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Author Topic: Firmtek Seritek 2SE4 (for PowerMac G5)  (Read 679 times)

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Firmtek Seritek 2SE4 (for PowerMac G5)
« on: December 09, 2018, 09:58:31 PM »

4-Port eSATA Host Adapter with Port Multiplier Compatibility for PCI-X Equipped PC and Macintosh Computers
The SeriTek/2SE4 is compatible with PCI-X bus architecture systems like Apple's Macintosh G5. The FirmTek SeriTek/2SE4 is the only port multiplier compatible SATA controller card that offers Macintosh boot capability, allowing the fastest RAID configurations to include system operations. Four hot-swappable external SATA II ports enable individual drives or RAID arrays via built-in OS RAID 0/1 software.

Port Multiplication: The remarkable new port multiplier technology included in the SeriTek/2SE4 allows each physical eSATA port to access multiple devices at full speed via port multiplier enclosures like FirmTek's new SeriTek/5PM.

SeriTek/2SE4 optimizes performance for up to 5 hard drives per data port by utilizing the advanced bandwidth characteristics of the PCI-X architecture. When 20 high performance hard drives are configured in a RAID array, throughput can reach beyond 700Mb/sec, enabling up to four simultaneous HD video streams to be streamed directly to disk. In addition, port multiplication also delivers significantly less cable clutter. A single eSATA data cable connects the computer with up to five hard drives (previous technology required a separate cable for each external SATA drive). The SeriTek/2SE4 can dramatically increase on-hand high-performance data storage. With up to 20 RAID-configured hard drives connected simultaneously, accessible storage limits can be effectively eliminated for all but the most demanding applications.