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Hi everyone,
Ok, so I've embarked on a journey to transfer all of my old 8 track cassette songs with the midi drums over to a new format. I've built a win 95 machine and have it running SP, I bought a used tascam deck like i used to have and a pps sync box. It all seems to be working but it doesn't work! The SP just sits there waiting for the time code. The sync box lites up the sync light when I start the tape but the SP doesn't start. I'm kinda lost as to what to try next. I'm running SP in the dos mode. I bought an old soundblaster card and cable that "appears" to be working since SP isn't running in the demo mode. I would really appreciate any thoughts.
Thanks in advance from my old school basement studio.

have you ever used Smartk FSK or SMPTE before?
might want to tell us which Sync box are u using?

pretty sure smpte support on sequencer plus is not available with just a soundblaster..
you would need a driver/interface combo that supports it explicitly
such as the 2port/SE or MQX-32m or a v24s interface

see the page here
search for "SMPTE" keyword

Hi Chris,
I'm using MTC with a JLC PPS-2 sync box. It is actually the same setup I used when I originally recorded the stuff. This isn't the actual original gear but I was able to purchase the same stuff I used previously. I bought a Tascam 488 MKII, that's connected to the PPS-2 and the PPS-2 is connected to the soundblaster. I used a soundblaster years ago but I honestly can't remember the model. The only thing that I do remember is the soundblaster in my original setup was an ISA where this one is a PCI card so I don't know if that may be the hiccup?

Update... sort of. I found an abandonware copy of Digital Orchestrator Pro which runs in the Win 95 environment so I installed in and it runs the .sng files and it started playing with my deck. It does not seem to be "synced" to the music but it does run the sequencer. I'm waiting on another cable to get my drum machine in the loop then I can start fiddling with the start times. I'm still gonna try to get SP playing but DOP may end up doing what I want.
More to come..


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