Author Topic: CRITICAL usb driver update for mbox users on mac os 9  (Read 297 times)

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CRITICAL usb driver update for mbox users on mac os 9
« on: May 13, 2019, 12:28:28 AM »
What’s Fixed with Digidesign USB Driver v1.0.1?The USB Driver Update fixes a problem that could result in corrupted audio recordings. Typically, the recorded audio would contain clicks and pops after long periods of recording time. Digidesign recommends that all Mbox users replace their “Digidesign USB Driver” version 1.0 (located in the System Folder /Extensions Folder) with this version 1.0.1 driver.

Who Should Use this Update?
All Mbox Users with either Pro Tools LE (Mac) v.5.2 that shipped with Mbox, or the 5.2.1 web update for Mbox users from DigiProNet

Note: Neither the Pro Tools LE 5.2 CD that originally shipped with Mbox
or the download of Pro Tools LE (Mac) v.5.2.1 available at include this updated USB Driver.

To Download Digidesign USB Driver v1.0.1 for Mbox:Go to the Support->Downloads->Mbox section of the Digidesign website:

The download includes the driver and Read Me document with installation instructions.