Author Topic: SEKD Prodif 24 (1996) supports windows 3.11  (Read 1487 times)

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SEKD Prodif 24 (1996) supports windows 3.11
« on: December 16, 2014, 12:49:32 PM »

driver download

Module Features Comments
Digital I/O Digital Format:
S/PDIF (Coax & Optical), AES/BU
16 / 18 / 20 / 24 Bit definition
32 / 44,1 / 48Khz sampling rates

TRS Jack Electrical Input
TRS Jack Electrical Ouptut
Optical Input
Optical Output

Digital Inputs are automatically in slave mode and sync's almost instantly to the input signal.
TRS 6,35'' Jacks are weird at first but seems to be a good solution to have S/PDIF (2 wire) and AES/EBU (3 wire) on the same connectors.
Supported formats can cope with all standard digital equipment you can find on the market except ADAT's.
Analog Output 18 Bit D/A converters
Stereo TRS Jack
Analog Out is Hot and sounds very agressive without any distortion. Really good for monitoring and for tape mastering.
Software Driver
Win3.11 / Win95
Input Signal Meters
Wave Signal (Output) Meters
Signal format choice (S/PDIF / AES/BU & Electrical / Optical)
Playback Mode Input or Waves

Self test of hardware at startup included.

Version 1.12 can manage up to 2 cards in sync.

Signal Meters are VERY precise with almost no lag time (about instant 40 segment led's...)

NO mixer is included not even for the Analog output: beware not to overblow your speakers !!!

Driver must be unistalled manually in Control panel/Multimedia/Codec section: no unistall is included and no device appears in Windows !!!

Type:            Dedicated Digital I/O ISA PC card
Design:         Germany
Year:            1996
Price:           about 375 USD/EUR (new 1998)

Software Driver
Win3.11 / Win95