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Author Topic: passport designs midi catalog (pdf, 16 pages)  (Read 4035 times)

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passport designs midi catalog (pdf, 16 pages)
« on: April 08, 2018, 03:05:52 PM »
passport to MIDI by Brent Silveria & David Kusek

625 Miramontes Street
Half Moon Bay, Ca

Welcome to theExciting World of MIDI Whatever your musical goals, MIDI provides extraordinary possi­bilities for easily performing, creating and enjoying music. Whenyou take full advantage of MIDI, your computer expands into amusical entertainment and education center with revolutionarycapabilities!We invite you to read on as we explore the why's and wherefore'sof the exciting musical world of MIDI! If you encounter an unfa­miliar word or expression, please refer to the enclosed glossarysection. Who Is Passport? Passport Is the industry's oldest and largest developer ofMIDI interfaces and music software. From professional record­ing studios to music hobbyists, Passport is the number onechoice for MIDI interfaces, as well as for composing, sequencing,voicing and music printing applications. What is MIDI? WZ ^ //A Y //y //////////.///////////////MIDI stands for "Musical Instrument Digital Interface," and is alanguage used to communicate musical information. These initialsrepresent an international standard, which allows keyboards,drum machines, guitar controllers, mixing boards and an ever-increasing array of new music equipment to communicate music ina common language. The beauty of this is that it eliminates thequestion of compatibility. MIDI is MIDI regardless of the equip­ment it is "spoken" by. The most basic of MIDI connections is be­tween two keyboards of the same or different manufacturers

MIDI and the Personal Computer W /////////S /////////,// / / / / / / / / / / / / / .
When you connect one or more MIDI devices to a personal com­puter equipped with a MIDI Interface and MIDI Software the re­sults are pure magic. Imagine, a desk-top studio where you canrecord your own "albums" and publish your own compositions.All this is possible because of the computer revolution and astandard called MIDI.Pairing a computer with one or more MIDI devices allows you tocapture, change and use MIDI communication in a variety of dif­ferent ways. Connecting a personal computer to any MIDI deviceis easy. You do it with the help of a MIDI Interface and two MIDIcables . Today, some computers provide a built-in MIDI inter­face but if your computer doesn't Passport provides MIDI inter­faces for most popular computers. A Passport MIDI interface iseasily installed, and provides your computer with the ability tospeak MIDI.Passport is the leading developer of music software. Differentsoftware applications allow you to use your computer and MIDIgear to record music, play it back, compose, print out songs andeven learn to play better! Software lets you tell your computerwhat you want it to do. The different tasks a computer can beasked to perform are called "applications." When the applica­tions are musical, your personal computer requires music soft­ware. The capabilities of your MIDI music system will depend onwhich music software applications you choose

The first step with MIDI is a system involving your MIDI key­board, personal computer, home stereo and video monitor. Thissystem provides the basic components of a computerized MIDIsystem and is ideal for Music Entertainment, Music Educationand simple Performance and Recording Applications. Your MIDIkeyboard and personal computer are connected with the help oftwo MIDI cables and a "MIDI interface". This interface plugs inyour computer and allows it to "Speak MIDI"

The system shown below includes the addition of a computerprinter as well as a drum machine or rhythm unit. The printergives you the ability to use Music Printing Software to print yourown sheet music. The drum machine will enhance your perfor­mances with automatic rhythm accompaniment

MIDI Productsfrom Passport Designs. y ////////////.// / / / / / / / / / / / / /
We'd like to introduce you to the Passport Library of MIDI Soft­ware.
The programs are listed in groups according to their in­tended use:
Sequencing, Printing, Voicing, Education,and En­tertainment.

Sequencing Software

Master Tracks Pro™ for Macintosh and Atari ST
This is quite simply the most sophisticated MIDI recording andediting package ever written. Based on Passport's best sellingsequencer, Master Tracks Pro was designed from the ground upto harness the raw power of the Macintosh's elegant user inter­face. Its five main modules provide 64 tracks of real-time and step-time input, graphical song editing, graphical step editing, asystem exclusive librarian and keyboard control mapper all inone package. 

(Macintosh 512e,  Macintosh Plus,  Macintosh SE, Mac II,  Atari 520 ST or Atari 1040 ST)

Master Tracks Pro™ for Apple lie and Commodore 128
If you own an Apple enhanced lie or Commodore 128, you canget a MIDI recording and editing system that rivals the bestavailable on any machine. Master Tracks Pro is an enhanced version of our best selling Master Tracks sequencer. It gives you real-time, step-time and song mode sequencing and ex­panded memory up to 325,000 notes (Apple He with 2 mg).Create multi-track songs in sections or as continuous works.Record or play from any point in the sequence. Sync to SMPTEto MIDI converters through MIDI Song Pointer. Instantly movebetween recorder, step editor and song editor without accessingthe disk.
(Apple lie or Commodore 128)

MIDISOFT Studio is the first low-cost, full-featured MIDI se­quencer for the ST and IBM PC families of computers. It formsthe heart of a home MIDI recording studio for making demos,composing new songs, or just playing around. Get the same fea­tures of the best-selling sequencers at an incredibly low price.MIDISOFT Studio makes it easy for you to lay down multi-tracksequences with its main screen controls and clear, friendly userinterface. All the information you need is right on the screenand you can quickly see what tracks are playing and what instru­ments you are using.(Atari 520 ST, Atari 1040 ST)$99.95(IBM PC or compatible with IBM PC Music Feature) $149.95Master Tracks PC™Passport's Master Tracks PC is a phrase-oriented, 64 trackMIDI sequencer, step editor, song composer and performancesoftware package designed especially for you and your IBM PC.Incorporating a new, proprietary technology called DynamicPhrase Allocation™, Master Tracks PC gives you a free-formapproach to composing music. You can shape and mold your ide­as at your own pace. Combine or extract phrases of any length.Then assemble them in any order you want, at any time, as oftenas you wish. (IBM PC, AT, XT or compatible)$395.00Master Tracks™Now you can compose, arrange and orchestrate music with oneprogram: Master Tracks. Get Real-Time, Step-Time and SongMode sequencing all in one easy-to-use, 16 channel package.Complete freedom in input and editing encourages experimenta­tion and helps your ideas to flow.
(Apple IIplus, Apple IIe, Ap­ple IIc, Apple IIgs and Commodore 64)

MIDI/8 Plus ™This eight channel multi-track recording software turns yourcomputer and MIDI keyboard into a professional recording stu­dio! Use unlimited overdubbing to create up to eight indepen­dent parts assignable on any MIDI channel. Includes punch in/out, auto correct, looping, tape or drum sync, linking and muchmore! (Apple plus, Apple//e, Apple //c, Apple //gs and Commo­dore 64)$149.95 Printing Software SCORE™Imagine a system that would let you input, edit, and print anypiece of music that you could possibly conceive with engraverquality... Imagine SCORE. Input via mouse or keyboard; evensend pitch data from a MIDI keyboard. Edit on-screen using acursor or mouse. Output camera-ready manuscripts using a la­ser printer, typesetter or dot matrix printer. Developed over thelast 15 years at Stanford University by Professor Leland Smith,SCORE brings the full power of computing to music printing andmusic publishing applications. Its full complement of graphicediting and page layout commands provide complete controlover the placement, size, shape, spacing and output resolutionof music notation. (IBMPC/AT/XT and compatibles)$795.00Polywriter ™Play your music, and let Polywriter transcribe it to create scoresin eight different formats! Work with your scores the same waya writer works with a word processor. Use the 28 part orchestralscore option to transpose and print individual parts automatical­ly. Even enter and edit text information.
(Apple//plus,Apple lie, Apple//c, and Apple //gs

Passport Product Line
Price and Compatibility Chart ////////////// / / / / / / / / / /
Master Tracks Pro (Mac and Atari St) $349.95
Master Tracks Pro (ADD & C-128) $299.95
Master Tracks $249.95
Master Tracks PC $395.00
MIDI 8/plus $149.95
MIDISOFT Studio(Atari ST) $99.00
MIDISOFT Studio(PC Music Feature) $149.95
SCORE $795.00
Polywriter $299.95
Polywriter Utilities $99.95
Music Shop for MIDI $149.95
Music Tutor $229.95

MIDI Interfaces
ST|BfyIIlie.HrIII}C-64 C-128Price
Interface for Macintosh $99.95
Interface w/drum Sync $129.95
Interface wAape Sync $199.95
MIDI Pro Interface $199.9

Librarian Software
Mac ST IBM II 4lielielias C-6 C-1 >8Price
DX 7, TX7$69.95
DX 21/25/100$69.95
TX 8/16$69.95
CZ 101/1000/3000/5000$69.95
CZ 1 --- $69.95
DW 8000$69.95
JX 8P$69.95
Juno 106$69.95

Voicinq Software Mac ST IBM111 119 l i tIIk C-5 C-1 8 Price
FB 01 Editor$125.00
PC Music Feature$149.00
JX 8P$125.00

Polywriter Utilities ™Enhances Polywriter by allowing it to exchange files with MIDI/4Plus, MIDI/8 Plus and Master Tracks. Convert your musicscores into recorded music, or turn your sequences into sheetmusic with the switch of a disk. Polywriter Utilities fully integratesyour performing and printing programs. (For Apple // plus, Apple//e, Apple //c, and Apple //gs)$99.95The Music Shop for MIDI™Perform and compose using a joystick, easy-to-use pull downmenus and your MIDI keyboard! Input notes, copy scores, play­back songs, edit on screen and print out your own sheet music!The Music Shop handles everything from whole notes to 32nd-note triplets. Editing is a snap, too. Simply "capture" an area ofmusic, "copy" it and "paste" it elsewhere! A composer's dream.(Commodore 64 and Commodore 128)$149.95 Voicing Software Passport MIDI Voice Editor™A voice librarian and editing system for Yamaha's FB-01 synthe­sizer module. This program lets you organize as well as editsounds for the FB-01. In addition to Voicing, you can manipulateand edit the FB-01's unique Configuration section, letting you or­ganize setups as well as sounds. (IBM PC/AT/XT, Apple //e, Ap­ple //gs, or Commodore 64,128)$125.00(For IBM PC Music Feature)$149.95MIDI Voice Librarian ™Comes with over 100 great new sounds for your MIDI keyboard!Load up to four banks of 32 sounds at any moment directly fromthe software. Use the MIDI Voice Librarian to store your own fa­vorite sounds. Available for Casio CZ Series, Yamaha DX-7,Roland JX-8P, Roland Juno 106 and Oberheim OB-8. (See page8 for computer compatibility

e 11
Education Software Music Tutor™Ear training at its best. Music Tutor is a proven method that sim­plifies ear training for both teachers and students. Two disks pro­vide interactive instruction in recognition of chords and intervals.Third disk maintains sophisticated records. (Apple //plus, and Ap­ple lie)$229.95 MIDI Entertainment Software MIDI Sampler Song Album™Listen and enjoy while your personal computer plays MIDI ar­rangements of ten Baroque masterpieces. Includes video graph­ics which "dance to the music." (Apple // plus, lie,Commodore 64)$34.95MIDI Pops Song Album™Plays pre-recorded MIDI arrangements of ten "pop" tunes.(Apple // plus, Apple lie, Commodore 64)$34.95MIDI Beatles Song Album ™Ten of the Beatle's greatest hits are pre-recorded to play throughyour MIDI keyboard!(Apple //plus, Apple lie, Commodore 64)$34.95 Passport MIDI Interfaces™ Passport MIDI Interface for Macintosh™Provides MIDI IN and MIDI OUT to the Macintosh. (Available forMacintosh 512e, Macintosh Plus, Macintosh SE andMacintosh II)$129.95Passport MIDI Interface™ w/Drum SyncThe industry standard MIDI interface that provides MIDI IN, MIDIOUT, and DRUM OUT connections. This card works with any

e 12
MIDI keyboard and drum machine ( Apple // plus, Apple lie,Apple llgs and Commodore 64/128)$129.95Passport MIDI Interface™ w/Tape & Drum SyncThe industry standard card with MIDI IN, MIDI OUT, DRUMOUT, and TAPE SYNC connections. This card is expanded topermit synchronized recording using conventional multi-tracktape recorders. (Apple // plus, Apple He, Apple llgs andCommodore 64/128)$199.95MIDI PRO™ InterfaceAn "intelligent" MIDI Interface forthe Apple //c computer. Nocomputer modification required. Incorporates full sync capabil-ies including MIDI In/Out, Clock In/Out and Tape Sync In/Out.(Apple//c, Laser 128)$199.95MIDI CablesUsed to connect your MIDI instruments to each other and to thePassport MIDI Interface™.$25.00MIDI Drum Sync CableRequired to sync with non-MIDI drum machines to the PassportMIDI Interface™.$25.00MIDI Tape Sync CableRequired to sync the Commodore version of the Passport MIDIInterface™ to tape recorders. (Commodore 64)$25.00Macintosh Plus Adapter CableRequired to use the Passport MIDI Interface for Macintosh on aMacintosh Plus, Macintosh SE, or Macintosh II.$25.00 Passport is a registered trademark of Passport Designs, Inc. Passport to MIDI, Master Tracks Pro, MasterTracks, Master Tracks PC. MIDI'S Plus, SCORE, Polywriter, Polywriter Utilities, MIDI Voice Librarian, MIDIVoice Editor, Music Tutor, MIDI Sampler Song Album, MIDI Pops Song Album, MIDI Beatles Song Album,Passport MIDI Interlace, and Passport MIDI PRO Interface are all trademarks of Passport Designs, Inc. TheMusic Shop is a trademark of and licensed from Broderbund Software. Inc. Apple lie and Apple lie aretrademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. Macintosh is a trademark licensed to Apple Computer, Inc. Commodore64 is a trademark of Commodore Business Machines, Inc. IBM pcand PC Music Feature are a trademark ofInternational Business Machines Corporation. MIDISOFT Studio is a trademark of MIDISOFT corporation.

Glossary of Common Terms Usedwith MIDI w^ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / Clock: a timing signal used to control the tempo of music playbackand recording, and to synchronize different MIDI components in asystem.Drum Machine: a rhythm section which produces realistic drumsounds and various rhythm patterns.Drum Sync: a feature which synchronizes the clock of a drum ma­chine to a clock of a computer.Edit: to change the content of data in a file by deleting, insertingand changing information as needed. Editing is used to correctplaying mistakes, transpose key signatures and change other musi­cal parameters.MIDI: acronym for Music Instrument Digital Interface, an interna­tional specification which allows MIDI -equipped devices to transmitand receive musical information. MIDI information is encoded intoMIDI messages that describe musical activity.MIDI Cables: connecting wires which carry data between MIDIdevices.MIDI Channel: any one of 16 different routes for the transmissionand reception of MIDI signals, similar to the channels on a televisionset.MIDI IN: the connector that allows a MIDI device to receive MIDImessages.MIDI Interface: a hardware device that allows a computer to re­ceive and transmit MIDI data.MIDI OUT: the connector that allows a MIDI device to transmitMIDI messages.MIDI 77iru.' a third MIDI connector found on some MIDI devicesused to connect another device in series. This output echoes theMIDI information that the device receives on MIDI IN.Monophonic: a musical term used to describe a single voice instru­ment such as a flute or trumpetMulti-timbral: a feature of some MIDI keyboards which describesthe instruments ability to produce two or more different sounds ortimbres (tone colors) at the same time.Multi-track: a way to record a complex musical arrangement bydividing it into simple "tracks", and combining the tracks during play­back.Music Printing Program: a computer program used to createhard copy of a composition in standard music notation.

Patch: referring to a particular sound created on a synthesiz­er. Comes from the use of "patch"cords on the original synthe­sizers.Polyphonic: a musical term used to describe a multi-voice in­strument such as an organ or piano.Presets: a particular sound or timbre stored in your MIDI de­vice's memory (see Patch or Voice).Punch In/Out: a feature on some sequencers and tape recor­ders which allows the user to edit or correct a particular partof a recording in real time without having to re-record the en­tire piece.Quantize: a function on some sequencers which modifies theinformation in its memory to improve its rhythmic accuracy andcorrect playing errors.Real Time: as occurring in actual time or live. Real time com­puter programs operate very quickly to capture or re-createevents as they occur in the normal course of a performance.Score Format: the layout of the written score for a particularpiece of music, usually a choice based on the combination of in­struments and voices for which the composer or arranger iswriting.Sequence: a computer recording of data representing a par­ticular piece of music which is stored in the memory of a se­quencer.Sequencer: a software application used to record, edit, com­pose and playback musical information that the musician enterseither in real or step-time.Software: the programs or sets of instructions describing thetasks to be performed by a computer system.Step-Time: refers to a method of entering information intomemory one "step" or event at a time; used in music softwareto input and edit notes or other MIDI information.Sync: a feature that coordinates the clocks of two or more de­vices to "synchronize" the timing of the music they produce.SMPTE: a timing code used by the Society of Motion Pictureand Television to sync sound to film and video.Tape-Sync. a method of synchronizing tape recorders to se­quencers to allow accurate transfer of multi-track recordingsfrom computer memory to tape.Transcriber: a software application which automatically trans­lates a musician's performance into sheet music which can bestored, edited and printed out.Voicing Program: a software application that lets the usercreate new sounds and edit existing ones for a MIDI key­board

If you would like to receive a more complete cata­log of professional Passport MIDI products, justtear off and return this visa with $1 to: PASSPORT DESIGNS 625 Miramontes StreetHalf Moon Bay, Ca 94019 USAName (Please print)AddressCity, State, ZipPhoneWere you mailed this booklet directly fromPassport? □ YesD N o If you have any questions about product func­tions, pricing, or availability please call: (415)726-0280
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