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Virtual 909
« on: December 11, 2014, 04:36:33 AM »

Virtual 909 is a software sequencer which was designed to emulate the Roland TR-909. Like a real 909, it is geared towards the creation of rhythm-based music. Because it is PC-based, it has additional features which make it more powerful than a 909 while maintaining the 909's simple user-interface.

Using V-909 you create your MIDI-based music by writing "patterns" which can be looped, chained together, or organized into a "song". Patterns are made up of 48 "tracks". Each track can be thought of as a 909 "instrument". You assign one (and only one) MIDI note or controller to a track and then you enter the rhythm for that note.

The rhythm for a given track is entered and displayed beside the MIDI note information on 32 "triggers". Triggers can represent different note lengths, depending on the timing assigned to the pattern. When you first start V-909, the initial pattern is set to 4/4 timing - this means that each trigger is one 1/16th note, and the 32 triggers represent 2 measures.

By creating these rhythms for different notes (which may be assigned to different channels and ports) you can quickly create complex, funky rhythms which can be looped or chained together in any order. In addition, the triggers allow you to add duration to the notes so that V-909 can play synth leads, chords, etc. - something a real 909 can't do.

    Adjustable pattern tempo, length, timing and swing
    Multiple patterns can be sequenced into a song
    MIDI step recording
    Multiple MIDI out ports can be used simultaneously
    External MIDI master and slave syncronization support
    Responds to MIDI Start/Stop messages
    Saves standard MIDI files (.mid) and it's own format (.909)


    Windows 3.1/95/98/NT
    486 processor or faster
    Sound card and/or MIDI interface