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Author Topic: intel brand motherboards that support firewire 2002-2014  (Read 491 times)

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intel brand motherboards that support firewire 2002-2014
« on: October 16, 2018, 08:50:04 AM »


Z87 (Lynx Point) (4th gen)

X79 (Patsburg)

H77, Q77, Z77 (Panther Point) (3rd gen)
Z68, Q67, P67, H67 (Cougar Point) (2nd gen)

X58 (Tylersburg)

H57, P55 (Ibex Peak) (1st gen)

X48, X38 (Bearlake)
G45, P45, Q45, P43, G43 (Eaglelake)
G35, P35, Q35, G33 (Bearlake)
975X (Glenwood)
G965, P965, Q965 (Broadwater)
955X, 945P, 945G (Lakeport)
925X (Alderwood)
915G, 915P (Grantsdale)
865P (Springdale)
845 (Brookdale)

Chipset   Desktop Board
Z87   DZ87KLT-75K
X79   DX79SI, DX79SR, DX79TO
H77, Q77, Z77   DH77DF, DQ77MK, DZ77BH-55K, DZ77GA-70K, DZ77RE-75K
Z68   DZ68ZV, DZ68DB, DZ68BC
Q67, P67, H67   DQ67SW, DP67DE, DP67BG, DP67BA, DH67GD
X58   DX58SO2, DX58SO, DX58OG
H57   DH57DD
P55   DP55KG, DP55SB, DP55WG, DP55WB
X48   DX48BT2
G45, P45, Q45   DP45SG; DG45ID; DQ45CB; DQ45EK
P43, G43   DP43TF; DG43NB; DG43GT; DG43RK; DP43BF
X38   DX38BT
G35, P35, Q35   DG35EC; DP35DP; DQ35JO
G33   DG33BU; DG33FB; DG33TL
5400XS   D5400XS
975X   D975XBX; D975XBX2
G965, P965, Q965   DG965MQ; DG965MS; DG965OT; DG965PZ; DG965RY; DG965SS; DG965WH; DP965LT; DQ965CO; DQ965GF; DQ965WC
955X   D955XBK; D955XCS
945P, 945G   D945GBO; D945GCCR; D945GCL; D945GCZ; D945GNT; D945GPM; D945GRW; D945GTP; D945PAW; D945PLNM; D945PLRN; D945PSN; D945PVS; D945PWM
925X   D925XBC; D925XCV; D925XEBC2; D925XECV2; D925XHY
915G, 915P   D915GMH; D915PBL
865P   D865PERL
845   D845PEBT2
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