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Author Topic: Nuendo 2.0 Media Production System  (Read 670 times)

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Nuendo 2.0 Media Production System
« on: August 22, 2019, 06:34:13 AM »

last updated in 2004

Edit, design and produce anywhere you choose
Nuendo 2 is the culmination of years of expert engineering research. The software has been developed to take the advantages of flexible, native systems to a new level of versatility. We believe that Nuendo 2.0 is the pinnacle of professional media production, offering you not just outstanding performance but the ergonomics and responsiveness to channel that performance more effectively and creatively.

At Steinberg, we believe that versatility is one of the hallmarks of professional audio software. Nuendo doesn't just offer a host of features for audio production, such as radio broadcasting, multimedia, music, surround mixing and post production. It is customizable for any of those purposes, giving you the clearest oversight possible over your project and optimizing your workflow.

How does the latest version of Nuendo implement this philosophy? To start with, Nuendo 2 lets you set up a project the way you want it. All program menus are user-configurable, allowing you to hide all features you do not use or currently need. For example, if you don't need MIDI functions for a 10.2 surround mix, you can hide all MIDI menu entries, disable the corresponding key commands and assign these preferences to a template. Do you really need to have video-related menu entries if you are using Nuendo for music production? Simply hide them and design your own interface. All hidden features are still in the background should you need them in the future.

But Nuendo does not stop here. You can also configure the controls for each track to suit your personal way of working. If, for example, you are engaged in audio recordings, Nuendo can instantly be adapted as a pure audio tracker with only a record and a monitoring button on each track. After finishing your recordings you can "unhide" additional functionality as it is needed or switch to a template that immediately gives you access to all track controls again. Nuendo 2 not only lets you do what you want, but the software lets you choose how you want to do it.

With VST System Link and the new option to integrate IP network collaboration, Nuendo 2 features a huge range of functions dedicated to maximize computer processing potential and manpower for your project. Using any of the two technologies alone or combining them can vastly increase efficiency in your project workflow.

Adding processing power to your project can easily be achieved with VST System Link, which was introduced with Nuendo 1.6. This technology is based on transmission of sync and transport commands via simple digital audio connections and allows multiple computers to run in sample-accurate sync without the need for additional hardware. Additionally, CPU intensive tasks of larger projects like effect processing, video or virtual instruments playback can be outsourced to selected exclusive computers. Large projects can also be allocated to various computers in order to permit simultaneous playback of hundreds of audio and MIDI tracks from a range of different computers in sample-accurate synchronization.

Adding manpower to your project to enhance the working speed is also part of the new Nuendo 2. An array of powerful new networking capabilities allows true networking and team-working on any kind of project, from post-production to music, from multimedia to game sound design. This new networking technology supports the full range of editing tools over a network, on projects, audio, MIDI and even video tracks. It allows users to connect multiple Nuendo workstation computers via standard LAN network cards. The system supports simple and fast connection of several standalone computers. Complete management of access rights and user groups makes it easy to collaborate on large-scale projects. An entire project or just selected tracks can be opened on multiple computers for other members of the network to access and edit.

What follows is an example of a potential network flow. After the first video copy has been placed in a master project template location, the sound editor and sound designers can start preparing their tracks for mixing even while additional recordings (such as music and dialog) are still being made. Once these are done, additional editors can join the same project template and add their work to it. Throughout the entire course of building the final mix, the project owner has the ability to monitor the work in process and evaluate the quality of the sound. In a bigger production facility, Nuendo 2 allows for central data management on a server. This enables multiple Nuendo workstations to access several projects, including all audio and video files and the company sound library. Editors can be freed from the process of data backup, which can instead be initiated by the system administrator. In a world of high-speed Internet connections, Nuendo workstations can even join a project via the Internet.

From input to final mix, Nuendo 2 is all about surround, with multichannel architecture through the entire signal path. Every input, audio track, effect, group and output now offers up to 12 discrete channels, ready for full-scale 5.1, 7.1, or even 10.2 productions. To make routing in the project even more transparent, Steinberg has developed a new way of organizing inputs and outputs, allowing the user to customize multichannel input/output configurations and switch between them with a single keystroke.

Several input and output busses can also be utilized the same time, with any type of configuration possible - mono, stereo or any of a wide range of surround formats - and any track can be routed to and from any of these busses. Nuendo 2 even allows switching between multiple monitoring configurations (speaker arrangements) and can simulate a wide variety of end user monitoring environments.

Nuendo 2 offers the most flexible mixing experience in digital media production. Its 32-bit floating point mixer has been completely re-engineered and now features multiple multichannel input and output busses. This new architecture allows for recording in either split or interleaved surround audio file formats and makes managing a surround project easier than ever before. Nuendo 2 always keeps track of which part of the signal chain is multichannel and which is simply stereo or mono.

The new mixer itself is user-configurable, allowing you to choose between a variety of display options. Above the normal mixer with the fader section you can display either insert effects, effect sends and EQs. An additional view displays input and output settings including gain change and phase shift per channel. The mixer is also available in a narrow view for simultaneous display of many channels.

Nowhere are the improvements in mixing more apparent than in signal routing for virtual effect processors. The new version of the world-standard Steinberg VST technology provides complete flexibility in signal routing to and from virtual effects for each and every track. Nuendo 2 even adds effect return channels which feature the full parameter set of regular channels and of course the complete mixer has full delay compensation throughout the complete signal path.

Unlimited processing of audio files is one the greatest advantages of digital audio environments. To support you in getting the best out of your project, Nuendo offers a huge list of audio processes and supplies you with an impressive collection of virtual effect processors. Nuendo 2 includes a huge array of virtual effects, ranging from standard dynamic processing and filtering to creative modulation effects or restoration processors. If your project needs anything exotic or special you can choose from a wide range of VST or DirectX plug-ins available from well-known manufacturers like TC, Native Instruments or Waves. Of course all of these plug-ins can be used both online or offline, and you can load as many as your computer can handle.

If you are using MIDI, Nuendo also offers the latest Steinberg technology to create unheard of sounds. Arpeggiators, chord processors and many other plug-ins are included that manipulate the dynamics, pitch and time elements of MIDI events, as well as three unique virtual instruments that allow you to create warm analogue layers or play back powerful drum samples. The integration of the VST interface opens Nuendo up for additional software samplers like Steinberg's award-winning HALion Sampler, synthesizers like PLEX and D'cota, or other virtual instruments by third party manufacturers.

Audio Plug-ins:
Stereo Virtual Effect Processors: Flanger, Phaser, Overdrive ,Chorus, Symphonic, Reverb A, Reverb B, QuadraFuzz, SPL DeEsser, Double Delay, ModDelay, Dynamics, datube, Chopper, Transformer, Metalizer, Rotary, Vocoder, StepFilter, Bitcrusher, Ringmodulator, Grungalizer, MIDI Gate, UV22 HR (Apogee), MultibandCompressor, Scope, Q, Magneto, DeNoiser, DeClicker.

Surround Plug-ins:
MatrixDecoder, MatrixEncoder, Mix8To2, Mix6To2, SurroundPan, MultiDither

MIDI plug-ins:
Arpache5, Autopan, Chorder, Compress, Control, Density, MicroTuner, MidiEcho, Note2CC, Quantizer, StepDesigner, TrackControl, TrackFX, Transformer

Virtual Instruments:
VB-1, LM-7, A1

Nuendo now features extensive MIDI capabilities.

The fully reengineered MIDI device handling makes it even easier to set up and configure MIDI devices for use with Nuendo. The large range of MIDI editors (Drum, Logical, SysEx and List) make editing MIDI information in Nuendo more intuitive than ever. The raft of new MIDI plug-ins such as Quantizer, MIDI Echo and Compressor ensure more creative possibilities and flexibility when working with MIDI, be they external devices or one of the included virtual instruments. The MIDI plug-ins are all directly reachable from the Project Window, taking MIDI within Nuendo to a new level of accessibility.

The Nuendo automation system also extends to all MIDI parameters, letting you draw MIDI automation data with any of the mathematical shape tools. Multiple controller lanes within the editors give you a clear oversight over your MIDI data, as all data can now be displayed on the same page.

Editing is the backbone of any digital workstation. That's why Nuendo 2 has a powerful editing engine with unlimited undo/redo. Not only can you undo cuts, fades or other basic edits, but you can also undo bouncing, offline processing and removal of complete tracks. The Edit History window lists all actions made on your project down to every single event. Even track and event commits from other editors over a TCP/IP network are listed here.

Every single audio file listed in the pool or used in the project window has its own offline process history. All processing carried out on a file can be removed, changed or replaced by another audio process or plug-in, no matter how much processing has taken place in the meantime. All later processes will be reprocessed automatically for you.

These lists of offline processes can be stored as a batch, enabling you to apply the exact same process batch to any file you need to process later. Of course the batch allows for adjustments of the parameters and easy storing of the altered batch settings. VST and DirectX plug-ins can also be included in the processing.

Nuendo 2 also supports various kinds of editing styles, depending on your work style. Traditional cuts, nudging, trims and fades can be made using a variety of tools: object based, range based or using a jog wheel from any of the supported remote controllers. Mouse, keyboard or remote control can be used separately or combined for optimal workflow speed.

Nuendo 2 now lets you scrub your video track and all audio tracks. Various forward and backward scrubbing speeds are supported and can be executed from a specific wheel on the Nuendo transport bar or by the jog or shuttle wheel of a supported remote controller or mixing desk like the Yamaha DM 2000 or O2R 96K. Fast locating, trimming and scrubbing of video and audio could not be easier.

All editing of your project can be performed in the sample-accurate project window, which features a set of comfortable zooming features. You can also do all editing within the integrated sample editor. This opens an additional range of features guaranteeing an even faster workflow: easy creation of regions, bouncing these into a library, creating processed regions or tuning sync points by scrubbing the audio with them. Nuendo offers all this plus a smart hitpoint detection feature for locating audio peaks, adapting grooves and creating groove templates in the sample editor, which supports full drag and drop to tie up with the Project Window.

The above are just a few of the editing options included with Nuendo 2. But there is so much more. You are able to replace the event's content by easy drag and drop, slip the content, adjust fades and events while scrubbing the video, trim event levels of multiple events or bounce sections of a track faster than real-time.

Nuendo 2 assures that your edits can be done faster and more flexibly than ever before.

Applications: Post Production
Working to picture involves specific demands. Beginning with syncing to the video itself, it requires not only the ability to exchange with other workstations, but also an intelligent way of handling huge file libraries. All this while offering a workflow that can live up to the speed of the post production industry.

Nuendo exceeds the daily demands of film, television and video work. Nuendo handles the most common video files internally. Syncing to external video equipment is achieved via SMPTE or Sony 9-PIN. Fast alignment of sound to picture is ensured by a completely new scrubbing engine and fast access to audio file sync points.

Thanks to support for interchange formats such as OMF, AES31 and OpenTL—to name a few, integration into existing studio environments and exchange with other studios is guaranteed. Nuendo is even prepared for the final processing of your project to surround formats like Dolby Surround, Dolby Digital or DTS when using the optional Nuendo Dolby Digital and DTS encoders. The advanced Nuendo file management system lets you create, handle and access huge sound libraries locally and via a network. This supports the creative process in sound design and ensures data security.

Nuendo also features the ability to split large projects and work on them in parallel by appointing multiple editors in networking pools. This is just one of the features especially designed for post production customers that speed up the pace of your production.

Applications: Multimedia
In today´s multimedia world it has become essential to deliver your product with the right sound. Every single CD-ROM or DVD and most internet sites today include a wide spectrum of audible information and acoustic entertainment. Nuendo, one of the best known media production systems, is capable of always delivering the right sound regardless of the medium, be it games, educational CDs, corporate video, promotional or informational internet sites, video clips or any other multimedia application.

With its huge list of supported file formats Nuendo is ready to cope with all modern sound ideas, no matter how exceptional the needs of your product are. The creative process for music and sound design is supported by integrated sound modules that include many features for automatic creation of impressive audio collages. The large set of tools to synthesize and match sound to any kind of visual make Nuendo a real timesaver when creating audio for your project. The integrated video player supports all important multimedia files and lets you keep the focus on your product while you are adding audio information. All files can be stored in libraries for fast and extensive drag and drop file archiving. All edits, regions and sync points prepared are stored for later use.

Once you have created your audio, Nuendo again displays the ability to adapt to the needs of audio production for any media. Nuendo offers a range of export options that reflects the variety of the multimedia industry itself, be it small files for fast delivery via the internet or high-quality audio files for CD-ROMs and DVD.

Applications: Music Production
Everything required for music production in all genres--from classical to the latest sounds--is included in Nuendo 2. Extended MIDI functionality and support for virtual instruments help the composing creative process. The Nuendo audio engine and new mixer have been engineered to handle intensive recording sessions just as you would do with any hardware mixer and multi-track recorder. Nuendo opens unlimited creative possibilities for editing, processing, polishing your audio files and arranging your tracks. From there, Nuendo takes you directly to the process of mixing, mastering and encoding, using the latest standards in surround if needed. Additional technologies like ASIO, VST, LTB, Rewire and VST System Link emphasize the Nuendo philosophy, which is to prepare you for any eventuality in music production. All of this is achieved with incomparable sonic quality at up to 32-bit /192kHz.

Applications: Radio Broadcast
Designing expressive commercials or jingles, creating radio news stories or working on multi-part radio plays requires that of the audio workstation being used offers all the tools needed. The Nuendo Media Production System is fully equipped for all the above and more. The Nuendo project concept means that both pitch and time elements of your projects can be freely manipulated, and guarantees intuitive, single-layer editing, fast browsing of sound archives and concise arranging of content.

Dynamic modules for compression and limiting, superb filters and restoration tools are just as easily available as fast-event level handling, extensive automation and a professional crossfade editor - all to get the best sounding mix. Nuendo enables reporters, editors and engineers to compile original recordings, interview files accompanied by music, narrator texts and additional sound effects quickly and efficiently, molding them into impressive master mixes ready to go on air.

Applications: Surround
With surround sound being present in millions of homes and movie theatres worldwide, Nuendo offers everything needed for modern surround productions. The entire Nuendo signal path from input to output was designed as a multichannel environment. Every input channel, audio track, effect, group track and output section of Nuendo offers up to 12 discrete channels, ready for full-scale 5.1, 7.1, or even 10.2 productions. Recording in surround only requires setting up an input bus that matches the surround format of the incoming surround signal. The recorded multichannel file is either interleaved or split and can be edited and handled as one single file if desired.

Multichannel effects can be utilized as send and insert effects and the latter can even be processed/printed into the recorded file if needed. Not only can various multichannel input buses be defined, but various output buses can be created and used alternately. This allows switching between multiple monitoring configurations (speaker arrangements) to easily create mixes in more than either stereo or 5.1.

Any of the input/output busses can be routed to and from every track. Even if the multichannel configuration differs within a project or between a track and effect, Nuendo offers a large set of options to correct these mismatches. Nuendo 2 always keeps track of which part of the signal chain is multichannel and which is simply stereo or mono and allows for repatching at all important connection points in the mixer.

To finalize your production, optional encoders for Dolby Digital and DTS are available. Nuendo lets you simulate a wide variety of end user monitoring environments before you start encoding to these industry standards, ensuring that your mix is always delivered with the highest compatibility to all kinds of end formats.,6268.msg8487.html#msg8487

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