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Promise EIDE 4030 PLUS (May 1995)
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Turn Your VESA System to EIDE "Instantly"

This card has everything on it for EIDE. Get Virtually Instant Access to Data on your EIDE drives with this popular caching controller. Hang 4 EIDE drives plus 2 IDE drives or 1 ATAPI CD-ROM or tape. High-speed I/O suite…the works. Put that perfectly good 30-pin SIMM memory to work for 0.1ms response time. Caches up to 16MB, 512K minimum.

- Delivers 0.1ms average access time and up to 20MB/sec data transfer rate
- Supports ATAPI-ready IDE CD-ROM and tape backup devices (manufacturer's hardware device drivers required)
- On-board BIOS supports four high capacity drives
- Provides high speed I/O (16550 UART & EPP/ECP) and floppy controller including high-speed floppy tape support
- Supports 6 EIDE devices!
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Re: Promise EIDE4030PLUS (May 1995)
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EIDE4030PLUS Product Launch

To: All Distributors & Dealers/VARs

Date: May 1, 1995

First Enhanced IDE Disk Accelerator for VL-Bus Systems

To Support IDE CD-ROMs/Tape Backups

Promise Technology is pleased to announce the first caching controller for VL-Bus systems to support IDE CD-ROM/tape backups and high-speed 20MB/sec data transfers: the EIDE4030PLUS. The EIDE4030PLUS offers a cost-effective, high performance Enhanced IDE solution for graphical PC workstations and particularly multi-user network operating environments that are "disk-intensive."

The new disk accelerator takes full advantage of the wider, faster 32-bit VL-bus, dedicated disk memory and Promise Technology's disk caching technology to create a "super highway" of data flow between the system memory and IDE disk drives. These design features restore full performance to the system CPU by relieving it from managing disk drive input/output transactions -- especially true in disk-intensive, multi-transaction network environments.

The card provides complete VESA (v.2.0) compatibility and controls high capacity Enhanced IDE drives up to 8.4GB with its onboard LBA mode-capable BIOS. Special built-in design features allow users to achieve average data access time of 0.1ms and data transfer rates of up to 20MB/sec with IDE drives across the VESA Local bus.

We have compiled the following information in order for you to become more fully aware of the major product features, positioning in the market and our competition. Our product launch information covers: market overview, product specifications, product features & benefits, competitive analysis, product position and cost vs. performance comparison.

Market Overview

Networking . . .

Networking is the buzzword and major business computing trend of the 90s. The corporate end-user market for network systems is rapidly picking up speed by the second as more corporations and small businesses are realizing the value of a better workflow, improved communications and shared peripherals. Witness the rise in network operating systems such as Windows for Workgroups, Windows NT, UNIX, and Novell. These platforms (and others) are driving peripheral companies to seek the fastest, most responsive solutions to data throughput, eliminate disk bottlenecks, and raise hard drive and system response in disk-intensive environments. All are major elements in the 1990's growth of computer networking everywhere.

Performance . . .

One proven approach to help solve response needs of users is dedicated memory caching in disk-intensive network environments. The reason is performance. Think of disk accelerators as a super data highway with the ability to quickly handle user requests through a dedicated onboard CPU and memory cache. This technology controls disk input/output transfers to help maximize system CPU performance. And with less need to access the physical drives, system response is almost instantaneous. The EIDE4030PLUS provides users with an average of 0.1ms response from memory cache to system memory.

Advanced CPUs . . .

CPUs today are blazingly fast. Yet without proper physical drive support, even today's fastest CPUs do not operate at maximum performance. With a conventional disk controller, the CPU spends part of its time handling disk input/output requests. Our EIDE4030PLUS Disk Accelerator has added a lot to make your CPU fly: a sophisticated memory cache (up to 16MB) and a dedicated on-board 80286 CPU to help manage it all. The combination of features allows the controller to reach data throughput levels previously obtained only by more expensive, more complex SCSI architectures. We're talking about 20MB/sec transfers -- well beyond even the latest Enhanced IDE specifications. And since the CPU is not worrying about drive management, applications and your system in general can perform faster.

"Super" Applications / Office Suite Software

The increasing variety of multimedia-based databases, Windows-based "super" applications and office suite software (Perfect Office, MS Office, SmartSuite, etc...), and network environments places special demands on the data storage and reliability requirements of systems today. Yet, at the same time, PC users continue to demand lower-cost, higher performance, higher capacity storage solutions in the disk drive market.

To meet this ever-growing demand, drive manufacturers are now producing higher capacity, lower-cost Enhanced IDE disk drives that smash the traditional 528MB storage barrier allowing up to 8.4GB per drive. The EIDE4030PLUS on-board BIOS fully supports LBA mode operation for these new, high capacity Enhanced IDE drives. Users can connect up to four EIDE/IDE drives for greater storage options.

Multimedia Solutions . . .

Users may also choose to combine high capacity IDE drives with up to two of the latest IDE peripherals: IDE CD-ROMs/IDE tape backup systems. This single-slot solution permits network access to a wealth of CD-ROM databases and/or tape backup options. And the easy installation and system compatibility makes multimedia a breeze instead of a configuration nightmare.

The flexibility of the EIDE4030PLUS Disk Accelerator offers some distinct solutions to meet the major computing trends of today...whether you're looking for multi-user, networking environments, powerful workstation computing, or major disk-intensive multimedia applications.

EIDE4030PLUS Product Specifications

   Model                                    EIDE4030plus             

   Drive Types                                EIDE & IDE               

   # EIDE/IDE Devices Supported            4 EIDE/IDE Drives           
                                             2 IDE Devices             

   LBA Mode BIOS                                  Yes                 

   IDE CD-ROM/Tape Support                       Yes*                 

   Installed Cache                                ØK                   

   Maximum Cache Size                            16MB                 

   Minimum Cache Required                        512K                 

   CPU (Cache Management)                        80286                 

   Avg. Access Time                              0.1ms                 
   Max. Data Transfer Rates                    20MB/sec               

   High-Speed I/O                2 UART16550 serial, 1 bi-directional 
                                      (EPP/ECP) parallel, 1 game       

   Floppy Drive Controller       2 floppy drives (2.88MB*, 1.44, 1.2) 

   High-Speed Floppy Tape              Yes* (2.88MB*, 1.44, 1.2)       
   Backup Support (up to                                               

   Operating Systems Support       DOS 6.2, Windows 3.1, Windows for   
                                   Workgroups 3.11, Windows NT 3.1,   
                                   3.5, OS/2 2.0, 2.1, Warp, NetWare   
                                  3.1x, 4.x, SCO UNIX 3.2, 4.2, UNIX   
                                   Device driver supports 32-bit I/O   

*Requires manufacturer's device driver or system BIOS support

Product Features & Benefits

                           IDE Device Support                         

   Features                          Benefits             

   Supports up to four independent   LBA mode allows higher storage   
   EIDE/IDE drives with capacities   capacities for your software and 
   up to 8.4GB per drive using LBA   data using new EIDE drives.       
   mode on VESA IDE channel.                                           

   Supports up to two IDE devices    Separate IDE drive/device         
   (IDE CD-ROM/tape backup) on ISA   channel offers maximum IDE       
   IDE channel only.                 device options.                   

   Offers data transfer rates up to  Faster data transfers boost       
   20MB/sec (sustained) for IDE      overall system performance and   
   drives across the VESA Local      response.                         

   Bundles drivers for SCO UNIX,     Provides drivers for optimal     
   Windows, Netware, Windows NT,     operating system performance.     

   Advanced Hardware & Firmware Design                 

   Features                          Benefits             

   Promise Technology's advanced     Offers higher reliability at     
   ASIC chip design.                 lower consumer cost.             

   Onboard BIOS                      Allows easy upgrade of hardware   
                                     & memory configuration.           

   Provides complete set of          Saves valuable internal           
   input/output ports including two  peripheral slots and provides     
   high-speed (UART 16550) serial    maximum communications data       
   ports, one bi-directional         throughput.                       
   parallel port (EPP/ECP), and one                                   
   standard game port.                                                 

   Dedicated onboard CPU and         Allows simultaneous processing   
   multi-threaded firmware.          of host and disk commands.       


   Features                          Benefits             

   Complies with VESA 2.0 Local Bus  Provides highest level of         
   standard                          hardware compatibility.           

   Compatible with DOS 6.2, Windows  Provides user-friendly           
   3.1, Windows for Workgroups       installation and setup for the   
   3.11, Windows NT 3.1, 3.5, OS/2   EIDE4300plus on existing         
   2.0, 2.1, Warp, NetWare 3.1x,     stand-alone and multi-user       
   4.x, SCO UNIX 3.2, 4.2, UNIX      operating systems.               

Competitive Analysis & Product Positioning

The feature-rich, cost-effective EIDE4030PLUS gives our customers the ability to match system requirements and target high-end markets with lower-cost, high performance EIDE drive solutions -- including IDE CD-ROM/IDE tape backup. The EIDE4030PLUS goes well beyond the latest standards for higher IDE disk data throughput and larger IDE disk drive capacities. Now customers really do have a hard disk choice for workstations and multi-user platforms -- even if capacity needs are beyond the norm.

Promise's unique EIDE4030PLUS design offers several tangible benefits for increased system CPU performance versus software caching in disk-intensive and/or networking environments. First, the on-board CPU manages all cache-to-system memory transactions, thus relieving the system CPU of this vital function. Second, up to 16MB of on-board cache memory saves all system memory for running applications, unlike software caching like SmartDrive, that requires both system memory resources and CPU time. Third, the EIDE4030PLUS offers data cache protection where software caching does not. In the event of a Windows™ crash or "General Protection Fault" program error, the EIDE4030PLUS always writes data stored in cache memory back to the hard drive.

The EIDE4030PLUS incorporates the widely-acclaimed Promise proprietary ASIC chip for proven reliability at a lower cost that is passed on to the customer. With the on-board BIOS' drive auto-recognition feature, the EIDE4030PLUS provides an easy path to use newer, higher capacity drive formats. Most competitors' products use either software drivers or require drive manufacturers to offer drivers. These external software-based drivers can cause incompatibilities and/or other device problems for the user during or after installation -- not to mention increased customer support needs.

The EIDE4030PLUS comes bundled with Promise's proven driver support for all major operating systems such as Windows, Windows NT, OS/2 Warp, SCO UNIX, Netware and more -- allowing you an extremely wide choice of operating platforms.

No other major manufacturer offers all these design and performance features on a VL-based IDE disk accelerator.

Only Promise Technology's EIDE4030PLUS and BusLogic's BT-410A offer true namebrand disk accelerators for VL-Bus systems today. Yet Promise clearly demonstrates striking product/price/performance advantages. The following chart compares the major features of these cards that most affect user system performance.

                          Product Comparison Chart                     

   Features                                PROMISE        BusLogic     
                    EIDE4030PLUS       BT-410A     

   System Bus                                VL               VL       

   Core Test (v2.92)                        18.3             18.3       
   (larger is better)                                                   

   Average Disk                             0.1ms           0.3ms       
   Access Time                                                         
   Maximum Data Transfer Rate                20               20       
   Sustained (MB/sec)*                                                 

   Maximum Cache Memory                     16MB             16MB       

   # of EIDE/IDE Devices Supported            6               4         

   IDE CD-ROM/IDE tape Support               Yes              No       

   On-board BIOS LBA mode supports           Yes             Yes       
   higher disk drive capacities                                         

   Operating System Compatibility:           Yes             Yes       
   DOS 6.2, Windows 3.1, Windows for                                   
   Workgroups 3.11, Windows NT 3.1,                                     
   3.5, OS/2 2.0, 2.1, Warp, NetWare                                   
   3.1x, 4.x, SCO UNIX 3.2, 4.2, UNIX                                   

   2 High-speed I/O (UART 16550)             Yes              No       
   serial ports, one bi-directional                                     
   parallel port (EPP/ECP), and one                                     
   standard game port.                                                 

   High-speed floppy tape backup             Yes              No       
   support (up to 1Mbit/sec.)                                           

   Warranty                                 2 yrs            1 yr       

   List Price                               $179             $179       

* all tests performed on a 486/66DX-2 VL system, 8MB memory,
Seagate ST31220A drive, 4MB cache memory (test date 5/1/95)

All trademarks are properties of their respective holders. Specifications subject to change without notice. Operating system and peripheral support quoted are current as of this publication date.