrid Arts GenPatch, MIDImouse Matrix-12 / Xpander Librarian, CompuMates Korg DW-8000 Synthdroid+; Books: The EZ CZ Book, Synthesist's Guide to Acoustic Instruments, Cybernetic Music; Opcode Macintosh Patch Librarian; MIDI Station Xpandit #1 Xpander Patch Disk; Forat MSM 2000; Playrec for IBM Music Feature; Music Magic IBM Music Card; Yamaha TX802; Garfield Time Commander

November 1987

Analog Synthesis Special: How Analog Synths Work; Shopping for a Synth; Customizing Software and Factory Patches / Optimizing S900 Samples / Sampling Time-Varying Waveforms / DX711 Programming Tips / Free CZ-101 Patch Sheet / Silicon Strollin': Mac BBS Shareware and Modern Guide / Music Notation in ASCII / Service Clinic / Build a Sampler for Your C-64 / Build a Bipolar Power Supply / REVIEWS: Dr. T's Atari ST 4-Op Deluxe; Iota MIDI-Fader; Book: The Korg DSS-1 Sampler; Intelligent Music Upbeat Rhythm Programmer (Mac); Synthetic Productions "Cartridge 3" Casio RAM Cart; Roland MKS-70; Seck 1882 Mixer, Hill Multimix; Opcode MIDIMac Sequencer 2.5 (Mac)

October 1987

The Feel Factor: Humanizing Your Sequences / Instructional Music Software / Alternate Tuning Programs-C-64 (DIY) / Home Recording: MIDI or Multitrack? / Wide Dispersion Sound System (Part 2) / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Altech MidiBasic 2.0; Southworth Jambox / 4+; Pitchrider 7000 Mark II Guitar-to-MIDI; Book: Electronic and Experimental Music; Yamaha REX50; Synetrix 522; Sonus RX Librarian, MIDI Processor, MIDITech 64; Dauz Drum Pads; Optical Media CD-ROMs-Universe of Sounds I & II; Northstar Emulator II disks

September 1987

The MIDIfied Guitar / Tips for Guitarists / What is DAT? / The Zipless Track-Comments on Yamaha RX5, TX81Z, JLCooper MSB+, Quad Monster, DX7 Memory Expansion and sound libraries for DX100 / TX81Z, etc. / The Korg DSS-1: Applications / Build: The $10 Harmonic Sweetener / Interview: Michael Stearns / REVIEWS: Poly-6 MIDI Retrofit; Zeta Violin-to-MIDI Converter; Akai ME255 and ME30P; Synhance Voice Vault TX512 and TX192; Micro W EZ-CA RAM Cartridge, 1-2 MIDI, MIDI Cable Extender; The Casio FZ-1 Digital Sampling Synthesizer; DigiTech-IVL Steel Guitar-to-MIDI Interface; Elka and FFD MIDI Bass Pedals; Books: Beginning Synthesizer; Principles of Digital Audio

August 1987

The Arrival of Intelligent Instruments: Algorithmic Composition / A Grand Sample-Sampling Tips / How to Build a MIDI Switcher / Random Patch Generator; Addition to EM CZ patch Librarian for C-64 / How, When, and Why to Consult a Music Lawyer / Interview: Klaus Schulze / REVIEWS: Sonus FB-01 Design-Patch Editor (C-64 / 128); JLCooper MIDI Switch Box +; Upward Concepts Mirage Multi-Temperament Disk; Korg KME-56 Multigraphic EQ; Passport Master Tracks Pro (Mac); Kawai R-100 Drum Machine

July 1987

Live Keyboards With Cyndi Lauper / Wide Dispersion Sound System for Clubs (Part 1) / Ins and Outs of MIDI Program Change / Buying Your First Sequencer / Making Quantization Work for You / Programming the IBM MPU-401: The "Poor Man's Split." / Interview: David Torn / Do Your Own Synthesizer Memory Expansions / Service Clinic / The Lost Art of Synthesis (ESQ-1 & Analog / Digital Hybrids) / Studio Workplace Design / REVIEWS: Countryman Isomax Headset Microphone; Ibanez SDR1000 Digital Reverb; Grey Matter Response E! Rev. 2 for DX7; Dr. T's and Comput-Mates' Kawai K3 Editors (Atari ST); Alesis Midiverb II and MPX MIDI Patch Transmitter; Book: Complete Guide to MIDI Software

June 1987

Build a Five-Band Graphic Equalizer / Stereo Mirage Modification: The Sequel / Build Pocket Rockit, A Personal Amplifier / Service Clinic: Safety in the Electronic Music Workplace / Envelope Intimacy and the Art of Shaping Sound / The MIDI Virtuoso / MIDIPrint: Program Listing for the Atari ST / Interview: Robert Fripp / REVIEWS: Kahler Human Clock; Simmons MTM, TMI, and SDE; Roland GK-1 and GM-70 Guitar-to-MIDI System; Gateway Rhythm Machine; Roland MKS-50 Rack Mount Synthesizer; Enharmonik C-64 Patch Librarians; Maniac Music Sustainiac; Book: Wegner Corp. Coda Software Bibliography

May 1987

Music, Art, and Technology / The Evolution of the StickTM / Report From Europe / Build a Hot Mic Preamp / 20 Tips for DIY MIDI Recording / Interview: Kitaro / Various MIDI Tips / REVIEWS: Vision for the Mirage; Listen: Ear Training for the Mac; Alesis Microverb; Books: Programs for Electronic Circuit Design; Atari ST Introduction to MIDI Programming

April 1987

The Acoustic Drummer's Guide to Electronic Drums / Random Rhythms: Program Listings for the Atari and C-64 / Things (About Recording) I Wish I'd Known Back When / Interview: Larry Fast / Maximum MIDI for Minimum Money / Modify the Casio SK-1 Sampler to Sync and Sequence / Build the "Peakmaker" for Your Electronic Guitar / Dare to Be Serviced / Looking for Mr. Goodsound: for the Electronic Guitarist / REVIEWS: Oberheim Prommer; Blank Software's Drum File for the SP-12 and Mac; The Fairlight Voicetracker: Pitch-to-MIDI Converter; MIDImouse CZ RAM Cartridges With Programs; Casio Video: Theory and Repair of Basic Phase Distortion Synthesizer Circuits; Axxess Mapper; Roland S-10 Sampler

March 1987

Report From Japan / 4-Track Cassette Recorder Matrix / Interview: Jan Hammer / Electronic Music Behind the Iron Curtain / Build a Two-Buck Pickup / Build Your Own Synth Sounds / Build the Mini-Controller (Part 2) (LFO) / Radio Shack Color Computer and Syntax Sequencer / Fun With System Exclusives / MIDI Mergers: Theory, Practice, and Applications / The Performing DX7 / REVIEWS: Sonus Super Sequencer (C-64 / 128); Siel DK70 MIDI Synthesizer; Casio MT500; 360 Systems MIDI Merger; ART Proverb

February 1987

MIDI Drum Pattern Librarian Program Listing for Atari ST / Humanizing Se quences / Software Tips / CZ Patch Librarian Program Listing for Atari ST / Software Sequencing Tips / Tape Basics / 15 MIDI Misconceptions / Interview: Conny Plank / Build the Alpha Digital Drum for Under $10 / Service Clinic / Build a Slide Pot Ribbon Controller / Using Batteries for Electronic Music Application / Careers: Music in Publishing / REVIEWS: Roland MPU-101, MIDI-to-CV Converter; Digi design Softsynth (Mac); Mimetics Soundscape (Amiga); Akai XZ100 Automated Mixdown Retrofit; Yamaha RX21L Drum Machine; Deep Magic DW8000 Patch Software; Sonus Casio Programmer / Librarian (C-64); Sonus Casio Digital Disk; Synthetic Productions Casio RAM Cartridges With Programs

January 1987

Digital Signal Processors in Live Performance / MIDI Controlled Effects Devices / Cutting Through the EQ Jungle / Send in the (IBM PC) Clones / Telecommunications Tips / Modify the Mirage for Stereo Outputs / Build Fuzzstain: A Tube-Like Fuzz With Sustain / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Hybrid Arts EX-Track (Atari ST); Wersi M88 and Unique DBM MIDI Keyboard Controllers; Kurzweil K150 Rackmount Sound Module; Kawai Keyboard System-K3, K3m Rack and Hybrid Arts Wave Table Editing Software; ART Performance MIDI Reverb

December 1986

Choosing the Right Sampler-Spreadsheet of Available Samplers / Fix It in the Mix With a Sampling Keyboard / Secrets of the Emulator II / Getting the Most From Akai S900 / Alternate Scales for Even-Tempered Samplers / Interview: Pierre Schaeffer & Pierre Henry: Pioneers in Sampling / Becoming a Service Technician / Stochastic Video Editing / Electronic Guitarist: State of the Synth / Understanding How Guitar Pickups Work / Tips: Build a P.A. Headphone Monitor; Guitar Amp Output; MIDI Control Parameters; Mixing With Cheap Speakers; Build a Cable Continuity Tester / Build a Security System for the Gigging Musician / REVIEWS: DASCH Memory Expansion for the Mac; Deluxe Video Construction Set (Amiga)

November 1986

What Is Just Intonation? / Opening the Door to Music Math / Just Intonation for MIDI Synthesizers / Just and Mean Tone Tuning for Older Electronic Keyboards / Electronic Tone Synthesis / Interview: Wendy Carlos / So You Want to Be a Music Software Company? / Freelancing in Musical Electronics / MIDI Switch Boxes / Protect Your Gear: Build an AC Line Filter / Build a Voltage Controlled Counter / REVIEWS: Alesis MIDIVERB & MIDIFEX; Yamaha FB-01

October 1986

Assembling an Education / 300,000 Jobs Available-Music in Churches / Educating the New Musician / Service Clinic: Product Reliability / Mastering With Beta Hi-fi / The Musical Apple II / Apple II Memory Dump Program / Interview: Philip Glass / Being a Starving Musician Is No Fun / Practical Circuitry: The Mini Controller (Part 1) / REVIEWS: Casio SK-1 Sampling Keyboard; Roland Muse to Apple IIe; Passport's Master Tracks (Apple II+ or IIe); Dynacord CLS222 Rotating Speaker Simulator; Syntech's Studio II (Apple II+ or IIe)

September 1986

Telecommunications for Electronic Musicians / Music Related Telecom Services / How Music Professionals Use Telecommunications / Budget Modems / MIDIPrint: MIDI Data Display Program Listing / Making Your Micro Musical (Part 2) / Interview: Frank Zappa / Modify MXR Drum Computer With an External Sound Module / Build a MIDI Program Foot-switch / Modify Your SCI Drum Tracks / REVIEWS: Yamaha DX100 Synthesizer; Roland MKS-20 Digital Piano Module; Mark of the Unicorn's Performer (Mac)

August 1986

Making Your Micro Musical (Part 1) / Using the EM Interface: A MIDI Echo / Delay / Yamaha's CX5M / MIDI Muting and Mixing for the Masses / Making Waves (Part 2): Digital Signal Processing / Service Your Own Gear / Inside the Record Business: Smaller Labels and Print Media / An Acoustic Mixer / Build: Remote Control A-B Box / The SBX-80-to-Oberheim Connection / Interview: Alan Howarth-Successful Cinematic Synthesis / REVIEWS: Budget MIDI for the Mac; Yamaha SPX90 Digital Signal Processor; SynHance MIX and MIX+MIDI Mixers

July 1986

The Stand-Up Drummer: Trevor Morais' Live Setup (On Tour With Howard Jones) / Percussive Control of MIDI Synthesizers / Studio Notes: Styles of Electronic Percussion / The Lethal Nature of MIDI / Interview: The Progressive Pulse of Warren Cann / Making Waves: Visual Editing Basics / Service Clinic: Preventative Maintenance, Shipping, and Storage / IBM PC Display Systems for the Musician / Practical Circuitry: Build a Commodore 64 RS-232 Interface / Modify Casio CZ-101 and Expand Memory / Build a Quad Piezo-Electric Drum Trigger / REVIEWS: Dr. T's CZ Patch Librarian (C-64); The E-mu SP-12 Drum Machine; Roland DDR-30 and Pad-8 Controller; Roland PD-10 and PD-20 Drum Pads; Yamaha RX-Editor

June 1986

Video Access at Your Local Cable Station / Make a Budget MusicVideo Demo / Alternative Paths to Video-Graphic Systems / Atari 520ST: The MIDI Personal Computer / Program Listings for Atari ST: MIDI Sequencer and Single-Channel Filter / Thoughts on Programming Random Patch Generation Software / 10 Favorite Mirage Disks / Inside the Record Business (Part 1): Life in the Majors / Getting the Most Out of MIDI Thru Boxes / Scoring a Movie the MIDI Way / Interview: Thomas Dolby / Build a Video Distribution Amp / Build a MIDI Program Change Foot switch / Practical Circuitry: Panel Fill-ers / REVIEWS: Fostex 4050 Synchronizer; Hybrid Arts DX Droid (Atari ST); OP-4001 IBM PC MIDI Interface; Book: The DDL Handbook

May 1986

Home Recording in the MIDI Age / Speak Fluent MIDI: Programming Synthesizer MIDI Parameters / Creating Ambience With MIDI-Controlled Synthesizers / Guitar-to-MIDI for Almost Cheap / The IVL Pitchrider 4000 / The PCM Story (Part 2): Choosing a PCM Adapter / Sampanalog "Synthesis" / IBM PCs and Music Interview: Joe Zawinul / Programming-Listening to the Language of Sound / Practical Circuitry: Build SONIC (Poly-synth Sounds on a Budget) / Build the EM MIDI Interface / Compressor / Limiter Mod / Build Low Impedance Balanced Line to High Impedance Unbalanced Line Adapt-er / REVIEWS: E! Board for the DX7; Fostex Model 80; Soundcap: Mac Sampler; Texture (Version 2 / IBM); Book: The Keyboard Synthesizer Library

April 1986

Guitar Synthesis: What You Need to Know / Santana's MIDI Guitar Composition System / Getting to Know the Amiga / Amiga: The Software behind the Hardware / Video Focus: Video With the Amiga / Studio Notes: Ambient Thoughts / Build a MIDI Thru Box / Build a MIDI Clock / Replacement for the SAD-1024 / Interview: Tangerine Dream / REVIEWS: Dr. T's Echo Plus (C-64); JLCooper MIDI Wind Driver

March 1986

Set Up a Basic MIDI Studio / MIDI in Live Performance / Choose a Strap-On Keyboard / Studio Notes: Attack of the Microprocessors / Interview: Howard Jones / Particularly Clean Music: The PCM Story / CZ Secrets! / Digital Reverb Basics (Part 2): Architectural Spaces Available Cheap / Practical Circuitry: Build a High-Frequency VCO / Modify Your Fostex X15 Tape Deck and Increase Output Level / REVIEWS: Invisible Keyboard Stands; Mark of the Unicorn Professional Composer (Mac); Opcode MIDIMAC Patch Librarian (Mac); Moog Song Producer (C-64)

February 1986

Mac the Axe / Studio Notes: Sync Tempos Under the Microscope / Tune DDIs (Digital Delays) to Your Rhythm / Digital Reverb Basics (Part 1) / Tip: Ground Fault Interrupters-A Lifesaver? / Build Bassmod and Add Punch to Synth Bass / Add the Simple Delay Time Readout to Your DDL / Practical Circuitry: The RS-232 Drummer / Interview: Mark Isham / Video Focus: Let's Go Shopping / REVIEWS: Mac / Mirage Interface; Korg DW-8000 MIDI Synthesizer; Akai ME10D MIDI Delay; Dr. T's Keyboard Controlled Sequencer (Version 2 / C-64); Syntech Studio 1; Korg SDD-2000 Sampling Digital Delay; Yamaha YPR-8 and YPR-6 Electronic Pianos

January 1986

Choosing a Computer for Musical Applications / Long Distance Recording / Sequencers: The Composer's Assistant / Service Clinic: Obtaining EM Service / Optimizing Cassette Interfaces / Embossing Membrane Keyboards / Practical Circuitry: Fun With UARTs / Video Focus: Remote Without Batteries / REVIEWS: Yamaha DX21 Synthesizer; Passport MIDI / 8 Plus (Apple II, C-64); Southworth Total Music (Mac); Tascam's Studio 8; Don Lancaster's Micro Cookbook, Volumes 1 & 2

September 1985

Digital Audio for under $2,000 With a PCM Adapter / MIDI in the Studio / Video Focus: Apple Graphics for Music Video / Choosing Speakers for Electronic Musicians / Interview: Laurie Anderson / Electronic Music on the Brink of Change / Practical Circuitry: Building Your Own Rack Enclosures / Build a Ring Modulator-Phase-Locked Loop / REVIEWS: Phantom Wah; Yamaha TX7 MIDI Expander; Yamaha QX1; Casio CZ-101

June 1985

Getting a Good Live Sound / Video Forms: Tech Basics / Making MIDI Work for You / Build a MIDI Switchbox / Interview: Trans-Millenia Consort, K. Leimer, Michael Garrison (Three Independent Synthesists) / Linn-Roland Interface / Practical Circuitry: Build Superseque, and Analog Sequencer / REVIEWS: Roland SBX-80; Fender Chroma-Polaris

December 2002

Getting Loaded (using sequencer templates)/ Cover Story: Good Things Come in Small Packages (EM’s 2002 holiday gift guide)/ In Search Of. . .The Ultimate Bass Library/ Master Class: Going Live (Ableton Live 1.5)/ ProFile: Virtual-Orchestra Maestro (Jerry Gerber)/ Desktop Musician: Stealth MP3s (disguise MP3s as WAV files)/ Recording Musician: The Voices Have It (voice-overs)/ Square One: Oldies But Goodies (buying used gear)/ Working Musician: Name Recognition (trademarking your band name)/ Final Mix: Your Least Prized Possession (balancing work with personal needs)/ REVIEWS: MOTU 896 (Mac/Win) FireWire audio interface; Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro 2.0 (Win) multitrack audio editor; Novation Supernova II analog modeling synthesizer; Digidesign Mbox (Mac) USB audio interface; FMR Audio RNC1773 stereo compressor; CDP Composers Desktop Project 4.5 (Win) signal-processing software; Aphex Model 207 2-channel microphone preamp; QUICK PICKS: Nomad Factory Blue Tubes 1.01 (Mac) VST Bundle dynamics-processing plug-ins; Bitshift Audio Phatmatik Pro 1.1 (Mac/Win) loop editor; Lexicon PSP 42 (Mac/Win) effects plug-in; Wilderness Press Wild Soundscapes book

November 2002

Cover Story: Bridging the Gap (equipping your studio for high-resolution audio recording)/ Production Values: Figments Become Reality (Anton Fig)/ Master Class: Viva Vegas Video (post-production techniques for Sonic Foundry’s Vegas Video 3.0)/ Tech Page: Perchance to Dream (customized, computer-generated music)/ ProFile: Cause and Effects (Tyondai Braxton)/ Desktop Musician: The Sound of Silence (reducing noise in a computer-based studio)/ Working Musician: Stop the Presses (CD packaging that is legally and technically sound)/ Final Mix: I’ve Got it Good (and That Ain’t Bad) (cultivating one’s sense of quality)/ REVIEWS: Novation K-Station analog modeling synthesizer; Steinberg WaveLab 4.0 (Win) multitrack audio editor; Tascam US-224 USB control surface/audio interface; Image-Line Software FruityLoops 3.5 (Win) loop generator/sequencer; Korg Triton Studio keyboard workstation; Mackie Designs UAD-1 Powered Plug-Ins 2.2.2 (Mac/Win) DSP card/plug-in bundle; Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1 drum machine; rgcAudio Pentagon I 1.21 (Win) software synthesizer; Line 6 GuitarPort guitar amp and effects modeler/instructional device; QUICK PICKS: Summit Audio TLA-50 Tube Leveler tube compressor; Valvotronics Tube Amplified Direct Box tube direct box; Alesis airSynth gesture-controlled synthesizer; Vintaudio Giga Clean Electric Guitars (Giga) sample library

October 2002

Making the Grade (choosing a pro-audio school)/ Cover Story: Field of Dreams (choosing a hard-disk recording system)/ Bands Without Borders (collaborating over the Internet)/ Tech Page: Spin Doctors (spin-based electronics)/ ProFile: Funky Good Time (the Savalas Brothers)/ Recording Musician: The Whole Enchilada (techniques for recording Latin percussion instruments)/ Square One: Sound Programming 101 (sound-programming basics)/ Final Mix: Hangin’ With My Homilies (the powerful truths in clichés)/ REVIEWS: Tascam DM-24 digital mixer; E-mu Proteus 2500 sound module; Behringer DDX3216 digital mixer; Cakewalk Sonar XL 2.0 (Win) digital audio sequencer; Røde NT4 and NT5 small-diaphragm condenser mics; QUICK PICKS: Wizoo Platinum24 Electronic Drums sample CD-ROM; Best Service Dance Mega Drum-Kits sample library; East West Twisted Textures sample CD-ROMs; Hal Leonard The Boss Book

September 2002
Surfin’ USB (five USB MIDI keyboards from Edirol, Evolution, and Midiman; USB controllers from Akai and Mixman)/ Cover Story: Groove Shopping (creating realistic, expressive drum grooves using sample CDs, MIDI files, and more)/ Master Class: High-Powered Performer (hidden features in MOTU’s Digital Performer)/ Tech Page: The Missing Link (Steinberg’s VST System Link)/ ProFile: Begin Transmission (Anything Box)/ Desktop Musician: CPU Recycling (using aging computers in your studio)/ Working Musician: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (legal and financial considerations for breaking up a band or a business)/ Final Mix: The Funk Factor (intangible things that are the source or result of inspiration)/ REVIEWS: Event Electronics EZbus digital mixer; Digidesign Pro Tools|HD digital audio workstation; TC-Helicon VoicePrismPlus voice processor; M-Audio Duo and Quattro USB digital audio interfaces;. Boss SP-505 groove sampling workstation; QUICK PICKS:, LLC Studio-in-a-Box (book); Analogue Systems RS240 Frequency Shifter analog synth module; Sebatron Copernicus analog filter; Spectrasonics Metamorphosis sample CD-ROM; Steinberg Virtual Guitarist (Mac/Win) VST instrument
August 2002
Bottom Fishing (four mix engineers reveal how they create a big, deep bottom end in their mixes)/ Cover Story: Analog Supermodels (EM compares ten analog-modeling synths from Clavia, Korg, Novation, Red Sound, Roland, Waldorf, and Yamaha)/ Shell Game (running VST plug-ins within MOTU’s Digital Performer using shells, or wrappers)/ ProFile: Sweet Soul Music (Remy Shand)/ Recording Musician: In the Cans (headphone mixes)/ Square One: Getting Connected (soldering)/ Final Mix: You Bet Your Bottom Dollar (most gigs aren’t profitable)/ REVIEWS: Antares Vocal Producer AVP-1 voice processor; Noteheads Igor Engraver 1.6 (Mac/Win) music-notation software; Roger Linn Design AdrenaLinn guitar-effects processor; Sound Quest Infinity 2.05 (Win) MIDI and audio programming environment; SRS Labs Pro 220 spatial enhancer; QUIK PICKS: Wizoo Platinum24 Latin Percussion (Akai) sample CD-ROM; Cool Breeze Systems Cool School Interactus, vol. 6 (Mac/Win) instructional CD-ROM; VintageWarmer 1.1 (Mac/Win) multiband compressor plug-in
July 2002
Csound Comes of Age (the Csound synthesis-programming language)/ Cover Story: Build a Personal Studio on Any Budget (EM editors design eight studios on budgets between $2,500 and $30,000)/ The Digital-Rights Debate (the digital-rights management issue)/ ProFile: As Luck Would Have It (Sinister Luck Ensemble)/ Desktop Musician: Snappy Chips (overclocking your CPU for better performance)/ Recording Musician: Get Your Kicks (tips for recording bass drums)/ Final Mix: Nothing is Better, Nothing is Best (the importance of taking a break from work)/ REVIEWS: Alesis ADAT HD24 modular hard-disk recorder; Emagic EMI 2|6 multichannel audio interface; Waves Native Restoration (Mac/Win) noise-reduction plug-ins; Roland Fantom keyboard workstation; Shure KSM27 large-diaphragm condenser microphone; Celemony Software Melodyne 1.0.1 (Mac) pitch detection/correction software; Musitek SmartScore Pro 2.0.2 (Mac/Win) music-scanning software; QUICK PICKS: Yellow Tools Pure Drums (Akai) sample CD-ROM; Pocket Fuel RADS: The Sound Gallery, vols. 1 and 2, sample CD-ROM; Big Fish Audio Performance Loops Drums, vol. 2, sample CD-ROM

June 2002

Production Values: Thinking Outside the Boxes (Jon Brion)/ Cover Story: Loop-A-Palooza! (roundup of loop sequencers)/ Master Class: The Max Factor (using Cycling 74’s Max/MSP programming environment to build signal-processing devices)/ ProFile: One for Al (Al Schnier)/ Desktop Musician: The Universe for a Song (create 5.1 surround-sound DVD mixes on a shoestring budget)/ Square One: Better Latent? Never! (digital-audio latency)/ Working Musician: Shake Your Moneymaker (make more money from your studio)/ Final Mix: Do People Care? (when you should care about people’s opinions of your work)/ REVIEWS: DigiTech Genesis3 GeNetX guitar effects processor; Ableton Live 1.1 (Mac/Win) sample sequencer; Clavia Nord Electro electromechanical-modeling synth; Blue baby Bottle large-diaphragm condenser mic; ST Audio DSP2000 C-Port (Win) digital-audio interface; Innovative Music Systems IntelliScore Polyphonic 4.0 (Win) audio-to-MIDI converter; Line 6 Echo Pro sampling delay; E-mu Systems MP-7 and XL-7 Command Stations groove workstations; C-Mexx MIR MIDI control surface; QUICK PICKS: Vermona Engineering PH-16 Dual Analog Phaser phase shifter; Tech 21 SansAmp XDI Instrument Interface direct box; Yellow Tools Pure Guitars (Akai, Emagic, E-mu, Giga) sample library; Spectrasonics Backbeat (Akai, E-mu, Roland) sample library; Propellerhead Software Strings (Mac/Win) sample library

May 2002

Maximum Peer Exposure (online music distribution with peer-to-peer networks)/ Cover Story: Sequencing with Style (seven sequencing experts discuss how to create realistic sequences)/ String Quest (the creation of Gary Garritan’s EM Editors’ Choice–Award winning sampled-string library)/ Master Class: Six-String Synthesis (the guitar-to-MIDI relationship)/ Tech Page: Multilevel Marketing (TDK triples the capactiy of CD-R/RWs)/ Desktop Musician: Music in a Flash (using loop mixes for Internet soundtracks)/ Square One: Let’s Get Physical (physical modeling)/ Working Musician: Pressing Matters (making 12-inch records)/ Final Mix: Oh Say, Have You Scene? (cherishing a "cool scene" before it grows too large)/ REVIEWS: Yamaha 9000 Pro keyboard workstation; Sonic Foundry Acid Pro 3.0 (Win) loop sequencer; Korg PXR4 portable digital studio; Magix Samplitude Producer 2496 6.02 (Win) multitrack audio editor; Focusrite Trak Master mono channel strip; Audio Ease Altiverb 1.4 (Mac) reverb plug-in; Propellerhead ReCycle 2.0 (Mac/Win) loop editor; Ohm Force OhmBoyz 1.20 and Predatohm 1.10 (Mac/Win/BeOS) multitap delay and multiband compander plug-ins; Aardvark Direct Pro Q10 (Win) audio interface; Aphex Model 204 spectral enhancer; QUICK PICKS: Primacoustic London 14 Acoustic Treatment; Forwardinoutback Didgeridoo Sample CD, vol. 1, sample CD-ROM; Frostwave fatController analog sequencer; Big Fish Audio Gas Tank Orchestra sample CD-ROMs

April 2002

Demos That Deliver (advice from music-industry insiders on producing demos)/ Cover Story: Webcasting Made Easy (broadcasting your music over the Internet)/ Cramped Quarters (digital-audio compression technology)/ Master Class: Generating Good Karma (the Korg Karma’s algorithmic architecture)/ Tech Page: Imagine (beaming music directly into the brain)/ Desktop Musician: Virtual Cables (making music software work together)/ Square One: Making Waves (the structures of WAV files and AIFF files)/ Working Musician: Here Comes the Pitch (pitching your demo)/ Final Mix: The Scoop (the world’s first omnidirectional shotgun mic)/ REVIEWS: Zoom MRS-1044 portable digital studio; Steinberg Halion 1.1 (Mac/Win) software sampler; Celemony Melodyne 1.01 (Mac) pitch-detection/correction software; KRK V-4 compact active monitors; RME Project Hammerfall DSP digital-audio interface; VirSyn VirSyn 1.1 (Win) software synthesizer; Peavey Kosmos low-frequency and stereo-image enhancer; Cycling ’74 Max 4.0/MSP 2.0 (Mac) programming environment; QUICK PICKS: Chicken Systems Translator 2.5 (Win) sample-format conversion software; Multiloops Naked Drums Rock, vol. 1 and Naked Drums Pop R&B (Mac/Win) drum-loop libraries; Summit Audio TD-100 DI and instrument preamp; Best Service Ethno World Libraru (Akai, E-mu, Giga) sample CD-ROM

March 2002

Panning for Gold (creating realistic stereo images)/ Cover Story: Burning Ambitions (tutorial on using CD-R/RW technologies and getting good results)/ More Than Meets the Ear (adding multimedia enhancements to a home-burned CD)/ Tech Page: 3-D Chips (a new type of microchip)/ ProFile: Modular Mayhem (Minus)/ Desktop Musician: Windows Washing (streamline your Windows OS for music production)/ Square One: Bouncing Off Walls (basics of reverb)/ Working Musician: In the Clear (clearing samples legally)/ Final Mix: Shake, Rattle, and Roll (the relationship of aesthetics, technical issues, and logistics in a creative project)/ REVIEWS: Roland VS-2480 digital audio workstation; Native Instruments Reaktor 3.0 (Mac/Win) software synth/sampler; Yamaha Motif 8 Music Production Synthesizer keyboard workstation; Electrix Repeater loop-based recorder; Waldorf Attack 1.0.1 (Mac/Win) VST percussion synthesizer; HHB Radius 5 Fat Man 2 mic preamp/compressor; IK Multimedia SampleTank 1.1 (Mac/Win) VST software sampler; QUICK PICKS: Steinberg Midex 8 (Mac/Win) USB MIDI interface; DS Soundware Christian and Lane Ultimate Marimba and Vibes (Giga) sample library; Discrete Drums Series 1: Rock/Alternative drum-sample library; Little Labs PCP Instrument Distro 3.0 signal splitter and router

February 2002

Chain, Chain, Chain (routing signal processors)/ Cover Story: Take Control (roundup of eight MIDI control surfaces)/ Virtual Bandmates (roundup and applications of auto-accompaniment programs)/ Production Values: Meek First (Joe Meek)/ Tech Page: A Piezo My Heart (a new piezoelectric tweeter)/ ProFile: Basement High Jinks (Count Zero)/ Desktop Musician: Power Windows (using Windows Media to advertise your music online)/ Recording Musician: Money on Hold (producing on-hold messages in your personal studio)/ Square One: Microtuning (your synth’s alternate tuning parameters)/ Working Musician: Going Legit (setting up a business around your studio)/ Final Mix: All Roads Lead to Home (carefully planned multitasking)/ REVIEWS: Digidesign Pro Tools TDM 5.1 (Mac/Win) digital audio workstation; Native Instruments Battery 1.0 (Mac/Win) percussion-sample player; Demeter HM-1 tube mic premp; Blue Microphones Kiwi large-diaphragm condenser mic; Wiard 300-Series Modular System modular analog synth; Alesis Andromeda A6 polyphonic analog synth; Universal Audio 2-610 tube mic preamp; Clavia Nord Lead 3 analog-modeling synth; Raven Labs True Blue EQ semiparametric equalizer; Arturia Storm 1.5 (Mac/Win) software synth workstation; QUICK PICKS: Tascam Scarbee J-Slap Bass (Giga) sample CD-ROM; EastWest Quantum Leap Rare Instruments (Giga) sample CD-ROMs; Line 6 Echo Farm (TDM; Mac/Win) TDM plug-in; Best Service Smart Violins (Akai; E-mu; Giga) sample CD-ROMs; MIT Press Composing Interactive Music book

January 2002

Library Science (creating sound libraries for Tascam’s GigaSampler and GigaStudio software samplers)/ Cover Story: 2002 Editors’ Choice Awards (33 winning products)/ Hit Men (production tips from Elliot Scheiner, Tony Brown, Chuck Ainlay, Bob Clearmountain, and Al Eaton)/ ProFile: Pleasant Exchange (Pleasant Stitch)/ Recording Musician: Taming of the Shrill (recording harmonica)/ Working Musician: You Ought to Be in Pictures (how to break into the business of making music for film and TV)/ Final Mix: It All Comes ‘Round Again (reacquiring a possession when you’re ready to appreciate it)/ REVIEWS: MOTU Digital Performer 3.01 (Mac) digital audio sequencer; Røde Microphones NTK large-diaphragm tube condenser mic; Drawmer DS501 Power Gate dual-channel noise gate; INA-GRM GRM Tools RTAS 1.03 and GRM Tools TDM 1.3.2 (Mac/Win) signal processing plug-in bundles; Radikal Technologies SAC-2K Software Assigned controller control surface; Big Fish Audio Roots of the Middle East and North Africa and Hadeeth Arabic Rhythms sample CDs; Emagic SoundDiver 3.04 (Mac/Win) universal editor-librarian; QUICK PICKS: Sonic Implants String Boxes: Mellotron and ARP String Ensemble (Giga) sample CD-ROM; Soundman OKM II K Classic Studio Binaural Stereo Headset microphone; MIT Press Virtual Music: Computer Synthesis of Musical Style book

December 2001

Muisc in the Palm of Your Hand (roundup of hardware and software products for the Palm Computer platform)/ Cover Story: Stocking Stuffers (EM’s annual gift guide)/ Production Values: Reality Check (Russ Landau)/ Tech Page: Legends of the Small (single-molecule computer circuits)/ ProFile: Forbidden Planet (Neil Haverstick)/ Desktop Musician: Musical Protocols (audio and MIDI protocols)/ Square One: Microphonic Machinations (microphone terminology)/ Final Mix: Box of Rain (music can help heal us in the aftermath of a tragedy)/ REVIEWS: Native Instruments Spektral Delay 1.0 (Mac/Win) multiband delay; Yamaha DX200 FM groove box; TC Electronic Triple-C rackmount digital compressor; Neumann KM 183 small-diaphragm condenser mic; Algorithmic Arts SoftStep Pro 2.1 (Win) algorithmic software; Grace Design Model 101 microphone preamp and DI; QUICK PICKS: NemeSys Music Technology Christian and Lane Ultimate Timpani Library (GigaSampler, GigaStudio) sample library; F7 Sound and Vision Concept:FX3 sample CD-ROM; Prosound Communications Robotalk effects pedal; MIT Press Machine Musicianship book

November 2001

Direct Action (tube direct-injection [DI] boxes)/ Cover Story: Truth or Consequences (two methods for tuning your control room)/ Mark My Words (Web markup languages for musicians)/ ProFile: The Final Frontier (Chroma Key)/Recording Musician: Got You Covered (strategies for making multiple mixes)/ Square One: Going Direct (how to use direct boxes)/ Working Musician: Follow the Money (the money flow in the record industry)/ Final Mix: The Art of Being Wrong (handling mistakes)/ REVIEWS: Tascam 788 portable digital studio; Roland XV-5080 synthesizer module; MOTU 828 (Mac/Win) computer audio interface; PSP StereoPack and MixPack (Mac/Win) audio plug-in bundle; PreSonus DigiMax mic preamp and A/D converter; Starr Labs Ztar Z1 and Z1-S MIDI controllers; QUICK PICKS: Sonic Implants Afro-Cuban Percussion (GigaSampler) sample CD-ROM; IK Multimedia T-Racks 24 (Mac/Win) mastering software; Sonic Foundry World Pop Loops for Acid sample CD-ROM

October 2001

Secret Encoder Ring (using surround encoders and preparing surround mixes for playback on consumer systems) / Cover Story: Soft Sampling (11 software samplers for the Mac and PC) / Production Values: Cellular Electronica (David Torn) / Tech Page: Smaller, Faster, Better (silicon transistors) / Desktop Musician: Mac OS X for Musicians / Recording Musician: Off-Kilter Vocals (how to mangle good vocal sounds) / Final Mix: Five Who Matter (little-known masters of music technology) / REVIEWS: Mackie HDR24/96 multitrack hard-disk recorder; Cakewalk Sonar 1.02 (Win) digital audio sequencer; MBHO MBNM-622 stereo-boundary layer microphone; A.R.T. DI/O tube A/D/A converter; Kind of Loud RealVerb Pro 1.1 (Mac; TDM) reverb-modeling plug-in

September 2001

Plays Well With Others: Gain Structure in Your Studio (tips for controlling signal lever for clean recordings) / Cover Story: Web Music Launchpad (getting your music online) / Construction Site (building a Web site) / Special Delivery (tutorial for launching music in cyberspace) / Desktop Musician: Web Audio Action (interactive music and sound effects for Web sites) / Recording Musician: Sounds in the Key of Life (home-recording for Foley effects) / Working Musician: Keep It on the Download (third-party music sites) / Final Mix: Together (romantic relationships in creative associations) / REVIEWS: Tascam US-428 (Mac/Win) digital-audio interface/control surface; Analogue Systems Sorceror modular analog synthesizer; Adept Nightingale 4.0 (Mac) music-notation software; Peavey TMP-1 tube microphone preamp; Minnetonka SurCode 1.0.2 (Win) surround-sound encoding software; Audio-Technica AT835ST stereo shotgun microphone / QUICK PICKS: Rising Software Auralia 2.1 (Win) ear-training software; Soundforest Voice Fusions sample CD; Contempo sas Virtual Sound book

August 2001

Make a Joyful Noise (advice from an engineer and a vocal coach on singing in the studio) / Cover Story: World of Options (overview of DVD-R production) / Master Class: Lexicon MPX 100 and MPC 500 (programming tips and tricks for the effects processors) / Tech Page: Supreme Being (EM examines Kenwood’s Supreme) / ProFile: Emphatic Statement (drum ‘n’ bass artist Hanna) / Desktop Musician: Desktop, Tabletop, or Laptop? (best computers for your music-production needs) / Square One Classics: Decibels Demystified, Part 2 (the difference between dBu, dBv, and dBm, and more) / Working Musician: Distribution Roundtable (how distribution works from three industry insiders) / Final Mix: They Are What You Ask (interviewing prospective creative partners) / REVIEWS: Korg Karma keyboard workstation; Sonic Foundry Vegas Audio 2.0 (Win) multitrack audio editor; TC-Helicon VoicePrism vocal harmony processor; A.R.T. Tube MP Studio tube-microphone preamp; Mertic Halo ChannelStrip 1.2.2 (Mac) signal-processing plug-in; HHB PortaDisc MDP500 portable MiniDisc recorder; Sound Burst Fx4u 1.2, vol. 1-3 (VST, Win) effects plug-ins / QUICK PICKS: Rising Software Musition (Win) ear-training software; Sound Burst Classic Synths sample library; NemeSys Music Technology Peter Ewer’s Symphonic Organ Samples (GigaSampler) sample CD; Sherman Filterbank 2 multimode filter

July 2001

Shortcuts to Success (keyboard shortcuts and macros to speed up music production and editing) / Cover Story: The Incredible Shrinking Studio (EM examines and compares portable digital studios) / Master Class: Mastering Retro and Unity (features, tips, and tricks for both music applications) / Sackbuts and Spectrograms (an overview of the work of Hugh Le Caine, a pioneer in electronic music during the ‘40s and ‘50s) / Tech Page: Objectice Subjectivity (a new speaker-evaluation system) / Desktop Musician: Notation and the Internet (buying sheet music and scores online) / Recording Musician: Underground Drum Sounds (new ideas for recording) / Square One Classics: Decibels Demystified, Part 1 (understanding the math of decibels) / Working Musician: Uncharted Territory (using music industry charts) / Final Mix: You Say "Potato," and I Say "Tomato" (knowledge comes from thought and experience) / REVIEWS: IZ Technology Radar 24 hard disk recorder; Steinberg Nuendo 1.5 (Mac/Win) digital audio workstation; Korg CX-3 combo organ; Propellerhead Reason 1.0 (Mac/Win) software synthesizer/sampler; Truth Audio TA-1P passive monitors; CES Software VST Instruments (Mac/Win) software synth plug-ins; Shure KSM44 large-diaphragm condenser mic; TC Works Mercury-1 (Mac/Win) VST synthesizer plug-in; HHB Radius 3 Fat Man stereo tube compressor; QUICK PICKS: Serato Audio Research Pitch ‘n Time 2.0.1 (Mac/Win) AudioSuite plug-in; NemeSys Music Technology Nashville High-Strung Guitars (GigaSampler) sample CD; Bitheadz Tubes, Tines, and Transistors 1.0 (Mac/Win) software synth; DACS Freque II ring modulator; Big Fish Audio Play the Tango sample CD; Gear Vision Logic Audio Basics and Techniques, vol. 1: Getting Started instructional video

June 2001

5.1 Mixing on a Budget (using affordable consumer receivers and subwoofers for surround applications) / Cover Story: Good References (studio monitors explained and how to choose close-field monitors) / Battling Medusa (how to make clean connections in a studio) / Master Class: Taming the Triton (programming the Korg Triton) / Tech Page: Semiprecious Semiconductors (fire opals may hold the key to photonic communications) / Desktop Musician: General MIDI Redux (the General MIDI 2 spec) / Square One Classics: The Shocking Truth (current, voltage, impedance, and power) / Working Musician: Publish or Perish? (should you sign a music-publishing deal or go it alone?) / Final Mix: Stuck in the Middle (new postproduction tools) / REVIEWS: Akai DPS16 portable digital studio; Bitheadz Phrazer 1.0.1 (Mac) audio loop arranger; Presonus VXP voice processor; Aardvark Direct Pro 24 / 96 (Win) audio interface; Eventide Orville Harmonizer multi-effects processor; Royer labs SF-1 ribbon microphone; U&I Software MetaSynth Studio 2.7 (Mac); QUICK PICKS: eLab Abstract Hip-Hop sample CD; Riot Act Slow Death by Vise sample CD; Endlessflow Productions Ugly Remnants (Win) sample CD; University of Illinois Press Theremin: Ether Music and Espionage book

May 2001

Debunking Digital-Audio Myths (EM addresses eight common misconceptions) / Cover Story: In Control (roundup of mainstream MIDI string, wind, and percussion controllers) / Mixing in the Round (basic techniques for mixing in 5.1 surround) / ProFile: School Is In Session (Math and Science) / Desktop Musician: Customizing QuickTime MIDI / Square One: Tracks, Voices, and Channels (correct usage of comon audio terms) / Final Mix: Playing Card Games (are hardware DSP cards still viable tools?) / REVIEWS: Roland VP-9000 sampling effects processor; Allegroassai Opus 2.6 (Mac / Win) notation software; Oberheim OB-12 analog modeling synthesizer; Tactex Controls MTC Express control surface; Symbolic Sound Kyma System 5.11 (Mac / Win) sound-design workstation; Emagic EXS24 1.0 (Mac / Win) software sampler; QUICK PICKS: Art Vista Productions Malmsjo Acoustic Grand (GigaSampler) sample CD-ROM; Encore Electronics Knobby MIDI controller; Gmedia Technology Gforce M-Tron 2.04 (VST, Mac / Win) software synthesizer; NoTAM DSP 1.0 sound synthesis and editing toolkit

April 2001

Something Old, Something New (roundup of modular analog synthesizers) / Cover Story: Mysteries of Mixing (three top professional mix engineers share tips and tricks that they use to overcome common mixing problems) / Electric Ladyland (the electroacoustic music and performance art of Krystyna Bobrowski, Miya Masaoka, and Kaffe Matthews) / Heard It on the Web (how to use the Web for online music distribution) / Tech Page: Xena: Wired Songstress (a new vocal technology teaches your computer to sing) / ProFile: Soul Distribution (Soulstice) / Desktop Musician: DirectX 8 Steps Up (the latest version of DirectX adds plug-in power to PCs) / Working Musician: Do the Right Thing (the new lasw of online music distribution) / Final Mix: A Matter of Physics (applying the physics of perceptual mass to music) / REVIEWS: Roland HPD-15 HandSonic percussion controller / sound module; Microworks CAMPS 4.0 (Win) intelligent MIDI sequencer; Emagic Unitor8 MkII MIDI interface / SMPTE synchronizer; Sound Quest Midi Quest 8.0 (Win) MIDI editor / librarian; Zoom PS-02 Palmtop Studio portable digital studio; GT Electronics AM40 tube condenser mic; Echo Digital Audio Mona 24 / 96 digital audio interface; DUY EverPack (Mac) audio plug-in bundle; QUICK PICKS: Northstar Productions Ancient Worlds sample CD-ROM; Big Fish Audio Things That Go Bump in the Night, vol. 2 sample CD; Miller Freeman Books Vintage Synthesizers (Second Edition); Mil Productions Modularing 2.01 (Mac) step-sequencer construction kit; Apogee Electronics Sesion Tools 2.0 (Mac / Win) studio management software

March 2001

Cover Story: Sound By Design (the field of sound design) / Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 (how to use test equipment) / Music for a Maharajah (how film composer Eric Beheim scored the 1921 silent movie The Indian Tomb in his home studio) / Tech Page: Out of My Head (surround sound in stereo headphones) / ProFile: Metal Machine Music (Chas Smith) / Desktop Musician: Surviving the Upgrade Path (upgrading to a Power Mac G4) / Square One: What’s in a Web Page? / Working Musician: Getting It Online (sell your songs online) / Recording Musician: The Earl of Whirl (recording a Leslie speaker cabinet) / Final Mix: When a Divider is the Uniter (wearing multiple hats) / REVIEWS: Yamaha AW4416 digital audio workstation; CreamWare PowerSampler 2.03 (Mac / Win) sampling system; Synthesis Technology MOTM modular analog synthesizer; Johnson Amplification J-Station guitar-amp modeler; MOTU FastLane-USB (Mac / Win) MIDI interface; TC Works TC VoiceTools 1.0 (Mac / Win NT) voice-processing / pitch-correction plug-ins; Ultrafunk Sonitus:fx2a (Win) DirectX / VST effects plug-ins; QUICK PICKS: Rhizomatic Software Absynth 1.02 (Mac) software synth; Big Fish Audio Helter Skelter sample CD; East West Quantum Leap Brass sample CD-ROM; Big Briar Moogerfooger CP-251 voltage control processor; MIT Press The Csound Book; Diamond Cut Productions Diamond Cut Live 4.59 (Win) audio restoration software; Apogee MasterTools 1.6 (TDM; Mac) bit-rate reduction plug-in

February 2001

Breaking the Sound Barrier (top female industry pros Lora Hirschberg, Rachel Portman, K.K. Proffitt, and DJ Rap) / Cover Story: The Big Squeeze (compression and hardware and software compressors) / GM Modules for the Masses (the state of the General MIDI spec and reviews of ten GM sound modules) / Master Class: Mastering MetaSynth (U&I Software’s MetaSynth 2.7) / Tech Page: Vocal Modeling (physical modeling and the human voice) / ProFile: Flood Advisory (Michael Oster) / Desktop Musician: U Store It (digital-audio storage devices) / Square One: The Next Big Thing (DVD-Audio) / Working Musician: Realty Reality (renting rehearsal and recording spaces) / Recording Musician: Scraping It Together (recording string ensembles and exotic bowed instruments) / Final Mix: The Nine-Pound Hammer (coping with overwhelming workloads) / REVIEWS: Fostex VF-16 portable digital studio; Soundscape Digital Technology R.Ed (Win) computer-based DAW; Kurzweil K2600 keyboard workstation; Focusrite Platinum MixMaster stereo dynamics processor; PreSonus Blue Tube tube-mic preamp / DI; Steinberg WaveLab 3.0 (Win) multitrack audio editor; Ilio Entertainments Skippy’s Big Bad Beats and Retro Funk sample CDs; QUICK PICKS: Native Instruments Pro-52 (Mac / Win) software synth; Big Fish Audio Xperts of Techno sample CD; No Starch Press The Book of Linux Music and Sound; Waves C4 multiband parametric processor (TDM, Mac / Win); Sampleheads Dave Samuels Marimba and Vibes sample CD-ROM / audio CD; Discovery Firm World Groove sample CD; Steinberg Waldorf PPG Wave 2.V (Mac / Win) software synth

January 2001

Score With QuickTime 4 (a video-scoring project) / Cover Story: 2001 Editors’ Choice Awards / Good Connections (audio cables) / Production Values: The Making of the Moon (Brian Deck) / ProFile: License to Groove (The Mind Club) / Square One: Who’s Driving? (audio drivers) / Working Musician: Unsigned and Online (the advantages of e-commerce) / Final Mix: It Ain’t Whatcha Do, It’s the Way You Do It (fun versus interest in the personal studio) / REVIEWS: NemeSys GigaStudio 160 2.0 (Win) software sampler; Waves L2 Ultramaximizer mastering limiter / normalizer; Steinberg Cubase VST / 32 5.0 (Win) digital audio sequencer; AKG C 2000 B small-diaphragm condenser microphone; IK Multimedia GrooveMaker 2.0 (Mac / Win / BeOS) loop-based music generation software; Applied Acoustic Systems Tassman 1.2 (Win) software synthesizer; QUICK PICKS: Big Fish Audio Big Beat: Megaton Bomb, vol. 4 sample CD; Big Fish Audio Wall of Vinyl 3 sample CD; Prosoniq Time Factory (Mac / Win) time-scaling / pitch-shifting software; Native Instruments B4 1.0 (Mac / Win) virtual tonewheel organ

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Re: electronic musician back issues (1985-2002)
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December 1995

Cover Story: Cheap Thrills (cool toys for under $150) / A Day in the Life: MIDI Under the Big Top / Tuning Up (dynamic intonation for your synths) / Hot Licks (turn your sampler into a guitar hero) / ProFile: Throwing Stones (Glass House) / Service Clinic: Analog Service, Part 3 / Square One: Watt & Volts & Logs, Oh My! / Recording Musician: Unplugged and Dangerous / Desktop Musician: Multimedia Demos / Tech Page: Interactive Light / REVIEWS: Clavia Nord Lead; Peavey Spectrum Organ; Artic Software Tabestry 2.0 (Win);Yamaha MU80; Charlie Lab Digitar; M&K S-90 / V-125 speaker system; Roland GI-10; Synclavier S / Link 2.0 (Mac)

November 1995

A Day in the Life: Keeping Score (Laura Karpman scoring feature films) / Got You Covered (recording cover versions of classic songs) / Cover Story: Little Monsters (multimedia speaker face-off) / Living Fossils (new modular analog synths) / ProFile: Stream of Consciousness (Nick Peck) / Recording Musician: Hard Copy (writing down your recording session info) / Service Clinic: Analog Service, Part 2 / Square One: Stop That Racket! / Working Musician: Get Serious / Tech Page: AudioActivity / REVIEWS: Roland VG-8; Spectral Prisma Music 1.08 (Win);Spectrasonics Supreme Beats; Novation BassStation Rack; Passport Alchemy 3.0 (Mac); E-mu Emulator IV; DigiTech GSP-2101

October 1995

Production Values: Audio Visionary (Tony Visconti) / Creative Space: Wright at Home (Gary Wright) / Cover Story: Power Tools (power amp shoot out) / Lip Service (record glorious vocal tracks) / Flash in the RAM (software synthesis) / Pro\File: Fusion Zone (Jacky Schreiber) / Multimedia Musician: Going Full Throttle (LucasArts video game) / Working Musician: Networking with E-Mail / Square One: Space: The Final Frontier (3-D audio processors) / Service Clinic: Analog Service, Part 1 / Tech Page: Online Radio (listen while on the WWW)REVIEWS: E-mu ESI-32; Symetrix 488 / A.R.T. MDM-8L; Dauz Drum Kit; Roland DM-800; Steinberg ReCycle! 1.1 (Mac); dbx 290; Ditto Discs / Kat Kits; Sabine FBX-1802; DigiTech Studio Vocalist

September 1995

FrankenSynth (roundtable on programming synths) / The Master's Touch (mastering techniques) / Cover Story: Musical Windows (four Windows sequencers compared) / Day in the Life: Homicidal Maniac (Douglas J. Cuomo / Homicide) / Pro\File: The Proof's in the Pudding (Coyote Pudding) / Working Musician: Hand Over Hand (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) / Square One: Patch Me Through! (patch bays) / Service Clinic: Dealing with DOAs / Tech Page: HDCD Hoopla / REVIEWS: Roland XP-50; Alesis Midiverb 4; Fatar Studio 1100; Free Play World Music Menus (Mac); Voce Electronic Piano; KAT trapKAT; Miroslav Vitous Orchestra Samples

August 1995

Cover Story: Groove Thangs (how to slam down rhythm tracks) / Bang A Gong (programming five percussion styles) / Windows 95 Preview / Creative Space: Home Alone (Lyle Workman) / Pro\File: In His Mind's Eye (Michael Mehl) / Square One: Premastering Techniques / Service Clinic: Tricks of the Trade / Recording Musician: Moving On Up / Multimedia Musician: The Sound Card Dilemma / Tech Page: Super CD / Reviews: Tascam 488 mkII Portastudio; KRK K•RoK; Vestax HDR-6; WinJammer Software WinJammer Pro v. 4.02 (Win); Gregory Paul Productions George Clinton; Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pro; Ensoniq ASR-10 v. 3.0; Morning Star MacWavemaker

July 1995

Day In the Life: Harvey Wallbangers (Alex Harvey tribute) / Cover Story: Online Juke Joints (online music services) / The Hitchhiker's Guide to Plug-Ins / Dream Sequences (preproduction techniques for sequencing) / ProFile: Harping on MIDI (Gary Garritan) / Service Clinic: Soldering, Part 2 / Working Musician: Welcome to the Frontier (jobs in multimedia) / Recording Musician: The Listening Room (arranging monitor speakers well) / Tech Page: Biomolecular Computers / REVIEWS: Generalmusic SX3; Bag End Studio System A; EMAGIC SoundDiver 1.5 (Mac); Eye & I Steve Reid Definitive Percussion Sampler; Mediatech Innovations Rhythm Brainz Plus (Win); Symbolic Sound Kyma System 4.0 (Mac, Win)

June 1995

Creative Space: Bringing It All Back Home (Clair Marlo) / From Studio to Stage (live MIDI tracks sans sequencer) / Cover Story: Retro•Active (new takes on old technologies) / DIY: Build a Better Bass Trap / ProFile: Nomadic Tribe (The Vatchers) / Square One: Nearer My Monitor to Thee / Working Musician: Showcasing for A&R / Multimedia Musician: Family Portraits / Service Clinic: Soldering, Part 1 / Tech Page: Nifty Notation (NIFF) / REVIEWS: Alesis QuadraVerb 2; Audix OM-5; Steinberg Time Bandit 1.5 (Mac); Barbetta Sona 32C Pro; D.A.L. FastEddie 3.33; The Digital Kitchen Definitive Grooves; Studio Electronics SE-1; Lexicon Reflex

May 1995

Pop Charts (Richard Carpenter) / Cover Story: The MIDI Samba (world-beat sequencing) / Production Values: Renaissance Man (Bill Nelson) / DIY: Build the EM Optical Theremin / ProFile: Quite Contrary (Her Majesty the Baby) / Square One: Microphonic Machinations / Multimedia Musician: VuJack City / Working Musician: Dissecting a Deal / Service Clinic: Do-It-Yourself Service, Part 2 / Recording Musician: Faking It / Tech Page: XM Marks the Spot / REVIEWS: Yamaha W5; Neumann KM 184; Lexicon PCM 80; Twelve Tone Systems Cakewalk Pro 3.0 (Win); EMAGIC Logic Audio 2.0 (Mac); Yorkville 300K; ddrum ddrum 3; IRCAM SVP 1.2 (Mac)

April 1995

Historical Notes (MIDI production on documentary soundtrack) / Cover Story: Mighty Mics (dynamic mics under $200) / Six-String Sequencing (MIDI guitar performance) / A Day in the Life: House Party (Al Eaton) / ProFile: Dreamwalking (Paul Haslinger) / Multimedia Musician: JumpCut Orchestra / Working Musician: Welcome to the Jungle / Square One: EQ Explained / Service Clinic: Do-It-Yourself Service, Part 1 / Tech Page: Fuzzy MIDI / REVIEWS: Korg WD1 Wavedrum; BOSS RV-70; Cool Shoes and DrumTrax Drum Libraries; Opcode Overture (Mac); DigiTech DHP-33; Big Fish Ross Garfield Drums; Sonic Foundry Sound Forge 3.0 (Windows)

March 1995

All Mixed Up, Part 2: Tone Sculptures / Cover Story: Tabletop Orchestras (general MIDI module shoot out) / Production Values: Flying Solo in a Deep Cave (Patrick O'Hearn) / The MIDI Polka (MIDI accordions) / ProFile: Taylor-Made (Taylor 808) / Service Clinic: Technician's Tool School / Multimedia Musician: Spinning Through Kaleidospace / Working Musician: The Face Behind the Curtain / Tech Page: Zippity Doo Dah / REVIEWS: Ensoniq KT-88 / 3D Sound The Piano CD-ROM / A.R.T. RXR Elite / Turtle Beach Quad Studio 1.0 (Windows) / Massey SoundMorph 1.08 (Mac) / Yamaha RY20 / PG Music Band-in-a-Box Pro 6.0 (Windows)

February 1995

Quadraphenia (how-to on Alesis QuadraSynth) / Cover Story: Movie Studios (audio / video on a multimedia machine) / Creative Space: Voices Carry (Sarah McLachlan) / All Mixed Up, Part 1 (how-to pro mixdown session) / ProFile: Funkin’s Groovin’ (Bobby Byrd) / Working Musician: Musical Monopoly (how to finance your band) / Multimedia Musician: Rock and Soul Expeditions / Square One: On the Right Path (signal mixers) / Service Clinic: A Crisis in Service / Recording Musician: Acoustic Alchemy (recording steel-string guitars) / REVIEWS: Yamaha ProMix 01 / MOTU FreeStyle (Mac) / Peavey Spectrum Analog Filter synth / Invision Pinder Mellotron CD-ROM / TB Systems SoftMC (PC) / Korg G4 rotary speaker simulator / Wildcat Canyon Autoscore (Mac) / Rolls RP220 / Ilio Synclavier CD-ROM Library / Tech Page: FAR Out

January 1995

Cover Story: Editors' Choice / Disc-O-Mania / Creative Space: Craig Chaquico / Six-String Symphonies / Pro/File: Darkness, Darkness: Lisa Germano / Working Musician: Riding the Airwaves / Multimedia Musician: A Digital Encounter / Square One: Dynamic Duos, Part 2 / Service Clinic / Tech Page: Gently Down the MediaStream / REVIEWS: E-mu UltraProteus; Genelec 1030A; Dr. T's QuickScore Pro (Windows); React Recordings Analog Keyboard Bass; Steinberg Cubase Audio 2.0 (Mac); Fostex RD-8

December 1994

The Interactive Concert Stage / Cover Story: All That Jazz (jazz orchestration) / Sonic Sorcery (programming the Ensoniq TS-10 and TS-12) / The Gender Gap (women producers) / Pro/File: It's Alive: Marshall Crenshaw / Square One: Dynamic Duos, Part 1 / Multimedia Musician: Green Jelly Oozes Out / Recording Musician: Fear of Stereo / Working Musician: Surviving Club Gigs / Service Clinic / Tech Page: Neurotic Synthesis / REVIEWS: Kurzweil PC88; Sound Quest MIDI Quest 4.0 (Windows); Audix PH25; GeneralMusic S2R; Q Up Arts David Torn / Tonal Textures; BBE 362NR / SPL Vitalizer; Tech 21 Tri-O.D.; Aquila MR2

November 1994

Home Movies / Cover Story: Boom Boxes (monitors) / Unearthing Antiquities / Racking Your Brain / Hand in Hand / ProFile: Musical Minimalism: The Overlords / Square One: The Mod Squad / Multimedia Musician: The Beat Goes On / Recording Musician: Looney Bin / Working Musician: Anatomy of a Record Deal / Service Clinic / Tech Page: Virtual Synthesizer / REVIEWS: Soundscape Hard-Disk Recorder; E-mu Vintage Keys Plus; Lexicon NuVerb; Award Matchbox DI; Starr Ztar 634-D; Q Up Arts Jason Miles Psychic Horns; Sound Sculpture Switchblade-16; Phonic PCL 3200 / ART C2

October 1994

Creative Space: Eric Garcia / Cover Story: Magical Mystery Tours (Internet resources for musicians) / Diving Into Digital (affordable PC hard-disk recording) / Noise Killers (eliminate hiss from your studio) / ProFile: Loop the Loop: Ian Broudie / Square One: Shift Happens / Multimedia Musician: QuickTime 2.0 / Recording Musician: DAT Mastering at Home / Working Musician: Singles Going Steady / Service Clinic / Tech Page: Sixteen Will Get You Twenty / REVIEWS: Alaska Software DigiTrax 1.0 (Mac); Novation BassStation; ADA MP-2; Turtle Beach MultiSound Monterey card; Kawai KC20; Tech 21 SansAmp PSA-1; Altech GMS 1.1.1 (Mac); Aphex 105 and 106

September 1994

Swabbing the Deck (cleaning decks) / The Beat Generation (creating drum sounds) / Cover Story: The British Invasion (mixers) / Author! Author! / ProFile: Back in the Groove: Booker T. & the MGs / Recording Musician: Resonance and Radiation / Multimedia Musician: Are AV Drives For Real? / Square One: Delayed Gratification / Working Musician: Get a (Day) Job! / Service Clinic / Tech Page: The Ears Hear It / REVIEWS: Oberheim OB-MX; Sony HR-MP5; Roland JV-90; BeBop Systems LimeLight 1.51 (D)S); Yamaha FX770; Jupiter SYstems MDT (Mac); Aware Speed of Sound Vol. 1: SFX; Sampleheads Peter Erskine Living Drums!; Golden Ears Audio Ear-Training Program

August 1994

Morphology / The Handwriting on the Wall (Amiga / Atari fate) / Cover Story: Virtual Pop (pop orchestration) / The Sound of Thunder (Frank Serafine) / Pro/File:Boingo Sing-Along / Square One: In the Hall of the Reverb King / Multimedia Musician: One From the Heart / Recording Musician: How to Catch String Fever / Working Musician: The Sound of One Hand Clapping / Service Clinic / Tech Page: Multilayered CDs / REVIEWS: Aboretum Systems Hyperprism 1.1 (Mac); MIDI Mark Dance Construction Set; Roland SDE-330 and SRV-330; Yamaha TG300; Twelve Tone Systems Cakewalk Home Studio (Mac); Jump! Concertware Pro (Mac)

July 1994

Dance Partners / Cover Story: The Grand Illusion / Open Borders / DIY: Build the EM Submixer / ProFile: Picture This: Julius Vitali / Working Musician: Children's Music Markets / Multimedia Musician: Out of Thomas Dolby's Headspace / Service Clinic / Square One: Tower of TechnoBabel / Tech Page: Perfect Pitch / REVIEWS: Alesis QuadraSynth; Yamaha MT8X multitrack cassette; Roland S-760 sampler; Allen & Heath GL2 mixing board; Shure Beta 87 mic; MIDI Solutions MIDI Processors

June 1994

The ABCs of Digital Tape / Cover Story Masters from Ministudios (cassette multitracks) / From Disc to Disk (audio cds) / Share & Share Alike / Pro/File: Live and Kickin': Tim O'Brien & the O'Boys / Service Clinic / Multimedia Musician: Taking It On the Road / Working Musician: Going Commercial / Recording Musician: Recording A Cappella Groups / Tech Page: Trion Music / REVIEWS: Yamaha VL1; Howling Dog Power Chords Pro (PC); Kurzweil MicroPiano and Roland P-55; usWaves Q10 (Mac); Sampleheads Will Lee Bass Library; MESA / Boogie TriAxis

May 1994

Big Game Hunting / Cover Story: In Your Face (mic shootout) / Power for the Rest of Us (power Macs) / Pro/File: Technological Zen: Patrick Moraz, John Cage Tribute / Service Clinic / Working Musician: The Fine Art of Self-Promotion / Square One: Installing PC Sound Cards / Multimedia Musician: 3DO / Recording Musician: Staying Alive / Tech Page: MIDI On The Brain / REVIEWS: E-mu Morpheus; Opcode Vision 2.0 (Mac); Lexicon Vortex; Tap Nightingale 1.3 (Mac); dbx Project 1

April 1994

Creative Space: Jonathan Wolff / Cover Story: All For One / Cruising The Internet / Teach Your Children / Recording Musician: Composite Vocal Tracks / Multimedia Musician: Scoring for the Small Screen / Service Clinic / From the Top: Dolby Surround / Working Musician: Insuring Your Gear / Tech Page: Spaced Out / REVIEWS: Coda Finale Allegro / Passport Encore 3.0 (Mac); DigiTech TSR-24; Alesis Monitor One; Peavey Versamix; ECS Lime 2.22 (Mac); Media Vision Pro Audio Spectrum 16; Pro/File: Tracking a Legend: Nick Martinelli

March 1994

London Calling / Virtual Effects / Cover Story: Virtual Mixing / DIY: Build the EM Fatman / From The Top: Microtuning / Multimedia Musician: Interactive Installations / Working Musician: Hiring A Producer / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: OSC Deck 2.0 (Mac); Fostex 380S Multitracker / Peavey Autograph II / KRK Model 6000 / Lexicon JamMan / Twelve Tone Systems Cakewalk Pro for Windows 2.0 (PC); Neumann TLM 193; Dr. T's Omega II (Atari);Pro/File: Crazy Crew: Bela Fleck

February 1994

Creative Space / Model Music / Maximum FX / The Acoustic Home Studio / From The Top: Electronic Expression / Working Musician: Hiring an Engineer / Computer Musician: Using Windows MIDI Software / Multimedia Musician: The Interactive Todd Rundgren / Recording Musician: High-Output Tape and dbx / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Emagic Notator Logic Audio (Mac); Big Noise MIDI Maxpak (PC); Akai DR4d; Mackie 8•Bus Mixer;Turtle Beach WAVE / Sonic Foundry Sound Forge (PC); Musitek MIDIscan (PC); A.R.T. FXR Elite / ProFile: Digital Barn Dance:Kate Bush

January 1994

Training Reels / Editor's Choice / The Great Cable Debate / Random Access / Multimedia Musician: Lucasarts Games / From The Top: Sysex Hex / Recording Musician: Classic Recordings / Service Clinic / REVIEWS:Yamaha SPX990; MOTU Unisyn (Mac); Sony DPS-F7 Dynamic Filter; Mackie Designs OTTO-1604; Johnny C's Vintage & Custom Snare Drum Samples; BOSS SE-70 Super Effects Processor; Digidesign Turbosynth SC (Mac) / ProFile: Six Strings In Stereo: Alex de Grassi

December 1993

DIY: Build the EM TubeHead / Sound Bargains / A Place For Everything / Big Bang Boom (MIDI Percussion) / From The Top: Multitimbral MIDI / Working Musician: Ten Ways To Kick-Start Inspiration / Recording Musician: Maximum Compression / Computer Musician: Backing Up Digital Audio / REVIEWS: Korg X3; Coda Finale 3.0; Marantz PMD740; Akai S2800: Innovative Quality Software SAW (PC); Samson MPL 2242; Digidesign SampleCell II; Speck Xtramix; Softronics WinSong (PC) / ProFile: Declaring Independence (Boston Fielder)

November 1993

Speak Out! (speaker design) / Home Improvement (20 productivity-enhancing tips) / The Proper Ambience (creative reverb programming) / Naughty Bits (digital audio) / From The Top:Basic Audio Connections, Part 2 / Recording Musician: Gain Stages / Multimedia Musician: Interactive CD Audio / Working Musician: Contract Combat / Service Clinic / Computer Musician: The Open Music System / REVIEWS: Ensoniq TS-10 Synthesizer; Tascam Porta 07 Ministudio; Alesis BRC Master Remote Control; Jupiter Systems Infinity (Mac); Etymotic Research ER-4 Earphones; Digital Designs M6 Monitors; Roland TDE-7K Drum System; beyerdynamic M 54 Mic; Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 ASP / Wave Blaster (PC) / Pro-File: Excitement At Your Feet (George Martin)

October 1993

Modular Music Machines (sound modules) / The Electronic Orchestra, Part 2 (symphonic music) / Brave New World (multitrack digital recorders) / Sound All Around (digital-audio networks) / DIY: Build the EM Hiss Whacker / From The Top: Basic Audio Connections, Part 1 / Computer Musician: Crossing Platforms / Multimedia Musician: Computer Audio Monitors / Service Clinic / Recording Musician: EQ Workshop / Working Musician: Collaboration Without Combat / REVIEWS: Tascam DA-88 Multitrack Recorder; Roland JD-990 Synthesizer; Digidesign Pro Tools 2.0 Hard-Disk Recorder; Soundcraft Spirit Folio Mixer; Sony TCD-D7 Portable DAT; Hughes & Kettner Tubeman Guitar Preamp / Pro-File: The Heart Of Mann (Aimee Mann)

September 1993

Cool Schools / The Electronic Orchestra, Part 1 (creating symphonic music) / Maximizing Sample RAM / Speed Sequencing / From The Top: MIDI Basics, Part 2 / Multimedia Musician: CD Encyclopedias / Recording Musician: Putting a Sparkle on Analog / Working Musician: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Digidesign Session 8;Mark of the Unicorn Digital Performer 1.4 (Mac); Opcode Musicshop 1.0 (Mac; Yamaha QY20 Music Sequencer; Sonic Solutions Sonic Quattro Hard-Disk Recorder (Mac); Sennheiser Proforce Microphones; PG Music Powertracks 1.0 (PC) / Pro-File: Synthetic Metal (Faith No More)

August 1993

Modern Manuscripts (notation software) / The Power and The Glory (power amps) / Cover Story: The Digital Debate (MD vs. DCC) / From the Top: MIDI Basics, Part 1 / Computer Musician: The Best Of Both Worlds (power sequencing) / Multimedia Musician: Quicktime Movie Sound / Recording Musician: The Digital Domain (recordings) / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Peavey DPM SI Synthesizer; Roland SP-700 Sample Player; KAT dk10 Percussion Controller; dbx 172 Supergate; Rock Solid Sounds Solid Monitor System / Pro-File: The Electric Cello (Jami Sieber)

July 1993

Cover Story: On The Beat (drum machines) / Colors For Your Canvas (Roland Sound Canvas) / The Age of Wireless / EM All-Access Pass: Scoring A Film Soundtrack\From The Top: Mixdown Basics (multitrack mixing)\Computer Musician: Card Tricks\Recording Musician: Mixing With Delay\Working Musician: Rave New World / REVIEWS: Akai S01 Sampler; Lexicon Alex Effects Processor; Musicator GS For Windows; Fatar Studio 2001 Master Keyboard; KRK 7000 Close-Field Monitors; Steinberg Cubase Score 1.0 (MAC) / Pro-File: Punk Grows Up (Skatenigs)

June 1993

EM All-Access Pass: The Thrill Of Adventure (High-Tech Theme Parks) / Musical Notebooks: The EM Guide to Cassette Multitracks / Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow (Hearing Preservation / Sampling Master Class / Working Musician: Lyric Writing / From The Top: Overdubbing / Computer Musician: What Is SMDI? / Multimedia Musician: Audio For Personal Digital Video / Recording Musician: Mixing With Pitch Shifters / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Audio Editing Software For Multimedia PCs (Animotion's MDS Stereo, Voyetra's AudioView, Asystem's Sound Impression, Turtle Beach's Turtle Tools, Digital Soup, Sound Professional); Kawai GMega Synth; Art Phantom Mixer; E-mu Emulator E-IIIxs Sampler; Peavey PRM 261 Monitors / Pro-File: Big Bottom (Primus)

May 1993

The Digital Puzzle (digital audio formats) / State of the Art Sequencing (Macintosh sequencers) / EM All-Access Pass: Making a Music Video / From The Top: Spectral Enhancers / Multimedia Musician: Authoring Systems / Computer Musician: Virtual Music / Working Musician: Record Promotion / Recording Musician: Mixing With Reverb / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: E-mu Vintage Keys Synthesizer; Kurzweil K2000RS Synth / Sampler; Barefoot Software SMPTE Track Platinum Sequencer (Atari); Rane Map 33 Preamp; JLCooper Mixmaster MIDI-Controlled Mixer; AKG Blue Line Microphones / Pro-File:Radical Lead Guitar (Vernon Reid)

April 1993

Keys to the Sonic Kingdom: the EM Guide to Keyboard Synthesizers / DIY: Build the EM Phantom-Power Mic Preamp / Electronic Artisans: synth manufacturing / From the Top: Alphanumeric Soup / Computer Musician: Universal Editor / Librarians / Multimedia Musician: The Seventh Guest / Recording Musician: Transparent Mixing Techniques / Working Musician: The Management Dossier / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Ensoniq ASR-10 Sampler; Passport Producer (Mac); Digital F / X Digital Master EX (ST); Zoom 9120 Effects Processor; Audix PH-5 Monitors; Harmonic Systems Studiopal (Mac); Invision Plus One for Korg M1 / Pro-File: The Guitar Undressed

March 1993

Recording Hit Records / K2000 Workshop / The Microchip Muse: Impact of technology on creativity / Acoustic Pianos in the Digital Age / From the Top: Reading MIDI Implementation Charts / Computer Musician: Atari's Falcon030 / Multimedia Musician: Video for Windows / Working Musician: The Business of Music Production / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Fostex DCM100 and Mixtab; Cools Shoes Drummer 2.0 (PC); Roland AX-1; Dynaware Ballade (Mac); Peavey PC1600; Sabine FBX 900 / Pro/File: Mike Oldfield

February 1993

The Secret World of System Exclusive / Dream Home Studios / The Virtuoso Synthesist / The Power Within: Supercharge your computer for music / DIY: Build the EM MIDI Drum Brain / From the Top: notation software / Multimedia Musician: Interactive Music Lessons / Recording Musician: Vocal Acoustics / Computer Musician: Musical Typography / Working Musician: Shopping your Demo Tape / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Roland GR-1 Guitar Synthesizer; Mark of the Unicorn MIDI Time Piece II; Eventide H3500 Ultra-Harmonizer; Peavey C8 MIDI Master Keyboard; Yamaha TG100 Tone Generator; DOD 1642 Mixer; Yamaha RY10 Rhythm Programmer; Rolls Rotorhorn; Eye & I Productions Merger Plus / Pro/File: Anatomy of a Break (Nanci De Ross)

January 1993

Making Connections: EM Guide to MIDI patch bays and processors / The Musician's Apprentice: music-creation programs / Multimedia Minus one: creating music for multimedia / From the Top: A Disk for the Teacher (music-education software) / Computer Musician: Multimedia PC Sound Cards / Recording Musician: Recording Electric Bass / Working Musician: Getting Down to Business / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Roland DM-80 Digital Recorder; Yamaha SY85 Synthesizer; Mark of the Unicorn's Composer's Mosaic (Mac); ART SGX T2 Effects Processor; Dr. T's QuickScore Deluxe (PC); Boss DR-660 Drum Machine; Marshall JMP-1 Guitar Preamp; PS Systems Power Tool / Pro/File: Kyuss

December 1992

Sounds for Sale / Home Studio Maintenance / Editors' Choice / DIY: Build the EM Headphone Distribution Amp / From the Top: Musicians' User's Groups / Computer Musician: Musicians as Programmers / Working Musician: Mirrored Images / Recording Musician: Tracking the Bizarre / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Steinberg Cubase Audio (Mac); Digidesign Audiomedia II; Sony R7, D7, and M7; Peavey Midibass; MIDIconcepts EZ MIDI Pro (PC); MIDITemp MIDI Player MP-44; The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks SuperJam! (Amiga) / Pro/File: Kitaro

November 1992

Windows Shootout (PC sequencers) / The Master Touch: EM Guide to MIDI Master Keyboards / Hot Rod Mods (upgrade old synths) / Computer Musician: Laptop MIDI / From the Top: Blowin' in the Wind / Recording Musician: Pro Mixing Tips / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: GeneralMusic S2 Synthesizer; Ensoniq KS-32 Synthesizer; Coda MusicProse for Windows (PC); Allen & Heath GS3-16 Mixer; SongWright Software SongWright 5.1 (PC); Five Pin Press 200 / 260 Drum Machine Patterns / Pro/File: Kid Sensation

October 1992

The Digital Home Studio / DIY: Build the EM Dual Compressor / Personal CD Recorders / 3-D Audio / On Solid Ground (Part 2) (turn studio into hum-free) / Service Clinic / Computer Musician: IBM OS / 2 2.0 / From the Top: Multitrack Recording / Recording Musician: Tracking Drums / Working Musician: Performing Rights Societies / REVIEWS: Alesis ADAT; Akai MX1000 Master Keyboard; Macromedia SoundEdit Pro (Mac); Ramsa WR-S4416 Mixer; Soundtrek The Jammer and ProGenitor Music Sculptor (PC); Symetrix 425 Dynamics Processor; Dr. T's Interactor (Mac); Yamaha DTS70 Drum System / Pro/File: INXS

September 1992

On Solid Ground (Part 1) / Tape Killers: The EM Guide to Hard-Disk Recorders / Generating General MIDI (composing scores) / The Show Must Go On: MIDI Show Control / Computer Musician: Digital Audio Storage / From the Top: Drum Pads and Controllers / Recording Musician: Tracking Guitars / Working Musician: Making Contact / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Ensoniq DP / 4 Effects Processor; Yamaha MT120 Multitrack Cassette Recorder; DigiTech GFX 1 Twin Tube Guitar Processor; MIDIMan Syncman Pro; AKG Tri-Power Series Microphones; Interval Music Systems S-Edit (Mac)

August 1992

Computing the Score: Notation Software Tips / Command Centers: EM Guide to Compact Mixers / Tragic Performances / Recording Musician: Location Recording / Working Musician: Let's Make a Deal / From the Top: Computers in the Studio / Computer Musician: Remote Collaboration / Service Clinic / Reviews: E-mu Proteus / 3 World; Turtle Beach Multisound; Roland R-70 Drum Machine; Passport Encore for Windows; Gulbransen KS20 MIDI Retrofit for Piano; Audio-Technica AT4033 Mic

July 1992

MIDI on High / Beating the System: Integrating Your Home Studio / A Matter of Time (timing delays) / Sound Bytes (Part 2)(sampler) / From the Top: Tweaking Synths (Part 2) / Computer Musician: Computer Music Workstations / Working Musician: Breaking Into Dance / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Korg 03R / W Syntheizer; SynchroVoice MIDIVox; GHS Music Sybil 3.0 (PC); Cannon Research Frontal Lobe Version III Sequencer; Zoom 9030 Effects Processor; thoughtprocessors Showtune 1.0

June 1992

Sound Bytes (Part 1) (samples) / Frame by Frame: Shoot a Music Video / Mixed Company: The EM Guide to Compact Reference Monitors / The Control Freaks: Academic Electronic Music Research / Working Musician: Music Contracts / From the Top: Tweaking Synths (Part 1) / Computer Musician: The Soft Studio / Recording Musician: Digital Recording Tips / REVIEWS: Digital Audio Labs The CardD; Roland Sound Brush and Sound Canvas; Big Noise Cadenza for Windows (PC); Mind Over MIDI Slave Driver; JBL 4200-Series Speakers

May 1992

Programming the Yamaha TX81Z / The Future of Analog / Make Your Drum Machine Swing / The Architecture of Pop / From the Top: MIDI Processing / Computer Musician: Multimedia Sound / Working Musician: Solo MIDI Performance / Recording Musician: The Patch Bay / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Roland JV-80 Synthesizer; Fostex X-18 Multitracker; Peavey SP Sample Player / Steinberg Avalon 2.0 (Atari ST); Opcode Galaxy Plus Editors 1.2; Clarity Retro and PAiA MV-8

April 1992

MIDI Enters the Classroom / Playing for Profit / Stomp Boxes: The EM Guide to Floor Pedal Effects / Programming the Casio CZ-101 / From the Top: Sequencing Made Easy (Part 2) / Computer Musician: The Software Design Process / Recording Musician: Maximizing Your Mixer / Working Musician: Booking a Commercial Studio / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: E-mu Proteus MPS; Digidesign Pro Tools; Digitech The Vocalist; Doepfer LMK-3; Piano Proficiency Software: Software Toolworks Miracle Piano Teaching System; Temporal Acuity Products PianoWorks; Fast Fingers MIDI Keyboard Lessons

March 1992

The Virtuoso Sequencist / Music Boxes: Which Computer is Best for Your Music? / Back to the Future: Analog, Hybrid, and Digital Synths / DIY: Build the EM Fingerdrum / From the Top: Sequencing Made Easy (Part 1) / Working Musician: MIDI Monitor Mixes / Recording Musician: Tracking Synths / Computer Musician: The Opcode MIDI System / REVIEWS: Kurzweil K2000; Passport Audio Trax; Opcode Studio 5; Digitech DSP-256XL; Hologramophone Hyperchord and Pixound; Audix HRM-3 studio monitors

February 1992

War of the Worlds: The Guitar Unbound; No Strings Attached / In Control: MIDI Machine Control / Intimate References: The EM Guide to Headphones / The MIDI Trap: Why Does So Much MIDI-based Music Sound Bad? / From the Top: The EM Glossary / Computer Musician: Standard MIDI Files / Working Musician: Comprehending Copyright / Recording Musician: In Good Voice / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: MTU Microsound; Alesis D4 Drum Module; Vestax MR44 Multitrack Recorder; Roland RSP-550 Signal Processor; Dr. T's KCS 3.5; ART Multiverb Alpha Signal Processor; Stratus Sounds for the Akai S1000

January 1992

Money for Music / Working Through the Maze: The Equipment Buying Pro cess / Shifting Perspectives / Crushing Grooves: The Art of Deejay Mixing / From the Top: Making Waves / Computer Musician: Apple System 7.0 / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Korg 01 / W Music Workstation; Fostex X-28 Ministudio; Peavey Pro-Fex Multi-effects Processor; Dr. T's X-oR 2.0 (Mac); Bag End TA-15D Speakers; Sample Disks for Ensoniq EPS; Gallien-Krueger 100MPL MIDI-Controlled Guitar Preamp; Anatek Pocket Curve and Pocket Mapper; Opcode Track Chart 1.0.1

December 1991

EM Guide to Microphones / When Worlds Collide / Production Tips: How to Juggle Music and Musicians / A Season of Dreams / The Computer Musician: Microsoft DOS 5.0 / From the Top: Hard-Disk Recording / REVIEWS: Peavey DPM-2 Synthesizer; Cheetah MD16 Drum Machine; Akai EWI 3000 Wind Controller / Oberheimes Drummer and Strummer; Cool Shoes Sound Globs 3.0 (PC); Korg A5 Multi-FX Signal Processor / Fatar Studio 88 Plus Keyboard Contoller

November 1991

Legal Beagles: How Lawyers Hunt Record Deals / Making Multimedia / The Last Noise Reduction Article (Part 2) / DIY: Build a MIDI Interface for the Sound Blaster Card / From the Top: Microphones Made Easy / The Computer Musician: Computer Movies / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Ensoniq SQ-2 and SD-1 Synthesizers; Fostex 280 Multitracker; Yamaha RY30 Rhythm Programmer; JLCooper CS-1 Control Station; Dr. T's The Copyist; Korg Wavestation A / D Vector Synthesizer; Marshall SE100 Speaker Emulation System

October 1991

MIDI Guitar Magic / Vector Programming Workshop (Part 2): Yamaha SY22 and TG33 / Studio Toys: The EM Guide to Digital Effects Processors / The Last Noise Reduction Article (Part 1) / DIY SPUD: Build a MIDI On / Off Pedal / The Computer Musician: ARexx for the Amiga / From the Top: MIDI Guitars / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Yamaha SY99; Korg A1 Performance Signal Processor; Rolls MP-45 and ADA MP-1 Guitar Preamplifiers; Buchla Lightning MIDI Controller; Great Wave Concertware+MIDI 5.14 (Mac); JBL Control Micro Monitor System; Yamaha S8M Studio Monitors

September 1991

Electronic Orchestration / EM Guide to Notation Software / Fundamentals of MIDI Mixing / Vector Programming Workshop (Part 1): The Korg Wavestation / The Speaker of the House / DIY: Fun Under Pressure / The Computer Musician: Physical Modeling / From the Top: Drum Machines Demystified / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Roland JD-800; Rocktron Intellifex; The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks Bars&Pipes Professional 1.0c (Amiga); Roland Studio M; Soundcraft Spirit Studio; Symbolic Sound Kyma System (IBM); Midisoft Studio 2.02 (IBM); InVision Interactive Protologic

August 1991

MIDI for the Masses / The Taming of the Room / EM Guide to Sequencing Software / Max Programming Workshop / From the Top: Effects, The Essential Musical Spice / The Computer Musician: Multimedia Windows / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: E-mu Procussion Module; Kurzweil K1200 Pro 76; Yamaha FX900; Softelligence Personal Composer 3.3 (IBM); Hybrid Arts GenEdit 1.1 (Atari); East-West Communications; Audio-Technica Headset Mics; Tech 21 SansAmp

July 1991

Scoring to Pictures / Video for the Electronic Musician / Sampling Goes Hollywood / EM Guide to Samplers / Putting Your Sound System in Its Place / The Computer Musician: Desktop Video / Service Clinic / From the Top: The Secrets of Syncronization / REVIEWS: Peavey DPM-3SE, V3, SX; Voyetra Sequencer Plus Gold 4.0 (IBM); NewTek Video Toaster; Tascam 1024 Stage Mixer; Mark of the Unicorn MIDI Mixer 7s; Opcode Cue 3.0 (Mac); DigiTech MEQ Programmable EQ; Alesis Microverb III

June 1991

Making Your Album / Marketing Your Demo / Sound Sanctuary / EM Guide to Digital Audio Tape Recorders / DIY: Build the EM Stereo Spreader / The Computer Musician: The Story of SCSI / From the Top: Solving the Mysteries of Reverb / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Boss SE-50 Stereo Effects Processor; Spectral Synthesis Digital Studio (IBM); Tascam 488 Portastudio; Disc Company Harmoni 1.2 (Amiga); American Educational Music Perfect Pitch Supercourse; Hughes & Kettner Access Guitar Preamplifier

May 1991

Production Tips for the Home Studio / Mastering the Tascam Midistudios / EM Guide to Multitrack Cassette Ministudios / On the Level: Gain Optimization for Crystal Clear Sound / The Computer Musician: MIDI Manager for the Macintosh / From the Top: Mixers and Mixing / REVIEWS: Yamaha QY10; Hybrid Arts FM Melody Maker; Casady and Greene Music Fonts; Studiomaster MA36 MIDI Analyser; Turtle Beach 56K; Alesis SR-16 Drum Machine; Mackie Designs CR-1604 Mixer; Kawai XD-5 Percussion

April 1991

Making the Gig / Recording Live, On Location / Decoding SMPTE / EM Guide to Hardware Sequencers / The Computer Musician: All About Memory / From the Top: How Sequencers Work / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Mark of the Unicorn Video Time Piece; Ibis Software Play It By Ear (IBM); Prosonus Prodisk DDD Series Samples; Ensoniq EPS-16 Plus Digital Sampling Workstation; Yamaha TG33 Vector Synthesizer; Digidesign SampleCell

March 1991

Sampling from CD Libraries / The Computer as a Musical Instrument / Riding the Bus / Pumping Gain: Understanding Dynamics Processors / The Computer Musician: Multitasking With MIDI / From the Top: Samplers Made Simple / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Sony TCD-D3 DAT Walkman; Lexicon LXP-15 Multi-effects Processor; Jeanius Electronics Russian Dragon; Tannoy System NFM-8 Studio Monitors; Intone MIDI Maestro Audio and MIDI Patch Bay; Tascam DA-30 DAT Recorder; Gibson Labs Max MIDI Guitar Control System; Fostex G16 Tape Recorder

February 1991

Beyond Sequencing: Interactive Electronic Music / Monster Synth Stacks / MIDI Systems Both Great and Small / EM Guide to Expander Modules / DIY: Creative Control With the EM MIDI Fader / The Computer Musician: Multi-Port MIDI for Your Computer / Service Clinic / From the Top: The Truth About Synthesizers / REVIEWS: Repertoire Music Publisher 2.5.1; Uptown Technologies Flash Audio Switcher; Nady WML-50 MIDI Link Wireless MIDI; ZimmerWorks Zeebar; Opcode Studio Vision; Steinberg / Jones Cubase 2.0 and C-Lab Notator 3.0 (Atari ST); DigiTech IPS-33B Super Harmony Machine; Wild Rose Technology !nspire 1

January 1991

Unveiling the Mystery: The Basics of Electronic Music / Multitrack Recording: The EM Primer / Sync or Swim: Synchronizing to Tape / DIY: Power Panic Button for the EM IMP / The Computer Musician: Neural Networks and Computer Music / From the Top: What is MIDI, Anyway? / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Symetrix SX208 Stereo Compressor-Limiter; Music Writer 1.1 Notation Software; MIDIMAN Mini-Mixer; Roland S-770 Digital Sampler; Passport's Sound Apprentice Sample-Editing Software (Mac); Digidesign Sound Tools Hard-Disk Recording System (Atari ST); Dr. T's X-oR Universal Editor / Librarian (IBM)

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Re: electronic musician back issues (1985-2002)
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December 2000

Music for New Media (interactive music systems for games and the Internet) / Cover Story: Cheap Thrills (EM’s annual holiday gift guide) / The Route Less Traveled (digital patch bays and routers) / Circle Machines and Sequencers (the pioneering work of composer and inventor Raymond Scott) / Tech Page: Over, Under, Sideways, Down (Dimension Audio’s 48-channel surround sound system) / ProFile: Disappearing Act (Spring Heel Jack) / Desktop Musician: The Beatnik Player / Square One: Analog Boot Camp / Final Mix: Play It Forward (bringing ideas to life with skilled "producer’s ears") / REVIEWS: Tascam MX-2424 modular hard-disk recorder; Native Instruments Dynamo 1.0.1 (Mac / Win) software synth; JBL LSR28P powered monitors; Wave Mechanics Speed 1.0 (Mac / Win) time / pitch-shifting plug-in; Mindprint T-Comp stereo tube compressor; Media Assistance Audio Plug-Ins Pack 1 (Win) effects plug-ins; Lucid SRC9624 sample-rate converter; QUICK PICKS: MIT Press Music, Cognition, and Computerized Sound book; East West Symphonic Adventures sample CD; Rarefaction RovaMatic (Mac / Win) sample CD-ROM; BitHeadz Osmosis 1.12 (Mac / Win) sample-conversion utility; FXpansion VST-DX Adapter 2.1 (Win) VST-to-DirectX converter; Electrix EQ Killer modular signal processor; M Audio CO3 digital audio format converter; Digidesign Access Virus TDM (Mac / Win) analog synth plug-in

November 2000

Java Jive (how to use the Java programming language with your music) / Cover Story: Mixed Signals (signal flow and mixer topology) / Master Class: Proteus Power (E-mu Proteus 2000) / Production Values: Getting Signed Online (the band Fisher) / ProFile: Orso Changes Its Tune (Orso) / Square One: Phase One (the difference between phase and polarity) / Working Musician: Navigating the A&R Jungle / Final Mix: Takin’ My Time (fine art in a deadline-driven production environment) / REVIEWS: Roland VG-88 guitar-modeling system; Swissonic USB Studio / D audio interface; Microtech Gefell M 930 large-diaphragm condenser mic; Emagic ES1 (Mac / Win) synth plug-in; Hafler M5 close-field reference monitors; Audio Simulation Dream Station 1.0 (Win) software synthesizer; Metasonix TS-21 Hellfire Modulator tube signal proessor; Langevin Dual Vocal Combo voice processor; Masterbits Sound Clips 12,000, vol. 1 sample library; Yamaha PLG Series plug-in synthesis cards; QUICK PICKS: Drag and Drop Musician Drag and Drop Drummer (Win) drum-loop CD; Midiman Midisport 2x2 USB (Mac / Win) MIDI interface; Electrix Filter Queen analog filter; Northstar Productions Russian Masters sample CD-ROM; Kellar Bass Systems Jam Bass e28 MIDI controller

October 2000

Master Class: Get It In Print (tips for using music-notation software) / Cover Story: You’re Surrounded (surround sound for musicians) / The Real Thing (hiring a symphony orchestra via Internet) / Master Class: Building Blocks (build your own synth software with Csound) / Tech Page: Musical Shoes (the use of shoes as music generators) / Pro/File: Walls and Bridges (Emily Bezar’s music) / Desktop Musician: Windows Media Audio (Microsoft’s answer to RealNetwors and MP3 formats) / Square One: Spectral Vistas (enhancing your smixes using acoustic viability) / Working Musician: The E-business Legal Checklist (how to legally set up and run your online business) / Operation Help: Expert Advice / Final Mix: Where Ideas Come From / Yamaha A5000 sampling module / Mark of the Unicorn Digital Performance 2.7 (Mac) digital audio sequencer / Joemeek Pro Channel VC3Q voice processor / Antares Microphone Modeler 1.1 (Mac / Win) mic-modeling plug-in / Korg Oasis 1.01 (Mac / Win) DSP synthesis engine / audio interface / Software Technology VAZ Modular 2.1 (Win) software synhesizer / Boss VF-1 multi-effects processor / AKG C 3000 large-diaphragm condenser microphone / Arboretum Harmony 1.0 (Mac) pitch corrector / harmonizer / QUICK PICKS: Steinberg Model-E 1.0 (Mac / Win) VST instrument plug-in / Virtual Reality Sound Corp. 3D Pipes sample CD / Discovery Firm The Legend of China sample CD / Auralex Acoustics Max-Wall modular acoustic environment



September 2000

The Musical World of USB (Universal Sound Bus, it’s features and capabilities) / Cover Story: Build a Microphone Cabinet on any Budget (mic recommendaions for different types of recording and budget) / A Day in the Life: Mixing With a Master(interview with sound engineer Eddie Kramer) / Master Class: Building a Reaktor (tips for creating different environments in Reaktor) / Pro/File: Silent Groovy(Jazzhole) / Desktop Musician: Alternate Musical Fonts (create a custom look for your scores) / Recording Musician: String Fever (tips on recording strings) / Working Musician: Such a Deal ( the true nature of spec deals) / Final Mix: My Back Pages / Don’t look Back (drawing inspiration from past projects) / Alesis Masterlink ML-9600 stereo HDR / CD-R / Roland ED U-8 USB Digital Studio (Win) computer-based DAW / BLUE Dragonfly large-diaphragm condenser microphone / Coda MusicTechnology PrintMusic 2000 (Mac / Win) music-notation software / DBX 386 dual tube preamp / Sound Quest Infinity 1.0 / Aurelity Building Blocks 2.1 (Win) MIDI control language / modular MIDI toolkit / Mackie Designs 1604 VLZ-Pro 16-channel mixer / QUICK PICKS: Discovery Firm Infinite Sound: Ambient Atmospheres sample CD; William Coakley Sound Design Perfect Piano Series, vol. 3 sample CD-ROM; East West Percussive Adventures sample CD; TC Works TC Native Bundle 2.0 (Mac / Win) plug-in bundle

August 2000

Master Class: The Bottom Line (tips on recording electric bass guitar tracks, from setup and acoustics to mic techniques, EQ and compression) / Cover Story: The Outer Limits (survey of alternative electronic music input devices) / Rediscovering the Ballet Mecanique (Paul D. Lehrman re-creates George Antheil’s original 1924 composition, Ballet Mecanique using MIDI sequencing, Yamaha Disklaviers, and digital pianos) / Stand and Deliver (review of a number of keyboard stands) / Tech Page: Molecular Magic (molecular electronics) / Desctop Musician: Musical PCs (computers preconfigured for audio) / Square One: Mics in the Mix (an introduction to dynamic, ribbon, and condenser microphones), Operation Help: Expert Advice (answers about analog recording , noise reduction and more) / Final Mix: The Best Times or the Worst Times (the benefits and drawbacks of present-day personal studios) / Boss BR-8 portable digital studio / M Audio Delta 1010 audio interface / Korg MS2000R analog-modeling synthesizer / Steinberg Cubasis VST 1.0 (Win) digital audio sequencer / Rode Classic II large-diaphragm tube condenser mic / Wave Mechanics SoundBlender 1.05 (Mac) TDM plug-in package / Quick Picks: Big Fish Audio Roots of the Pacific sample CD, Nyr Sound Chaosynth 1.0 (Mac / Win) granular synthesizer, WaveMachine Labs Drumagog 1.73 (DirectX) plug-in, Q Up Arts The Holy Grail grand Piano sample CD, Discovery Firm From East Europe 2 — Greek beats sample CD

July 2000

Little Wonders (review of powered monitors from Event, Genelec, JBL, Vergence, Yamaha) / Cover Story: Going Soft (software synthesizers) / Master Class: Sound Bridge Sorcery (tutorial on the use of SoundBridge software to prepare samples and sequences) / Production Values: Tracking the Midnite Vultures (Tony Hoffer and Mickey Petralia record Beck’s album Midnite Vultures at home) / ProFile: Love is a Warm PC (Meg Lee Chin) / Tech Page: Digital Harmony (cable integration, digital interface IEEE 1934) / Desktop Musician: Synchronicity (timing and synchronization issues from the musician’s point of view) / Recording Musician: Ten Tips for Nailing a Mix (a systematic approach to finishing a mix) / Square One: Multi-Effects 102 (the facts about distortion, pitch-shifting, amplitude modulation) / Working Musician: The Changing Deal (the changes in the standard recording contract policies) / Operation Help: Expert Advice (tips from MOTU and E-Mu, hard drive hints, music on the road) / Final Mix: Stale Beer and Bitter Fruit Make Poor Nutrition (tactics on dealing with problems in the professional musician’s world) / Digidesign Pro Tools / 24 Mix and Mixplus (Mac / Win NT) DAW / Korg 16 portable digital studio / Ego Systems WaMI Rack 24 (Win) digital audio and MIDI interface / Kurzweil PC2x master keyboard / FXPansion Series One (DirectX / VST) effects-processor plug-in bundle / MBHO MBNM 608 C-L large-diaphragm condenser mic / Digigram Vxpocket (Mac / Win) PC card audio interface / Best Service Xsample sample CD library / Quick Picks: Futurity Metropolis Science Fiction Toolkit sample CD, MicroBoards StartRec 400 CD duplicator, F7 Sound and Vision Conept FX2 (Mac / Win) sample CD-ROM / QUICK PICKS: Discovery Firm Infinite Sound: Ambient Atmospheres sample CD; William Coakley Sound Design Perfect Piano Series, vol. 3 sample CD-ROM; East West Percussive Adventures sample CD; TC Works TC Native Bundle 2.0 (Mac / Win) plug-in bundle

June 2000

Double Your Pleasure (the most popular mic-placing techniques, the meaning of terms such as Blumlein, mid-side, ORTF, OSS, Deca Tree) / Cover Story: Mission Control (how to control all of your MIDI and audio gear from a digital audio sequencer) / Desktop Flamenco (description of flamenco music, tips for understanding and working with it, review of 4 sample CDs) / Cartoon Cutups: Music Editing for TV Animation (music editor Nick Carr talks about scoring the Nickelodeon children series) / Desktop Musician: New Chips on the Block (New breed of powerful CPUs) / Square One: Multi-Effects 101(explores features inside the multi-effect processor), Working Musician: A&R Primer (What is A&R) / Web Page (Gamelan Webcasts, MPEG-4, other news) / Final Mix: Let It Go (when to stop mastering) / Emagic Logic Audio Platinum 4.15 (Mac / Win) digital audio sequencer / Steinberg LM-4 1.01 (Mac / Win) drum module plug-in / Nearfield Multimedia Marimba Lumina —MIDI percusion controller / SSEYO Koan Pro 2.2(Mac / Win) music-generating software / Technosaurus Microcon and Cyclodon-analog / synth sequencer / Sounds Logical WaveWarp 1.2 (Win)-effects-processing software / Koblo Studio9000 2.5 (Mac) software synthesizer / Quick Pics (Sampleheads Rhythm of the Americas: Latin Drums, Lucid ADA8824 A / D / A converter, Big Fish Audio Pod (Win ) sample CD-Rom, Best Service Total Piano sample CD-Rom, Steinberg Sounds and Cycles (Mac / Win) sample-loop library

May 2000

The Electronic Century, Part 4: The Seeds of the Future (key developments in MIDI, synthesis, sampling, and music software; five music-technology experts share their vision of the future) / Cover Story: Caught in the Act (how to record live music using commonly available, affordable equipment) / Master Class: The Splittin’ Image (how to turn a mono sample into a synthesized stereo instrument that’s still mono-compatible) / Tech Page: Quantum Mirage (IBM’s advances in nanotechnology) / Desktop Musician: Bit by Bit (how to make high-quality digital audio transfers) / Square One: Downloadable Sounds / Working Musician: Taking Your Music Abroad / Final Mix: DUI, GUI, FUI! (the importance of achieving tactile control over computer software features) / REVIEWS: Roland VM-3100Pro digital mixer; Native Instruments Transformator 1.0 (Mac / Win) modular sampling software / TC Electronic M-One and D-Two multi-effects processors / Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.0 (Win) digital audio sequencer / Lexicon MPX-500 multi-effects processor / BitHeadz Voodoo 1.1 (Mac / Win) software drum machine / Waves Native Power Pack II (Mac / Win) DSP plug-in bundle; Kurzweil ExpressionMate ribbon controller; QUICK PICKS: Antares Auto-Tune 1.6 (Mac / Win) plug-in; Cyberwave EMS Waveplant (Mac / Win) sample CD-ROM; AIPL WarmTone (Win) DirectX plug-in; NemeSys GigaHarp and Upright Acoustic Bass sample CD-ROMs; GrooveAdemics Jazz Rock Inversion sample CD; Big Fish Audio Roots of India sample CD

April 2000

Silencing Sibilance (what de-essers are and how to use them; a comparison of the Drawmer MX50 and SPL 9629; how to construct a de-esser using EQ and a compressor) / Cover Story: Making Tracks (multitrack audio-editing software and a comparison of six top Windows programs) / Out of the Bottle (interview with producer / composer / keyboardist David Frank) / The Electronic Century, Part 3: Computers and Analog Synthesizers (the people, products, and companies that made electronic music practical) / Tech Page: Music on the Brain (the development of a brain-to-audio converter) / Desktop Musician: Double Vision (using two video monitors instead of one) / Square One: Spare Interchange (the features and capabilities of digital audio—transfer formats: word clock, AES / EBU, S / PDIF, ADAT Optical, and TDIF) / Web Page: Mission Control, We Have Liftoff! (an online recording session with Rocket Network) / Operation Help: Expert Advice (tips from Alesis, Emagic, and Sonic Foundry and how to avoid RF interference) / Final Mix: Lessons of History (the story of the first digital audio recording) / REVIEWS: Digidesign Digi 001 digital audio sequencing system; IK Multimedia T-Racks (Mac / Win / BeOS) mastering software; Yamaha S80 keyboard synthesizer; PG Music Band-in-a-Box 9.0 (Mac / Win) auto-accompaniment software; CAD VSM large-diaphragm tube condenser microphone; Gadget Labs Wave / 824 (Mac / Win) audio interface; QUICK PICKS: Big Briar Moogerfooger MF-103 12-stage phaser; PowerFX Drummers of Motown sample CD; Sanyiu Samples Sounds of Silence sample CD; Official Software Official Copyright (Mac / Win) copyright-forms software; Rarefaction Digital Dysfunctions (Mac / Win) sample CD-ROM; Digital Audio Labs CardDeluxe (Win) PCI audio card; Q Up Arts Latin Groove Factory, volume 2 sample CD

March 2000

Master Class: Sound Design (the general concepts of sound design, real-life situations, and specific sound-design techniques) / Cover Story: To Tell the Truth (eight small-diaphragm condenser microphones face off) / The Electronic Century, Part 2: Tales of the Tape (how the tape recorder shaped modern electronic music) / DIY: Rack-mounting Your PC (how to move your PC into a new chassis to optimize your work space) / Tech Page: Broadband Battlefield (technologies aimed at bringing high-speed Internet access into the home) / Recording Musician: Capturing the Wild Piano (professional microphone techniques for recording piano) / Web Page: Tackling Technology (how copyright laws are affected by rapid advancements in Internet Technology) / Operation Help: Expert Advice (tips from Akai, BitHeadz, and Roland and answers to reader questions) / Final Mix: Larry Potter and the Producer’s Stone (the search for creative inspiration) / REVIEWS: E-mu Systems Ultra sampler workstations (E4XT Ultra, E-Synth Ultra, and E6400 Ultra); Cakewalk Guitar Studio 2 (Win) digital audio sequencer for guitar; Audio-Technica AT4047 / SV large-diaphragm condenser mic; Elektron SidStation synthesizer module; SeaSound Solo (Mac / Win) PCI audio card and interface; CM Automation Motor Mix DAW control surface; Musitek SmartScore 1.3 (Mac / Win) music OCR software; QUICK PICKS: Lucid AD9624 and DA9624 A / D / A converters; QDesign MVP 1.0 (Mac / Win) MP3 encoder / media player; MediaForm CD5900 CD duplicator; Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4 (Win) CD-burning software

February 2000

Plug In to Creativity (how to use plug-ins in new and unusual ways) / Cover Story: On the Right Track (EM compares a DAW, MDM tape recorder, MiniDisc recorder, and portable digital studio to help you choose the best multitrack digital audio recording format for your needs) / The Electronic Century, Part 1: Beginnings (electronic musical instruments developed between 1900 and 1957) / The Highest Llama (interview with Sean O’Hagan of the High Llamas) / Pressing Issues (advice for a trouble-free album release) / ProFile: Tribal Connection (Tribes of Neurot) / Tech Page: Prismatic Synthesis (a new synthesis technique) / Desktop Musician: Alphabet Soup (a glossary of digital-audio terms) / Recording Musician: Warming Trends (techniques for warming up digital tracks) / Square One: Modern MIDI Sequencing (basic sequencing concepts) / Working Musician: Getting Personal (four personal managers discuss their profession) / The Web Page: Songs in the Key of Beatnik (how to create custom instruments for Rich Music Format [RMF] files) / Operation Help: Expert Advice (tips and tricks for Cakewalk Pro Audio 9, the Korg Triton, Line 6 Pod, and Tascam DA-38 and DA-88; reader questions) / Final Mix: Musical WYSIWYG (visualizing your approach to recording and performing) / REVIEWS: Mackie Digital 8-Bus v. 2 digital mixer; Coda Finale 2000 (Mac) music-notation software; BIAS Peak 2.04 (Mac) audio-editing software; Audio Software Audio Architect 4.01 (Win) modular synthesis construction kit; Hafler FG-TRM6 active monitors; MindPrint En-Voice voice processor / tube compressor; Seer Systems SurReal 1.0 (Win) software synthesizer; Sonic Foundry Vegas Pro 1.0a (Win) multitrack media editor; Joemeek VC6Q voice processor; Suzuki Q Chord QC-1 digital songcard guitar; QUICK PICKS: AIPL SpinCycle (Win) DirectX plug-in; PowerFX The Funk Master sample CD; Entertainment Publishers Automated Contracts for the Music Industry (Mac / Win) legal software; Steinberg / Prosoniq Dynasone 1.03 (Mac) VST plug-in

January 2000

Virtual Sampling (the pros and cons of software samplers and how to work with downloadable sound files) / Cover Story: 2000 Editors’ Choice Awards / Creating Killer Drum Grooves (tips for creating MIDI drum parts) / Stage View: Stompbox Strategies (how to work with vintage effects pedals) / ProFile: A Hellecaster Takes a Solo (The Hellecasters’ John Jorgenson) / Tech Page: Surround 2000 (the Surround 2000 conference and the future of multichannel music) / Desktop Musician: Get the Most from RealAudio (tips for using streaming audio) / Recording Musician: Honk if You Love Horns (tips and techniques for recording saxes, trumpets, and trombones) / Square One: Phantom Power / Final Mix: All the News that Fits (the benefits of being honest with clients) / REVIEWS: Korg Triton keyboard workstation; Mackie Designs HUI MIDI control surface; Soundscape Mixtreme (Win) digital audio card; Yamaha MD4S 4-track MiniDisc recorder; Synchro Arts ToolBelt 1.5 (Mac) signal-processing software; Steinberg Clean 1.02 (Win) audio-restoration / CD-burning software; Electrix FilterFactory and WarpFactory analog filter and vocoder; Guillemot Maxi Studio ISIS (Win) multichannel sound card; QUICK PICKS: Best Service Dance Mega Drums 2 sample CD set; CDP GrainMill 1.1 (Win) granular synthesis software; Prosoniq / Steinberg Orange Vocoder 1.01 (Mac) vocoder software; Vamtech Drumtrax 3.0 (Mac / Win) Standard MIDI Files

December 1999

A Day in the Life: Mix Magic on Music Row (Nashville mix engineer Chuck Ainlay shares his thoughts and mixing techniques) / Cover Story: All Gadgets Great and Small (EM’s annual holiday gift guide) / Life’s a Batch (roundup of batch processors) / Ready, Willing, and Label (CD-labeling kits) / ProFile: File Under "Heavy" (Genaside II) / Tech Page: Auld Lang Syne (a look back at technologies covered in past columns) / Square One: Surrounded by Sound (mixing for 5.1 surround) / Working Musician: Moving Units Online (sell your music through Internet retail sites) / Performing Musician: Taming the Elements with MIDI (computer-controlled mechanical instruments by Trimpin) / Final Mix: Plans that Come to Naught (some projects are more difficult to complete than others) / REVIEWS: Yamaha FS1R tone module; Steinberg ReCycle 1.7 (Mac / Win) loop editor; Røde NTV tube microphone; Minnetonka MxTrax 2.4.4 (Win) multitrack recording software; NHTPro A-10 active monitoring system; Focusrite Platinum ComPounder 2-channel dynamics processor; Algorithmix Sound Laundry 2.1b (Win) audio restoration software; Apogee PSX-100 and Rosetta digital converters; QUICK PICKS: Ego Systems Dr. D universal signal converter; Steinberg FreeFilter (Mac / Win) one-third-octave EQ plug-in; Arboretum Systems Restoration-NR 1.1.0 (Win) noise-reduction software; Keyfax Guitar Grooves (Mac / Win) Standard MIDI Files; Carl Martin Compressor / Limiter dynamics pedal

November 1999

What's Up with Dat? (the state of DAT recorders and a look at seven units from Fostex, HHB, Panasonic, Sony, and Tascam) / Cover Story: You're on the Air (tips for producing station IDs, promos, and commercial spots in a personal studio from two Los Angeles broadcast engineers) / All the World's a Stage (three live-sound engineers offer tips for miking world percussion instruments and recommend microphones) / ProFile: Hell is for Chillin' (Ming + FS) / Tech Page: XML Marks the Spot (a new Web language and what it means for music distribution) / Desktop Musician: Comping a Vocal Track (create a "perfect" vocal track with audio-editing software) / Square One: A World in a Grain of Sound (the basics of granular synthesis) / Working Musician: Get Started with E-Commerce (creating and using a Web site for self-promotion) / Performing Musician: Monitoring Perfection (using stage monitors) / Final Mix: It's the Law (the inviolate law of production, which is "good, fast, cheap: pick any two") / REVIEWS: Akai Professional S5000 and S6000 stereo samplers; Mixman Technologies Mixman Studio Pro 3.0 (Win) remixing software; Cakewalk / Peavey StudioMix MIDI control surface; TC Works Spark 1.01 (Mac) stereo audio editor; Korg Electribe ER-1 and EA-1 rhythm synth and analog-modeling synth; DAI Space Station Pro 1.41 (Win / DOS) software sampler; Big Briar Moogerfooger MF-102 / DACS FREQue ring modulators; McDSP FilterBank 1.04 (TDM / AudioSuite) EQ plug-in; QUICK PICKS: Kurzweil SynthScapes sample CD; Steinberg Spectralizer (Mac / Win); Keyfax Modular Madness Standard MIDI Files (Mac / Win); Kurzweil Bass Gallery sample CD

October 1999

Life in the Slow Lane (learn or transcribe songs with hardware and software recorders that use time-compression technology) / Cover Story: Equal Time (types and applications of equalizers, plus 14 EQ tips from the pros) / Mastering Continuity (how to create a consistent master tape from varied source materials) / DIY: Build the EM -10 / +4 Level Converter (how to build a converter box for +4 dBu pro gear and -10 dBV semipro / consumer gear) / Tech Page: Nonvolatile RAM (the possibilities of RAM) / Desktop Musician: Interactive Web Music (create music that follows mouse movements) / Square One: Fractals and Music (the science of fractals as it applies to creating music) / Recording Musician: Recording Electric Guitar / Working Musician: Ocean of Promotion (music-promotion tips for small budgets) / Performing Musician: Music for Airports on Stage (the New York ensemble Bang on a Can performs Brian Eno's ambient masterpiece live) / Final Mix: Pass the Salt, Please (beware of the hype in marketing claims based on truth) / REVIEWS: Alesis QS8.1 keyboard synthesizer; Tracer Technologies DC-ART 32 3.06 (Win) audio restoration software; BLUE Blueberry large-diaphragm condenser microphone; Cycling '74 Pluggo 1.04 (Mac) VST plug-ins / patch converter; Generalmusic Equinox 61 synthesizer workstation; HHB Radius 20 and Radius 30 tube parametric EQ and tube compressor; Aardvark Aark 20 / 20+ (Win) hard-disk recording system; Etek NoteMix MA 400 portable powered mixer; QUICK PICKS: USB Raricussions (Mac / Win); PreSonus MP20 preamp; MicroBoards AudioWrite Pro CD-R (Mac / Win); Beatboy Ramon Yslas Contemporary Percussion and Drums (Mac / Win)

September 1999

Dance of the Dead (the process of scoring LucasArts adventure game Grim Fandango) / Cover Story: The Path of Least Resistance (voice processors — configuration and application, plus evaluations of dbx 1086, Drawmer MX60. Focusrite Platinum VoiceMaster, HHB Radius 40, and LA Audio PS-1) / Production Values: Diva’s Choice (Arif Mardin on his 30+ years of music production) / Tech Page: Microscopic Microphones (Hans-Elias de Bree’s tiny Microflown may revolutionize mic technology) / Desktop Musician: Talk is Cheap (talk to your Mac and make it do your musical bidding) / Square One: Picture Perfect Sound (keeping audio synched with film and video) / Recording Musician: Hella a Cappella (capture a cappella vocals) / Working Musician: Expose Yourself (market your indy CD without blowing the bank) / Final Mix: Information, Please (five steps to better documentation) / REVIEWS: E-Mu Proteus 2000 sound module; Creamware Pulsar (Win) DSP Engine; Shure KSM32 / SL condenser mic; Alesis DM Pro drum module; Frontier Design Dakota and Tango24 multichannel digital audio card / 8-channel A / D / A converter; Joemeek C2 photo-optical stereo compressor; James McCartney Supercollider 2.0 (Mac) sound-programming language; AKG C 4000B electret condenser microphone; TC Electronic M3000 multi-effects processor; QUICK PICKS: World Wide Woodshed SlowGold II 5.1.2 (Win) time-shifting software; Steinberg MasterTools 1.5 (Mac) mastering plug-in; Music Valve Electronics Vacuum Tube Direct Box; Beatboy Richie Gajate-Garcia Authentic Latin Percussion and Drums Standard MIDI Files (Mac / Win)

August 1999

Clean Up Your Act (computer-based tools and techniques to get the noise out of old recordings) / Cover Story: A Perfect Ten? (roundup of ten digital mixing consoles) / Linking Up (computer networking how-to: PC, Mac and multi-platform) / A Room With a Vibe (interview with producer / songwriter Mark Hudson on why vibe is more important than technology) / Square One: Play Your Cards Right (picking a soundcard — some options) / Recording Musician: Accommodating the Muse (recording acoustic guitar and vocals simultaneously) / Performing Musician: Hackers Hit the Stage (The Hub, a six-man MIDI-based live "band" / Final Mix: Know Thy Widgets as Thyself (knowing how to learn can be your biggest asset) / REVIEWS: Clavia Nord Modular synthesizer; GT Electronics AM52 & AM62 large-diaphragm condenser microphones; Biheadz Unity DS-1 1.2 (Mac / Win) software sampler; Lexicon MPX G2 guitar effects processor; Neumann M 147 Tube large-diaphragm tube condenser microphone; Lynx Studio Technology LynxOne (Win) audio card; A.R.T. DMV-Pro multi-effects processor; DUY DSPider 1.1 (Mac) DSP plug-in; Event Electronics Tria triamplified monitoring system; QUICK PICKS: Tascam DA-45HR 24-bit DAT machine; Best Service XX-Large Pads sample CD set; East West / Mzone Groovemasters Drums sample CD set; Cakewalk Audio FX 3 (Win) DirectX plug-in

July 1999

Cover Story: Sequencing Games (analysis of digital audio sequencers for Mac, Windows and cross-platform) / Power Hungry (power-amp design at five different companies) / Stage View: Swimming in the Air {theremin virtuoso Lydia Kavina teaches performance techniques) / ProFile: Straight, No Reverb (Heaven is an analog synth for Add N to (X)) / Desktop Musician: Scoring on the Web (displaying music notation on the Web still tough without standard file format) / Recording Musician: The Twice-Baked Mix (strategies for remixing a song when you don’t have the multitrack masters) / Working Musician: Playing the Game (how to get your independent release distributed) / Final Mix: Is Reality Overrated? (In sound design, reality is nearly always an artifice. Does it matter?) / REVIEWS: Tascam TM-D1000 digital mixer; Roland JP-8080 synthesizer module; Quasimidi Sirius keyboard workstation; Line 6 Pod guitar direct box; Sound Quest Midi Quest 7.0 (Win) MIDI editor / librarian; HHB Circle 5A powered close-field monitors, Audio Deutchkraft A-51s large-diaphragm condenser mic; QUICK PICKS: Ilio Entertainments Trancefusion sample CD; Shane Etter Sound Subscriptions Kurzweil K2000 / K2500 patches; Guitar Center Synchroloops, vol. 1 sample CD; Arboretum Ray Gun (Mac / Win) audio restoration software

June 1999

Shake, Rattle, and Roll Tape (how to sample hand and mallet percussion instruments) / Cover Story: The Complete Desktop Studio (EM's editors design and discuss Mac- and PC-based studios intended for sound design, music for picture, and music-CD production) / The Penguin's Song (the Linux operating system and music software for Linux) / Square One: Convolution Number Nine (convolution as a DSP technique in synthesis) / Recording Musician: Minimum Rig, Maximum Sound (tools you need to record live performances in stereo) / Performing Musician: Sound Around Town (a look at sound mapping, a method for creating interactive music outdoors) / Operation Help: Expert Advice (MOTU's Digital Performer; Digidesign's Pro Tools; Sonic Foundry's Acid) / Final Mix: White Mice Can't Jog (the difficulty with using virtual controllers) / REVIEWS: Event Electronics Layla (Mac / Win) hard-disk recording system; Opcode Systems Vision DSP 4.5 (Mac) digital audio sequencer; Blue Chip OX7 virtual tonewheel organ module; Alesis Q20 multi-effects processor; Audix CX-111 condenser microphone; Zoom RhythmTrak 234 drum machine; Yamaha WX5 MIDI wind controller; QUICK PICKS: TC Works TC Native Bundle (Win); MicroBoards DSR 1003 CD duplicator; Sweetwater Sound Total Stereo Session Drums sample CD-ROM; Big Briar Moogerfooger MF-101 lowpass filter.

May 1999

Cover Story: Seven Studios of Gold (roundup of seven portable digital studios) / Razor's Edge (techniques for desktop editing on a computer-based DAW) / Production Values: Seizing Control (Chris Spheeris) / ProFile: The Shaking Ray Levis / Tech Page: The Global Studio (Rocket Network's technology for musical collaboration over the Internet) / Desktop Musician: Music Sites for Web Surfers (Web sites for musicians) / Square One: Lost in Space (explanation of 3-D sound) / Working Musician: Managing Your Project (organizing a recording project) / Performing Musician: Controlling Live Ambience (using delay and reverb onstage) / Final Mix: The Creative Cycle (a theory of isolation, sociability, and the creative process) / REVIEWS: Mark of the Unicorn 2408 (Mac / Win) hard-disk recording system; KRK Systems V8 near-field monitors; Sibelius Software Sibelius 1.1 (Win) music notation software; Joemeek SC2.2 stereo compressor; KAE Labs VocalWriter 1.0 (Mac) software synthesizer; Royer Labs R-121 ribbon microphone; Lexicon Signature 284 guitar amplifier / direct recording source; Fatar Studiologic SL-990 MIDI master keyboard; QDesign Music Codec Pro (Mac / Win) audio data compression software; Oram Microphone Work Station mkII 2-channel mic preamp / EQ; QUICK PICKS: Numerical Sound Drone Archeology; Miroslav Vitous Vol. 5: Classical Percussion & Harp; Spectrasonics Symphony of Voices; Signal-1 Electronics GS-1 cable tester.

April 1999

Sound Library Construction (how to create your own sample CD) / Cover Story: Digital Pipelines (equipment that offers ADAT Optical and Tascam TDIF connectivity for digital audio transfers) / Not Just Kid Stuff (how to write and produce songs for the children's music market) / Tech Page: Quantum Sound (the study of sound particles) / Recording Musician: Ten Mics I Swear By (a pro recording engineer discusses his ten favorite microphones) / Square One: FM Basic Training (FM synthesis explained) / Working Musician: Taxi Undercover (behind-the-scenes at an A&R service) / Final Mix: Everything All the Time (sometimes more is better) / REVIEWS: Roland VS-1680 portable digital studio; SEK'D Samplitude 2496 5.12 (Win) audio editing software; Alesis Studio 32 recording mixer; Steinberg Cubase VST / 24 4.0 (Mac) audio / MIDI sequencer; Earthworks Z30X cardioid condenser microphone; Access Virus analog-modeling synthesizer; Arboretum Hyperprism (Mac / Win) multi-effects plug-in; QUICK PICKS: Michael Berry Pedalefects 1.1.1 (Mac / Win); Steinberg SPL De-esser 1.0 (Mac / Win); Zentech ChordMaster (Mac / Win); Bolder Sounds Bolder Pianos.

March 1999

Production Values: Fast Moving Music (interview with Larry Fast) / Cover Story: Shaping Better Waveforms (dedicated 2-track audio editors for desktop music) / The House Is Rockin' (how to utilize your home's natural acoustics for recording vocals and acoustic instruments) / Hard Disk Housekeeping (organize and manage your sound files on disk the way the pros do) / ProFile: Just Too Sweet (the Chantigs) / Desktop Musician: Before Disaster Strikes (choose the best storage option for backing up your music files) / Square One: Modulation Synthesis Methods (ring modulation and other forms of AM synthesis explained) / Performing Musician: URLS, Mines, and Ars (InfoWar was the focus of the Ars Electronica Festival in Austria) / Final Mix: Under One Roof (a proposal for specialized, task-specific software programs) / REVIEWS: Spirit Digital 328 digital mixer; NemeSys GigaSampler (Win) software sampler; Yamaha EX5 keyboard workstation; Lexicon MPX 100 multi-effects processor; Cakewalk Overture 2 (Mac / Win) music-notation software; Roland MC-505 Groovebox synth / drum machine / sequencer; dbx DDP digital dynamics processor; U&I Software Xx (Mac) graphic MIDI sequencer; Sherman Filterbank multimode filter; QUICK PICKS: Steinberg Q-Metric 1.0 (Mac / Win); Eccentric Software A Zillion Kajillion Rhymes (Mac / Win); Tom Erbe SoundHack 0.888 (Mac).

February 1999

Kickin' It (dynamic kick-drum mic faceoff) / Production Values: To Sir with Love (interview with Sir George Martin) / Cover Story: Electronic Euphoria (mixing electronic instruments) / The Well-Tempered Studio (three steps for improving the sound of your studio by controlling room acoustics) / Playing to the Back of the House (using a distributed speaker system for live sound) / ProFile: The Meaning of Live (Mice Parade) / Tech Page: Chaotic Computing (how computing paradigms might be affected by chaos theory) / Desktop Musician: Steal the Scene with Standard MIDI Files (how SMFs can help live performers to land gigs) / Recording Musician: Recording Resonator Guitars (tips and techniques for recording a classic American guitar) / Square One: Get in Sync (connect analog and digital gear in your studio using sync methods) / Working Musician: Taxing Your Talent (tax planning for working musicians) / Performing Musician: At Home in Your Range (identify your natural vocal range) / Operation Help: Expert Advice (Alesis Q20 master effects processor; Alesis QS series synthesizers; Alesis M20 ADAT recorder; Roland VS-840 portable digital studio; Roland Boss HR-2 Harmonist guitar pedal) / Final Mix: A Model Citizen (the present and future of physical modeling) / REVIEWS: Yamaha DSP Factory digital audio card; Cakewalk Pro Audio 8 (Win) digital audio sequencer; AnTares ATR-1 intonation processor; BitHeadz Retro AS-1 (Mac / Win) software synthesizer; DigiTech Vocalist Access harmony processor; Steinberg WaveLab 2.0 (Win) audio editing / CD burning software; Roland VS-840 portable digital studio; Cycling '74 M 2.5 (Mac) algorithmic compostion software; Quick Picks: Masterbits House Trax; MusicNet AD24 and DA24 ADAT interfaces; Earthworks LAB 102 preamp; AMG Black II Black, vol. 4

January 1999

Web Weaving (tools for creating a musical Web site) / Cover Story: 1999 Editors' Choice Awards / From Bauhaus to Acid House (Love and Rockets interview) / DIY: Build the EM Distortion Box (Charles R. Fischer's Spectra Distortion Generator) / ProFile: Brave New World (Somatic) / Tech Page: Kicking ASIO (Steinberg's new multichannel driver for audio cards) / Desktop Musician: The MPEG Audio Craze (MPEG's popularity as a format for Web music distribution) / Recording Musician: Keeper Vocal Tracks (optimize the sonic quality of your vocal tracks) / Working Musician: Entertainment Accountants (the role of a specialized accountant in an artist's career) / Final Mix: One Is the Lonliest Number (mono compatibility is a thing of the past) / REVIEWS: E-mu Audio Production Studio (Win) sound card / synthesizer; Keyfax Phat.Boy MIDI performance controller; Native Instruments Generator 1.5.3 (Win) software synthesizer; BSS Audio DPR-944 parametric compressor / gate; TC Works TC Native Essentials (Win) DSP plug-ins; dbx 586 dual-channel mic preamp; Micromat SoundMaker 1.0.3 (Mac) audio editing software; Rocktron PC preamp instrument / mic preamp / Quick Picks: AMG Komputer Inside; Sampleheads Pocket Syndrome, vol. 1; East Connexion Strings; Discovery Firm Discovery Guitar

December 1998

The EM Gift Guide / Cover Story: Conquering Peaks (dynamics processing applications) / Urban Players (three producers share urban music production secrets) / Warped Reality (mutilating samples with using software plug-ins) / JAM Headliner: Mixing It Up on the Digital Scene (drummer Dave Weckl talks about his digital mixer / JAM Vox: Consonants and Dissonance (articulation and mic technique) / JAM Riffs: Gig Wreckers (quick fixes for guitar and amp snafus) / JAM Tech: Omnimedia: A Vintage Multimedia Encounter (Bean observes a psychoacoustical investigation at the Lab) / Desktop Musician: Down and Out in Cyberspace (downloadable sounds) / Square One: Spectrum Sculpting (EQ and filters) / Service Clinic: Getting Connected (soldering) / Final Mix: Everything's Under Control (DAWs and digital mixers) / REVIEWS: Ensoniq ZR-76 keyboard workstation; TC Electronic FireworX multi-effects processor; TL audio 5051 tube / solid state preamp; Cakewalk In Concert 1.0 (Mac / Win) MIDI accompaniment software; Spirit Folio Powerpad portable powered mixer; Merging Technologies Audio Magic Ring 1.1 (Win) file format converter / Quick Picks: Zero-G Vocal XTC; Northstar Productions Graham Lear's Latin Rock Drumscapes; Keyfax Software Twiddly Bits General Instruments; Discovery Firm Oriental Groove

November 1998

Art or Theft? Sampling Opinions on Copyright (the ins, outs, and gray areas of sampling law) / Cover Story: Sequencing Secrets (powerful techniques for Mac- and Windows-based sequencers) / Mixing for the Small Screen (creating a mix for TV) / ProFile: Eighty Miles High (Eighty Mile Beach) / Tech Page: DIY OS (using the free Linux OS) / Recording Musician: Gearing Up for Critical Vocals (testing gear for vocal sessions) / Square One: Going by the Book (the Red Book spec for audio CDs) / Working Musician: Packaging to Please (effective CD-R packaging) / Final Mix: Both Sides Now (challenges faced by manufacturers) / REVIEWS: Panasonic / Ramsa WR-DA7 digital mixer; Audio-Technica AT3525 cardioid condenser microphone; Lexicon Studio (Mac / Win) digital audio workstation; E-mu Audity 2000 synthesizer module; Sonic Foundry ACID (Win) audio loop arranger; SPL Stereo Vitalizer Jack stereo psychoacoustic equalizer; Voyetra Digital Orchestrator Pro 3.01 (Win) digital audio sequencer; A.R.T. Tube PAC and Tube EQ preamp / compressor and EQ; QUICK PICKS: Audio Ease BarbaBatch (Mac); Big Fish Audio Didgeridoo CD-ROM; Clockwork Music CAL Tutor (Win); Masterbits Multimedia Trax File 2 Project X CD-ROM; Radial Cable Tek DI boxes

October 1998

Doing the String Thing (creating realistic solo string parts on your synth) / Cover Story: Mastering on a Budget (mastering in a personal studio) / Production Values: In the Studio with George Duke / QuickTime Closeup (musical applications of QuickTime 3) / DIY: Build the EM Pop Filter (construct a homemade vocal mic filter) / JAM Headliner: Sounds Like a Winner (conducting a professional sound check); JAM Vox: Perfect Mic Technique / JAM Riffs: Drum Style Checklist (essential musical styles for freelance drummers) / JAM Tech: Strange Bedfellows (Shafqat Ali Khan, David Wessel, and Matt Wright perform) / JAM House: Dialing In a Stellar Mix (tips for audio engineers) / ProFile: Sound but No Picture (David Slusser) / Tech Page: I Want to Take You Higher (sampling rates and audio quality) / Desktop Musician: Jammin’ Over the Net (virtual gigs on the Internet) / Service Clinic: Eliminating the Obvious (approaches to troubleshooting) / Final Mix: Who’s the Boss? (using technology productively) / REVIEWS: Yamaha O1V digital mixing console; Fostex FD-4 hard-disk recorder; Sonorus StudI / O multichannel digital audio card; Korg SGproX stage piano / master controller; Cycling ‘74 MSP (Mac) audio extensions for MAX; Xavier Serra smsTools (Win) analysis / resynthesis software; Opcode Studio 64 XTC MIDI interface / patch bay / synchronizer; Telex Cobalt SE60 electret condenser mic; QUICK PICKS: Gadget Labs WaveWARM; Discovery Firm From East Europe; HHB CDR-800; AMG Tony Mason...Steamin’; Zero-G Deepest India

September 1998

Days of Future Passed (’90s spin on Chamberlins and Mellotrons) / Cover Story: Attack of the Cardioids (large-diaphragm condenser mic faceoff) / Sampling Strings / Know the Score (primer on scoring to picture) / ProFile: Music of the Moment (Job) / Desktop Musician: What's Cooking at IRCAM? / Square One: All about Additive (additive synthesis) / Working Musician: Publishing 101 (information and tips about publishing contracts) / Operation Help: Expert Advice (Emagic Logic Audio; Sonic Foundry Acoustic Modeler; RealAudio; Sonic Foundry Sound Forge; U&I MetaSynth; studio montors' room response controls) / Final Mix: It's Around Here Somewhere (digital audio products should include asset management) / REVIEWS: Ensoniq PARIS DAW; Alesis XT20 and LX20 20-bit multitracks; Cakewalk Metro 4 digital audio sequencer; Korg N1 keyboard synth; Canam Quartz Studio digital audio software; Best Service Advanced Orchestra sample library; Opcode fusion:EFFECTS DSP plug-ins; Hafler TRM8 powered monitors; Gadget Labs Wave / 4 audio card; QUICK PICKS: F7 Sound and Vision Concept:FX vol. 1; Discovery Firm TR-808 / TR-909 ; Masterbits Add Lips Vocals vol 3; Pocket Fuel Rhythmic Architectural Design System

August 1998

Digital Audio Evangelists (A / D and D / A converter face-off) / Cover Story: Process This! (effects processing primer) / Production Values: If You Knew Suzie (interview with Suzie Katayama, arranger & conductor) / JAM Feature: Signals in the Air (wireless systems) / JAM Vox: Planes, Trains, and Vocal Fatigue (caring for your voice while on the road) / JAM Riffs: Preventive Medicine for Road Gear (caring for keyboards on the road) / Pro/File: Water World (Dan Stark's Liquid Life ) / Tech Page: Whatever Floats your Boat (floating-point vs. fixed-point processing) / Desktop Musician: Movin’ on Up (precautions before upgrading your Mac) / Working Musician: Rules of the Road (planning & booking a tour) / Final Mix: Getting Down in Surround (thoughts on mixing for surround sound) / REVIEWS: Korg D8 multitrack hard-disk recorder; U & I Software MetaSynth sound-design software; PreSonus ACP-22 dual compressor / limiter / gate; Yamaha MU100R sound module; Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro (Win) multitrack recording software; Mutronics Mutator analog filter; Bag End Infrasub-18 powered subwoofer; QUICK PICKS: Discovery Firm Discovery Keyboards; Equi=Tech ET1R; Zero G Guitar Odyssey; East West Drum ’n’ Bass Construction Kits

July 1998

Off the Beaten Path (exhibition soundscape design) / Cover Story: Build a Personal Studio on Any Budget (recommended components on four budgets, with and without computer) / Launching into Cyberspace (preparing audio files for the Internet) / Production Values: Mixer with the Midas Touch (interview with Bob Clearmountain) / Pro/File: Cart before the Horse (local band bhoss forms through the course of recording) / Tech Page: CD? No, DVD! / Desktop Musician: Mass Storage for Musicians (back-up and storage options) / Square One: Space Savers (codecs for Internet audio delivery) / Working Musician: Booking Basics (how to get local gigs) / Final Mix: Whither Ghost Apple? (the anguish of maintaining loyalty to Macintosh) / REVIEWS: Akai DPS12 modular hard-disk recorder; Emagic Logic Audio 3.0; Digitech S100 multi-effects processor; Soundscape Digital SSHDR1-Plus 2.0 hard-disk recorder; dbx MC6 stereo compressor; Jomox Xbase 09 analog drum machine; Daking 52270 mic preamp / EQ; Magix Music Studio Deluxe digital audio sequencer; Waves MaxxBass bass enhancement plug-in; Alternate Mode drumKAT Turbo MIDI percussion controller; Quick Picks: Sounds Good AB Roots Reggae; Discovery Firm Sound Effects; Power Technology DSP FX Visual Pro Audio 3.2; USB Mediterranean Instruments; Dan Dean Bass Collection vol. 2

June 1998

Cover Story: Is the SM58 Still King? (dynamic mic face-off) / All Together Now (sampling instrumental ensembles) / A Day in the Life: Diary of a Song Session (step-by-step procedure for a demo session) / JAM (focus: tuning / intonation) / JAM feature: The Buzz on Tuning (Buzz Feiten’s revolutionary new guitar tuning system) / ProFile: Bits and Pieces (Lecture on Nothing) / Desktop Musician: Streaming MIDI (creating Web music that can play in real time) / Recording Musician: Rolling Thunder (techniques for recording electric bass) / Working Musician: Buried Treasures (low-profile composing gigs) / Service Clinic: The Big Picture (organizing the service process) / Final Mix: What’s in a Word? (double-talk in product specs) / REVIEWS: Fostex D-90; Sonic Foundry Acoustics Modeler; Akai MPC2000; Event Electronics Gina; Musician’s Ear Chord Transcriber; Quick Picks: Sampleheads NYC Percussionworks; East-West Communications Electronica; Spectrasonics Liquid Grooves; AMG Steve White: On the Beaten Track

May 1998

Look Before You Leap (preparation for a Web music project) / Cover Story: In Your Face Mixing (pointers on creating mixes that shine) / Plug In, Turn On, Space Out (reverb plug-in face-off) / Tech Page: No GUTS, No Glory (new IBM 1 GHz chip) / Desktop Musician: Back to School Online (educational Web sites on electronic music) / Recording Musician: Will the Signal Be Unbroken? (studio adapters) / Square One: Music by the Numbers (algorithms) / Working Musician: Sonic Web Weavers (careers in Web music) / Operation Help (tips for Cakewalk, ReBirth, DA-88 and Darwin) / Final Mix: It’s in the Air (only transducers really deal with sound) / REVIEWS: Big Briar Ethervox theremin; Wavefront Travel Case theremin; TC Electronic G-Force; Steinberg ReBirth RB-338 1.5; Encore Expressionist; Symetrix 628; GeneralMusic RealPiano Pro 2; Avalon VT-737; Quick Picks: Virtual Reality 3D SFX vol. 1; Bolder Sounds Granular vol. 2; Quantum Leap Guitar and Bass; Q Up Arts Kit Watkins: Ambient Realms

April 1998

Six-String Computer Tutors (guitar-instruction CD-ROM plus Optek Smartlight guitar faceoff) / Cover Story: Workhorse Workstations (keyboard workstation faceoff) / Software Synths on Parade (faceoff) / JAM (focus: warming up) / ProFile: Old World in a New Time (Mike Curtis Klezmer Quartet) / Tech Page: Sleepless in Santorini (april fool's) / Recording Musician: Studio Leapfrog (studio hopping) / Square One: Modulation 101 (synth modulation programming) / Working Musician: Doing It from a Distance (be a pro anywhere you are) / Service Clinic: Learn the Miller Method (Peter Miller tech advice) / Final Mix: All Studios, Great and Small (Bugs Bunny metaphors) / REVIEWS: Novation Super Bass Station sound module; Focusrite Green 5 Channel Strip processor; Yamaha G50 guitar MIDI converter; Korg DL8000R digital multitap delay; Steinberg DSP plug-ins (Mac / Win); Coda Music Technology Vivace Practice Studio (Mac / Win) practice system; Rode NT1 large-diaphragm condenser mic; Quick Picks: Q Up Arts Latin Groove Factory; Spectrasonics Burning Grooves; AMG Guitarras Atomicas; East-West Hypnotica sample CD-ROMs

March 1998

Wild Things (field recording for sampling, sound design) / Cover Story: The CD-R Software Cook-Off (Mac & PC face-off) / Playing the Slots (PC digital-only sound card face-off) / In the Kitsch-en with the Moog Cookbook (interview with analog stalwarts) / Tech Page: The Next Generation (Super Audio Compact Disc, the new Sony / Philips CD format) / Desktop Musician: Tuning Up Windows for Audio / Recording Musician: Organizing Your Studio / Square One: The Modern Miracle of Digital Tape / Final Mix: Look Both Ways Before Crossing / REVIEWS: Korg Z1 synth; Prosoniq SonicWorx Artist (Mac) sound-design software; Mark of the Unicorn MIDI Timepiece AV interface / patchbay / synchronizer; Generalmusic SK76 keyboard workstation; Opcode Studio Vision Pro 3.5 (Mac) digital audio sequencer; Drawmer MX30 gate / compressor / limiter; Cesium Sound Flex Processor 1.3 (Mac) MIDI prcessing software; IK Multimedia Axe percussion-loop CD-ROM; DUY DSP Shape, Tape, and Valve DSP plug-ins (Mac)

February 1998

Blow the House Down! (sampling brass and woodwinds) / Cover Story: Studio Heart Transplants (affordable digital mixers) / Tube Mic Tete-a-Tete (tube mic face-off) / Master Class: Secrets of the Virtual Studio (Roland VS-880) / JAM (soloing) / Pro/File: One from the Heart (Omar Sosa) / Tech Page: A Multicast of Thousands / Desktop Musician: Csound C Cruise / Recording Musician: Using Expanders and Gates / Square One: Merrily We Analog (analog tape decks) / Working Musician: Gigging for Gigs (alternative places to play) / Service Clinic: DIY and Service on the Web / Final Mix (decision making) / REVIEWS: Roland V-Pro electronic drums; Digital Audio Labs DAL V8 (Win) hard-disk recording system; Alesis NanoBass & NanoPiano sound modules; Joemeek VC1 Studio Channel voice processor; Quasimidi Rave-o-lution 309 drum / bass synthesizer; AKG Emotion D 770 & D 880 dynamic microphones; Stro Lion N'Hummer 1A AC hum eliminator; Discovery Firm Vintage 1-Sustain sample CD-ROM

January 1998

Cover Story: 1998 Editor's Choice Awards / Card Games (PC sound-card face-off) / Master Class: Too Much FUN (Using FUNs in Kurzweil K2000 & K2500) / Pro/File: Wonder of Wonders (David A. Jaffe and the Radio-Drum) / Square One: More Power! (power amps) / Desktop Musician: Solving Sound Card Mysteries (installation PC sound cards) / Working Musician: From Song to Screen (business tips for music for film & TV) / Tech Page: Stream On (Lucent's elemedia division's new streaming audio technology) / REVIEWS: Yamaha AN1x synthesizer; Sound Werx Syntonic Generator sample-CD set; Focusrite Green 3 Voicebox voice processor; SEK'D Samplitude 4.04 (Win) digital audio software; East-West Scoring Tools, vol. 1 sample CD-ROM; Symbolic Sound Kyma 4.5 (Mac / Win) sound-design workstation; Symetrix 606 Delay F / x dual-mono delay

December 1997

Toy Story (music making with toys / Cover Story: Noteworthy deals (inexpensive Windows notation software face-off) / Creative Space: Curve of the Groove (Jack West & Curvature) / Pro/File: Fingertip Finesse (Tom Roady & Zendrum) / Recording Musician: Recording Upright Bass (with Myles Boisen!) / Desktop Musician: In the Director's Chair (sound & multimedia capabilities of Macromedia Director) / Tech Page: O Solero Mio (purchasing sheet music on the Web with Sunhawk's Solero) / REVIEWS: Yamaha A3000 digital sampler; PG Music Band-in-a-Box 7.0 (Win) auto-accompaniment software; Alesis Wedge digital reverb; BIAS SFX Machine 1.02 DSP plug-in; Sweetwater Grand Piano Collection sample CD-ROM; Cakewalk Pro Audio 6.0 (Win) digital audio sequencer; Emagic Audiowerk 8 PCI audio card; Benson StudioStat 8.2 hybrid close-field monitors; ADA Ampulator tube preamp / speaker emulator

November 1997

Cover Story: Quiet Storms (products with amp- and speaker-emulation circuitry) / Playing the Field (field-recording applications) / Gear to Go (products for field recording) / Immaculate Audio (tips for maximizing digital audio tracks) / JAM (freelance drumming, getting consistent bass sounds, wireless mic systems, guitar tones that complement the overall band sound) / Pro/File: Rhythm Space (Ritmo Junction) / Desktop Musician: Playing the Game (overcome memory limitations when composing for computer games) / Recording Musician: Classic Vocal Enhancements (using reverb to simulate famous vocal tracks) / Square One: General MIDI / Working Musician: The Rights Stuff (ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC primer) / Tech Page: Reconfigurable Computing (FPGA chips which "rewire" themselves to accommodate different uses) / REVIEWS: Steinberg Cubase VST (Mac / Win 95) digital audio sequencer; Yamaha 03D digital mixer; Korg SoundLink DRS 1212 I / O audio card; Sounds Good AB Popped, vol. 1 drum sample CD-ROM; Synoptic Virtual Waves (Win) synthesis software; Discovery Firm History of K and History of R sample CD-ROMs; Peavey PVM T9000 tube condenser microphone; Sytek MPX-4A quad microphone preamp

October 1997

Extreme Recording Feats (8 engineers discuss unusual techniques) / Cover Story: Power Stations (active monitor face-off) / Loop it Good (using loops on DAWs) / Production Values: Shining Star (Maurice White interview) / Pro/File: Digital Atmospherics (Kenneth Newby's Opcode MAX compositions) / : Desktop Musician: Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 / Working Musician: Visible Means of Support (tips for tech support) / Recording Musician: ADAT Maintenance / Square One: Power to the People (AC power for the studio) / Tech Page: Speakers of the House (new speaker design) / REVIEWS: Hammond XM-1 (drawbar sound module); Seer Systems Reality 1.0 (software synthesizer); Blue Chip Axon NGC 77 (guitar-to-MIDI converter); Retrospec Squeeze Box (tube compressor); Kurzweil Take 6 (sample CD-ROM); Dissidents Sample Wrench 4.0 (Windows sample-editing software); Edirol Sound Canvas SC-88 Pro (GM sound module); Q Up Arts Voices of Native America (sample CD-ROM); Passport Master Tracks Pro Audio 1.0 (Windows digital audio sequencer); Earthworks TC40K (condenser microphone)

September 1997

Creative Space: Garage Band (John Taylor's personal studio) / Cover Story: Songwriter's Summit (four songwriter talk about their craft) / Surfing the Pipeline (streaming audio on the Web) / JAM 3 (saving your voice, live guitar sound, picking bass cabinets, mixing from the stage, DIY drum accessories) / Desktop Musician: Be There Now (BeOS) / Recording Musician: Standing Strong (mic stands) / Square One: Marion the Editor / Librarian (organize your MIDI studio with editor / librarians) / Tech Page: Quantum Computing (incorporating quantum mechanics into computer functions) / REVIEWS: Diamond Audio S2 HPM-4100 (active monitor system); E-mu Carnaval (sound module); Emagic Zap 1.1.2 / Waves TrackPac-Pro 1.11 (audio-file compactors); Line 6 AxSys (guitar amp); Sound Factory Power Hits (sample CD); Sweetwater Sound Ultimate Guitars (sample library)

August 1997

Diva Mix (mixing En Vogue) / Cover Story: Picture This! (desktop sound, music, dialog editing and time code for film) / Time Machines (sampling harpsichords, clavichords, and pipe organs) / Reaching for the Stars (rich man / poor man compressor face-off) / Pro/File: Dark Spirits (Lycia) / Desktop Musician: From Desktop to Disc (preparing masters for CD replication) / Recording Musician: Creative Drum EQ / Working Musician: Publisher's Roundtable / Tech Page: Good Vibes (Tactile transducers reduce SPLs) / REVIEWS: Digidesign Pro Tools 4.0 (Mac) (digital audio editor); Roland JP-8000 synthesizer; Nightpro EQ3-D (dual-channel equalizer); Tracer DART Pro (Win) (noise-reduction software); Spectrasonics Distorted Reality (sample CD-ROM); Ambiance Acoustics California Cubes (close-field monitors)

July 1997

That Bacharach Touch (a loving ode to our musical father) / Cover Story: Mad for the Mini! (Minidisc faceoff) / Anatomy of a Mix / Shockwave on a Shoestring (preparing audio for the net) / Pro/File: Beach Party Bingo (Aqua Velvets) / Desktop Musician: World Premiere (multimedia editing on Adobe Premiere) / Recording Musician: Avoiding Phase Cancellation / Square One: Going Direct (direct boxes) / Working Musician: The Selling of Self (personality marketing) / Service Clinic: Step on It (DIY footpedals) / Tech Page: Balancing Act (balanced DSP technology) / REVIEWS: Genelec 1029A / 1091A (monitors); MOTU Digital Performer 2.0 (digital audio sequencer); RØDE Classic (tube condenser microphone; Frontier Design Group WaveCenter for Windows (digital audio interface card); Peavey Spectrum Bass II (sound module); Larry Washington Big Fat Beats & Loops sample CD; Binari Sonori Sound SuperEdit 1.0 for Mac (batch audio-file processor); TASCAM DA-P1 (portable DAT recorder); Coda Finale 3.7.2 for Mac (notation software); Yamaha REV500 (digital reverb); L2 Platinum Sounds (sound-effects library)

June 1997

Heavenly Tones (7 guitarists discuss their rigs, recording styles) / Rich Man, Poor Man (4 high-end, 4 low-end mic preamps) / Jailhouse Rock (Bobby BeauSoleil records in prison) / Cover Story: Fix it in the Mix (repairing tracks during mixdown) / ProFile: Vintage Vanguard (Acme Rocket Quartet) / Desktop Musician: Microsoft DirectX Media / Service Clinic: Dinosaur Quarry, Pt. 2 / Square One: Get on the SCSI Bus / Recording Musician: The ABCs of Recording (alphabet) / Working Musician: Timing is Everything (timing a CD release) / Tech Page: Audio Service Bureau (online DSP) / REVIEWS: Lexicon MPX 1 multi-effects processor; Sonic Foundry Sound Forge 4.0a (Win) digital audio editor; TC Electronic Finalizer mastering processor; Novation DrumStation Rack drum module; Waves AudioTrack v. 2.2 (Mac) EQ / compressor plug-in; A.R.T. Pro VLA 2-ch. tube compressor; Niche Automation Station; MIDI controller

May 1997

Hidden Gems (NAMM digital audio underdogs) / Cover Story: Capturing the Classics (recording live classical music) / Creative Space: Home Electronics (David Michael Matuch's studio & music: he's got muscular dystrophy) / JAM 2 (Portable PA faceoff, mic technique, amp faceoff, working with piano samples, 5-string bass tips, cymbal-purchasing tips, multimedia performance, working with sound people) / Pro/File: Head Space (Paedon) / Working Musician: Words and Music / Desktop Musician: Multimedia Gets a Speed Boost / Recording Musician: Ready, Set, Compress! / Service Clinic: Dinosaur Quarry (Q&A) / Tech Page: The Next Speaker (NXT flat-panel speakers) / REVIEWS: Kawai K5000W synth; William Coakley Perfect Piano Series, Vols. 1&2, Soundtrek The Jammer Professional 2.08 (Win); Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor (compressor / tape-saturation emulator); Yamaha P50-m piano module; Zefiro Acoustics ZA2 (Win); Sound Werx Vortexual Amplitude sample CD

April 1997

Master Class: A Piece of Cake (Cakewalk Pro Audio) / Cover Story: Dream Dates (choosing between MiniDisc, MDMs, M-HDRs, DAWs) / Organic Chemistry (sampling the B-3) / Production Values: Musical Chairs (Charlie Peacock) / Pro/File: Summertime Blues (Ronnie Po) / Desktop Musician: Plugging into AudioSuite / Working Musician: Schoolhouse Rock (teaching music) / Recording Musician: Acoustic Guitar EQ / Square One: Hard-Disk Recording / Tech Page: Hypernet / REVIEWS: Digidesign Pro Tools Project (Mac); Korg N364 (keyboard); Sonic Arts Sounds of the '70s sample CD; Symetrix 551E (EQ); Sion QuickScore Elite Level II (Win) sequencer; Spectrasonics Heart of Africa / Heart of Asia sample CDs; Rane Mojo Squeeze MC22 stereo compressor

March 1997

High-Tech Tutors (educational CD-ROMs) / Cover Story: The Fab Five (digital audio sequencer face-off) / Creative Space: Barnstorming (Jethro Tull's Martin Barre and his studio, The Presshouse) / Master Class: A Place For Everything (positioning elements in a mix) / Pro/File: Surreal Wind (J. Arif Verner) / Recording Musician: Optimum Gain Structure (setting gain levels) / Square One: Selecting the Right Bank (MIDI Bank Select) / Service Clinic: Questions and Answers (getting synth sounds from the Web) / Working Musician: Success by Association (users groups) / Tech Page: The Need for Speed (ADSL technology for phone lines) / REVIEWS: E-Mu E4K (sampler); Macromedia Deck II 2.5 (Mac); Sound Factory Groove Construction Kit sample CD; Roland PMA-5; Yamaha CS1x; Front Room Productions Producer Series CD; Audix PH-15vs monitors

February 1997

A House Divided (recording in different rooms at home) / Sampling the World (sampling ethnic instruments) / Cover Story: Home Improvement (Prepare any room for recording) / The Audio-File Jungle (audio-file formats for multimedia and the Web) / Production Values: Danny's Big Adventures (Interview with Danny Elfman / scoring for movies) / JAM 1 (G3's guitar sounds, choosing a vocal mic, acoustic guitar tones, keyboard monitoring, vintage-sounding bass amps, drum sounds, using computers onstage, sound check tips) / ProFile: Laying Down the Crunch (James Murphy from Testament) / Desktop Musician: Getting Away from It All (reducing noise levels by putting your comp. in the closet) / Recording Musician: Glorious Acoustic Guitars / Working Musician: New Frontiers in Copyright (legal issues for new media) / Service Clinic: Memorymoog & Hybrid Design / Tech Page: When the SHARC Bites (new DSP chip) / REVIEWS: Waldorf Pulse (analog synth); Alesis Nanoverb; TASCAM M-1600 (mixer); Gracenote Musician's Manage (Win); Musicware Nightingale 3.0 (Mac); Aphex Model 109 (EQ)

January 1997

The Phantom of the Brain Opera (Tod Machover and the MIT Media Lab) / Cover Story 1997 Editors' Choice Awards / Production Values: The Little Demo that Could (John Leventhal / Roseanne Cash) / Polishing Your Image (sampling acoustic instruments in true stereo) / ProFile: Desert Song (Thomas Goodlunas) / Recording Musician: Mixing Background Vocals / Desktop Musician: Tasty Web Sites / Working Musician: Resources for Women in Music / Tech Page: Liquid Audio / REVIEWS: Power Technology DSP•FX 1.0 (Win); TC Electronic M2000 Wizard; Digital Kitchen Akil Wemusa Bass Loops, Vol. 1; BIAS Peak 1.10 (Mac); Opcode Vision 2.5 (Win); INA-GRM GRM Tools 1.51 (Mac)

December 1996

Tech Toys (cool gifts for under $200) / An Economy of Scales (small- and large-diaphragm condenser mics compared) / Cover Story: Going Global (creating a Web page for your music / band) / Creative Space: Fortress Rising (Henry Robinette) / Production Values: Married to the Music (Neil Giraldo / Pat Benatar) / ProFile: Good Vibrations (Bryan Bogue) / Desktop Musician: QuickTime Face-Lift / Recording Musician: Creative Bass EQ / Square One: Dithering Heights / Tech Page: Now Hear This (cochlear implants) / REVIEWS: Event Electronics 20 / 20bas; Creamware tripleDAT 2.0 (Win); Quasimidi Quasar; Voyetra Digital Orchestrator Plus (Win); DigiTech VTP-1; Philips IS 5022 Sound Enhancer

November 1996

Production Values: Shop Talk (Seibold, Shel Talmy, and Youth) / Cover Story: The Magnificent Seven (modular hard-disk recorder shootout) / Multitimbral Muse (Yamaha's new XG sound modules) / Simply Grand (how to create grand piano samples) / ProFile: Music Man (Dan Shimmyo) / Desktop Musician: Creating a Monster (sound-design ideas) / Recording Musician: Enhancing the Spectrum (master popular spectral enhancers) / Service Clinic: Hybrid Synth Power-Up / Working Musician: Executive Ears / Square One: Caveat Connector / Tech Page: It's Not the Pits (erasable / reusable CDs) / REVIEWS: TASCAM DA-38; Earthworks OM1 and TC30K; IQS SAW Plus 2.9 (Win); Roland A-90; Intelligent Devices PAA 2.0 (Mac); Aardvark AardScape; 3D Sound 3D Keys, Vol. 1: The Dream Weaver; Lexicon PCM 90; Z-Systems z-8.8; Folded Space Micro Room

October 1996

A Day in the Life: An Orchestrated Escape (Shirley Walker and John Carpenter score Escape from LA) / Cover Story: Cool Tools (cool Mac and Windows music shareware) / Creative Space: Trailer Numbers (Robert Etoll composes miniscores for movie trailers) / Persistence of Vision (tips for using Opcode's Studio Vision Pro) / That Synching Feeling (tutorial on time code) / ProFile: Heavenly Harmonies (Jo Miller and Laura Love) / Desktop Musician: Site Seeing (music Web pages) / Working Musician: Entertainment Lawyers / Service Clinic: Hybrid Synth Service / Recording Musician: Recording Spoken Word / Tech Page: Headspace Rangers / REVIEWS: Ensoniq MR-Rack; Hohner Midia Personal Composer (Win); Mackie UltraMix; Alesis MicroVerb 4; Musitek PianoScan 2.5 (Win); Korg ih

September 1996

Back To School (music-education programs) / Cover Story: The Budget Desktop Studio / Production Values: Space-Age Pioneer (Juan Garcia Esquivel) / In The Loop (looping techniques) / ProFile: Ping-Pong Wizardry (Enna Deer) / Square One: Control Is Everything (MIDI Machine Control) / Desktop Musician: Don't Be a Crash Dummy (keep your hard disk fragment free) / Recording Musician: South American Session (improve your world-music tracks) / Tech Page: Maximum Mpact (integrated media processors) / REVIEWS: Roland VS-880; Digidesign Audiomedia III (Win); Alesis DM5; Steinberg WaveLab 1.0 (Win); Yamaha CBX-D5 (Win)

August 1996

Silent Partners (acoustic treatment comparison) / Cover Story: Traveling Companions (portable keyboard comparison) / Cubist Art (Steinberg Cubase 3.0 master class) / Production Values: I Was a Teenage Record Producer! (Producer Bob Ezrin) / ProFile: Twisted Sister & Misters (Amy Neuburg & the Men) / Desktop Musician: WIndows Multimedia Tools / Working Musician: Publishing Your Praise (get your worship music published) / Service Clinic: Analog Mods / Tech Page: The PACMan Cometh / REVIEWS: Buchla Lightning II; Macromedia SoundEdit 16 2.0 (Mac); Yamaha RM800; Musicator A / S Musicator Audio 1.0 (Win); DigiTech Studio Quad; Sampleheads New York City Drumworks

July 1996

Squeeze Boxes (compressor comparison) / Cover Story: The Windows Studio (make your PC a hard-disk recording studio) / Points of Reference (close-field monitor comparison) / Continental Delights (1996 Frankfurt Musikmesse) / Pro/File: Tunesmith (Patrick Godfrey) / Working Musician: The Road to Self-Publishing / Desktop Musician: Postcards from the Web / Square One: Internet Glossary / Recording Musician: Working on the Sidechain Gang / Service Clinic: Analog Potpourri / Tech Page: Fire in the Wire / REVIEWS: Yamaha 02R; Korg Trinity; Crown CM-700; Yamaha Visual Arranger (Win); Sony DPS-V77; Interactive Light Dimension Beam; Invision Interactive Keith Emerson

June 1996

A Day in the Life: Ring My Bell (technology brings to life a long-silent bell tower) / Cover Story: Burn, Baby, Burn! (CD-R tutorial + four drives compared) / Hear No Evil (protect your hearing easily) / Master Class: Advanced Logic (E-magic Logic Audio user tips) / ProFile: Spooky Diva (Jill Tracy) / Square One: Genesis of a Standard (SMFs explained) / Recording Musician: Patch-Bay Profiles (3 configurations shown) / Working Musician: Taking It to the Street (alternative marketing strategies) / Tech Page: Nanocomputers / REVIEWS: Alesis QS6; Motion Sound Pro 3; Dynaudio Acoustics BM5; Artic AudioBase (Win); Bolder Sounds Eclectic, Vol. 1; Viscount EFX-1; InVision CyberSound FX (Mac)

May 1996

Creative Space: Rush Limbo (Alex Lifeson) / Cover Story: Modular Digital Madness (MDM shoot out) / NAMM's Greatest Hits (Winter NAMM pick hits) / Multitasking Marvels (buyer's guide to 39 multi-effects boxes) / ProFile: Hula a Go Go (Hula Monsters) / Desktop Musician: Home, Home on the Web (building a Web page) / Square One: The Wizard of dBs Returns (acoustic decibels) / Working Musician: Label Machinations (starting your own independent record label) / Service Clinic: Voltage-Controlled Oscillators / Tech Page: For a Few Cents More (microtunable synth engine) / REVIEWS: E-mu Darwin; Kurzweil K2500; Tannoy PBM 8 LM; Roland GP-100; Enxoniq / Q Up Arts Steve Gadd Drum Scores; Ensoniq DP / 2; Groove Tubes EQ1

April 1996

Field Trip (tour the New England Synth Museum) / Cover Story: The Sophisticated Mix (blend signal processors into an aural cocktail) / Production Values: Listen to the Music (Mitchell Froom) / Master Class: Freewheelin' with FreeStyle (MOTU's sequencer explored) / ProFile: The Working Man's Blues (Calfee Jones) / Recording Musician: The Mini Mic Cabinet / Desktop Musician: Making an Enhanced CD / Working Musician: The Taxman / Tech Page: In Hot Water / REVIEWS: Opcode Studio Vision Pro 3.0 (Mac); Fostex DMT-8; Cakewalk Pro Audio 4.01 (Win); Korg i4S; Digidesign Session 2.0 (Mac); Spectrasonics Bass Legends, Vol. 1; Alesis ADAT XT; Eventide DSP4000 Ultra-Harmonizer 2.0

March 1996

Cover Story: Everything You Wanted To Know About Releasing Your Own Album (But Didn't Know Who To Ask) / Master Class: Programming the Roland Super JV / The Natives are Restless (importing non-native samples) / ProFile: Swingtown (Doug Robinson) / Recording Musician: A Quick Take on Condensers / Working Musician: Seductive Promotion / Service Clinic: Build a Moog Filter / Tech Page: Java Jive / REVIEWS: Technics SX-WSA1; Zendrum Z-2; SEK'D Samplitude Studio 2.06 (Win); Audio-Technica ATH-M40 & ATH-D40; Roland MS-1; Mark of the Unicorn Unisyn 1.2 (Win); Rocksonics MVCA-4; Eye & I Legacy

February 1996

Creative Space: Primal Guitar (Randy Roos) / Cover Story: Bits and Pieces (how top recording engineers record the stars) / Sizzling Sequences (make expressive MIDI tracks) / Hot Stuff (tube mic preamp face-off) / DIY: Build the EM Theremin / ProFile: Cross-Culture Club (João Ferreira) / Desktop Musician: Interactive Resumes / Recording Musician: One Room / Working Musician: The Fine Print / Service Clinic: Analog Service, Part 5 / Square One: Digging Into Digital Audio / Tech Page: Holographic Storage Data / REVIEWS: Korg Prophecy; TASCAM DA-30 MKII; Steinberg Cubasis Audio (Win); Marion Systems ProSynth; Hohner MIDIA Drumatix; Oberheim OB-3; Lyrrus G-Vox; Big Fish Audio West Coast Funk Stew

January 1996

Audio Abduction (capture pristine digital audio for CDs) / Cover Story: 1996 Editors' Choice Awards / A Day in the Life: Jazzin' it Up (live recording for the Concord Jazz label) / Creative Space: Dynamic Duo (Fleming and John) / ProFile: Sweet Solitude (Steve Hansen) / Working Musician: The Name Game (trademarking your band name) / Square One: The Wizard of dBs (defining decibels) / Service Clinic: Analog Service. Part 4 / Recording Musician: Sonic CPR for Drums / Tech Page: Satellite Radio / REVIEWS: Akai DR8; Tracer DART 1.0 (Win); Doepfer MS-404; PreSonus DCP-8; LA Drum Studio / Beatboy / D'nai drum patterns; Studiomaster Mixdown Classic 8