Author Topic: Acid v2.0 (1999) can run on windows 95  (Read 2099 times)

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Acid v2.0 (1999) can run on windows 95
« on: December 12, 2014, 02:25:45 AM »

ACID Pro 2.0
Copyright © 1999 Sonic Foundry, Inc.

ACID is a loop-based music editor that creates multi-track music files with voice and musical instruments. It features a multi-window interface with drag-and-drop sound loops, draw tool to place sound events in the track area, Media Explorer, properties with track attributes and a waveform display, sound source mixer, and two tabs for plug-in applets. Other features include insert silence, mix to new track, fit to time, add tempo/key change, drop marker, export to WAV or AIF, generate MIDI time code/clock, snap to whole or fraction note or ruler mark, set project tempo range, set playback/record sample rate/size, recording controls, burn audio track to CD, close CD disc, HTML on-line help, 149 music and sound effect "loops," Sonic Foundry Virtual MIDI Router 4.0, Windows Media Player, DirectX 6.0, Internet Explorer 5.0, Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0, ACID 2.0 User Manual in PDF format, demo versions of Sound Forge, Sound Forge XP, Vegas Pro, XFX 2, XFX 3, MP3 plug-in, and more.

It originally retailed for US$499.99.

Sony acquired Sonic Foundry's products in 2003.

This version was released on CD-ROM.
Total install size: 10.18MB

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