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Opcode Fermata
« on: March 02, 2018, 10:26:08 AM »

   Fermata System Requirements:
Macintosh: 68020 (or better) or PowerMac: System 7.0 or later,
2 MB application RAM on 68k. 4 MB application RAM on Power Macs. 3 MB HD Space.

Opcode's Fermata
Simply powerful music notation
Fermata is an easy to use Macintosh notation software package that's powerful enough to satisfy today's demanding musician. Its intuitive interface uses tear off palettes to keep all of Fermata's professional features a mere keystroke or mouse click away. Fermata helps you meet deadlines with features like Step Entry, which lets you quickly enter or delete notes, rests, rhythmic slashes and chord symbols via MIDI or the computer keyboard. Functions in Fermata are active without switching modes, so you spend your time creating music, not searching menus. From complete orchestrations to single measure examples, nothing helps you score faster than Fermata.

Key Features
Comprehensive MIDI sequencing features
OMS Name Manager Support
Accessible editing functions
EPS File capture (add notation to documents)
MIDI playback of all dynamics
Flexible lyric handling
Smart Guitar Tablature
Graphic Edit window and Strip Chart
Part extraction and transposition
Jazz Articulation palette

Feature List
Postscript Drawing Tools (non postscript supported too)
Squares, Rectangles, Ovals, Circles, Lines with adjustable thickness and pattern, curve tool, arrows and Transparent or Opaque drawing modifiers, Font Character stamping tool for special characters and using different fonts.
Non-Postscript Slurs
Smooth printing and great resolution on QuickDraw printers.
Instrument Library
A sophisticated, yet easy to use, way of setting up your MIDI environment so that you can instantly get your score up and running. By picking an instrument you instantly assign range, clef, transpositions, device (MIDI channel), patch and drum mapping. You can assign General MIDI patches to your customized instruments so you can share your scores with others that don't have your libraries. Parameters are easily overridden in the score, Libraries are fully customizable and expanded. Fermata comes with two custom libraries: Full Orchestra and General MIDI.
Track Window
Updated Track List window takes advantage of the Instrument library. Quickly assign or change instruments to various staves of a score. By choosing an instrument, the confusion of which-patch-on-which-device conflicts are resolved. And depending on the instrument, Fermata automatically applies the correct parameters for range, transposition, offsets,starting transposed clefs and more.
Setup Track Dialog
Now it's possible to hide clefs beyond the first system. Therre is also a General MIDI equivalent field to Setup Track dialog. This lets you assign a GM patch to the track. If you share that file, the new user will be able to hear an appropriate patch sound for that track. Instrument Names pop-up now draws Instrument parameters from Instrument Library.

Guitar Palette
Complete tools for guitar notation. Symbols can be attached to notes or placed anywhere on your score. Guitar bends attach to notes. When notes move, the bends will move along with it.
p (pulgar, thumb)-finger articulation, above or below note
i (index)-finger articulation, above or below note
a (middle)-finger articulation, above or below note
c (little, pinkie)-finger articulation, above or below note
m (middle)-finger articulation, above or below note
T (Tapping)-sometimes also used as "thumb", articulation, above note
H (hammer on)-articulation, above note
P (pull off)-articulation, above note
Rotatable and stretchable "bend" articulation with 25 easy adjustable quater tone steps. (+3 to -3 whole tones)
Bend up
Pre bend, release
Bend up/down
Pre bend, release over time
Bend up/down over time
Tremolo marking
Vibrato w/ 7 selection pop-up
Continue until marking
Barre or fret number(can be applied or selected group of strings). Command drag to change number of strings to barre or change the fret where barre occurs.

Smart Tablature
The fastest, easiest and smartest way to notate as tablature. Glissandos and slurs are supported. Automatically takes into account fixed or floating positions, finger span, alternative tunings and capo positions. Adjustable font, staff, note stem size. Automaticallt transpose fret position number from string to string. All articulations and marks become symbols when entered into blank space.
Jazz Articulation
Slide (pick-scrape)
rip, wah-wah -with 7 selection line type
Fall off
slide, fall off, pick scrape
spill, stab, fall off -with 7 selection line type
flip, smear, bend, doit, plop, wow wow, shake -with 7 selection line type

Expression Library
Create your own expression library with unlimited entries
Assign names, font, style, playback parameters and more

Grouping Palette
8va and 8va bass tool w/ MIDI playback
Dotted tie and slur tool
Pedal markings: Full damper pedal and half damper with moveable "dips"
Resizable parenthesis, bracket and brace tools

Expression Palette
Fully editable Expression palette
Definable font, font size, font style, line type, end cap, extract on all part selection, hide in print selection
Assignable play back parameters: tempo, patch, controller w/ controller value

Support/Hold Timing
Allows you to freeze the MIDI data of a complex score and assign any notation value to it while maintaining the expressiveness of the performance. Imagine importing a SMF and having to clean up a passage that is in essence a glissando, now you can turn "hold timing" on and place two notes that represent the glissando and maintain the performance.
Score Navigators
Let you go instantly go to a track (stave) bar or page.
Part Extraction: Now you can name your extracted parts, save extracted parts to different folders and split voices into seperate parts.
Speed Open
Set Key, Set Meter, Setup Track -Double click on score to open these.