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10 most mentioned companies (Aug 1987)
« on: December 26, 2018, 07:33:14 AM »

At every show, I ask everybody I meet what they think are the most significant products at the show. While this is by no means a scientific survey, the following companies (in alphabetical order) were often mentioned to me as a "must see".

1. Akai: EWI-1000 Electronic Wind Instrument and EVI-1000 Electronic Valve Instrument wind MIDI controllers.

2. Alesis: HR-16 16-bit drum machine with velocity buttons.

3. Digidesign: Q-sheet video production software.

4. E-mu: Emax with hard disk for extra storage. Emulator III pro-level 16-bit sampling keyboard.

5. Mark Of The Unicorn: Performer 2.0 Macintosh sequencing software.

6. Passac: High-speed guitar-to-MIDI convertor box.

7. Peavey: PKM 8128 programmable, MIDI-controlled, rack mount eight-channel mixer.

8. Roland: GP-8 MIDI-controllable guitar signal processing system, D-550 synthesizer (rack-mount version of the D-50).

9. Suzuki: Unisynth ($300) MIDI 'guitar' controller.

10. Yamaha: Multitimbral TX802 expander module (rack-mount, slightly different version of the DX7IID).

That's all folks!