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Steinberg Updates for Win7 + OSX 10.6 Support (Dec 2009)
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Cubase Steinberg Updates for Windows 7 and OS X 10.6 Support
December 11, 2009

In September, Steinberg outlined its plans to ensure compatibility for its current product range and technologies to Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and Windows 7, comprising a three-phase development and testing plan. Phase Three now provides updates to the software resolving any issues that may have arisen on the latest operating systems.

The following provides information on the current status of product compatibility and availability of updates:

The Cubase line of products fully supports both Windows 7 and Snow Leopard with the maintenance update release of version 5.1.1 for Cubase 5, Cubase Studio 5, Cubase Essential 5 and Cubase AI 5.

The Cubase LE 4 and Cubase AI 4 versions have been tested and certified for Windows 7, with no further updates required. To ensure compatibility with Snow Leopard, a patch is now available for Cubase LE 4 and Cubase AI 4.

Sequel 2 is certified to be fully Windows 7 compatible, with no further updates required. An update for full compatibility with Snow Leopard is now also available.

Updates for the hardware products CC121, MR816 CSX/X and CI2 now offer support for both Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.6. Please note that running Cubase AI 4 together with the new Snow Leopard compatible MR /CC drivers is currently unsupported because it hasn’t undergone significant testing.

VST instruments HALion 3.5, HALion Symphonic Orchestra 1.5, HALion Player 3, The Grand 3 and Groove Agent 3 have been certified as compatible with Windows 7, with no further updates required. HALion 3.5 is already fully compatible with Snow Leopard, but the remaining VST instruments require an update which will be release in Quarter 1 of 2010.

The Steinberg developers are currently working on a Windows 7 compatible update for the WaveLab family of products which will be released in the Quarter 1 of 2010.

For details, please refer to the articles in the Steinberg Knowledge Base

Windows 7 - Information on Compatibility with Steinberg Products

We’d like to update you on the development and certification process regarding Windows 7 for current Steinberg products. We see the certification of our products for Windows 7 as a major development milestone and an important step that will help musicians and producers get the most out of the latest operating systems.

You can find a list of Windows 7 compatible Steinberg applications below. Please make sure that you always use the latest updates available!
For products that become available after the release of this article, check the corresponding product pages and the system requirements on supported operating systems.

Product | Version | Remarks
CC121 1.5.1
CI2 1.0.1
MR816 1.5.1

Cubase 5 5.1.1 incl. 64-bit installer
Cubase Studio 5 5.1.1 incl. 64-bit installer
Cubase Essential 5 5.1.1
Cubase AI 5 5.1.1
Cubase AI 4 4.5.2
Cubase LE 5 5.1.1
Cubase LE 4 4.1.3
Nuendo 5 5.0.0 incl. 64-bit installer
Nuendo 4 4.3.0 incl. 64-bit installer

eLicenser 6.0.2
Groove Agent 3 3.0.2
HALion 3 3.5.0 incl. 64-bit installer
HALion Symphonic Orch. 1.5.0 incl. 64-bit installer
HALion Player 3.3.2
Hypersonic 2.0.0 discontinued
Sequel 2 (incl. Trial) 2.0.0
The Grand 3 3.0.0 incl. 64-bit installer
Virtual Bassist 1.0.0 discontinued
Virtual Guitarist 2 2.0.0 discontinued
VSTack 1.2.0
WaveLab LE 6 6.0.0 unofficial
WaveLab 6 6.1.1 unofficial
WaveLab Studio 6 6.'.1 unofficial
WaveLab Essential 6 6.0.1 unofficial
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