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Turtle Beach Wave for Windows | the sound editor for windows 3.1
« on: December 13, 2014, 11:16:15 PM »


Wave for windows is a cheap, easy to come by software for the PC. It's not considered to be "proper" music software, but it's OK for a few things....

Wave for Windows has a full list of preset FX that you can put on a sound, such as :

    Fade in/out
    Time compress/ expand

When you go into one of these menus, you get quite a long list of ready made presets. For example in the Eq Section, you get loads of ready set High and Lo pass filters top an bottom cutz an boost, an Anti Hum notch filter, as well as creative Eq's, such as one called AM radio, or Newsroom, both of which eq the sound like TV or radio sound etc.

In the Delay Section, you get presets with names like : "Big Tunnel", "Drainpipe", & "Long-Chopper" (!!!..heh heh heh!!)..... and lots more assorted Delay times, some with filters....Again they're all editable/savable.

Each list section has stacks of presets, and they are all editable, with lots of control, and you can save all your edits..

There is a cut down version around called "Wave SE" which is a smaller varient of "Wave For Windows", it doesn't have such a long list of FX....But if you can't find Wave For Windows, get the Wave SE.....

So all in all, a cheap programme, that is good for adding choruses, delays, or even a few special FX, if your HD programme doesn't support any thing other than a basic eq.....Try and get it, cos really, the FX are excellent....and there are loads of excellent usable pre-sets, which is great !
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