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Intelligent music "Upbeat"
« on: December 21, 2018, 09:11:49 AM »

his Mac program from New York sets out to bring the flexibility of computer programming techniques to drum programming. Jim Burgess drums up his enthusiasm.

From the people who brought you the enigmatically titled "M" software package, comes a program that brings the flexibility of computer-based sequencing to drum pattern programming, and throws in a few tricks for good measure.

Making Movies

NO TOUR OF this program would be complete without mention of Movies, UpBeat's means of storing complete performances. You can "make a Movie" just by selecting the Movie icon and playing your tune.

And once you've created a Movie, it can be saved as a MIDI File. As you may know, the MIDI File standard was proposed by Dave Oppenheim of Opcode Systems as a means of permitting musical data created on one music software program to be loaded into another directly. Through his proposed standard file format, Oppenheim hopes to make it easy for musicians to move compositions around from one program to another, using the unique features of each for the job at hand.

The advantages? More flexibility for composers. No wasted time bouncing tracks one at a time. No need to use two sequencers/computers for transferring data. And, perhaps most importantly of all, MIDI Files will have a profound effect for software developers, and ultimately, end users like us.

Right now, you can transfer music created on UpBeat into M or Jam Factory, as well as Opcode's Sequencer 2.5. Naturally, you can also go the other way and dump things into UpBeat. Either way, this is one program that's committed to talking to as many other programs as it can.