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Re: kurzweil k2000R /w SMP-K sampling option card
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The Spec
Audio Outputs: main stereo mix (effected), eight separate (dry) outs which can be configured as eight mono or four stereo outputs, or as eight effect sends/returns

Disk Drive: 3.5" double- and high-density, DOS-compatible

DSP Algorithms: 31 programmable configurations, selectable per Layer within a Program

Effects: 47 ROM factory presets; choice of 27 configurations (up to three effects + mixer); programmable per Program and Setup

Filtering: lowpass, highpass, allpass, bandpass, notch; programmable and modulatable resonance

Headphones: stereo jack

LCD: 240 x 64 pixels, backlit with adjustable contrast

MIDI: In, Out, Thru sockets; front-panel MIDI activity indicator

Multitimbrality: 16 parts Polyphony: 24 voices, dynamically allocated

Programs: 199 ROM factory presets; up to 800 programmable locations

Sampling: currently playback of mono/stereo 16-bit samples loaded into dedicated sample RAM from disk, MIDI (Sample Dump Standard) or SCSI (SMDI); onboard sampling option to come (SMP-R)

Sample RAM: up to 64Mb (4 x 16Mb SIMMs)

Sample ROM: 8Mb, 16-bit samples (will be expandable to 24Mb)

Sequencer: 15,000 notes, single multi-channel track with overdub facility, 768 ppqn resolution, multi-channel record via MIDI, playback of Type 0 MIDI Files

SCSI: two ports
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