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Author Topic: Logic Audio 3.6 (Mac) and MOTU PCI-324 ASIO Drivers (Dec 1998)  (Read 383 times)

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i think v3.6 is the first version of Logic that supports ASIO drivers

Logic Audio 3.6 (Mac) and PCI-324 ASIO Drivers
Logic Audio 3.6 for Mac does not automatically create an ASIO Drivers Folder. This will cause problems with MOTU Audio interface installation since one of the install criteria for the ASIO Driver is the presence of a Folder called "ASIO Drivers". This means that Logic Audio 3.6 owners must manually create an ASIO Drivers folder. Ideally the folder should reside in the Logic Audio folder on the same level as the application. Be sure the folder is named properly, "ASIO Drivers" without the quotes. After creating the folder, run the installer, and select the Custom Install option for the PCI-324 ASIO Driver.