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Author Topic: fat32 was not originally supported by windows 95  (Read 2393 times)

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fat32 was not originally supported by windows 95
« on: October 19, 2018, 11:14:18 AM »

versions of win95 that came out after august 24th 1996 had the support for fat32

i think there was a disk total size limit of 137 GB
"Windows 98 and Me do not natively support 48-bit LBA drives larger than 137 GB."
this means if you have a 250gb hard drive or larger you must make a partition of 136GB or smaller and leave the rest of the drive unaccessed + unallocated; or else corruption of data will/may occur

best practice; only use 120gb or 80gb drives with win9x operating systems

i used a 160GB IDE/ATA drive in a  Computer with a GA-586-VX motherboard (1996) a Pentium 75 CPU (1994?)
with the drive attached to an ULTRA100 Promise PCI card (2001?)
the promise card showed that the 160gb drive was 149gb during the boot sequence
but trying to fdisk the drive in DOS 6.22 first created a FAT16 partition of 2047 Mbytes
after installing windows 95 i tried to create an Extended DOS partition which ended up defaulting to 19506 Mbytes
so the system was seeing my 160Gb drive as only having a combined sum total of 21553 Mbytes
so early versions of Fdisk only saw 21gb of my 160;
would love to see a full detailed document on all the different versions of fdisk right about now
Versions of FDISK used in the Boot Record Studies:
   OS Type      Filename  File Size   Release  Date
 -----------   ---------  ---------  ---------------
 MS-DOS 3.30   FDISK.COM    48,919   07-24-87 12:00a
 MS-DOS 4.01   FDISK.EXE    60,935   04-07-89 12:00a
(Only 3 copies of the MBR code can be found inside FDISK prior to MS-DOS 5.0)
 MS-DOS 5.0    FDISK.EXE    57,224   11-11-91  5:00a
 MS-DOS 6.2    FDISK.EXE    29,334   09-30-93  6:20a
 MS-DOS 6.22   FDISK.EXE    29,336   05-31-94  6:22a
(MD5 checksum is: 1b7010dcc3b84db402744751da321da8)
 Windows 95(A)
(MS-DOS 7.0)   FDISK.EXE    59,128   07-11-95  9:50a
 Windows 95B
(MS-DOS 7.1)   FDISK.EXE    63,116   08-24-96 11:11a
 Windows 98
(MS-DOS 7.1)   FDISK.EXE    63,900   05-11-98  7:01p
(MD5 checksum is: cf1024be244cb51adddf9aeaa8199084)

 Windows 98 SE
(MS-DOS 7.1)   FDISK.EXE    63,916   04-23-99 10:22p
(MD5 checksum is: 7da2cc665c38784c555225b727f7660e)
 Windows ME
(MS-DOS 8.0)   FDISK.EXE    66,060   06-08-00  5:00p