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One reason many people choose dedicated sequencing hardware rather than the computer-plus-software combination, despite the many advantages of the latter, is the simple matter of portability: the amount of effort it takes to dismantle and transport computer-based systems from A to B can be horrendously off-putting. However, there are other answers to the problem besides avoiding computers altogether, and one such comes from Poke.

The PPSS - Portable Professional Sequencing System - consists of a 'luggable' PC/XT compatible computer, with Voyetra software and MIDI interface (MPU401 compatible). The computer screen is of the Supertwist LCD type, and the video adaptor can be configured to emulate either MDA (Hercules) or CGA adaptors, thereby allowing the PPSS system to be used with standard PC compatible monitors if necessary. The sequencing software supplied is Voyetra Sequencer Plus MkII (33-track) or MkIII (65-track).

Prices for the whole package start at around £1500 (plus VAT) for a single disk system: other hardware options include a 20MB hard disk, a second 5.25" or 3.5" drive, internal modem, and external monitor.

Also available from Poke are voice editors for the Yamaha DX21 and DX100. The DX21Ed and DX100Ed programs cost £49.95 each, and features include a voice randomiser should you feel particularly uninspired and want to head off on a new sonic tangent.
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