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SerialATA PCI-M (SIIG part # SC-SATM12) (2004)
« on: January 13, 2018, 02:56:04 PM »

SIIG, Inc. Introduces Serial ATA Controller for Mac!

(Fremont, California; June 9, 2004) SIIG, the market leader in I/O connectivity products (including ATA Controllers, FireWire?, USB, serial/parallel ports, etc.) is proud to announce their new Serial ATA PCI controllers for the Mac platform..

SIIG’s SATA for Mac

Adding to SIIG’s already extensive line of Serial ATA controllers, the SerialATA PCI-M (SIIG part # SC-SATM12, MSRP $79.99) offers Mac users all the benefits of the latest in hard drive technology. This two channel PCI host adapter works with Mac G3 & G4 PowerMac systems & OS X v10.1.x or later. Included in this compete kit are the two channel PCI host adapter, a Serial ATA data cable, 15-pin Serial ATA power adapter cable, a detailed user’s manual, and driver software.

Improved Performance & Capacity
Serial ATA is the next generation of ATA technology, replacing the current standard (parallel ATA, also know as Ultra ATA 66/100/133). This next generation offers data transfer rates of up to 1.5Gb/sec (150MB/sec) and addresses many of the limitations of the current parallel ATA technology (high 5-volt signaling requirement, bulky 40-pin/80-wire cable, 18 inch cable length limitation, and an exhaustion of performance upgrade capacity). Serial ATA offers a number of improvements, including:

• A reduction in voltage (500 millivolts) and pin count (4-pins vs. 26-pin with parallel ATA)
• Thinner, more flexible cable (easier to route inside the system and improves airflow)
• Increased cable length (up to 1 meter vs. 18 inches with parallel ATA)
• Future scalability (future generations already planned at 3.0 Gb/sec & 6 Gb/sec)

In addition, Serial ATA maintains 100% compatibility with today’s software, meaning that no changes are necessary in existing operating systems or drivers and is designed to offer the same cost effectiveness as Parallel ATA, offering the highest performance at the lowest cost.

SIIG’s Family of Serial ATA
SIIG’s extensive Serial ATA product offerings include solutions for a wide range of applications. SIIG’s Serial ATA PCI (SIIG part # SC-SAT212, MSRP $49.99) is a high-speed dual channel PCI-to-Serial ATA host adapter, upgrading existing systems to the latest in Serial ATA technology. The Serial ATA 4-Channel PCI (SIIG part # SC-SA4011, MSRP $69.99) adapter offers four high-speed SATA channels. The Serial ATA CardBus Dual (SIIG part # SC-SATP11, MSRP $79.99) allows notebook users the ability to upgrade their systems with two SATA interfaces.

SIIG’s Serial ATA RAID solutions include the Serial ATA RAID PCI (SIIG part # SC-SATR12, MSRP $69.99), a high-speed dual channel PCI-to-Serial ATA host adapter, with the additional capability of RAID (RAID 0, 1), and the Serial ATA 4-Channel RAID (SIIG part # SC-SA4R12) is a four channel RAID (RAID 0, 1, 0+1) adapter. For users’ wishing to use the newer Serial ATA hard interface, but not replace their current working UltraATA drive, SIIG will offer the Serial ATA-to-UltraATA Adapter (SIIG part # SC-SATA12, MSRP $39.99), which allows users to utilize existing UltraATA 133/100/66 hard disk drives with the new Serial ATA interface.

SIIG will also offer combination Serial ATA products designed to upgrade other technologies along with the high-speed Serial ATA interface. The SIIG Serial ATA + UltraATA Combo (SIIG part # SC-SATE12, MSRP $59.99) is a high-speed Serial ATA combo host adapter that supports both Serial ATA and Ultra ATA (parallel ATA) devices. This combo card provides two independent channels and allows the user to connect up to two Serial ATA devices, or one Serial ATA and one UltraATA device. The USB 2.0+FireWire+SATA Combo (SIIG part # SC-UNS012, MSRP $119.99) offers a dual channel Serial ATA controller with four Hi-Speed USB 2.0 (3 ext/1 int) ports and three 1394 FireWire (2 ext/1 int) ports in one card. The USB 2.0+FireWire+SATA+PATA Combo (SIIG part # SC-UNSP12, MSRP $149.99) combines a single channel Serial ATA controller, a single channel Ultra ATA, four Hi-Speed USB 2.0 (3 ext/1 int) ports and three 1394 FireWire (2 ext/1 int) ports in one card. The latest combo Serial ATA adapter from SIIG is the SATA+GigaLan Combo (SIIG part # SC-SATG11, MSRP $79.99). This combo adapter adds two of the latest in high-speed connectivity technologies, two SATA ports (1 external/1 internal) and Gigabit (10/100/1000) Ethernet.