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Author Topic: steinberg studio case 1 (2003) + 2 (2005)  (Read 2403 times)

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steinberg studio case 1 (2003) + 2 (2005)
« on: December 14, 2014, 07:47:39 PM »

Studio Case II is a powerful music software workstation (Cubase SE3), combined with six virtual instruments (The Grand SE, D!cota SE, Virtual Guitarist EE SE, Virtual Bassist SE, Groove Agent SE, HALion SE)
! Cubase SE3 offers the same advanced user interface and functionality as Cubase SL/SX and is fully upwards compatible
! Cubase SE3 offers expanded track inspector, improved Hitpoint detection and all new look-and-feel
! 24-bit/96 kHz professional audio quality ! State-of-the art 32-bit floating point VST 2.3 audio engine
with full latency compensation
! Includes full set of audio and MIDI effects plug-ins
! Virtual instrument set covers all aspects of music production
! Contains over 1 Gigabyte of sounds
! Just like all Steinberg music workstation and VST products, Studio Case II is a Macintosh and PC cross- platform product
! All components are fully upgradeable
! All VST Instruments are custom-designed and fully compatible with any VSTi host application

Steinberg Studio Case II is a complete music production package, which includes a high-performance sequencer and six fantastic-sounding VST instruments: Cubase SE3 (the new music production software based on award-winning Cubase SX3 technology, featuring 48 audio tracks as well as full VSTi support), and SE versions of 6 great VST instruments: HALion, The Grand, Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition, D'cota, Groove Agent and Virtual Bassist. This software collection is available for Mac and PC users at an unbelievable price!

The complete music production suite for your studio! Cubase SE3 is based on the latest VST 2.3 audio engine (32-bit floating point) and offers full delay compensation. SE3 combines powerful audio and MIDI features with professional editing and effects. Start creating your own music with a system that is fully compatible with the Cubase family of products that are used in high-class studios around the world.

Groove Agent SE:
Forget about tedious drum programming. Groove Agent is your personal virtual drummer, providing you with ready-to go drum tracks, live feel and extraordinary real-time control.

HALion SE:
The backing part specialist. This 4-way timbral version of Steinberg's HALion Sampler includes the Wizoo Composer Library and features HALion and Soundfont import, letting you play literally millions of sampled instruments.

The Grand SE:
The Grand SE is a great-sounding acoustic grand piano with 4 characters (Natural, Soft, Bright and Hard) to suit any musical style.

D’Cota SE:
Steinberg's next-generation multiple synthesis VST instrument supplies punchy basses, biting leads and massive pad sounds.

D’Cota SE:
Steinberg's next-generation multiple synthesis VST instrument supplies punchy basses, biting leads and massive pad sounds.

Virtual Bassist SE:
With version 2 of Studio Case you also get a special SE Version of Steinberg’s new virtual bass player, the latest addition to the virtual band. Virtual Bassist SE provides real bass parts with authentic sound character.

update for 1.0
Studio Case 1 Virtual Instruments Patcher Mac OS X

    Requires an already installed version of the Virtual Instruments from the Studio Case 1 version.
    Fixes some problems with stability and issues with sample content management.
    User of the product "Virtual Instrument Collection" or "Studio Case 2" do not require this update, they already contain current versions of the plugins.

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