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yamaha CBX-D5 (1992) 4 track "digital recording processor"

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yamaha cbx-d5 (1992) 4 track digital recorder
originally intended to be usd with either an atari or a macintosh computer
but later compatible with ibm setups aswell

--- Quote ---The CBX-D5 is controlled by a computer that is running CBX-D5 supporting software.
All audio data processing takes place inside the CBX-D5, so there is very little demand on
the controlling computer. For this reason the CBX-D5 can be used with some of the less
powerful, less expensive computers such as the Apple Macintosh SE/30, Classic II, and
LC; and the Atari ST/STE. It also leaves the computer free to get on with other jobs such
as processing MIDI sequence data and screen updates.
The CBX-D5, computer, and hard disk are all connected as part of a SCSI daisy chain. The
SCSI connection carries audio data between the CBX-D5 and hard disk for recording and
playback, and also control data from the computer to the CBX-D5. A MIDI connection
between the CBX-D5 and computer carries continuous controller information for
real-time volume, EQ, and pan control of the CBX-D5’s digital mixer.
--- End quote ---

Yamaha CBX-D5 Digital Recorder
While other hard-disk recording systems waxed and waned, Yamaha quietly and industriously developed their own 4-track system. Now the CBX-D5 is almost upon us, have Yamaha taken heed of the lessons of the marketplace? Mike Barnes finds out in this exclusive preview.
--- End quote ---


mac soundmgr:

windows drivers: V1.85 for Windows Me/98/95 V2.00 for Windows XP/2000/NT4.0

connected to atari for use with cubase

connected to mac for use with digital performer


YAMAHA: Also mentioned in the May '92 Mac Notes was Yamaha's CBX-D5 (previewed in this issue), which gives a Mac (except the basic Plus/Classic) the ability to simultaneously record two, or play back up to four, digital audio tracks from hard/optical media. The first non-NuBus design, the D5 connects to the Mac's SCSI and serial port. The latest news is that Digital Performer and Cubase Audio will still be the only two applications available for the first year of the D5's life, though they will include DSP functions not available on any other versions of those programs using NuBus-based tapeless recorders.

Unfortunately, the D5's release date has been put back from the end of this year to "early next year", though I'm told this is not due to problems, but the "last minute implementation of some extra powerful features" — can't say any more than that, I'm afraid. See Mike Barnes' article on p138, however. Other Yamaha/Mac news is that a MAXplay editor is now available for the £349 TG100, a tone module that includes a built-in Mac interface.

nice use of a Lacie stöl chassis.

I had a CBX-D5 for one of my two Falcon 030 years ago.  Even though I had a legit copy of Cubase Audio 2.o6 and dongle, it took forever to hunt down the specific v1.1 that only worked with the Yamaha (attached to this post), and the dongle would not work with that so it had to be a cracked one.  Very cool audio interface and built like a tank! It oozed high grade professional gear.  I did not manage to find another one at a reasonable price, and I sold everything eventually.  I have uploaded everything I have for installing the CBX-D5, along with all the user manuals etc.  Two installer archives inside that you can try but I think the one marked "WORKING" is the right one.


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