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Author Topic: CoreAudio Drivers v7.4 (Mac OS X Universal Binary) for PTHD, Digi 002, Mbox1+2  (Read 2960 times)

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    CoreAudio Drivers Guide v7.3 [0.36 MB]
    Digidesign CoreAudio Driver Read Me v7.4 [0.05 MB]
    Standalone Digidesign CoreAudio Drivers v7.4 (Mac OS X Universal Binary) [25.02 MB]

Digidesign CoreAudio Driver 7.4 (Mac OS X Only)
This Read Me documents limitations and kn
own issues you may encounter in using th
e Digidesign CoreAudio Driver version
7.4, along with workarounds if they exist.
Limitations of the Digidesign CoreAudio Driver
The Digidesign CoreAudio Driver has the following limitations:
Pro Tools is not a CoreAudio application
and therefore requires exclusive access to
Digidesign hardware. You cannot use
CoreAudio applications and Pro Tools at th
e same time. To use Pro Tools, make sure
you quit any CoreAudio applications be-
fore launching Pro Tools. To use a CoreAudio application, make
sure you quit Pro Tools before starting the CoreAudio appli-
The Digidesign CoreAudio Driver
cannot be used to preview sound files from the Mac Finder. When a sound file is located
in the Mac OS X navigation window, a QuickTime transport bar is
displayed next to it. The Quic
kTime transport bar lets you
audition the sound file. The sound will always play back though
the Mac’s built-in audio controller (through the Mac speaker
or headphone jack). However, if you double-click a sound file,
the QuickTime application will
launch, and can use the Digide-
sign CoreAudio Driver for playback.
The Digidesign CoreAudio Driver cannot be
used for playback of Mac System Sounds.
Known Issues
Pops when Changing Sample Rates
Your Pro Tools hardware may produce a “pop” or “click” sound if
Pro Tools was last used at a sample rate different from the
one the new CoreAudio client is set to use.
iChat and Mail May Play Back a Buzzing Sound (Item #49201)
iChat and Mail are not fully suppo
rted for sound playback through the multi-clie
nt Digidesign CoreAudio driver. To avoid
playback problems, use the Shift key modifier during laun
ch to force use of the built-in Mac speaker. See the
CoreAudio Driver
Usage Guide
for more information about the Shift key modifier.
Avid Xpress Pro Cannot Be Attached as a CoreAudio Client if Avid Mojo Hardware Is in Use
The Digidesign CoreAudio cannot currently override the built in
audio of the Avid Mojo hardware.
If you desire to use your
Digidesign hardware as an Avid Xpress Pr
o audio input or output, the Avid Mojo ha
rdware will have to be disconnected first.
Digital Performer v4.1.2 Posts a Warning Message when Launching (Item #50010)
When launching Digital Performer, you may see the following
warning message: “The audio hardware did not respond.
(MotuAudioSystem Mas MasCoreAudioWorkThre
ad.cpp, 102 [57:0]).” This warning can be safely ignored. Digital Performer
will open and play back
projects correctly.
Avid Xpress DV/Pro Versions 4.3 and Lower Do Not Work with the Multi-Client CoreAudio Driver (Item #50023)
The forthcoming Avid Xpress DV/Pro v4.5 re
lease will address this problem. In the me
antime, please continue to use previous
versions of the (single client) Digidesign CoreAudio driver.
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