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soundonsound articles from the early 1990s
« on: March 18, 2018, 04:12:05 PM »
Alesis Midiverb III
Kawai K4 16-Bit Digital Synthesizer
Tascam MSR24 24-track 1-Inch Tape Recorder
Yamaha SY77 RCM Synthesizer: Part 1
AMAS: Advanced MIDI Amiga Sampler
Casio VZ8M Expander
CHAMELEON Keynote Music-Software: Universal Patch Librarian
Dynacord ADS Sampler
Alesis 1622 Mixer
DR. T'S TIGER The Integrated Graphic Editor
ART Multiverb II Multiverb Ext
Yamaha FX500 Multi Effects Processor
Yamaha TG55 Tone Generator
Korg's A1 Synthesis
Armadilo A616 Sampler
Fostex 812 Recording & 2016 Line Mixers
Roland R8M: Total Percussion Sound Module
Boss DR550 Dr. Rhythm
Dr. T's Copyist: Musical Transcription Program
Hybrid Arts SMPTEtrack II
Esoniq EPS
Yamaha SY22 Dynamic Vector Synthesizer
Rane MPE14 MIDI Programmable Equaliser
Roland D70 Super LA Synthesizer
Roland S770 Sampler
Sansui MDR7 MIDI/Tape Synchroniser
Evolution Synthesis EVS1 sound expander
Fostex 454 Mixer
Korg Wavestation Synthesizer
ART Mach II; Multiverb III
Quinsoft Trax: Recording Studio Manager
Fostex G16: 16-track Recorder
MOTU MIDI Time Piece (Sept 1990)
Ensoniq VFX-SDII Syn thesizer
Emu Proformance piano (oct 1990)
DR T'S BEYOND Mac Sequencer
Steinberg Cubase Macintosh Sequencer (nov 1990)
MOTU Performer (nov 1990)\
Digidesign Deck 4-track Hard Disk Recording Software
KAWAI MX16 Keyboard Mixer
Steinberg Cubeat
Fostex MTCI Sync Controller
Akai S110016-Bit Stereo Sampler
Audio Architecture MIDI Patchbay
Steinberg Cubase 2.0
Zoom 9002 Advanced Guitar Effects Processor
Alesis SR16 Drum Machine

Rhodes Model 760
Korg S3: Rhythm Workstation
Yamaha TG77 Tone Generation
Ensoniq EPS16 Plus Sampling Workstation
Digidesign MacProteus
Tascam MSR24S 24-track
Steinberg Pro 24 Amiga
Digidesign Samplecell
Roland MV30
Tascam 488 8-track portastudio
Voyetra Sequencer Plus Version 4
Yamaha TG33 Tone Generator
Roland JD800 Programmable Synthesizer
Zoom 9010 Advanced Sound Processor
Soundcraft Spirit
Yamaha QY10
Gajits Amiga Sequencer One
Tascam M2524 MIDI Mixer
Yamaha RY30 Rhythm Programmer
Emu Procussion
Ensoniq SQ1 Plus Workstation
Emu Emax II Sampling Keyboard
Yamaha EMP100 Multi-effects Processor
Opcode Max Software
Ensoniq SQ1 Plus Workstation
Emu Emax II Sampling Keyboard (Hands On)
Digitech DSP16 Effects Processor
Revox B77 Master Recorder
Roland JX1 Performance Synthesizer
Alesis 3630 Compressor/Limiter;
Alesis RA100 Reference Amplifier
Allen & Heath S2 Recording Mixer
Roland SC55 Sound Canvas
Yamaha SY99 Synth
Zoom 9030 Instrument Effects Processor
Roland S750 Sampler
Dr. T's KCS Amiga: Level II V3.5
Digitech VHM5 Intelligent Harmoniser
KORG 01/W FD workstation
Opcode Galaxy Plus Editors
Passport Master Tracks Pro 4.5.3
Akai/Linn MPC60 II
Drawmer DL241 Auto-Compressor & DS404 Quad Noise Gate
Alesis D4 16-Bit Stereo Drum Module
Kurzweil K1200 & Pro 76
Waldorf Sound Cards 1-3
Sony DPS-D7 Digital Delay
Mackie CR1604 Mixer
Fostex X28 Cassette Multitracker
Steinberg Avalon 2.0 Sample Editing Software for the ST

wavestation eX
Lexicon LXP15 Effects Processor
Akai S1000 Sampler
Korg Wavestation A/D
Yamaha MT120 4-track Cassette Recorder
C-Lab Notator/Creator v3.1
Mackie 1202 Mixer
Roland JV80 & JV30 Synths
Roland JD800
Opcode Studio 5 Macintosh MIDI Interface
Korg 03R/W Synth Module
Korg 01/W Pro + Pro X
Roland R70: Human Rhythm Composer
Mastertracks Pro 5 Mac Sequencing Software from Passport
Yamaha TG100
Akai S1100
Turtle Beach Multisound PC sound card
Boss DR550 MKII: Drum Machine
Emu Proteus 3 World
Boss DS330 Dr. Synth GM/GS Synth Module
Ensoniq DP/4 Parallel Effects Processor
Passport Master Tracks Pro 4: Sequencer for Windows
Yamaha SY85 AWM2 Workstation
Akai S01 Sampler
Roland JW50 General MIDI Music Workstation
YamahaTG500 64-note polyphonic synth expander
Twelve Tone Systems Cakewalk For Windows Sequencer
Zoom 9120 Advanced sound environment processor

Opcode Vision 1.4
Boss DR660 Drum Machine
Sound Quest Midiquest Universal Editor/Librarian Software
Ensoniq ASR10
Dynacord DRP15 Multi-effects Processor
Soundcraft Spirit Folio
Steinberg Cubase Windows
Roland JV880
Apple Macintosh Computers
Anatek SMP16 MIDI/Audio Patchbay
Akai S3000 and S2800 Samplers
Yamaha Clavinova PF P100 Stage Piano
Digidesign Session 8
Hammond XB5
Emu Vintage Keys
Korg M1 Inivision Plus One Expansion
Korg Wavestation SR
Emagic Notator Logic 1.2
Lexicon Alex Digital Effects Processor
Tascam MM200 Keyboard Mixer
Roland JD990 Synthesizer Module
Roland JV1000 Music Workstation
Digidesign Session 8 Digital Studio
Roland SRV330 Dimensional Space Reverb
Digidesign Audiomedia IA LC Digital Audio Board for the Mac LC
Soundscape Hard Disk Recording System for the PC
Korg 05R/W
Digitech TSR24 True Stereo Reverb & Effects Processor
Lexicon Jam Man Digital Echo, Sampler & Loop Recorder
Emu Morpheus Synth Module

Digital Audio Labs cardD PC Hard Disk Recorder sound card
MOTU Digital Performer Mac Sequencing & Digital Recording Environment
Ensoniq TS12
Korg X3R
Roland S760
Yamaha MT8X 8-track Cassette Recorder
MOTU MIDI Express PC MIDI Interface
Yamaha TG300 General MIDI Tone Generator
Soundcraft Spirit Studio LC mixer
sunrise software pc drummer
Alesis QuadraSynth
Emu Proteus FX module
Creative Labs Soundblaster AWE32
Lexicon Vortex audio Morphing Effects Processor
Oberheim Matrix 1000 Analogue Synth Module
Opcode Vision 2.0.3 Sequencing Software
Typhoon OS, Yamaha TX16W Alternative Operating System For Sampler
Soundtracs Topaz Multitrack Recording Console
Alesis AI-1 (1994)
Novation BassStation Analogue Bass Synth
Soundcraft Folio Rac Pac Mixer
Waldorf Wave
Emu Ultra Proteus
Tascam M-2600 Recording Console
Yamaha MT120S Multitrack Cassette Recorder
Yamaha QY300 Music Sequencer
Yamaha QY8 Music Sequencer
MOTU Performer v5.0 Sequencer (Oct 1994)
Emu Classic Keys Sound Module (Preview)
Spirit Folio Lite 12:2 Mixer
Roland Super JV1080
Digital Performer v2.0 (Dec 1994)

E-mu esi-32
ensoniq soundscape PC sound card
Korg X5
korg trinity workstation
Yamaha Promix01 Mixer
yamaha w7 workstation
midiverb 4
Art MR1 digital reverb
voyetra midiorchestrator plus
Korg Oasys PC Card
Lexicon Reflex effects processor
Mackie LM3204 mixer + Mackie LM3204E
Philip Rees TS1 midi tape sync unit
Tascam 488 MkII 8-track Portastudio
Emu Systems Emulator IV
Macromedia SoundEdit 16
Sound Quest MIDIQuest
Yamaha MU80 Tone Generator
Clavia Nord lead
Korg Prophecy
Lexicon LXP15 II
Media Vision Pro 3D PC Sound Card
Steinberg ReCycle Sample Manipulation Software
Yamaha MU5 Tone Generator
Emu Systems E64
Spirit Protracker 8-channel Mixer
Yamaha Rev100 reverb
Emagic Logic 2.0 MIDI Recording System\
Mackie SR24•4
Yamaha 02R
Waldorf Microwave 2.0
Behringer Eurodesk mixer
Kurzweil K2500R
Yamaha RY8 rhythm programmer
Yamaha Sound Edge pc sound card
Emagic Logic 2.5 midi software
Akai S2000
Alesis Quadrasynth Plus
Digidesign SampleCell II - The SampleCell II PC card can turn your humble PC into a fully-featured, 32-voice sample replay unit with eight individual outputs.
Korg Trinity
SEKD Samplitude Studio
Yamaha QY22
Akai S3000XL
Digidesign Session 2.0 software
Emu Systems Sound Engine GM module
Ensoniq DP/2 effects
MOTU Unisyn Universal Editor/Librarian
Iomega Zip 100
Turtle Beach Sample Vision Sample Editing Software

Alesis DM5
Digitech Studio Quad
Digitech TSR6
Emagic Logic Audio 2.5
Alesis Microverb IV
Opcode Studio Vision Pro v3.0
Roland VS880 & VS8F1 Digital Multitrack & Effects Board
Opcode Digitrax, OSC Deck II & Digidesign Session Apple Mac Software Roundup
Ensoniq MR Rack Synth Module
Cakewalk Pro Audio v4.01 Sequencing Software
Emu Orbit 9090
Passport Alchemy 3 Sample Editor
Studiomaster Mixdown Classic 8 8-buss Mixer
Waldorf Miniworks 4-pole Filter
Digidesign Session; Digidesign Audiomedia III
Mackie CR1604 VLZ 16-channel Mixer
Novation DrumStation Drum Synth Module
Spirit Folio SX 20-Input Mic-line Mixer
Tascam 302 Dual Cassette Deck
Roland MC303 Groovebox
MOTU Digital Performer v1.7 Software
Opcode Vision 2.5 software
Emu Launch Pad MIDI Controller
Digitech Studio 400 Effects Processor
Clavia Nord Lead 2.0 Virtual Analogue Synth
Lexicon MPX1 (1996)
Yamaha MU10XG GM/XG Sound Module
Digidesign Pro Tools 4.0 Digital Audio Software Upgrade