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Yamaha CS6X Control Synthesizer



--- Quote ---Feature Summary   
     61-note, velocity- and aftertouch-sensitive keyboard.
 479 raw sampled waveforms.
 384 factory presets, 128 overwritable.
 128 factory Performances, all overwritable.
 10 factory drum kits, 2 overwritable.
 16-part multitimbral.
 2 audio ins, 4 audio outs.
 MIDI In/Out/Thru.
 4Mb Phrase Clip RAM.
 Arpeggiator with 128 preset patterns.
 Playback sequencer.
 2 global, 2 insert effects processors.
 8 real-time control knobs.
 Mod and pitch-bend wheels, ribbon controller, four foot-controller inputs, breath-controller input.
 Accepts expansion boards.
 SmartMedia card slot; 4Mb card supplied.
 Free CD-ROM software suite.
 PC/Mac computer interface.
 Headphone output.
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