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Music and the Macintosh (1989)
« on: March 31, 2018, 07:17:53 AM »
the ultimate desk accessory for music

a great book for those interested in using vintage 1980s Macintosh computers
for music production!

I wish to express my thanks to the following people and companies for their
contributions to this book:
Skip Cook,
Pam Cook, and
Mark Purser of MIDI America;
Mark Lange,
Chuck Trocino,
Tim Carroll, and all the guys at Micro Music;
Jane Brann, proofreader;
Tim Tully,
Craig Anderton,
Vanessa Else,
Peter Hirschfield, and
Steve Oppenheimer of Electronic Musician;
Keith Sharp,
Mark Lentczner,
John Worthington,
Richard Long, and Debbie Miani of Apple Computer;
Dave Oppenheim,
Chris Halaby,
Keith Borman,
Doug Wyatt,
Paul de Benedictis,
M3 Sweatt,
Benjamin Austin, and John Jordan of Opcode Systems;
John Mavraides of Mark of the Unicorn;
Susan Alvaro,
Geoff Brown,
Greg Jalbert, and Robb Manning of Resonate;
David Zicarelli,
Joel Chadabe,
Laurie Bishop, and Tony Widoff of Intelligent Music;
Peter Gotcher, Mark Jeffries, and John Atcheson of Digidesign;
Bill Southworth of Southworth Systems;
Jeff Evans of Ar Nova;
Teny Wetton of Music Software Plus;
Anastasia Lanier,
Jeannie Ditter, and Greg Rule of Passport Systems;
Stacy Mitchell of Great Wave Software;
Farallon Computing;
Lenore Marner of Coda;
Marsha V dorin of Blank Software;
Craig O'Donnell;
Paul Lehrman;
Earnie Earnest of the MIDI Crisis Center;
the staff of New Age Sight & Sound;
Eddie Horst;
Max Carl of .38 Special;
Doug Kraut;
Gary Osteen;
Wendy Carlos of Serendip;
Earl Cook,
Russ Coffman, and Ralph Ricketts of the Atlanta Desktop Publishers Association;
Ben Bradley, Biff Dyches, Curtis Bryant,
Howard Davis, and Ron Anderson of the Atlanta Macintosh Users Group;
Charles Knox and Bernadette Smith of Georgia State University;

special thanks to Skip and Pam for making it possible to finish this project,
and for creative isolation on their sailboat;

to my Mom and Dad; and to Marisa,
Suzanne, Michele, Tommy, David, Chris, Walt, Don, Susan, Wally, Linda, Jena, Joan, Jenny,
and Jennifer, and all my friends and family for their love, faith, and encouragement.

My apologies to those whose products didn't make it into the first edition.
If it runs on a Macintosh and it makes music, expect to see it in the next revision of Music and the Macintosh.