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Author Topic: Voyetra - June 1988 News + updates  (Read 2983 times)

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Voyetra - June 1988 News + updates
« on: December 30, 2018, 02:28:50 AM »

VOYETRA have announced a number of new software and hardware products which run on PC-compatible computers. Due for release this autumn is 'M'. This will be virtually identical to the Intelligent Music version of 'M' for the Apple Mac and Atari ST, though it will run under Microsoft Windows. Voyetra's version of 'M' is produced under license from Intelligent Music and will be file compatible with their Sequencer Plus program, making it a logical addition and giving you a total MIDI sequencing/editing/interactive-composing environment.

Talking of SEQUENCER PLUS, Voyetra have just released Version 2.0 of all three of their programs; Mark I, II and III. All programs have been greatly extended and now incorporate simultaneous multi-channel/multi-track recording, track subgrouping (as on a mixing desk), SMPTE calculator/elapsed time, improved timebase resolution up to 192ppqn, and a built-in notepad. Marks I and II now also include a Librarian Setup screen (already available on MkIII) which provides a direct link into Voyetra's Patch Master Plus universal librarian program. Registered users of the previous versions of Sequencer Plus can upgrade for the price difference between any two programs and owners of SP MkIII can upgrade for a small fee.

Voyetra have also released five programs in their SIDEMAN series. All programs provide editing, librarian functions and randomising, and are available for the following:

Sideman DTX (Yamaha DX7 l&ll, TX7, TX816),
Sideman 81Z (TX81Z, DX11,21,27,100),
Sideman DW (Korg DW/ EX8000),
Sideman CZ (Casio CZ1, 101,1000, 3000, 5000) and the
Sideman Roland D50.

New Voyetra hardware products are also being released. The V4001 is a MIDI interface card offering compatibility with the industry standard Roland MPU401. It features MIDI In/Out, can read/write FSK code and is also designed to work alongside the EB1/EB4 Expansion Kit, which provides four MIDI Thru connections. Voyetra have announced a price reduction of their current OP4000 and OP4001 interface cards. Details on all Voyetra products are available from their new UK distributor. Contact Roger Evan at Audio Digital Technology. (Contact Details).