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--- Quote ---Interapplication Communication
This entire work is pre-OSX and represents (AFAIK) the original AppleScript documentation from 1993. The code examples are in Pascal (I think!) and of little practical use. However, aside from historical interest, there’s a lot of useful conceptual material explaining how AppleScript works in great detail. Much of the relevant technical information is now contained in Cocoa Scripting Guide (see above
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--- Quote ---Apple is meticulous in its documentation of the Mac OS, and the result is the Inside Macintosh series. Apple and A-W make this documentation available to you in a variety of formats: Individual bound books (paper! how novel!) Electronic full text in DocViewer format: Inside Mac CD-ROM Electronic quick reference: Macintosh Programmers Toolbox Assistant The complete list of 27 titles is pretty daunting, but take heart. You can think of Inside Mac topics in two groups: those that are common to all Macs, and those that are specific to your application. The core technology topics: The Macintosh Toolbox Interapplication Communication Text Imaging with QuickDraw Memory, Processes, Files, Operating System Utilities, Devices Specialized technology topics: QuickTime PowerPC System Software, PowerPC Numerics Sound Networking AOCE QuickDraw GX
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found here: https://applescriptlibrary.wordpress.com/

--- Quote ---IAC_CH (Title Page)
IAC_CH0 (Colophon)
IAC_CH0 (Copyright Page)
IAC_CH0 (Figures Tables & Listings)
IAC_CH0 (Preface)
IAC_CH0 (Table Of Contents)
IAC_CH1 (Intro to Interapplication Communication)
IAC_CH2 (Edition_Manager)
IAC_CH3 (Intro to Apple Events)
IAC_CH4 (Responding to Apple Events)
IAC_CH5 (Creating & Sending Apple Events)
IAC_CH6 (Resolving & Creating Object Specifier Records)
IAC_CH7 (Intro to Scripting)
IAC_CH8 (AE Terminology Resources)
IAC_CH9 (Recording Apple Events)
IAC_CH10 (Scripting Components)
IAC_CH11 (Program to Program Communications Toolbox)
IAC_CH12 (Data Access Manager)
IAC_CHXX (Glossary)
IAC_CHXX (Index)
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