Author Topic: Digidesign Session 8 is compatible with windows 3.11  (Read 2069 times)

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Digidesign Session 8 is compatible with windows 3.11
« on: December 11, 2014, 03:10:10 PM »
Digidesign Session 8 is compatible with windows 3.11 (article offline)

the pc version was an isa card
the mac version was a nubus card
not sure if there ever was a pci version

"" which is the windows version of the session software downloadable here:;topic=587.0;attach=2076

also here: (pc) (macintosh)

The Personal Studio of the Future

Digidesign Session 8 Digital Studio
Now that the digital tape recording is becoming more affordable, the next wave of progress is the hard disk recording arena. Brian Heywood gets his hands on the eagerly-awaited Session 8 to find out if it really is the future of personal recording.

System Requirements

486 DX, 66 MHz or greater
Pentium 60 MHz or greater
8 MB RAM required, 16 MB highly recommended
SVGA monitor and video card, 800 X 600 minimum resolution, 256 colors minimum, 64K colors for .AVI playback.
Windows 3.1 with DOS 6.0, or Windows 95
External SCSI hard disk (connects directly to Session 8 SCSI/DSP card, no SCSI adapter required)
When using Windows 3.1/Windows for Workgroups, you must have Video for Windows installed to use Session 8's video import and playback features.
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