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Author Topic: musicQuest MIDI Engine Framelock  (Read 2627 times)

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musicQuest MIDI Engine Framelock
« on: November 16, 2018, 02:43:02 PM »

MIDIEngine Framelock-- Windows 3.1 & Windows 95 Compatible
Professional SMPTE sync module for audio and audio/video sync
[MIDIEngine Framelock Image] The FrameLock is a professional SMPTE synchronization module ideally suited to computer-based electronic music and other applications requiring external sync. Outstanding attributes include freewheel on SMPTE IN, regeneration to SMPTE OUT, flexible system connection, and full sysex programmability. Coupled with rock solid error-free operation and a very attractive price, the FrameLock is truly in a class by itself.

Distinctive Features
Full SMPTE support--syncs to and generates all formats
MIDI Time Code output for all SMPTE-capable sequencers
Adjustable freewheel for bullet-proof synchronization
Automatic SMPTE IN regeneration to SMPTE OUT
Balanced and unbalanced line-level SMPTE signals
Complete user bits support for special requirements
1/4" stereo phone jacks for SMPTE connections
Dual MIDI ports for flexible system interconnection
Message filtering and channel remap on both MIDI ports
Fully sysex programmable without swapping cables
Activity LED for monitoring SMPTE IN and MIDI data
Pushbutton SMPTE striping for easy off-line use
Power adapter included
Attractive rugged steel enclosure
Music Quest design quality assurance
Tape deck or other device to record/play SMPTE signals
Computer MIDI interface or other MIDI compatible equipment
Audio cables with 1/4" phone plugs for SMPTE
Standard MIDI cables for all MIDI connections
Application software as required
SMPTE Connections
SMPTE IN/OUT connections are made to 1/4" stereo phone jacks. Either balanced or unbalanced signals are used for connection to any equipment using line-level audio signals. Most users connect the FrameLock directly to a tape deck with audio cables.
SMPTE Reading
The FrameLock reads all SMPTE formats, with MIDI Time Code ("MTC") output for use with all SMPTE-capable sequencers. Adjustable freewheel insures bullet-proof sync, even with corrupted or marginal time code. Unique among inexpensive sync modules, the FrameLock automatically regenerates received time code to SMPTE OUT, thus allowing re-striping of damaged sync tracks.

SMPTE Generation
All SMPTE formats may be generated with any start time. Striping may be initiated with a sysex message from a computer, or with a convenient pushbutton switch. MTC is output during generation to allow sequencing while striping tape. A unique feature allows micro-tuning of frame rates for specialized applications requiring non-standard frame rates.

MIDI Ports
Dual MIDI ports allow great flexibility in connection to any MIDI system. Port 1 is typically connected between a keyboard MIDI OUT and a computer MIDI IN port, and port 2 between the computer MIDI OUT and MIDI IN of the first playback instrument. Other connections are possible to meet your requirements. In the simplest case, the only MIDI connection required is between MIDI OUT 1 and the device to receive MTC. Note that all FrameLock features are user accessible via simple sysex comma nds received at either MIDI IN. This allows hands-free computer access for message filtering, striping SMPTE tapes, etc.

SMPTE That Works!
Drawing on over four years of experience in producing SMPTE interfaces, you'll find the FrameLock offers flawless, reliable sync: With freewheel that really works. With accurate sensitive lock without constant level tweaking. And without the timing latency error found on some popular models.