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Compatibility PCI and NuBus compatibility lists, CD-Recorders, hard disk drives, and more.
Answerlinks Interactive diagnostics. Follow the text links from common problems to specific solutions.
FAQs The most frequently asked questions on Digidesign products. Now includes Audiomedia III.
DAE Errors Descriptions, causes, solutions, links to updates, and a downloadable version of the index.
ProPix COMING SOON. A visual guide to product identification, troubleshooting, and more.
ProAxess Line Comprehensive information on Digidesign's premium priority support service.
TechFlix(tm) QuickTime movies which walk you through difficult installations or troubleshooting steps.
Software Updates and revisions of all Digidesign utilities, drivers, and patches, downloadable via ftp.
Upgrade/Registration Info Product registration, upgrades, and more. (Some sections under construction.)
Document Library Specifications, Pin-outs, Compatibility Matrices, Troubleshooting Articles, and more.
Troubleshooting Guides COMING SOON. Setup and usage issues, compatibility and version notes, etc.
How To Contact Us Phone, fax, e-mail, regular mail -- all available means of reaching Digidesign.