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V-4001 Passport October 2019


Hope I’m posting this in the right forum

Hi, I just got a Voyetra V-4001 off eBay. I know nothing about it or can I find anything other than minimum information. Hoping someone can help. On the card it says Voyetra, on the box it says Passport and FOR IBM. It came with Master Tracks. So… got a few questions:

Is there supposed to be an installation disc?
I’m thinking I should use a 386 but can I use a 486?
Is it DOS or is it windows?
I guess Passport made software for the V-4001 but can I use Sequencer Plus Gold?
The V-4001 doesn’t have ‘Roland Sync Out’. What is that?
Shouldn’t there be a operation manual?

Hope that’s not too many questions… I am familiar wit the V22/24 but I’m lost with this!!

I also purchased off eBay an ASR 10 so I’m looking forward to getting this going. Any help will really be appreciated.


hey there john;
this interface stems from mid/late 1980s;
back then mpu-401 was basically the defacto standard;
so what u have is basically voyetras version/clone of the roland mpu-401 interface
the roland version consisted of a card + an external box; they have basically made a version that doesnt require
the external box; the original roland version was made in 1983 or so; this one would have been made around 1988 i think; so its a more modern version of the older classic/standard; see my previous post here:

it functions 100% identical to the original roland mpu-401; ie: it should use the same resources (IRQ settings) etc
it was originally made for DOS; but im sure there are drivers for early versions of windows; i think the most modern os it will handle

if you want to learn more about your interface just look up mpu-401 :
"While MPU-401 support is no longer included in Windows Vista, a driver is available on Windows Update."
so there you go windows XP is the last windows version that includes mpu-401 driver support; but apparently
vista has a driver you can install; so it may even be possibel to run it on windows 7 32-bit; i wouldnt try using it with any 64bit operating systems; in fact personally i wouldnt even use it on XP; the whole point of using an mpu-401 is usually to get suport under DOS + early versions of windows; ie: win3.11 or win95/98

that box does not belong with the card itself... the original owner most likely swapped the boxes or something

the passport midi interfaces were not top tier (my opinion)
as they were software developers they made available interfaces for a bunch of different computer platforms
probably all using the same box/packing materials but labeled for which platform version: ie commodore 64
they probably made versions for other common 80s computer platforms such as the Apple II etc

in the photo you can see the passport interface is more of a "game-cart" type format with midi wire leads coming out the back of it, the passport midi interface (1985ish) definately predates the v4001 (1988)

heres a link to an article on muzines

looks like they had a number of products, most likely the hardware was needed/provided to support master tracks pro software on many different computer platforms + different levels of features/cost; models included the MIDI/4, MIDI/8 Plus etc heres the ibm version discussed in an article in (1990) (probably DOS baseD?)

actually it looks like midi/4 + midi/8 were actually software packages

then it was ported to Windows 3.1 in (1992) :

hers a look at the original contents/ packing materials for the c64 version

here the back of the box detailing the different versions/platforms
this box must have been prior to 1990 as it doesnt mention the IBM/DOS or IBM/Windows versions

looks like they started out with only apple IIe -- C64/128 -- and the MacPlus/SE/IIs -- and then added drum/tape sync versions for both C64 + AppleIIe, i wonder if they did an amiga version


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