Author Topic: "Mac Mini G4" is now capable of booting mac os 9 thanks to custom ROM  (Read 2765 times)

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the mac mini was not able to boot this os previously..
clearly this was a decision that was made by steve jobs to block it from being able to be used that way.
as this block has been removed and now the machine is able to boot the older os just fine.!
this is of significance because these old g4 mac minis were probably destined to be scrapped
because they are so low- performing when it comes to mac os x because of the old G4 PowerPC processor..
but now a whole new world of possibilities for these machines has opened up to vintage mac enthusiasts.

basically its the new "MDD"
these small SILENT machines can now be used to run whatever macOs9 sequencing software, to use with OMS compatible usb/firewire audio + midi devices