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Trap Sample pack needed!


Hi is someone here making trap music ? my DAW is FL and I want to use this sample pack
What do you think?

hey there
not a fan of TRAP music *AT ALL*
in fact i kind of DESPISE the style myself.
this website is intended to serve as a resource to a different kind of producer
to styles that dont really exist these days - but thrived 20-30 years ago
the music changed.. and its my opinion that its changed largely for the worse.
theres many great things in the past that lie forgotten and largely unknown  to
the current generation

i dont encourage the use of sample packs
i think half the fun is finding samples on your own and creating your own original style
but its a free world - if you are into what you are into passionately then i can respect that

i hope the information collected here can assist you in some way on your quest

i cant see how this has anything to do with the ATARI ST???
are u producing TRAP with an ATARI ST? if not this is posted in the wrong section


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