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Author Topic: MOTU announces cross-platform usb midi interfaces for MAC + PC (Jan 1999)  (Read 2229 times)

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WINTER NAMM, LOS ANGELES, CA - January 27, 1999. Mark of the Unicorn,
Inc. (MOTU) is developing an entire line of USB MIDI interfaces for
Macintosh and Windows computers. The new USB interfaces closely match
MOTU’s MIDI Timepiece AV and other current award-winning cross-platform
MIDI hardware, providing advanced features such as SMPTE synchronization,
word clock sync, and sample-accurate ADAT sync.
“USB is exciting because it will allow MOTU users to network many of our
interfaces to a single computer using a standard, affordable USB hub,”
said Jim Cooper, MOTU’s Marketing Director. “Users will also be able to
mix and match any combination of interface models to suit their needs.”
MOTU software users will enjoy simultaneous access to all MIDI devices
connected to their USB MOTU MIDI network, and they will even be able to
“hot-swap” them. For example, if a user un-plugs a MOTU interface and
then plugs it in again, their MOTU software will maintain communication
with the interface and all devices connected to it.
MOTU’s new USB interfaces are almost identical to their current line,
which includes the 8x8 MIDI Timepiece AV, the 8x9 MIDI Express XT, the
4x6 Micro Express and the 2x2 FastLane. MOTU has removed the parallel
port and replaced it with a full-bandwidth, 12 megabit USB port. The new
USB interfaces retain Mac serial ports, so they’ll work with both old and
new Macs alike. MOTU plans to continue selling their existing parallel
port-equipped interfaces until market demand for them subsides as PC
vendors switch exclusively to USB. MOTU expects their new interfaces to
ship in Spring, 1999.