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Author Topic: sound diver 3.0 requirements for windows + mac  (Read 1512 times)

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sound diver 3.0 requirements for windows + mac
« on: November 19, 2017, 11:20:54 PM »

macs require powerpc processor (no 68k support in sound diver v3.0+)
says it supports windows 2000

Choosing the right MIDI interface
We recommend that you get an interface system that allows you to connect each device with the computer in both directions. Plan for a midi Input and Output for each device and try to avoid thru chains.
Windows Version
Support for Logic 4.0 (Autolink), Unitor8, Multi Client drivers like MULTIMID, MIDI Express, MIDI Time Piece II/AV, 8port/SE, Microsoft IntelliMouseā„¢, 3-Button mouse and multiple monitors under Windows 98 and Windows 2000.
System Requirements
486 or Pentium computer
Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, 2000
Any MIDI Interface with 32-Bit-conform Windows driver
Large monitor strongly suggested

Macintosh Version
Support for Logic 4.0 (Autolink), MIDI Manager, Unitor8, MIDI Express, MIDI Time Piece I/II/AV, OMS and Studio 4/5.
System Requirements
Any Macintosh or Power Macintosh
System 7.0 or higher
Hard disk, Disk drive
Any MIDI Interface
Large monitor strongly suggested

Feature Overview
Uses the same intuitive user interface as Logic Universal Libraries may contain any data in any order
Intelligent Dependency Management automatically adds linked data in copy operations, avoids duplicates, and updates links accordingly
Scan function provides full automatic installation
Editors with clear signal flow display and many details
Overview mode for easy programming
Multiple views of the same editor
90 user definable Screen Sets for instant recall of multiple windows
Full automatic MIDI patch bay support
User definable universal adaptations and editors
Interactive context sensitive HyperText help
More than 330 models are currently supported
Import of Standard MIDI files, MidiEx/Syx and alien file formats
Export of Standard MIDI files and MidiEx/Syx files
AutoLink: advanced communication with Logic: (MIDI merging, name provider, remote control, Screen Set synchronization).
No setup or system extensions required
3D look for knobs and sliders
Copy and Paste or Swap by simple Drag-and-Drop
Full, practically unlimited Undo and Redo
Comprehensive search functions
Create a backup of all or selected devices' memory with a single mouse click
Audition a Logic track with different sounds (even from different devices) with a single mouse click
AutoPlay: built-in 1-track test sequencer

Key Feature list

More than 500 devices from different manufacturers are supported
New design of the user interface with 3D look
New menu structure
Controller Assignments
Controller Assignment Sets
User definable Screensets
Definable key and MIDI commands
Editing via drag & drop
Virtually infinite number of undo and redo steps
Refined help system offers context sensitive help
ToolTips for fast information about different parameters
Automatic device scanning
Photorealistic device icons
Universal libraries allow data from different devices to be stored in a single library
100% PowerPC native code (Macintosh)
OMS support (Macintosh)
AutoLink offers advanced communication with Logic Audio:
Display of program names instead of numbers in Logic Audio.
Synchronized switching between screensets.
Search Functions

Multiple search modes available
Comparative and relational search functionality

Graphical representation of all parameters
Consistent representation of the signal flow
Switchable editing depths
The universal module allows adaptations for all MIDI devices.
Adaptations are user-programmable, with no programming language knowledge required.
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