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electronic musician back issue topics (1986-1996)
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Year: 1986
January 1986

Choosing a Computer for Musical Applications
Long Distance Recording
Sequencers: The Composer's Assistant
Service Clinic: Obtaining EM Service
Optimizing Cassette Interfaces
Embossing Membrane Keyboards
Practical Circuitry: Fun With UARTs
Video Focus: Remote Without Batteries
REVIEWS: Yamaha DX21 Synthesizer
Passport MIDI
8 Plus (Apple II, C-64)
Southworth Total Music (Mac)
Tascam's Studio 8
Don Lancaster's Micro Cookbook, Volumes 1 & 2

February 1986

Mac the Axe
Studio Notes: Sync Tempos Under the Microscope
Tune DDIs (Digital Delays) to Your Rhythm
Digital Reverb Basics (Part 1)
Tip: Ground Fault Interrupters-A Lifesaver?
Build Bassmod and Add Punch to Synth Bass
Add the Simple Delay Time Readout to Your DDL
Practical Circuitry: The RS-232 Drummer
Interview: Mark Isham
Video Focus: Let's Go Shopping
REVIEWS: Mac Mirage Interface
Korg DW-8000 MIDI Synthesizer
Akai ME10D MIDI Delay
Dr. T's Keyboard Controlled Sequencer (Version 2
Syntech Studio 1
Korg SDD-2000 Sampling Digital Delay
Yamaha YPR-8 and YPR-6 Electronic Pianos

March 1986

Set Up a Basic MIDI Studio
MIDI in Live Performance
Choose a Strap-On Keyboard
Studio Notes: Attack of the Microprocessors
Interview: Howard Jones
Particularly Clean Music: The PCM Story
CZ Secrets!
Digital Reverb Basics (Part 2): Architectural Spaces Available Cheap
Practical Circuitry: Build a High-Frequency VCO
Modify Your Fostex X15 Tape Deck and Increase Output Level
REVIEWS: Invisible Keyboard Stands
Mark of the Unicorn Professional Composer (Mac)
Opcode MIDIMAC Patch Librarian (Mac)
Moog Song Producer (C-64)

April 1986

Guitar Synthesis: What You Need to Know
Santana's MIDI Guitar Composition System
Getting to Know the Amiga
Amiga: The Software behind the Hardware
Video Focus: Video With the Amiga
Studio Notes: Ambient Thoughts
Build a MIDI Thru Box
Build a MIDI Clock
Replacement for the SAD-1024
Interview: Tangerine Dream
REVIEWS: Dr. T's Echo Plus (C-64)
JLCooper MIDI Wind Driver

May 1986

Home Recording in the MIDI Age
Speak Fluent MIDI: Programming Synthesizer MIDI Parameters
Creating Ambience With MIDI-Controlled Synthesizers
Guitar-to-MIDI for Almost Cheap
The IVL Pitchrider 4000
The PCM Story (Part 2): Choosing a PCM Adapter
Sampanalog "Synthesis"
IBM PCs and Music Interview: Joe Zawinul
Programming-Listening to the Language of Sound
Practical Circuitry: Build SONIC (Poly-synth Sounds on a Budget)
Build the EM MIDI Interface
Limiter Mod
Build Low Impedance Balanced Line to High Impedance Unbalanced Line Adapt-er
REVIEWS: E! Board for the DX7
Fostex Model 80,4328.0.html
Soundcap: Mac Sampler
Texture (Version 2
Book: The Keyboard Synthesizer Library

June 1986

Video Access at Your Local Cable Station
Make a Budget MusicVideo Demo
Alternative Paths to Video-Graphic Systems
Atari 520ST: The MIDI Personal Computer
Program Listings for Atari ST: MIDI Sequencer and Single-Channel Filter
Thoughts on Programming Random Patch Generation Software
10 Favorite Mirage Disks
Inside the Record Business (Part 1): Life in the Majors
Getting the Most Out of MIDI Thru Boxes
Scoring a Movie the MIDI Way
Interview: Thomas Dolby
Build a Video Distribution Amp
Build a MIDI Program Change Foot switch
Practical Circuitry: Panel Fill-ers
REVIEWS: Fostex 4050 Synchronizer
Hybrid Arts DX Droid (Atari ST)
OP-4001 IBM PC MIDI Interface
Book: The DDL Handbook

July 1986

The Stand-Up Drummer: Trevor Morais' Live Setup (On Tour With Howard Jones)
Percussive Control of MIDI Synthesizers
Studio Notes: Styles of Electronic Percussion
The Lethal Nature of MIDI
Interview: The Progressive Pulse of Warren Cann
Making Waves: Visual Editing Basics
Service Clinic: Preventative Maintenance, Shipping, and Storage
IBM PC Display Systems for the Musician
Practical Circuitry: Build a Commodore 64 RS-232 Interface
Modify Casio CZ-101 and Expand Memory
Build a Quad Piezo-Electric Drum Trigger
REVIEWS: Dr. T's CZ Patch Librarian (C-64)
The E-mu SP-12 Drum Machine
Roland DDR-30 and Pad-8 Controller
Roland PD-10 and PD-20 Drum Pads
Yamaha RX-Editor

August 1986

Making Your Micro Musical (Part 1)
Using the EM Interface: A MIDI Echo
Yamaha's CX5M
MIDI Muting and Mixing for the Masses
Making Waves (Part 2): Digital Signal Processing
Service Your Own Gear
Inside the Record Business: Smaller Labels and Print Media
An Acoustic Mixer
Build: Remote Control A-B Box
The SBX-80-to-Oberheim Connection
Interview: Alan Howarth-Successful Cinematic Synthesis
REVIEWS: Budget MIDI for the Mac
Yamaha SPX90 Digital Signal Processor
SynHance MIX and MIX+MIDI Mixers

September 1986

Telecommunications for Electronic Musicians
Music Related Telecom Services
How Music Professionals Use Telecommunications
Budget Modems
MIDIPrint: MIDI Data Display Program Listing
Making Your Micro Musical (Part 2)
Interview: Frank Zappa
Modify MXR Drum Computer With an External Sound Module
Build a MIDI Program Foot-switch
Modify Your SCI Drum Tracks
REVIEWS: Yamaha DX100 Synthesizer
Roland MKS-20 Digital Piano Module
Mark of the Unicorn's Performer (Mac)

October 1986

Assembling an Education
300,000 Jobs Available-Music in Churches
Educating the New Musician
Service Clinic: Product Reliability
Mastering With Beta Hi-fi
The Musical Apple II
Apple II Memory Dump Program
Interview: Philip Glass
Being a Starving Musician Is No Fun
Practical Circuitry: The Mini Controller (Part 1)
REVIEWS: Casio SK-1 Sampling Keyboard
Roland Muse to Apple IIe
Passport's Master Tracks (Apple II+ or IIe)
Dynacord CLS222 Rotating Speaker Simulator
Syntech's Studio II (Apple II+ or IIe)

November 1986

What Is Just Intonation?
Opening the Door to Music Math
Just Intonation for MIDI Synthesizers
Just and Mean Tone Tuning for Older Electronic Keyboards
Electronic Tone Synthesis
Interview: Wendy Carlos
So You Want to Be a Music Software Company?
Freelancing in Musical Electronics
MIDI Switch Boxes
Protect Your Gear: Build an AC Line Filter
Build a Voltage Controlled Counter
Yamaha FB-01

December 1986

Choosing the Right Sampler-Spreadsheet of Available Samplers
Fix It in the Mix With a Sampling Keyboard
Secrets of the Emulator II
Getting the Most From Akai S900
Alternate Scales for Even-Tempered Samplers
Interview: Pierre Schaeffer & Pierre Henry: Pioneers in Sampling
Becoming a Service Technician
Stochastic Video Editing
Electronic Guitarist: State of the Synth
Understanding How Guitar Pickups Work
Tips: Build a P.A. Headphone Monitor
Guitar Amp Output
MIDI Control Parameters
Mixing With Cheap Speakers
Build a Cable Continuity Tester
Build a Security System for the Gigging Musician
REVIEWS: DASCH Memory Expansion for the Mac
Deluxe Video Construction Set (Amiga)

Year: 1987
January 1987
Digital Signal Processors in Live Performance
MIDI Controlled Effects Devices
Cutting Through the EQ Jungle
Send in the (IBM PC) Clones
Telecommunications Tips
Modify the Mirage for Stereo Outputs
Build Fuzzstain: A Tube-Like Fuzz With Sustain
Service Clinic
REVIEWS: Hybrid Arts EX-Track (Atari ST)
Wersi M88 and Unique DBM MIDI Keyboard Controllers
Kurzweil K150 Rackmount Sound Module
Kawai Keyboard System-K3,
K3m-Rack + Hybrid Arts Wave Table Editor,5088
ART Performance MIDI Reverb

February 1987
MIDI Drum Pattern Librarian Program Listing for Atari ST
Humanizing Se quences
Software Tips
CZ Patch Librarian Program Listing for Atari ST
Software Sequencing Tips
Tape Basics
15 MIDI Misconceptions
Interview: Conny Plank
Build the Alpha Digital Drum for Under $10
Service Clinic
Build a Slide Pot Ribbon Controller
Using Batteries for Electronic Music Application
Careers: Music in Publishing
REVIEWS: Roland MPU-101, MIDI-to-CV Converter
Digi design Softsynth (Mac)
Mimetics Soundscape (Amiga)
Akai XZ100 Automated Mixdown Retrofit
Yamaha RX21L Drum Machine
Deep Magic DW8000 Patch Software
Sonus Casio Programmer/Librarian (C-64)
Sonus Casio Digital Disk
Synthetic Productions Casio RAM Cartridges With Programs

March 1987
Report From Japan
4-Track Cassette Recorder Matrix
Interview: Jan Hammer
Electronic Music Behind the Iron Curtain
Build a Two-Buck Pickup
Build Your Own Synth Sounds
Build the Mini-Controller (Part 2) (LFO)
Radio Shack Color Computer and Syntax Sequencer
Fun With System Exclusives
MIDI Mergers: Theory, Practice, and Applications
The Performing DX7
REVIEWS: Sonus Super Sequencer (C-64 / 128)
Siel DK70 MIDI Synthesizer
Casio MT500
360 Systems MIDI Merger
ART Proverb

April 1987
The Acoustic Drummer's Guide to Electronic Drums
Random Rhythms: Program Listings for the Atari and C-64
Things (About Recording) I Wish I'd Known Back When
Interview: Larry Fast
Maximum MIDI for Minimum Money
Modify the Casio SK-1 Sampler to Sync and Sequence
Build the "Peakmaker" for Your Electronic Guitar
Dare to Be Serviced
Looking for Mr. Goodsound: for the Electronic Guitarist
REVIEWS: Oberheim Prommer
Blank Software's Drum File for the SP-12 and Mac
The Fairlight Voicetracker: Pitch-to-MIDI Converter
MIDImouse CZ RAM Cartridges With Programs
Casio Video: Theory and Repair of Basic Phase Distortion Synthesizer Circuits
Axxess Mapper
Roland S-10 Sampler

May 1987
Music, Art, and Technology
The Evolution of the StickTM
Report From Europe
Build a Hot Mic Preamp
20 Tips for DIY MIDI Recording
Interview: Kitaro
Various MIDI Tips
REVIEWS: Vision for the Mirage
Listen: Ear Training for the Mac
Alesis Microverb
Books: Programs for Electronic Circuit Design
Atari ST Introduction to MIDI Programming

June 1987

Build a Five-Band Graphic Equalizer
Stereo Mirage Modification: The Sequel
Build Pocket Rockit, A Personal Amplifier
Service Clinic: Safety in the Electronic Music Workplace
Envelope Intimacy and the Art of Shaping Sound
The MIDI Virtuoso
MIDIPrint: Program Listing for the Atari ST
Interview: Robert Fripp
REVIEWS: Kahler Human Clock
Simmons MTM, TMI, and SDE
Roland GK-1 and GM-70 Guitar-to-MIDI System
Gateway Rhythm Machine
Roland MKS-50 Rack Mount Synthesizer
Enharmonik C-64 Patch Librarians
Maniac Music Sustainiac
Book: Wegner Corp. Coda Software Bibliography

July 1987
Live Keyboards With Cyndi Lauper
Wide Dispersion Sound System for Clubs (Part 1)
Ins and Outs of MIDI Program Change
Buying Your First Sequencer
Making Quantization Work for You
Programming the IBM MPU-401: The "Poor Man's Split."
Interview: David Torn
Do Your Own Synthesizer Memory Expansions
Service Clinic
The Lost Art of Synthesis (ESQ-1 & Analog
Digital Hybrids)
Studio Workplace Design
REVIEWS: Countryman Isomax Headset Microphone
Ibanez SDR1000 Digital Reverb
Grey Matter Response E! Rev. 2 for DX7
Dr. T's and Comput-Mates' Kawai K3 Editors (Atari ST)
Alesis Midiverb II and MPX MIDI Patch Transmitter
Book: Complete Guide to MIDI Software

August 1987
The Arrival of Intelligent Instruments: Algorithmic Composition
A Grand Sample-Sampling Tips
How to Build a MIDI Switcher
Random Patch Generator
Addition to EM CZ patch Librarian for C-64
How, When, and Why to Consult a Music Lawyer
Interview: Klaus Schulze
REVIEWS: Sonus FB-01 Design-Patch Editor (C-64
JLCooper MIDI Switch Box +
Upward Concepts Mirage Multi-Temperament Disk
Korg KME-56 Multigraphic EQ
Passport Master Tracks Pro (Mac)
Kawai R-100 Drum Machine

September 1987
The MIDIfied Guitar
Tips for Guitarists
What is DAT?
The Zipless Track-Comments on Yamaha RX5, TX81Z, JLCooper MSB+, Quad Monster, DX7 Memory Expansion and sound libraries for DX100
TX81Z, etc.
The Korg DSS-1: Applications
Build: The $10 Harmonic Sweetener
Interview: Michael Stearns
REVIEWS: Poly-6 MIDI Retrofit
Zeta Violin-to-MIDI Converter
Akai ME255 and ME30P
Synhance Voice Vault TX512 and TX192
Micro W EZ-CA RAM Cartridge, 1-2 MIDI, MIDI Cable Extender
The Casio FZ-1 Digital Sampling Synthesizer
DigiTech-IVL Steel Guitar-to-MIDI Interface
Elka and FFD MIDI Bass Pedals
Books: Beginning Synthesizer
Principles of Digital Audio

October 1987
The Feel Factor: Humanizing Your Sequences
Instructional Music Software
Alternate Tuning Programs-C-64 (DIY)
Home Recording: MIDI or Multitrack?
Wide Dispersion Sound System (Part 2)
Service Clinic
REVIEWS: Altech MidiBasic 2.0
Southworth Jambox,3351
Pitchrider 7000 Mark II Guitar-to-MIDI
Book: Electronic and Experimental Music
Yamaha REX50
Synetrix 522
Sonus RX Librarian, MIDI Processor, MIDITech 64
Dauz Drum Pads
Optical Media CD-ROMs-Universe of Sounds I & II
Northstar Emulator II disks

November 1987
Analog Synthesis Special: How Analog Synths Work
Shopping for a Synth
Customizing Software and Factory Patches
Optimizing S900 Samples
Sampling Time-Varying Waveforms
DX711 Programming Tips
Free CZ-101 Patch Sheet
Silicon Strollin': Mac BBS Shareware and Modern Guide
Music Notation in ASCII
Service Clinic
Build a Sampler for Your C-64
Build a Bipolar Power Supply
REVIEWS: Dr. T's Atari ST 4-Op Deluxe
Iota MIDI-Fader
Book: The Korg DSS-1 Sampler
Intelligent Music Upbeat Rhythm Programmer (Mac)
Synthetic Productions "Cartridge 3" Casio RAM Cart
Roland MKS-70
Seck 1882 Mixer, Hill Multimix
Opcode MIDIMac Sequencer 2.5 (Mac)

December 1987
Box of Magic: Touring China With a Kurzweil and a Mac
Audio for Arcade Games
Musical Toys
Wanna Rock? Build this Hot Keyboard Stand
Random MIDI Program for the C-64
Plucked String Sounds for Mirage From Your C-64 or Apple II
Interview: Bill Bruford
Cabling With Velcro
Modify Your Boss DD-2
RE VIEWS: Atari ST Programs-
Dr. T's The Copyist,
Hybrid Arts GenPatch,
MIDImouse Matrix-12
Xpander Librarian,
CompuMates Korg DW-8000 Synthdroid+
The EZ CZ Book,
Synthesist's Guide to Acoustic Instruments,
Cybernetic Music
Opcode Macintosh Patch Librarian
MIDI Station Xpandit #1 Xpander Patch Disk
Forat MSM 2000
Playrec for IBM Music Feature Music Magic IBM Music Card
Yamaha TX802
Garfield Time Commander

Year : 1988
January 1988

25 Hot MIDI Products for Under $500
Special Report: 83rd AES Convention
Update Your Dinosaur Synth
Tips for Getting the Most From Older Gear
Better Music Through Chemistry
Free Expander Patch Sheet
Solving Power Problems
Mastering the Yamaha TX81Z
REVIEWS: Casio MG-500
510 MIDI Guitar
Valhala ESQ-1Patches
Korg DRV-2000 Reverb
Triangle DX
TX and CZ Patch Librarians (C-64)
Fellows Jiffy DOS
64 (C-64 / SX-64)
Realistic Minimus-7 Speakers
Yamaha REV5 Reverb
Sound Ideas CD Sampler Library
Suzuki XG1m MIDI Guitar
E-mu SP-1200 Drum Machine
Korg DS-8 Synthesizer

February 1988

CD Production Guide
Three-Dimensional Textures in Electronic Music
Tape Recorder Alignment
Synchronized Recording
Virtual MIDI Tracks
MIDI by the Numbers: MIDI Note, Command, Message, Staus Control Tables
Making Musical Instruments Magical
Breaking Into Commercial Music
Atari ST Drumbox CZ-101 Program
Build an Amiga MIDI Interface
Service Clinic: Information and Part Sources
Make a Budget Floppy Disk Case
JLCooper PPS-1
Harmony Synhance MTS-1
Roland GP-8
Coda MacDrums
PD Patch Editors (Atari ST)
Korg DSM-1
Digital Music Services TX81Z Pro Editor
Book: FM Theory & Applications

March 1988

Sequencing for Live Performance
Def Leppard's MIDI Drum System
Tips for Using Mark of the Unicorn's Performer 2.1 (Mac)
The Feel Formula: Correlate Sequence Clock Pulses to Time
Eliminate Noise From Your System
Interview: John Cage
Juno 106,1421
DX21 Patch Generator Program(C-64)
Light-Touch Aftertouch Mod for the Roland JX-8P
REVIEWS: Savant Audio Edit-8000, Synergy Resources Synthview, MIDIMouse Fast Tracks (Atari ST)
Sound Quest DXII Master Editor
Librarian (Amiga)
Voyetra Sequencer Plus I, II & III (IBM)
Ensoniq EPS
Ensoniq SQ-80

April 1988

The Musical Computer: Music on the Amiga, Big Blues Does MIDI, The State of the Macintosh, The Atari Arrives
NAMM and CES Show Reports
Mac Power User = Power Muser (Part 1)
Reader Tips
CHORD: Algorithmic Composing Program (Atari ST)
Build the LED Bar Graph Peak Detector
REVIEWS: Digital Music Corp. MX-8 MIDI Patch Bay
Stick Enterprises Patch of Shades
Book: The Complete DX7
Akai MPX-8 MIDI-Controlled Mixer High-Tech Fuzz Boxes
Bartolini Tube It
Chandler Tube Driver
Nady Tube Distortion
Kurzweil K1000 Keyboard

May 1988

Powerful Percussion With FM Synthesis
Tips: Getting the Most From Your Drum Machine
Meet Zelda: an Altered Octopad
Inside L/A Synthesis
MIDI Spec Reaches Adolescence
Mac Power User = Power Muser (Part 2)
Service Clinic
Opto-Isolator Options for MIDI Projects
REVIEWS: Tandy CCR-81C Computer Cassette Recorder
Ad Lib Music Synthesizer
Prosonus CD Sound Library and Earworks CD Percussion Sound Library
Engineered Percussion E-Pedal
Alesis HR-16 Drum Machine
Mark of the Unicorn Performer 2.2 (Mac)
Digidesign Q-Sheet
Yamaha WX7 Wind MIDI Controller

June 1988

Plan for Developing a MIDI Studio
Using a Patch Bay
Tips for Using the Roland MC-500 and Yamaha QX5 Sequencers
Year of Living Dangerously (Part 1): Kofi Busia Pursues Full-Time Music Career
Mac Power User = Power Muser (Part 3)
SPX90 Librarian (IBM)
Build an Eight-in, Eight-out MIDI Patch Bay
DIY Brief Case Studio
Mystery Word Matrix
The Smooth Phaser
Service Clinic
RE VIEWS: McGill Sample Library
Roland M-240 Line Mixer
PKI Gun Drums
Dominant Functions Tiff Sequencing Software (IBM)
Snap GM-70 Companion Editor (IBM, Mac)
Palmtree Instruments Airdrums
Sampled Grands From Korg, Roland, and Yamaha

July 1988

Year of Living Dangerously (Part 2)
20 Great Achievements in 20 Years of Musical Electronics 1968-1988[/u]
Just Intonation on the New Yamaha Synths
Roland TR-707-Using It as a Sequencer
Reference Sheet for the DX7 E! Expansion Board
Stretching the Samples on an Akai S612
Portable Power: Computers for the Road
64-Patch CZ RAM Cartridge for $15
REVIEWS: Music Quest MIDI Starter System (IBM)
Lake Butler Sound RFC-1 MIDI Mitigator
Books: The Sampling Book
The Source
Successful Sound System Operation
Beaverton Digital TX81Z Editor
Blacet Research Instantmod for Casio CZ-101/1000 Modulation Retrofit

August 1988

What's in a Sequencer?
Year of Living Dangerously (Part 3)
Beyond Notes: Using Single-Note Events to Trigger Live Performance
Synchronization in the Home Studio: A Time Code Primer
Service Clinic
Keyfrets: Keyboard-to-Guitar Voicing Translator
REVIEWS: Technics SL-P1200 Professional CD Player
Bacchus TX802 Graphic Editing System (IBM PC)
Books: Casio FZ-1 and FZ-10
The MIDI Home Studio
DigiTech DSP-128 Digital Effects Signal Processor
Alesis MMT-8 Sequencer
Triton Soundprocess Software for the Mirage

September 1988

CD+MIDI+GRAPHICS: Will It Change the Industry?
NAMM Show Report (Part 1)
Peak Performance Tips for Onstage Sounds
KCS made Easy
Build the Pocket MIDI Controller
Service Clinic
Building High Performance Power Supplies
RE VIEWS: Altech MIDI Interfaces (Mac)
Magnetic Music Pyramid TX/DX Editor
Librarian (IBM)
Valhalla Studio Series D-50 ROM Cards
Passport Score Software (IBM)
Dr. T's KCS Level II Software With MPE (Atari ST)
Jim Miller's Personal Composer Software (IBM)

October 1988

NAMM Show Report (Part 2)
Create Your Own Music (Part 1): Soul of a Drum Machine
EM MIDI Channel Filter
Custom Modifications for the Akai EWI and EVI
TX81Z Tips for the MIDI Guitarist
Fairlight MIDI Slave
Service Clinic
Algorithmic Composition Program for C-64
REVIEWS: HB Imaging's HB Engraver (Mac)
Shark Electronic Drum Pedal
Lexicon LXP-1 Multi-effects Processing Module
Beetle Quantar MIDI Guitar
E-mu Systems Emax SE HD
Opcode Cue Software (Mac)

November 1988

Creativity, Recording, and the Conscious Mind
Music Workstations: EM Investigates the Korg M1, Roland D-20 and Ensoniq SQ-80
Using MIDI Time Code in Video Production
The ST Power User (Part 1)
MIDI-to-CV Conversion With the Vesta Fire MDI-1
Using the Alesis HR-16 as an Expander Module
Service Clinic
One-Chip Project: Build a Test Tone Generator
REVIEWS: Robert Keller's 48-Track PC Sequencer (IBM)
Groove Tube's Studio Series Tube Preamp
Rocktron GAP1 Guitar Preamp
Dr. T's 4-op Deluxe Editor
Librarian (Amiga)
Tascam 238 Syncaset 8-Track Cassette,3952
ADA MQ-1 and ART IEQ Programmable Equalizers
Digidesign Turbosynth (Mac),5770
Oberheim Matrix-1000
AKG ADR 68K Digital Reverb
Books: The Compact Guide to MIDI Software Series
C Programming for MIDI

December 1988

Transcontinental MIDI Songwriting Collaboration
Yamaha's G10 MIDI Guitar: Does It Really Work?
Program Your Amiga for Music With CZ-101 Editing program
The ST Power User (Part 2): The Software
Using Your Sequencer as a MIDI System Analyzer
Reader Tips
Modifying the ESQ-1 and SQ-80: "Dewitt's Click"
Service Clinic
Beat It: A Drum Sensor Interface for the Atari ST
REVIEWS: Command Development D-50 Command (Atari ST)
Solid Sounds Xpander Patches
Snap GP-8 Companion (IBM)
Synthophone: The MIDI Sax From Softwind Instruments
Lyre FDSoft: Harmonic Analysis and Resynthesis for the IBM
Synthia: A Digital Synthesis Program for the Amiga
Book Reviews: The MIDI Reference Series
Digital Electronic Music Synthesizers

Year: 1989
January 1989
Tips for High-Quality Recording in Budget Studios
Creating Music (Part 2): Structuring Your Song
Tips for Live Performance in the Sequencer Age
Secrets of the Yamaha FB-01
Experimenting With Brick Wall Filters
One Chip Project: A Breath-Controlled "Expressor"
Service Clinic
Casio DH-100
Zero One Research
D-50 Librarian
Korg 707
Korg DS-8
707 ROM Cards
Eventide Ultra Harmonizer
Marion Systems MS-9C 16-bit Retrofit for the Akai S900
C-Lab Notator and Creator: New Levels in Atari Sequencing

February 1989
A Field Guide to Sampling: The World is Your Waveform
Sample Recording Demystified
Ten Hot Sampling Tips
The Ultimate Sample Organizer
Real World Stereo in Your MIDI Mixes
Studios of the (not yet) Rich and (almost) Famous
Additive Programming: The Secret Life of the Kawai K5
Taming the Wild Algorithim
Build a Fiber-Optic Guitar Cord
The Simplest Atari Notation Program You'll Ever See
REVIEWS: Casio PG-380 MIDI Guitar Synth
Toshiba DX900 VHS Hi-fi VCR With PCM Audio
Cesium Sound D-50 ROM Cards
Blank Software's Alchemy (Mac)
Peavey Ultraverb
Roland Super-MRC (For the Roland MC-500 sequencers)

March 1989
AES Report
Sonic Tonic: 49 Hot Signal Processing Tips
Exploring East Indian Microtonality
Processing Your Way to Great Vocals
The MIDI Music Box: More Cheap Thrills for the Atari ST
Two-Chip Project: Not Just Another Headphone Amp
Service Clinic
REVIEWS: Korg P3 Piano and Symphony Modules
Boss ME-5 Guitar Multiple Effects
LTA Productions FWAP and TrackGenie (IBM)
Forte Mentor MIDI Master Controller

April 1989
DAT: What You Need to Know (Part 1)
Introducing Standard MIDI Files
Surviving a MIDI Studio Session
Interactivity in Action: "M" Meets the Amiga
One-Chip MIDI Computer: Meet the 68705 (Part 1)
TX Patch Librarian (C-64)
Service Clinic
NAMM Show Report
REVIEWS: Digisound Synth Modules
Antelope Engineering Tune Up
JLCooper MixMate
Turtle Beach Sample Vision,2387.0.html
Books: The Audio Dictionary
Electronic Music Dictionary
The Electronic Musician's Dictionary

May 1989
Making Music With Nature: Bernie Krause Samples Life
Power Sequencing: Secrets of Dynamic Sequence
Humanize Your Sequenced Music
A Buyer's Guide to DAT Recorders
Ghost in the Machine (Part 1): Using Test Routines to Troubleshoot Problems
Handling MPU-401 Interrupts With Turbo Pascal
EM MIDI Channelizer DIY for DX7
Service Clinic
REVIEWS: Anatek MIDI Pocket Products
Dr. T's Fingers (Atari ST)
Prosonus Studio Reference Disc
Book: Powell
Strunz Scale-Chord Synopticon
Passport Designs ClickTracks 2.0 (Mac)
Blake Kurzweil Sample Disks
Roland R-8 Human Rhythm Composer

June 1989
Dream Machines: Exploring High-End Audio Workstations
Sample Your House and Other Fun Emax Tips
Secrets of the Steinberg/Jones Pro-24 III Sequencer (Atari ST)
The MIDI-to-Trigger Converter
Service Clinic
REVIEWS: 360 Systems Professional MIDI Bass
Gambattel MIDI Wireless Transmitter and Receiver
Megatouch Atari ST Keyboard Modification
Wendel jr.: The Sample Playback Machine
Hybrid Arts EZ-Score Plus V.1.1
Lexicon CP-1 Stereo Processor
Cambridge SoundWorks Ensemble Loud Speakers

July 1989
Mixing in the MIDI Age: Introduction
Essentials of the Craft
The MIDI Perspective
Amplification & Transduction: New Tricks for Old Licks
Reader Tips
Ghost in the Machine (Part 2)
Slick MIDI Slider (Atari)
The Connection: A 4-voice, MIDI-to-Analog Synthesizer Interface
REVIEWS: Technics PR200
360 Systems MIDI Patcher
BBE 411
Synthware DX
TX Voice Packs
Yamaha V50 Digital Workstation
Coda Finale (Mac)
Lexicon MRC MIDI Remote Controller

August 1989
Pro Studio Comes Home
CD Packaging: State of the Arts
Turbosynth Tips
Using Dr. T's Programmable Variation Generator
RandoM1: A Patch Generator Librarian for the Korg M1
Live Film Sync Without SMPTE
Service Clinic
REVIEWS: Dr. T's Keys
Yamaha ARM1 Sliding Rackmount Adapter
Opcode Vision (Mac)
Sansui WS-X1 6-Track Cassette Deck
Mixdown Deck
RealTime 1.1 (Atari ST)

September 1989
New Life for Old Gear: the MIDI Retrofit Story
Resurrecting the Dinosaur
MIDI Mods for Your Minimoog
Recreating Classic Drum Machine Sounds
Using the Dinosaur With a MIDI-to-CV Converter
MIDI Programming in C (Part 1): MIDI Input and Output
Three-Chip Project: Universal Active Crossover
REVIEWS: KIII Wavetable Synthesizer
Synthetic Productions MASTERAM-64 Card
Primera Software Different Drummer 1.1
Take Note Ear-Training Software
Shaping Your Sound Instructional Videos
Book: Zwaan's Animal Magnetism for Musicians
Ensoniq VFX Synthesizer,1476
Roland W-30 Workstation
Scholz R&D MIDI Octopus

October 1989
Programmable Crunch: A Survey of Guitar Multi-effects Processors
Automated FX Systems for Guitarists
How Copyright Changes Affect You
In the Public Eye: Free Atari Software
MIDI Programming in C (Part 2): MIDI Data Debugger
Tips From EM Readers
The JLCooper PPS-1 Hot Rod Mod
REVIEWS: Ensoniq
Bose Acoustic Wave Piano
Intelligent Music Ovaltune (Mac)
Meico MIDI Commander and Patch Commander Programmable Footswitches
Peavey Automation System
E-mu Proteus
Roland GR-50 Guitar Synth
Hip Software Harmony Grid (Mac)

November 1989
Cutting the Cord: Choosing a Wireless System
Basic Studio Series (Part 1): Choosing and Using Near-Field Monitors
The Local Area Network: MIDI's Next Step?
MIDI Programming in C (Part 3): Patch Librarian Basics
FM Synthesis: 6-Op to 4-Op Translation
Two-Chip Project: The "Noisebuster" for Sequencer Metronomes
REVIEWS: Tascam MM-1 Mixer
JLCooper Fadermaster Remote Controller
Lexicon LXP-5 Effects Processor
Ensoniq EPS Signature Series Samples
Alesis HR-16B Drum Machine
Casio DA-2 DAT Deck
Yamaha G-10 ROM Update
Digidesign Sound Tools (Mac)
Microillusions Music-X (Amiga)
Dynacord ADS Sampler
Internal Music Systems GenWave
Texture 3.5 (IBM)

December 1989
100 Great Products for Under $100
The Industrial Video: Job Opportunities for Electronic Musicians
Basic Studio Series (Part 2): Power Amplifiers
Look, Ma! No Cables: Wireless Systems Applications
The Korg M1: Drum Machine of the Gods?
Better Samples Through Digital Limiting
Build the Studio Amplifier for Guitar
REVIEWS: Cheetah MS6
Scorpion Systems sYbil
Korg M3R,
Lake Butler Sound CFC-4
Lauria CZ Orchestra and CZ Rainbow
Tascam 688 MIDIStudio
Dr. T's Tiger
LTA Productions Forte II
Steinberg/Jones Avalon (Atari ST)

January 1990
Looking Ahead: Visions for the 1990[/u]s
Into the 21st Century: New Ways of Making Music
Beyond MIDI: The Return of Computer Music
Basic Studio Series (Part 3): Hunting for Headphones
SPUDS: Simple Projects
Useful Devices
REVIEWS: Aphex Studio Clock
TEACH Services Laser Music Processor (IBM)
Voyetra Sequencer Plus Mark III V.3.0 (IBM)
ROM Cards for the Korg M1
Steinberg/Jones Cubase (Atari ST)
Temporal Acuity MusicPrinter Plus (IBM)
Gateway Rhapsody (Mac)

February 1990
On Sound
Synthesis Techniques for the 1990[/u]s and Beyond
Harmonics: The Basics of Sound
Hard-Won Lessons About Hard Disks
Basic Studio Series (Part 4): Mixers
Build a Tube Preamp
Line Mixer Duo
REVIEWS: Electronic Arts Deluxe Music Recorder (Mac)
Brother MDI-30 Sequencer
MIDImouse Music Wave (Amiga)
Celestion SR Speakers
Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook
Rane MPE 14 MIDI Graphic Equalizer
Coda MusicProse (Mac)
dissidents MIDI Sample Wrench (Amiga)

March 1990
Basic Studio Series (Part 5): Microphone Primer
The MIDI Connection: Automated Studio Sessions for Acoustic Musicians
Microphone Technique
The Art and Craft of Using E-mu's Proteus
DIY: The MIDI Volume Fader
REVIEWS: Beyer TG-X Microphones
Passport Notewriter II (Mac)
Alesis MIDIverb III,2118
Anatek Pocket Record and Pocket Thru
The Peavey DPM-3 Composition Center,
Mark of the Unicorn Performer 3.3 and Passport Designs Pro4 (Mac)
Kawai K4 Wavetable Synthesizer,2717
The Musicator (IBM)

April 1990

The New Computers: Platforms for the '90s
Musical Multitasking
Basic Studio Series (Part 6): Getting Wired-A Power Primer
The Decibel Demystified
More SPUDS: Simple Projects
Useful Devices
REVIEWS: Dr. T's Tiger Cub (Atari ST)
Crown SASS Microphone
Eventide H3000 Ultraharmonizer
Symetrix SX205 Digital Meter
Chapman Stick
Korg T3 Music Workstation
Bars&Pipes (Amiga)
Waldorf Microwave Synthesizer

May 1990
Live Performance Issue: Introduction
Venturing Onto Center Stage With MIDI
The Essential Stage Monitor
The Onstage Sound Tip Sheet
Performance Power
Sequence Transfers: From Studio to Stage
Basic Studio Series (Part 7): Studio Ergonomics
DIY: The MIDIverb II "Echo Unit"
REVIEWS: Roland GP-16 Guitar Multi-effects Processor
Intelligent Music Upbeat 2.0 Rhythm Sequencer (Mac)
McGill University Master Samples Library
Coda Finale 2.0 Notation Software (Mac)
Ars Nova Practica Musica Ear-Training Software (Atari ST)
Passport Designs Encore 1.2 Music Composing
Notation Software (Mac)
Cannon Research Frontal Lobe and PCM Channel for the Korg M1
Big Noise Cadenza Sequencing Software (IBM)

June 1990
Insider Info: Tips From EM Readers
Basic Studio Series (Part 8): Tape Recorders
Tale of the Tape
Complete Control: Universal Editor
Beyond Randomness
My MIDI Doesn't Work
REVIEWS: Acoustic Research Studio Partners Speakers
Furman AR-117 AC Line Regulator
Prosonus Sound Library
Musonix MIDI Beacon and Tech 21 MIDI Checker
Voice Crystal RAM Cards for the Roland D-10 / D-20 / D-110
Yamaha SY77 Synthesizer
thoughtprocessors The Note Processor (IBM)

July 1990

Introduction: Fantasy Becomes Reality-New Frontiers in Music Making
Into New Worlds: Virtual Reality and the Electronic Musician
Programming for the Rest of Us
New Media for Music
DIY: How to Make Your Projects Look Great
Signal Processing Today (Part 1): An Ear for Processing
REVIEWS: Cool Shoes Drummer V.1.0 (IBM)
Akai XR-10 Drum Machine
Johnsware MIDIBoss V.1.3 (Atari ST)
ROM Cartridges for the Ensoniq VFX
Hughes & Kettner Cream Machine
Alesis 1622 Mixer,871
Roland Computer Music System for IBM Compatibles
Tascam MIDiizer MTS-1000 Multi-Synchronizer

August 1990

DIY: The Retro-Regenerator
Making the Groove
Drum Machine Buyer's Guide
The Search for the Perfect Beat
Signal Processing Today (Part 2): The Magic of Real-Time MIDI Control
REVIEWS: Drum KAT MIDI Percussion Controller V. 2.0
Niche Audio Control Module (ACM)
Valhala Sampling CDs
Kawai EQ-8 Parametric Equalizer
Anatek Uninterruptible Power Supply
Buchla Thunder
Vestax MR66 6-Track Cassette Recorder

September 1990

The Computer Musician: MIDI Interfaces for the IBM PC
Studio, Sweet Studio
Signal Processing Today (Part 3): The Dimensions of Delay
EM's Guide to Music Education Software
DIY: E-mu Emax Channel Output Modification
REVIEWS: Mark of the Unicorn MIDI Time Piece
Sound Quest MIDI Quest Universal Editor,696
Opcode Systems EZ Vision
Roland D-70 Super L/A Synthesizer
Spectral Synthesis Synth Engine
MiBAC V.1.2 Jazz Improvisation Software

October 1990
Going Tapeless: Hard-Disk Recording and Editing
The Legend of Digital Audio
Signal Processing Today (Part 4): Fun With Filters
Keeping It Digital: Digital Audio Interfacing
Tales From the Trenches: Using Hard-Disk Recording in the Studio
The Computer Musician: Conversing With Your Printer
REVIEWS: Zoom 9002 Multi-effects Processor
PG Music Band-in-a-Box
RAM Cartridges for the Kawai K4
Ensoniq SQ-1 Personal Music Studio
Dr. T's Beyond Sequencing Software (Mac)
Ensoniq VFX SD Version II

November 1990
Going Online: A Guide to Electronic Bulletin Board Systems
EM Guide to Keyboard Synthesizers
Nightmare on MIDI Street: Insuring Your Gear
Signal Processing Today (Part 5): Understanding Amplitude Modulation
The Computer Musician: Optical Disks
DIY: Merging With the Integrated MIDI Processor (IMP)
REVIEWS: E-mu Proformance/1+
JLCooper Synapse
Musonix Cuecube
Shure VP88 Microphone
Korg Wavestation Vector Synthesizer,1471
Digidesign Deck 4-Track Recording Software (Mac)
Yamaha SY22 Vector Synthesizer

December 1990
40 Great Gift Ideas
The Computer Musician: Alternate Input Devices
Learning by Note: The Pedagogical Sequencer
Signal Processing Today (Part 6): Frontiers of Digital Signal Processing
Put a MIDI Service Technician in Your Computer
From the Top: Inventors and Iconoclasts
REVIEWS: E-mu Proteus/2 Synth Module
Passport Trax 2.0 Sequencing Software (IBM)
ART DR-X Multi-effects Processor
Toucan Software Live Control Performance Software (IBM)
ZimmerWorks Zeebar Fingerstrip
Cakewalk Professional 3.0 Sequencer (IBM),2390.0.html
Cheetah Master Series 7P MIDI Controller
Theme Music Printing Software (IBM)
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Re: electronic musician back issue topics (1986-1996)
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January 1991

Unveiling the Mystery: The Basics of Electronic Music
Multitrack Recording: The EM Primer
Sync or Swim: Synchronizing to Tape
DIY: Power Panic Button for the EM IMP
The Computer Musician: Neural Networks and Computer Music
From the Top: What is MIDI, Anyway?
Service Clinic
Symetrix SX208 Stereo Compressor-Limiter
Music Writer 1.1 Notation Software
MIDIMAN Mini-Mixer
Roland S-770 Digital Sampler
Passport's Sound Apprentice Sample-Editing Software (Mac)
Digidesign Sound Tools Hard-Disk Recording System (Atari ST)
Dr. T's X-oR Universal Editor
Librarian (IBM)

February 1991
Beyond Sequencing: Interactive Electronic Music
Monster Synth Stacks
MIDI Systems Both Great and Small
EM Guide to Expander Modules
DIY: Creative Control With the EM MIDI Fader
The Computer Musician: Multi-Port MIDI for Your Computer
Service Clinic
From the Top: The Truth About Synthesizers
Repertoire Music Publisher 2.5.1
Uptown Technologies Flash Audio Switcher
Nady WML-50 MIDI Link Wireless MIDI
ZimmerWorks Zeebar
Opcode Studio Vision,3122.0.html
Steinberg/Jones Cubase 2.0
C-Lab Notator 3.0 (Atari ST)
DigiTech IPS-33B Super Harmony Machine
Wild Rose Technology !nspire 1

March 1991
Sampling from CD Libraries
The Computer as a Musical Instrument
Riding the Bus
Pumping Gain: Understanding Dynamics Processors
The Computer Musician: Multitasking With MIDI
From the Top: Samplers Made Simple
Service Clinic
Sony TCD-D3 DAT Walkman
Lexicon LXP-15 Multi-effects Processor
Jeanius Electronics Russian Dragon
Tannoy System NFM-8 Studio Monitors
Intone MIDI Maestro Audio and MIDI Patch Bay
Tascam DA-30 DAT Recorder
Gibson Labs Max MIDI Guitar Control System
Fostex G16 Tape Recorder

April 1991
Making the Gig
Recording Live, On Location
Decoding SMPTE
EM Guide to Hardware Sequencers
The Computer Musician: All About Memory
From the Top: How Sequencers Work
Service Clinic
Mark of the Unicorn Video Time Piece
Ibis Software Play It By Ear (IBM)
Prosonus Prodisk DDD Series Samples
Ensoniq EPS-16 Plus Digital Sampling Workstation
Yamaha TG33 Vector Synthesizer
Digidesign SampleCell

May 1991
Production Tips for the Home Studio
Mastering the Tascam Midistudios
EM Guide to Multitrack Cassette Ministudios
On the Level: Gain Optimization for Crystal Clear Sound
The Computer Musician: MIDI Manager for the Macintosh
From the Top: Mixers and Mixing
Yamaha QY10
Hybrid Arts FM Melody Maker
Casady and Greene Music Fonts
Studiomaster MA36 MIDI Analyser
Turtle Beach 56K
Alesis SR-16 Drum Machine
Mackie Designs CR-1604 Mixer
Kawai XD-5 Percussion

June 1991
Making Your Album
Marketing Your Demo
Sound Sanctuary
EM Guide to Digital Audio Tape Recorders
DIY: Build the EM Stereo Spreader
The Computer Musician: The Story of SCSI
From the Top: Solving the Mysteries of Reverb
Service Clinic
Boss SE-50 Stereo Effects Processor
Spectral Synthesis Digital Studio (IBM)
Tascam 488 Portastudio
Disc Company Harmoni 1.2 (Amiga)
American Educational Music Perfect Pitch Supercourse
Hughes & Kettner Access Guitar Preamplifier

July 1991
Scoring to Pictures
Video for the Electronic Musician
Sampling Goes Hollywood
EM Guide to Samplers
Putting Your Sound System in Its Place
The Computer Musician: Desktop Video
Service Clinic
From the Top: The Secrets of Syncronization
Peavey DPM-3SE, V3, SX
Voyetra Sequencer Plus Gold 4.0 (IBM),257.0.html
NewTek Video Toaster
Tascam 1024 Stage Mixer
Mark of the Unicorn MIDI Mixer 7s
Opcode Cue 3.0 (Mac)
DigiTech MEQ Programmable EQ
Alesis Microverb III

August 1991
MIDI for the Masses
The Taming of the Room
EM Guide to Sequencing Software
Max Programming Workshop
From the Top: Effects, The Essential Musical Spice
The Computer Musician: Multimedia Windows
Service Clinic
E-mu Procussion Module
Kurzweil K1200 Pro 76
Yamaha FX900,5830
Softelligence Personal Composer 3.3 (IBM),4080
Hybrid Arts GenEdit 1.1 (Atari)
East-West Communications
Audio-Technica Headset Mics
Tech 21 SansAmp

September 1991
Electronic Orchestration
EM Guide to Notation Software
Fundamentals of MIDI Mixing
Vector Programming Workshop (Part 1): The Korg Wavestation
The Speaker of the House
DIY: Fun Under Pressure
The Computer Musician: Physical Modeling
From the Top: Drum Machines Demystified
Service Clinic
Roland JD-800
Rocktron Intellifex
The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks Bars&Pipes Professional 1.0c (Amiga)
Roland Studio M
Soundcraft Spirit Studio
Symbolic Sound Kyma System (IBM)
Midisoft Studio 2.02 (IBM)
InVision Interactive Protologic

October 1991
MIDI Guitar Magic
Vector Programming Workshop (Part 2): Yamaha SY22 and TG33
Studio Toys: The EM Guide to Digital Effects Processors
The Last Noise Reduction Article (Part 1)
Off Pedal
The Computer Musician: ARexx for the Amiga
From the Top: MIDI Guitars
Service Clinic
Yamaha SY99
Korg A1 Performance Signal Processor
Rolls MP-45 and ADA MP-1 Guitar Preamplifiers
Buchla Lightning MIDI Controller
Great Wave Concertware+MIDI 5.14 (Mac)
JBL Control Micro Monitor System
Yamaha S8M Studio Monitors

November 1991
Legal Beagles: How Lawyers Hunt Record Deals
Making Multimedia
The Last Noise Reduction Article (Part 2)
DIY: Build a MIDI Interface for the Sound Blaster Card
From the Top: Microphones Made Easy
The Computer Musician: Computer Movies
Service Clinic
Ensoniq SQ-2 and SD-1 Synthesizers
Fostex 280 Multitracker
Yamaha RY30 Rhythm Programmer
JLCooper CS-1 Control Station
Dr. T's The Copyist
Korg Wavestation A/D Vector Synthesizer
Marshall SE100 Speaker Emulation System

December 1991
EM Guide to Microphones
When Worlds Collide
Production Tips: How to Juggle Music and Musicians
A Season of Dreams
The Computer Musician: Microsoft DOS 5.0
From the Top: Hard-Disk Recording
Peavey DPM-2 Synthesizer
Cheetah MD16 Drum Machine
Akai EWI 3000 Wind Controller
Oberheimes Drummer and Strummer
Cool Shoes Sound Globs 3.0 (PC)
Korg A5 Multi-FX Signal Processor
Fatar Studio 88 Plus Keyboard Contoller

Year: 1992
January 1992
Money for Music
Working Through the Maze: The Equipment Buying Pro cess
Shifting Perspectives
Crushing Grooves: The Art of Deejay Mixing
From the Top: Making Waves
Computer Musician: Apple System 7.0
Service Clinic
Korg 01/W Music Workstation
Fostex X-28 Ministudio
Peavey Pro-Fex Multi-effects Processor
Dr. T's X-oR 2.0 (Mac)
Bag End TA-15D Speakers
Sample Disks for Ensoniq EPS
Gallien-Krueger 100MPL MIDI-Controlled Guitar Preamp
Anatek Pocket Curve and Pocket Mapper
Opcode Track Chart 1.0.1

February 1992
War of the Worlds: The Guitar Unbound
No Strings Attached
In Control: MIDI Machine Control
Intimate References: The EM Guide to Headphones
The MIDI Trap: Why Does So Much MIDI-based Music Sound Bad?
From the Top: The EM Glossary
Computer Musician: Standard MIDI Files
Working Musician: Comprehending Copyright
Recording Musician: In Good Voice
Service Clinic
MTU Microsound
Alesis D4 Drum Module
Vestax MR44 Multitrack Recorder
Roland RSP-550 Signal Processor
Dr. T's KCS 3.5
ART Multiverb Alpha Signal Processor
Stratus Sounds for the Akai S1000

March 1992
The Virtuoso Sequencist
Music Boxes: Which Computer is Best for Your Music?
Back to the Future: Analog, Hybrid, and Digital Synths
DIY: Build the EM Fingerdrum
From the Top: Sequencing Made Easy (Part 1)
Working Musician: MIDI Monitor Mixes
Recording Musician: Tracking Synths
Computer Musician: The Opcode MIDI System
Kurzweil K2000
Passport Audio Trax
Opcode Studio 5
Digitech DSP-256XL
Hologramophone Hyperchord and Pixound
Audix HRM-3 studio monitors

April 1992
MIDI Enters the Classroom
Playing for Profit
Stomp Boxes: The EM Guide to Floor Pedal Effects
Programming the Casio CZ-101
From the Top: Sequencing Made Easy (Part 2)
Computer Musician: The Software Design Process
Recording Musician: Maximizing Your Mixer
Working Musician: Booking a Commercial Studio
Service Clinic
E-mu Proteus MPS Orchestral?
Digidesign Pro Tools
Digitech The Vocalist
Doepfer LMK-3
Piano Proficiency Software: Software Toolworks Miracle Piano Teaching System
Temporal Acuity Products PianoWorks
Fast Fingers MIDI Keyboard Lessons

May 1992
Programming the Yamaha TX81Z
The Future of Analog
Make Your Drum Machine Swing
The Architecture of Pop
From the Top: MIDI Processing
Computer Musician: Multimedia Sound
Working Musician: Solo MIDI Performance
Recording Musician: The Patch Bay
Service Clinic
Roland JV-80 Synthesizer
Fostex X-18 Multitracker
Peavey SP Sample Player
Steinberg Avalon 2.0 (Atari ST)
Opcode Galaxy Plus Editors 1.2
Clarity Retro and PAiA MV-8

June 1992
Sound Bytes (Part 1) (samples)
Frame by Frame: Shoot a Music Video
Mixed Company: The EM Guide to Compact Reference Monitors
The Control Freaks: Academic Electronic Music Research
Working Musician: Music Contracts
From the Top: Tweaking Synths (Part 1)
Computer Musician: The Soft Studio
Recording Musician: Digital Recording Tips
Digital Audio Labs The CardD
Roland Sound Brush and Sound Canvas
Big Noise Cadenza for Windows (PC)
Mind Over MIDI Slave Driver
JBL 4200-Series Speakers

July 1992
MIDI on High
Beating the System: Integrating Your Home Studio
A Matter of Time (timing delays)
Sound Bytes (Part 2)(sampler)
From the Top: Tweaking Synths (Part 2)
Computer Musician: Computer Music Workstations
Working Musician: Breaking Into Dance
Service Clinic
Korg 03R/W Synthesizer
SynchroVoice MIDIVox
GHS Music Sybil 3.0 (PC)
Cannon Research Frontal Lobe Version III Sequencer
Zoom 9030 Effects Processor
thoughtprocessors Showtune 1.0

August 1992
Computing the Score: Notation Software Tips
Command Centers: EM Guide to Compact Mixers
Tragic Performances
Recording Musician: Location Recording
Working Musician: Let's Make a Deal
From the Top: Computers in the Studio
Computer Musician: Remote Collaboration
Service Clinic
E-mu Proteus/3 World
Turtle Beach Multisound
Roland R-70 Drum Machine
Passport Encore for Windows
Gulbransen KS20 MIDI Retrofit for Piano
Audio-Technica AT4033 Mic

September 1992
On Solid Ground (Part 1)
Tape Killers: The EM Guide to Hard-Disk Recorders
Generating General MIDI (composing scores)
The Show Must Go On: MIDI Show Control
Computer Musician: Digital Audio Storage
From the Top: Drum Pads and Controllers
Recording Musician: Tracking Guitars
Working Musician: Making Contact
Service Clinic
Ensoniq DP/4 Effects Processor
Yamaha MT120 Multitrack Cassette Recorder
DigiTech GFX 1 Twin Tube Guitar Processor
MIDIMan Syncman Pro
AKG Tri-Power Series Microphones
Interval Music Systems S-Edit (Mac)

October 1992
The Digital Home Studio
DIY: Build the EM Dual Compressor
Personal CD Recorders
3-D Audio
On Solid Ground (Part 2) (turn studio into hum-free)
Service Clinic
Computer Musician: IBM OS/2 2.0
From the Top: Multitrack Recording
Recording Musician: Tracking Drums
Working Musician: Performing Rights Societies
Alesis ADAT
Akai MX1000 Master Keyboard
Macromedia SoundEdit Pro (Mac)
Ramsa WR-S4416 Mixer
Soundtrek The Jammer and ProGenitor Music Sculptor (PC)
Symetrix 425 Dynamics Processor
Dr. T's Interactor (Mac)
Yamaha DTS70 Drum System
Pro/File: INXS

November 1992
Windows Shootout (PC sequencers)
The Master Touch: EM Guide to MIDI Master Keyboards
Hot Rod Mods (upgrade old synths)
Computer Musician: Laptop MIDI
From the Top: Blowin' in the Wind
Recording Musician: Pro Mixing Tips
Service Clinic
GeneralMusic S2 Synthesizer
Ensoniq KS-32 Synthesizer
Coda MusicProse for Windows (PC)
Allen & Heath GS3
SongWright Software SongWright 5.1 (PC)
Five Pin Press 200
260 Drum Machine Patterns
Pro/File: Kid Sensation

December 1992
Sounds for Sale
Home Studio Maintenance
Editors' Choice
DIY: Build the EM Headphone Distribution Amp
From the Top: Musicians' User's Groups
Computer Musician: Musicians as Programmers
Working Musician: Mirrored Images
Recording Musician: Tracking the Bizarre
Service Clinic
Steinberg Cubase Audio (Mac)
Digidesign Audiomedia II,1580
Sony R7, D7, and M7
Peavey Midibass
MIDIconcepts EZ MIDI Pro (PC)
MIDITemp MIDI Player MP-44
The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks SuperJam! (Amiga)
Pro/File: Kitaro

Year: 1993
January 1993
Making Connections: EM Guide to MIDI patch bays and processors
The Musician's Apprentice: music-creation programs
Multimedia Minus one: creating music for multimedia
From the Top: A Disk for the Teacher (music-education software)
Computer Musician: Multimedia PC Sound Cards
Recording Musician: Recording Electric Bass
Working Musician: Getting Down to Business
Service Clinic
Roland DM-80 Digital Recorder
Yamaha SY85 Synthesizer
Mark of the Unicorn's Composer's Mosaic (Mac)
ART SGX T2 Effects Processor
Dr. T's QuickScore Deluxe (PC)
Boss DR-660 Drum Machine
Marshall JMP-1 Guitar Preamp
PS Systems Power Tool
Pro/File: Kyuss

February 1993
The Secret World of System Exclusive
Dream Home Studios
The Virtuoso Synthesist
The Power Within: Supercharge your computer for music
DIY: Build the EM MIDI Drum Brain
From the Top: notation software
Multimedia Musician: Interactive Music Lessons
Recording Musician: Vocal Acoustics
Computer Musician: Musical Typography
Working Musician: Shopping your Demo Tape
Service Clinic
Roland GR-1 Guitar Synthesizer
Mark of the Unicorn MIDI Time Piece II
Eventide H3500 Ultra-Harmonizer
Peavey C8 MIDI Master Keyboard
Yamaha TG100 Tone Generator
DOD 1642 Mixer
Yamaha RY10 Rhythm Programmer
Rolls Rotorhorn
Eye & I Productions Merger Plus
Pro/File: Anatomy of a Break (Nanci De Ross)

March 1993
Recording Hit Records
K2000 Workshop
The Microchip Muse: Impact of technology on creativity
Acoustic Pianos in the Digital Age
From the Top: Reading MIDI Implementation Charts
Computer Musician: Atari's Falcon030
Multimedia Musician: Video for Windows
Working Musician: The Business of Music Production
Service Clinic
Fostex DCM100 and Mixtab
Cools Shoes Drummer 2.0 (PC)
Roland AX-1
Dynaware Ballade (Mac)
Peavey PC1600
Sabine FBX 900
Pro/File: Mike Oldfield

April 1993
Keys to the Sonic Kingdom: the EM Guide to Keyboard Synthesizers
DIY: Build the EM Phantom-Power Mic Preamp
Electronic Artisans: synth manufacturing
From the Top: Alphanumeric Soup
Computer Musician: Universal Editor
Multimedia Musician: The Seventh Guest
Recording Musician: Transparent Mixing Techniques
Working Musician: The Management Dossier
Service Clinic
Ensoniq ASR-10 Sampler
Passport Producer (Mac)
Digital F
X Digital Master EX (ST)
Zoom 9120 Effects Processor
Audix PH-5 Monitors
Harmonic Systems Studiopal (Mac)
Invision Plus One for Korg M1
Pro-File: The Guitar Undressed

May 1993
The Digital Puzzle (digital audio formats)
State of the Art Sequencing (Macintosh sequencers)
EM All-Access Pass: Making a Music Video
From The Top: Spectral Enhancers
Multimedia Musician: Authoring Systems
Computer Musician: Virtual Music
Working Musician: Record Promotion
Recording Musician: Mixing With Reverb
Service Clinic
E-mu Vintage Keys Synthesizer
Kurzweil K2000RS Synth
Barefoot Software SMPTE Track Platinum Sequencer (Atari)
Rane Map 33 Preamp
JLCooper Mixmaster MIDI-Controlled Mixer
AKG Blue Line Microphones
Pro-File:Radical Lead Guitar (Vernon Reid)

June 1993
EM All-Access Pass: The Thrill Of Adventure (High-Tech Theme Parks)
Musical Notebooks: The EM Guide to Cassette Multitracks
Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow (Hearing Preservation
Sampling Master Class
Working Musician: Lyric Writing
From The Top: Overdubbing
Computer Musician: What Is SMDI?
Multimedia Musician: Audio For Personal Digital Video
Recording Musician: Mixing With Pitch Shifters
Service Clinic
Audio Editing Software For Multimedia PCs (Animotion's MDS Stereo, Voyetra's AudioView, Asystem's Sound Impression, Turtle Beach's Turtle Tools, Digital Soup, Sound Professional)
Kawai GMega Synth
Art Phantom Mixer
E-mu Emulator E-IIIxs Sampler
Peavey PRM 261 Monitors
Pro-File: Big Bottom (Primus)

July 1993
Cover Story: On The Beat (drum machines)
Colors For Your Canvas (Roland Sound Canvas)
The Age of Wireless
EM All-Access Pass: Scoring A Film Soundtrack\From The Top: Mixdown Basics (multitrack mixing)\Computer Musician: Card Tricks\Recording Musician: Mixing With Delay\Working Musician: Rave New World
Akai S01 Sampler
Lexicon Alex Effects Processor
Musicator GS For Windows
Fatar Studio 2001 Master Keyboard
KRK 7000 Close-Field Monitors
Steinberg Cubase Score 1.0 (MAC)
Pro-File: Punk Grows Up (Skatenigs)

August 1993
Modern Manuscripts (notation software)
The Power and The Glory (power amps)
Cover Story: The Digital Debate (MD vs. DCC)
From the Top: MIDI Basics, Part 1
Computer Musician: The Best Of Both Worlds (power sequencing)
Multimedia Musician: Quicktime Movie Sound
Recording Musician: The Digital Domain (recordings)
Service Clinic
Peavey DPM SI Synthesizer
Roland SP-700 Sample Player
KAT dk10 Percussion Controller
dbx 172 Supergate
Rock Solid Sounds Solid Monitor System
Pro-File: The Electric Cello (Jami Sieber)

September 1993
Cool Schools
The Electronic Orchestra, Part 1 (creating symphonic music)
Maximizing Sample RAM
Speed Sequencing
From The Top: MIDI Basics, Part 2
Multimedia Musician: CD Encyclopedias
Recording Musician: Putting a Sparkle on Analog
Working Musician: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Service Clinic
Digidesign Session 8;Mark of the Unicorn Digital Performer 1.4 (Mac)
Opcode Musicshop 1.0 (Mac
Yamaha QY20 Music Sequencer
Sonic Solutions Sonic Quattro Hard-Disk Recorder (Mac)
Sennheiser Proforce Microphones
PG Music Powertracks 1.0 (PC)
Pro-File: Synthetic Metal (Faith No More)

October 1993
Modular Music Machines (sound modules)
The Electronic Orchestra, Part 2 (symphonic music)
Brave New World (multitrack digital recorders)
Sound All Around (digital-audio networks)
DIY: Build the EM Hiss Whacker
From The Top: Basic Audio Connections, Part 1
Computer Musician: Crossing Platforms
Multimedia Musician: Computer Audio Monitors
Service Clinic
Recording Musician: EQ Workshop
Working Musician: Collaboration Without Combat
Tascam DA-88 Multitrack Recorder
Roland JD-990 Synthesizer
Digidesign Pro Tools 2.0 Hard-Disk Recorder
Soundcraft Spirit Folio Mixer
Sony TCD-D7 Portable DAT
Hughes & Kettner Tubeman Guitar Preamp
Pro-File: The Heart Of Mann (Aimee Mann)

November 1993
Speak Out! (speaker design)
Home Improvement (20 productivity-enhancing tips)
The Proper Ambience (creative reverb programming)
Naughty Bits (digital audio)
From The Top:Basic Audio Connections, Part 2
Recording Musician: Gain Stages
Multimedia Musician: Interactive CD Audio
Working Musician: Contract Combat
Service Clinic
Computer Musician: The Open Music System
Ensoniq TS-10 Synthesizer
Tascam Porta 07 Ministudio
Alesis BRC Master Remote Control
Jupiter Systems Infinity (Mac)
Etymotic Research ER-4 Earphones
Digital Designs M6 Monitors
Roland TDE-7K Drum System
beyerdynamic M 54 Mic
Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 ASP
Wave Blaster (PC)
Pro-File: Excitement At Your Feet (George Martin)

December 1993
DIY: Build the EM TubeHead
Sound Bargains
A Place For Everything
Big Bang Boom (MIDI Percussion)
From The Top: Multitimbral MIDI
Working Musician: Ten Ways To Kick-Start Inspiration
Recording Musician: Maximum Compression
Computer Musician: Backing Up Digital Audio
Korg X3
Coda Finale 3.0
Marantz PMD740
Akai S2800: Innovative Quality Software SAW (PC)
Samson MPL 2242
Digidesign SampleCell II
Speck Xtramix
Softronics WinSong (PC)
ProFile: Declaring Independence (Boston Fielder)

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Re: electronic musician back issue topics (1986-1996)
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Year: 1994
January 1994

Training Reels
Editor's Choice
The Great Cable Debate
Random Access
Multimedia Musician: Lucasarts Games
From The Top: Sysex Hex
Recording Musician: Classic Recordings
Service Clinic
MOTU Unisyn (Mac)
Sony DPS-F7 Dynamic Filter
Mackie Designs OTTO-1604
Johnny C's Vintage & Custom Snare Drum Samples
BOSS SE-70 Super Effects Processor
Digidesign Turbosynth SC (Mac)
ProFile: Six Strings In Stereo: Alex de Grassi

February 1994

Creative Space
Model Music
Maximum FX
The Acoustic Home Studio
From The Top: Electronic Expression
Working Musician: Hiring an Engineer
Computer Musician: Using Windows MIDI Software
Multimedia Musician: The Interactive Todd Rundgren
Recording Musician: High-Output Tape and dbx
Service Clinic
Emagic Notator Logic Audio (Mac)
Big Noise MIDI Maxpak (PC)
Akai DR4d
Mackie 8•Bus Mixer;Turtle Beach WAVE
Sonic Foundry Sound Forge (PC)
Musitek MIDIscan (PC)
A.R.T. FXR Elite
ProFile: Digital Barn Dance:Kate Bush

March 1994

London Calling
Virtual Effects
Cover Story: Virtual Mixing
DIY: Build the EM Fatman
From The Top: Microtuning
Multimedia Musician: Interactive Installations
Working Musician: Hiring A Producer
Service Clinic
OSC Deck 2.0 (Mac)
Fostex 380S Multitracker
Peavey Autograph II
KRK Model 6000
Lexicon JamMan
Twelve Tone Systems Cakewalk Pro for Windows 2.0 (PC)
Neumann TLM 193
Dr. T's Omega II (Atari);Pro/File: Crazy Crew: Bela Fleck

April 1994

Creative Space: Jonathan Wolff
Cover Story: All For One
Cruising The Internet
Teach Your Children
Recording Musician: Composite Vocal Tracks
Multimedia Musician: Scoring for the Small Screen
Service Clinic
From the Top: Dolby Surround
Working Musician: Insuring Your Gear
Tech Page: Spaced Out
Coda Finale Allegro
Passport Encore 3.0 (Mac)
DigiTech TSR-24,4586.
Alesis Monitor One
Peavey Versamix
ECS Lime 2.22 (Mac)
Media Vision Pro Audio Spectrum 16
Pro/File: Tracking a Legend: Nick Martinelli

May 1994

Big Game Hunting
Cover Story: In Your Face (mic shootout)
Power for the Rest of Us (power Macs)
Pro/File: Technological Zen: Patrick Moraz, John Cage Tribute
Service Clinic
Working Musician: The Fine Art of Self-Promotion
Square One: Installing PC Sound Cards
Multimedia Musician: 3DO
Recording Musician: Staying Alive
Tech Page: MIDI On The Brain
E-mu Morpheus
Opcode Vision 2.0 (Mac)
Lexicon Vortex
Tap Nightingale 1.3 (Mac)
dbx Project 1

June 1994

The ABCs of Digital Tape
Cover Story Masters from Ministudios (cassette multitracks)
From Disc to Disk (audio cds)
Share & Share Alike
Pro/File: Live and Kickin': Tim O'Brien & the O'Boys
Service Clinic
Multimedia Musician: Taking It On the Road
Working Musician: Going Commercial
Recording Musician: Recording A Cappella Groups
Tech Page: Trion Music
Yamaha VL1
Howling Dog Power Chords Pro (PC)
Kurzweil MicroPiano and Roland P-55
usWaves Q10 (Mac)
Sampleheads Will Lee Bass Library
Boogie TriAxis

July 1994

Dance Partners
Cover Story: The Grand Illusion
Open Borders
DIY: Build the EM Submixer
ProFile: Picture This: Julius Vitali
Working Musician: Children's Music Markets
Multimedia Musician: Out of Thomas Dolby's Headspace
Service Clinic
Square One: Tower of TechnoBabel
Tech Page: Perfect Pitch
Alesis QuadraSynth
Yamaha MT8X multitrack cassette
Roland S-760 sampler,1363.0.html
Allen & Heath GL2 mixing board
Shure Beta 87 mic
MIDI Solutions MIDI Processors

August 1994

The Handwriting on the Wall (Amiga
Atari fate)
Cover Story: Virtual Pop (pop orchestration)
The Sound of Thunder (Frank Serafine)
Pro/File:Boingo Sing-Along
Square One: In the Hall of the Reverb King
Multimedia Musician: One From the Heart
Recording Musician: How to Catch String Fever
Working Musician: The Sound of One Hand Clapping
Service Clinic
Tech Page: Multilayered CDs
Aboretum Systems Hyperprism 1.1 (Mac)
MIDI Mark Dance Construction Set
Roland SDE-330 and SRV-330
Yamaha TG300
Twelve Tone Systems Cakewalk Home Studio (Mac)
Jump! Concertware Pro (Mac)

September 1994

Swabbing the Deck (cleaning decks)
The Beat Generation (creating drum sounds)
Cover Story: The British Invasion (mixers)
Author! Author!
ProFile: Back in the Groove: Booker T. & the MGs
Recording Musician: Resonance and Radiation
Multimedia Musician: Are AV Drives For Real?
Square One: Delayed Gratification
Working Musician: Get a (Day) Job!
Service Clinic
Tech Page: The Ears Hear It
Oberheim OB-MX
Sony HR-MP5
Roland JV-90
BeBop Systems LimeLight 1.51 (D)S)
Yamaha FX770
Jupiter SYstems MDT (Mac)
Aware Speed of Sound Vol. 1: SFX
Sampleheads Peter Erskine Living Drums!
Golden Ears Audio Ear-Training Program

October 1994

Creative Space: Eric Garcia
Cover Story: Magical Mystery Tours (Internet resources for musicians)
Diving Into Digital (affordable PC hard-disk recording)
Noise Killers (eliminate hiss from your studio)
ProFile: Loop the Loop: Ian Broudie
Square One: Shift Happens
Multimedia Musician: QuickTime 2.0
Recording Musician: DAT Mastering at Home
Working Musician: Singles Going Steady
Service Clinic
Tech Page: Sixteen Will Get You Twenty
Alaska Software DigiTrax 1.0 (Mac)
Novation BassStation
Turtle Beach MultiSound Monterey card
Kawai KC20
Tech 21 SansAmp PSA-1
Altech GMS 1.1.1 (Mac)
Aphex 105 and 106

November 1994

Home Movies
Cover Story: Boom Boxes (monitors)
Unearthing Antiquities
Racking Your Brain
Hand in Hand
ProFile: Musical Minimalism: The Overlords
Square One: The Mod Squad
Multimedia Musician: The Beat Goes On
Recording Musician: Looney Bin
Working Musician: Anatomy of a Record Deal
Service Clinic
Tech Page: Virtual Synthesizer
Soundscape Hard-Disk Recorder
E-mu Vintage Keys Plus
Lexicon NuVerb
Award Matchbox DI
Starr Ztar 634-D
Q Up Arts Jason Miles Psychic Horns
Sound Sculpture Switchblade-16
Phonic PCL 3200

December 1994

The Interactive Concert Stage
Cover Story: All That Jazz (jazz orchestration)
Sonic Sorcery (programming the Ensoniq TS-10 and TS-12)
The Gender Gap (women producers)
Pro/File: It's Alive: Marshall Crenshaw
Square One: Dynamic Duos, Part 1
Multimedia Musician: Green Jelly Oozes Out
Recording Musician: Fear of Stereo
Working Musician: Surviving Club Gigs
Service Clinic
Tech Page: Neurotic Synthesis
Kurzweil PC88
Sound Quest MIDI Quest 4.0 (Windows)
Audix PH25
GeneralMusic S2R
Q Up Arts David Torn
Tonal Textures
SPL Vitalizer
Tech 21 Tri-O.D.
Aquila MR2

Year: 1995
January 1995

Cover Story: Editors' Choice
Creative Space: Craig Chaquico
Six-String Symphonies
Pro/File: Darkness, Darkness: Lisa Germano
Working Musician: Riding the Airwaves
Multimedia Musician: A Digital Encounter
Square One: Dynamic Duos, Part 2
Service Clinic
Tech Page: Gently Down the MediaStream
E-mu UltraProteus
Genelec 1030A
Dr. T's QuickScore Pro (Windows)
React Recordings Analog Keyboard Bass
Steinberg Cubase Audio 2.0 (Mac)
Fostex RD-8

February 1995

Quadraphenia (how-to on Alesis QuadraSynth)
Cover Story: Movie Studios (audio
video on a multimedia machine)
Creative Space: Voices Carry (Sarah McLachlan)
All Mixed Up, Part 1 (how-to pro mixdown session)
ProFile: Funkin’s Groovin’ (Bobby Byrd)
Working Musician: Musical Monopoly (how to finance your band)
Multimedia Musician: Rock and Soul Expeditions
Square One: On the Right Path (signal mixers)
Service Clinic: A Crisis in Service
Recording Musician: Acoustic Alchemy (recording steel-string guitars)
Yamaha ProMix 01
MOTU FreeStyle (Mac)
Peavey Spectrum Analog Filter synth
Invision Pinder Mellotron CD-ROM
TB Systems SoftMC (PC)
Korg G4 rotary speaker simulator
Wildcat Canyon Autoscore (Mac)
Rolls RP220
Ilio Synclavier CD-ROM Library
Tech Page: FAR Out

March 1995

All Mixed Up, Part 2: Tone Sculptures
Cover Story: Tabletop Orchestras (general MIDI module shoot out)
Production Values: Flying Solo in a Deep Cave (Patrick O'Hearn)
The MIDI Polka (MIDI accordions)
ProFile: Taylor-Made (Taylor 808)
Service Clinic: Technician's Tool School
Multimedia Musician: Spinning Through Kaleidospace
Working Musician: The Face Behind the Curtain
Tech Page: Zippity Doo Dah
Ensoniq KT-88,5816
3D Sound The Piano CD-ROM
A.R.T. RXR Elite
Turtle Beach Quad Studio 1.0 (Windows)
Massey SoundMorph 1.08 (Mac)
Yamaha RY20
PG Music Band-in-a-Box Pro 6.0 (Windows)

April 1995

Historical Notes (MIDI production on documentary soundtrack)
Cover Story: Mighty Mics (dynamic mics under $200)
Six-String Sequencing (MIDI guitar performance)
A Day in the Life: House Party (Al Eaton)
ProFile: Dreamwalking (Paul Haslinger)
Multimedia Musician: JumpCut Orchestra
Working Musician: Welcome to the Jungle
Square One: EQ Explained
Service Clinic: Do-It-Yourself Service, Part 1
Tech Page: Fuzzy MIDI
Korg WD1 Wavedrum
Cool Shoes and DrumTrax Drum Libraries
Opcode Overture (Mac)
DigiTech DHP-33
Big Fish Ross Garfield Drums
Sonic Foundry Sound Forge 3.0 (Windows)

May 1995

Pop Charts (Richard Carpenter)
Cover Story: The MIDI Samba (world-beat sequencing)
Production Values: Renaissance Man (Bill Nelson)
DIY: Build the EM Optical Theremin
ProFile: Quite Contrary (Her Majesty the Baby)
Square One: Microphonic Machinations
Multimedia Musician: VuJack City
Working Musician: Dissecting a Deal
Service Clinic: Do-It-Yourself Service, Part 2
Recording Musician: Faking It
Tech Page: XM Marks the Spot
Yamaha W5
Neumann KM 184
Lexicon PCM 80
Twelve Tone Systems Cakewalk Pro 3.0 (Win),557.0.html
EMAGIC Logic Audio 2.0 (Mac)
Yorkville 300K
ddrum ddrum 3
IRCAM SVP 1.2 (Mac)

June 1995

Creative Space: Bringing It All Back Home (Clair Marlo)
From Studio to Stage (live MIDI tracks sans sequencer)
Cover Story: Retro•Active (new takes on old technologies)
DIY: Build a Better Bass Trap
ProFile: Nomadic Tribe (The Vatchers)
Square One: Nearer My Monitor to Thee
Working Musician: Showcasing for A&R
Multimedia Musician: Family Portraits
Service Clinic: Soldering, Part 1
Tech Page: Nifty Notation (NIFF)
Alesis QuadraVerb 2
Audix OM-5
Steinberg Time Bandit 1.5 (Mac)
Barbetta Sona 32C Pro
D.A.L. FastEddie 3.33
The Digital Kitchen Definitive Grooves
Studio Electronics SE-1
Lexicon Reflex

July 1995

Day In the Life: Harvey Wallbangers (Alex Harvey tribute)
Cover Story: Online Juke Joints (online music services)
The Hitchhiker's Guide to Plug-Ins
Dream Sequences (preproduction techniques for sequencing)
ProFile: Harping on MIDI (Gary Garritan)
Service Clinic: Soldering, Part 2
Working Musician: Welcome to the Frontier (jobs in multimedia)
Recording Musician: The Listening Room (arranging monitor speakers well)
Tech Page: Biomolecular Computers
Generalmusic SX3
Bag End Studio System A
EMAGIC SoundDiver 1.5 (Mac)
Eye & I Steve Reid Definitive Percussion Sampler
Mediatech Innovations Rhythm Brainz Plus (Win)
Symbolic Sound Kyma System 4.0 (Mac, Win)

August 1995

Cover Story: Groove Thangs (how to slam down rhythm tracks)
Bang A Gong (programming five percussion styles)
Windows 95 Preview,97.0.html
Creative Space: Home Alone (Lyle Workman)
Pro\File: In His Mind's Eye (Michael Mehl)
Square One: Premastering Techniques
Service Clinic: Tricks of the Trade
Recording Musician: Moving On Up
Multimedia Musician: The Sound Card Dilemma
Tech Page: Super CD
Tascam 488 mkII Portastudio,5813
Vestax HDR-6
WinJammer Software WinJammer Pro v. 4.02 (Win)
Gregory Paul Productions George Clinton
Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pro
Ensoniq ASR-10 v. 3.0
Morning Star MacWavemaker

September 1995

FrankenSynth (roundtable on programming synths)
The Master's Touch (mastering techniques)
Cover Story: Musical Windows (four Windows sequencers compared)
Day in the Life: Homicidal Maniac (Douglas J. Cuomo
Pro\File: The Proof's in the Pudding (Coyote Pudding)
Working Musician: Hand Over Hand (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)
Square One: Patch Me Through! (patch bays)
Service Clinic: Dealing with DOAs
Tech Page: HDCD Hoopla
Roland XP-50
Alesis Midiverb 4
Fatar Studio 1100
Free Play World Music Menus (Mac)
Voce Electronic Piano
Miroslav Vitous Orchestra Samples

October 1995

Production Values: Audio Visionary (Tony Visconti)
Creative Space: Wright at Home (Gary Wright)
Cover Story: Power Tools (power amp shoot out)
Lip Service (record glorious vocal tracks)
Flash in the RAM (software synthesis)
Pro\File: Fusion Zone (Jacky Schreiber)
Multimedia Musician: Going Full Throttle (LucasArts video game)
Working Musician: Networking with E-Mail
Square One: Space: The Final Frontier (3-D audio processors)
Service Clinic: Analog Service, Part 1
Tech Page: Online Radio (listen while on the WWW)REVIEWS:
E-mu ESI-32
Symetrix 488
Dauz Drum Kit
Roland DM-800
Steinberg ReCycle! 1.1 (Mac)
dbx 290
Ditto Discs
Kat Kits
Sabine FBX-1802
DigiTech Studio Vocalist

November 1995

A Day in the Life: Keeping Score (Laura Karpman scoring feature films)
Got You Covered (recording cover versions of classic songs)
Cover Story: Little Monsters (multimedia speaker face-off)
Living Fossils (new modular analog synths)
ProFile: Stream of Consciousness (Nick Peck)
Recording Musician: Hard Copy (writing down your recording session info)
Service Clinic: Analog Service, Part 2
Square One: Stop That Racket!
Working Musician: Get Serious
Tech Page: AudioActivity
Roland VG-8
Spectral Prisma Music 1.08 (Win);Spectrasonics Supreme Beats
Novation BassStation Rack
Passport Alchemy 3.0 (Mac)
E-mu Emulator IV
DigiTech GSP-2101

December 1995

Cover Story: Cheap Thrills (cool toys for under $150)
A Day in the Life: MIDI Under the Big Top
Tuning Up (dynamic intonation for your synths)
Hot Licks (turn your sampler into a guitar hero)
ProFile: Throwing Stones (Glass House)
Service Clinic: Analog Service, Part 3
Square One: Watt & Volts & Logs, Oh My!
Recording Musician: Unplugged and Dangerous
Desktop Musician: Multimedia Demos
Tech Page: Interactive Light
Clavia Nord Lead
Peavey Spectrum Organ,5812
Artic Software Tabestry 2.0 (Win);Yamaha MU80
Charlie Lab Digitar
M&K S-90 V-125 speaker system
Roland GI-10
Synclavier S
Link 2.0 (Mac)

January 1996

Audio Abduction (capture pristine digital audio for CDs)
Cover Story: 1996[/u] Editors' Choice Awards
A Day in the Life: Jazzin' it Up (live recording for the Concord Jazz label)
Creative Space: Dynamic Duo (Fleming and John)
ProFile: Sweet Solitude (Steve Hansen)
Working Musician: The Name Game (trademarking your band name)
Square One: The Wizard of dBs (defining decibels)
Service Clinic: Analog Service. Part 4
Recording Musician: Sonic CPR for Drums
Tech Page: Satellite Radio
Akai DR8;
Tracer DART 1.0 (Win);
Doepfer MS-404;
PreSonus DCP-8;
LA Drum Studio
D'nai drum patterns;
Studiomaster Mixdown Classic 8

February 1996

Creative Space: Primal Guitar (Randy Roos)
Cover Story: Bits and Pieces (how top recording engineers record the stars)
Sizzling Sequences (make expressive MIDI tracks)
Hot Stuff (tube mic preamp face-off)
DIY: Build the EM Theremin
ProFile: Cross-Culture Club (João Ferreira)
Desktop Musician: Interactive Resumes
Recording Musician: One Room
Working Musician: The Fine Print
Service Clinic: Analog Service, Part 5
Square One: Digging Into Digital Audio
Tech Page: Holographic Storage Data
Korg Prophecy;
TASCAM DA-30 MKII; dat recorder
Steinberg Cubasis Audio (Win);
Marion Systems ProSynth;
Hohner MIDIA Drumatix;
Oberheim OB-3;
Lyrrus G-Vox;
Big Fish Audio West Coast Funk Stew

March 1996

Cover Story: Everything You Wanted To Know About Releasing Your Own Album (But Didn't Know Who To Ask)
Master Class: Programming the Roland Super JV
The Natives are Restless (importing non-native samples)
ProFile: Swingtown (Doug Robinson)
Recording Musician: A Quick Take on Condensers
Working Musician: Seductive Promotion
Service Clinic: Build a Moog Filter
Tech Page: Java Jive
Technics SX-WSA1;
Zendrum Z-2;
SEK'D Samplitude Studio 2.06 (Win);
Audio-Technica ATH-M40 & ATH-D40;
Roland MS-1;
Mark of the Unicorn Unisyn 1.2 (Win);
Rocksonics MVCA-4;
Eye & I Legacy

April 1996

Field Trip (tour the New England Synth Museum)
Cover Story: The Sophisticated Mix (blend signal processors into an aural cocktail)
Production Values: Listen to the Music (Mitchell Froom)
Master Class: Freewheelin' with FreeStyle (MOTU's sequencer explored)
ProFile: The Working Man's Blues (Calfee Jones)
Recording Musician: The Mini Mic Cabinet
Desktop Musician: Making an Enhanced CD
Working Musician: The Taxman
Tech Page: In Hot Water
Opcode Studio Vision Pro 3.0 (Mac);
Fostex DMT-8;
Cakewalk Pro Audio 4.01 (Win);,3411.0.html
Korg i4S;
Digidesign Session 2.0 (Mac);
Spectrasonics Bass Legends, Vol. 1;
Alesis ADAT XT;
Eventide DSP4000 Ultra-Harmonizer 2.0

May 1996

Creative Space: Rush Limbo (Alex Lifeson)
Cover Story: Modular Digital Madness (MDM shoot out)
NAMM's Greatest Hits (Winter NAMM pick hits)
Multitasking Marvels (buyer's guide to 39 multi-effects boxes)
ProFile: Hula a Go Go (Hula Monsters)
Desktop Musician: Home, Home on the Web (building a Web page)
Square One: The Wizard of dBs Returns (acoustic decibels)
Working Musician: Label Machinations (starting your own independent record label)
Service Clinic: Voltage-Controlled Oscillators
Tech Page: For a Few Cents More (microtunable synth engine)
E-mu Darwin;
Kurzweil K2500;
Tannoy PBM 8 LM;
Roland GP-100;
Enxoniq/Q Up Arts Steve Gadd Drum Scores;
Ensoniq DP/2;
Groove Tubes EQ1

June 1996

A Day in the Life: Ring My Bell (technology brings to life a long-silent bell tower)
Cover Story: Burn, Baby, Burn! (CD-R tutorial + four drives compared)
Hear No Evil (protect your hearing easily)
Master Class: Advanced Logic (E-magic Logic Audio user tips)
ProFile: Spooky Diva (Jill Tracy)
Square One: Genesis of a Standard (SMFs explained)
Recording Musician: Patch-Bay Profiles (3 configurations shown)
Working Musician: Taking It to the Street (alternative marketing strategies)
Tech Page: Nanocomputers
Alesis QS6;
Motion Sound Pro 3;
Dynaudio Acoustics BM5;
Artic AudioBase (Win);
Bolder Sounds Eclectic, Vol. 1;
Viscount EFX-1;
InVision CyberSound FX (Mac)

July 1996

Squeeze Boxes (compressor comparison)
Cover Story: The Windows Studio (make your PC a hard-disk recording studio)
Points of Reference (close-field monitor comparison)
Continental Delights (1996[/u] Frankfurt Musikmesse)
Pro/File: Tunesmith (Patrick Godfrey)
Working Musician: The Road to Self-Publishing
Desktop Musician: Postcards from the Web
Square One: Internet Glossary
Recording Musician: Working on the Sidechain Gang
Service Clinic: Analog Potpourri
Tech Page: Fire in the Wire
Yamaha 02R;
Korg Trinity;
Crown CM-700;
Yamaha Visual Arranger (Win);
Sony DPS-V77;
Interactive Light Dimension Beam;
Invision Interactive Keith Emerson

August 1996

Silent Partners (acoustic treatment comparison)
Cover Story: Traveling Companions (portable keyboard comparison)
Cubist Art (Steinberg Cubase 3.0 master class)
Production Values: I Was a Teenage Record Producer! (Producer Bob Ezrin)
ProFile: Twisted Sister & Misters (Amy Neuburg & the Men)
Desktop Musician: WIndows Multimedia Tools
Working Musician: Publishing Your Praise (get your worship music published)
Service Clinic: Analog Mods
Tech Page: The PACMan Cometh
Buchla Lightning II;
Macromedia SoundEdit 16 2.0 (Mac);
Yamaha RM800;
Musicator A
S Musicator Audio 1.0 (Win);
DigiTech Studio Quad;
Sampleheads New York City Drumworks

September 1996

Back To School (music-education programs)
Cover Story: The Budget Desktop Studio
Production Values: Space-Age Pioneer (Juan Garcia Esquivel)
In The Loop (looping techniques)
ProFile: Ping-Pong Wizardry (Enna Deer)
Square One: Control Is Everything (MIDI Machine Control)
Desktop Musician: Don't Be a Crash Dummy (keep your hard disk fragment free)
Recording Musician: South American Session (improve your world-music tracks)
Tech Page: Maximum Mpact (integrated media processors)
Roland VS-880;
Digidesign Audiomedia III (Win);
Alesis DM5;
Steinberg WaveLab 1.0 (Win);
Yamaha CBX-D5 (Win)

October 1996

A Day in the Life: An Orchestrated Escape (Shirley Walker and John Carpenter score Escape from LA)
Cover Story: Cool Tools (cool Mac and Windows music shareware)
Creative Space: Trailer Numbers (Robert Etoll composes miniscores for movie trailers)
Persistence of Vision (tips for using Opcode's Studio Vision Pro)
That Synching Feeling (tutorial on time code)
ProFile: Heavenly Harmonies (Jo Miller and Laura Love)
Desktop Musician: Site Seeing (music Web pages)
Working Musician: Entertainment Lawyers
Service Clinic: Hybrid Synth Service
Recording Musician: Recording Spoken Word
Tech Page: Headspace Rangers
Ensoniq MR-Rack;
Hohner Midia Personal Composer (Win);
Mackie UltraMix;
Alesis MicroVerb 4;,5810
Musitek PianoScan 2.5 (Win);
Korg ih

November 1996

Production Values: Shop Talk (Seibold, Shel Talmy, and Youth)
Cover Story: The Magnificent Seven (modular hard-disk recorder shootout)
Multitimbral Muse (Yamaha's new XG sound modules)
Simply Grand (how to create grand piano samples)
ProFile: Music Man (Dan Shimmyo)
Desktop Musician: Creating a Monster (sound-design ideas)
Recording Musician: Enhancing the Spectrum (master popular spectral enhancers)
Service Clinic: Hybrid Synth Power-Up
Working Musician: Executive Ears
Square One: Caveat Connector
Tech Page: It's Not the Pits (erasable
reusable CDs)
Earthworks OM1 and TC30K;
IQS SAW Plus 2.9 (Win);
Roland A-90;
Intelligent Devices PAA 2.0 (Mac);
Aardvark AardScape;,5809
3D Sound 3D Keys, Vol. 1: The Dream Weaver;
Lexicon PCM 90;,5808
Z-Systems z-8.8;
Folded Space Micro Room

December 1996

Tech Toys (cool gifts for under $200)
An Economy of Scales (small- and large-diaphragm condenser mics compared)
Cover Story: Going Global (creating a Web page for your music
Creative Space: Fortress Rising (Henry Robinette)
Production Values: Married to the Music (Neil Giraldo
Pat Benatar)
ProFile: Good Vibrations (Bryan Bogue)
Desktop Musician: QuickTime Face-Lift
Recording Musician: Creative Bass EQ
Square One: Dithering Heights
Tech Page: Now Hear This (cochlear implants)
Event Electronics 20
Creamware tripleDAT 2.0 (Win);
Quasimidi Quasar;
Voyetra Digital Orchestrator Plus (Win);
DigiTech VTP-1;
Philips IS 5022 Sound Enhancer