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friendchip dmx-16



Friend-chip Digi Max 16

--- Quote ---The mainframe contains the controller and MIDI interface and a pair of coax. and optical inputs and outputs on the front panel.

Four modules can be inserted (each with 4 inputs and 4 outputs) to build a matrix from 6 x 6, upto 16 x 16. Any combination of modules may be assembled, so that AES, SP-DIF, and ADAT format can share one matrix. Any physical conversion between optical, coaxial, balanced and unbalanced is done within the matrix. If data conversion (CONSUMER/PROFESSIONAL) is needed please refer to our MQ4 format converter module.

ADAT format can be switched and distributed with the MOP4 module. If conversion between AES SP-DIF and ADAT "lightpipe" or TDIF is needed please refer to our MQA or MQT module.

MATRIX 16 x 16 crosspoint matrix 1 into 16 signal distribution

INPUTS, OUTPUTS depending on installed modules

PRESETS 50 memory locations

REMOTE MIDI program changes MIDI sysex. remote software
--- End quote ---



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