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envy24/envy24HT delta osx driver for 10.5.x + 10.6.x



sound cards supported:
M-Audio Delta 44
M-Audio Delta 66
M-Audio Delta 410
M-Audio Delta 2496
M-Audio Delta 1010
M-Audio Delta 1010LT
Terratec Phase 88 / EWS88MT / TS88PCI
Terratec EWX2496
Hoontech / STA audio DSP2000 C-Port

these drivers work up also for lion 10.7 mtn lion 10.8 mavericks 10.9 aswell i think but ive only confirmed that by reading other peoples comments - but midi doesnt work.. and the drivers are barely functional and lack alot of extras in the original drivers for the original intended os delivery platform

the driver developers comments can be read here

file attachments added retrieved from web backup

im testing to see if the snow leopard driver works on 10.8.x mountain lion
**** CONFIRMED WORKING on osx10.8.5
ive got sound coming from envy driver using a delta 410 card on an intel pc with osx 10.8.5 installed
so this means that any 10.6-10.8 intel hackintosh should be able to use any pci delta card supported by the driver as even the original dev put (possibly) for the 410, obviously he didnt have access to one to test but i just tested it and it does indeed work, the 410 is perfect because it doesnt have any midi ins + outs anyway and the other cards are probably better used on original os with full driver support of all functions as to make best use of hardware midi ins + outs + digital ins + outs,
!!! be aware this driver only provides stereo out on the first 2 outputs !! (LEFT + RIGHT, one stereo channel)
it says this device has no inputs under osx preferences > sound > envy and the input sound meter reflects that of the output of out1+2, it kind of sucks to waste the outputs + the digital in/out it might be better to use these cards with an official driver, the mac drivers that work 100% fully are for PowerPC processor macs only, if you want 100% functionality then use it on any powerpc mac running os9 or osx 10.3 - 10.4 tiger ( - 10.5 leopard with the official m-audio osx ppc driver the card is perfect also for any windows XP 32bit daw, iknow the driver was rewrote for 64bit windows vista/7 but i think there was issues not sure if they were completely resolved i would have to investigate now that i cant remember lol but i do know that the windows xp 32bit drivers are SOLID!!! and all ins/outs will have full support + advanced controls for bass definition etc

ive tested it running reason essentials 8 (Sep 2014) the motherboard i used is the p5b deluxe wifiAP (2006) with a Geforce GTX 275 (jan 2009)


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