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chrisNova777: *dl demo* *demo crack*

disregard references to ftp voyetra.. long gone

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step A
1) If you don't have installed DOP 3.00.00 or higher you have to install
Digital Orchestrator Pro 3.01.05 Demo (download from or
2) If your dop executable file is dopdemo.exe you have to rename it to
dop.exe (dopdemo.hlp to dop.hlp)
step B
3) Run Digital Orchestrator Pro 3.02.05 Upgrade and don't continue with
installation, only run it!
(DOP 3.02.05 Upgrade you can download from ftp voyetra site -
4) Wait for first dialog and then go to system TEMP directory and find file
VSrNm32.dll (or find it on all system disc)
5) Copy there asa-dop-VSrNm32.exe and run it (this skip serial number check
in installation, so you can write any serial number...)
6) Continue with Upgrade installation (install to dop directory with 3.00.00
or higher version of dop)
step C
7) Go to DOP installed directory and copy there asa-dopXX-30205.exe and run
8) enjoy with DOP! :)

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