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Author Topic: difference in powermac g5 models  (Read 2950 times)

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difference in powermac g5 models
« on: November 19, 2017, 08:53:44 AM »
apple are real buggers in how they release shit.
they always want to have leverage to make someone sell their recently purchased mac and buy a upgraded model
they been doing this for years and years

check out this structure of the g5 mdoels that were released

1.6 | 1.8fx (SP - PCI) <Beginner
1.8fx | 2.0fx (DP - PCI) <Intermediate
1.8 | 2.0fx | 2.3fx | 2.5fx | 2.7fx (PCI-X) <"PRo"

they had a tierd structure that seemed to not make any sense unless u view it this way
the beginner tier had no upgraded pci bandwidth, and single processors, only 4gb ram max
2nd tier had dual processors but still only 4gb ram max, and no extra pci bandwidth (see bolded)
the pro 3rd tier had single + dual processor models.. all took 8gb RAM + could handle upgraded bandwidth via PCI 3.3v compatible cards (With 2 notches) + PCI-X cards.

PCI vs PCI-x
PCI model
This model has three open full-length 33 MHz, 64-bit PCI slots, an 8X AGP Pro slot

PCI-X model
his model has "three open full-length PCI-X slots: one 133MHz, 64-bit slot and two 100MHz, 64-bit slots", an 8X AGP Pro slot

the difference in bandwidth between 33mhz + 133mhz is significant.
PCI-X 133       1.067 GB/s
PCI 32bit/33MHz   133.33 MB/

so the non-pci-x models are severely gimped.
there was only one g5 model that was single processor + pci-x.
that is the g5 i own!