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Author Topic: Sound Blaster Live! ASIO Drivers (for Cubase)  (Read 3121 times)

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Sound Blaster Live! ASIO Drivers (for Cubase)
« on: December 20, 2014, 02:50:16 AM »

article basically says use the asio driver that comes with Cubase VST 32 5.0 demo

Posted by Thomas on 08/04/2000.
It turns out that Steinberg's latest release of the Cubase sequencer version 5.0 (from 1999-2000) includes new ASIO drivers that work very well with the SBLive. This means lower latency for audio in Cubase, including VST instruments! I first heard of this from the HYBRID crew's posting on the SoundFont newsgroup a couple of days ago, reporting latency as low as 27ms! It turns out you can use the new drivers with older versions of Cubase too. The HYBRID crew writes:

"Howdy peeps & bods. Still getting crap latency with your SBlive/Cubase setup?
We heard a rumour about the new ASIO drivers in Cubase 5.  So we did a
little test, and it worked. we just dropped ours down to 27ms.

Here's how in ten easy steps...

1,- back up your current ASIO folder for safe keeping (call it
2,- install the Cubase5 demo.
3,- back-up the contents of the ASIO folder from the Cubase 5 demo. (call it
4,- uninstall the Cubase5 demo
5,- now replace the contents of the ASIO folder of your Cubase full prog
with the contents of the ASIO folder from the Cubase 5 demo ("").
6,- drag the file 'AsioDxFd.dll' on to 'Regsvr32.exe' (in your windows
system folder).
7,- launch Cubase 3.7 (or whatever), go to the Audio menu/System
8,- select 'ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver' from the ASIO device drop-down.
9,- click 'ASIO Control Panel'
10,- for DirectSound (SB Live! Wave Out)   AND   SB Live Wave In set the
buffer size to 1200, and hit return.

That's it.  If you have a P3/450 or higher, you should find you have a
latency of 27ms or less."
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