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Afro Celt Sound System (Logic On PPC Mac G4)
« on: August 09, 2019, 01:12:30 AM »

Afro Celts Gear

Main Control Room (Martin's Equipment)

Recording, Monitoring & Mixing
Apple Mac G4 running Emagic Logic 4.8.
Custom analogue and digital patchbays.
Emagic Unitor 8 MIDI interface.
Mackie HD2496 multitrack recorder.
MOTU 2408 interface (x2).
PC running SADiE v3 via X-S and X-ACT cards.
Quested 5.1 system comprising 5x VS2205 and 2x VS1112.
Sony DMX R100 mixer with 3x ADAT interfaces and assignable insert card

Alesis Quadraverb effects.
Dbx 902 compressor.
Digitech Time Machine delay.
Drawmer M500 dynamic processor & DS201 gates.
Eventide H3000 Harmonizer.
Lexicon PCM80 reverb.
Mutronics Mutator filter.
Roland SRV3030 reverb.
Summit Audio EQ200 EQ.
TC Fireworx effects.
UREI 1176 compressor.
Ursa Major Space Station and Stargate reverbs.
Yamaha Rev 7 reverb

Keyboards & MIDI
Crumar Bit 01 analogue synth.
Akai S3000XL, S1000 and S1000PB samplers and VX90 synth.
Emu Morpheus synth module.
JAS Musicals Asian harmonium.
JL Cooper MSB1620 MIDI patchbay.
Korg Z1, M1R and DW8000 synths and sound modules.
Kurzweil RMX1 sound module.
Moog Taurus 2 bass pedals.
Roland D50, D550, MKS10 and D110 synths and sound modules.
Yamaha TG33 sound module.

James's Studio

Keyboards & Sound Sources
Access Virus Indigo synth.
Akai S1100 sampler.
Asian & English harmoniums.
Emu B3 and Xtreme Lead sound modules.
Korg T1, N364,
Korg Wavestation AD and
Korg Microkorg synths,
Korg Electribe EMX1 desktop workstation.
Kurzweil K2500S workstation
Kurzweil Micropiano piano module.
Novation DrumStation
Novation BassStation sound module
Paolo Soprani / Alodi accordians.
Roland XV88,
Roland JP8000,
Roland XP30,
Roland D50,
Roland Alpha Juno 2 and
Roland SH101 synths,
Roland MKS50 sound module,
Roland PK1 MIDI bass pedals.
Roland MC505 sequencer,
Handsonic drum controller,
Roland VP9000 Variphrase processor,
Roland S330 sampler.
Sequential Prophet 5 and Prophet T8 analogue synths.
Yamaha CP70 electric piano,
Yamaha RM1X and
Yamaha QY20 sequencers,
Yamaha SU10 sampler,
Yamaha TX81Z FM module

Recording, Mixing & Monitoring
Yamaha 01V digital desk
Digidesign Mix Plus system with 888/24 interface.
Apple Mac 9600 with G4 upgrade
Apple 15-inch and 17-inch Powerbook laptops.
Carver 1200 power amp.
Hill 16:4 analogue mixer.
Mackie 32:8 analogue mixer
MOTU 828 MkII Firewire audio interface and MIDI Timepiece MIDI interface (x2).
Neumann TLM103 microphone
Sony DMX100 digital desk.
Tannoy System 8 monitors.
Tascam DA88 multitrack recorder.

Emagic Logic 4.5 and Sound Diver,
NI Absynth and Reaktor, Propellerhead Recycle and Rebirth,
Spectrasonics Atmosphere and Stylus.

Alesis Quadraverb effects.
Boss SE50 effects.
Drawmer compressor/gate.
Eventide HD3000SE Harmonizer.
Lexicon PCM90 and MPX100 reverbs.
Line 6 Pod XT amp simulator.
Manley mic preamp/compressor.
Roger Linn Adrenalinn effects.
Sherman Filterbank 2 filter.
TC Electronic Fireworx effects and D*Two delay.
Yamaha SPX90 reverb.

James's world instrument collection includes 21 single and double-skin tuneable bodhrans, from 10 to 33 inches diameter, Okeido Daiko kodo drums, standing N'goma drum, djembe, spring drums, 42 whistles in keys ranging from low G to high F, Colombian Gaita, Balinese bamboo and Southern Indian flutes, kalimba (African thumb piano), balophon (African xylophone), Cinkuvu (Angolan 'talking' drum).

Mass's Gear

Recording, Mixing & Monitoring
Apple Mac G4 desktop & Titanium G4 laptop.
Creamware Pulsar 2 DSP card.
MOTU 828 Firewire audio interface.
Spirit 328 digital mixer.
TL Audio M2 valve mixer (used as eight channel strips), EQ1 and 2011 valve EQ & preamps ("the EQ1 was the first stage to anything I recorded on Seed"), 3013 EQ & preamps.
Universal Audio UAD1 DSP card

Behringer Tubefex enhancer.
Dbx 1066 compressor and 120XP bass enhancer.
Event 2020 monitors.
Genelec 1029 monitors
Joemeek SC2 compressor ("originally my kit overhead compressor, but it makes acoustic guitars rock").
SPL Transient Designer and Vitalizer ("as a high-frequency EQ boost replacement on individual instruments in a mix it's still great").
TC Electronic Fireworx effects ("mind-bending semi-modular filters and effects — don't leave home without it!") and M2000 reverb.
Keyboards & Sound Sources
Access Virus virtual analogue synth.
Emu Morpheus synth module and E6400 sampler.
Korg Prophecy virtual analogue synth ("My oldest friend... it's always in there somewhere").
Waldorf Pulse analogue bass synth.
Yamaha A3000 sampler.