Author Topic: Midiman SAM (Adat to SPDIF converter)  (Read 2914 times)

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Midiman SAM (Adat to SPDIF converter)
« on: December 06, 2014, 10:54:18 AM »

   Allows ADAT and S/PDIF devices to exchange data simply.
   Can submix ADAT tracks to stereo S/PDIF output.
   24-bit savvy.
   No sample-rate conversion.
   ADAT optical interfacing can't be switched over for S/PDIF use.
   Can't submix ADAT tracks to an ADAT output.
   Cramped mixer layout.
   ADAT track pair mode swaps over ADAT input left/right stereo positions at S/PDIF output.

Midiman announced the "S.A.M." at NAMM.  It's ADAT to SPDIF or
back...  You can even set the gain and pan for each ADAT channel
and mix down to SPDIF (stereo).  List is $299 and the vapors
rise to the surface in May. -- bret costin